Our Broken Procurement System

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Most public procurement programs mandate a low bid / tender process. Procurement officers in the public sector believe, with all their hearts, that low bid means best price. The legal framework within which we plan, procure, design, construct, operate and maintain facilities and infrastructure promotes and REWARDS behaviors antithetical to the building of trust. I wanted to share the following comment with readers of the blog.

Procure launches free mobile drawing management app

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California, US-based SaaS construction application provider Procore Technologies has launched a free iOS and Android mobile drawing management application. CurrentSet by Procore helps ensure project teams work off the latest drawings, not outdated versions.

How Some Winners Think About Procurement

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And the older I get, the more procurements I’m involved in… …the clearer it becomes. Procurement Is A Wall Of Games. Do you view procurement as a game? The post How Some Winners Think About Procurement appeared first on Help Everybody Everyday.

Integrated Procurement Laws

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The essay below tackles the issue of procurement laws and regulations, an area where culture and law swirl in a toxic brew. Are Integrated Procurement Laws the Real Keystone?

Procurement Begins to Hire Design-Build Team for $1.5 Billion Gold Line Rail Project

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The Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority on November 8 issued the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the Alignment Design-Build Project for the next segment of the Foothill Gold Line light rail in Southern California

The Procurement Method That Actually Puts The Incumbent At A Disadvantage

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Over the last year, particularly on federal contracts, I’ve been seeing the rise of a very disturbing procurement process. It is a safe method for procurement professionals to use. Once you submit your proposal, it goes to a procurement officer.

Public Procurement of IPD

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A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post on public options for procuring planning, design and construction services in an IPD environment on a project specfic basis. The tentative title is "Wicked Procurement - IPD & BIM on Steroids". For governmental entities to procure, operate and maintain infrastructure across entire portfilios those entities must adopt comprehensive IPD procurement methods. ELEMENTS OF AN EFFECTIVE PUBLIC IPD PROCUREMENT PROGRAM 1.

Procurement Begins to Hire Design-Build Team for $1.5 Billion Gold Line Rail Project

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Why The Type of Procurement Matters To Your Proposal

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This is because the type of procurement has a dramatic effect on the proposal competition. Let’s look at a few procurement types and discuss what effect they have. These procurements don’t take price into consideration.


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Integrated delivery methods such as design-build and construction management at-risk can provide superior project results. This is especially. Continue Reading. All Design-Build

Render: deployment management

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As I have written recently , technology alone will not resolve such issues, new approaches to procurement and reward based on delivering value need to be adopted.

Use the Internet to Improve Procurement Practices

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But if you are a contractor on the jobsite, one of the most complicated, tedious, time-consuming tasks in construction is still just as unpleasant: research and procurement. You are probably already using the internet to make your life easier.

Collaborative Construction Blog: IPD Procurement Programs

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Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC helps owners craft IPD procurement strategies that enable them to acquire BIM enabled infrastructure from integrated teams and helps those teams craft, negotiate and implement integrated agreements. IPD Procurement Programs. Institutional owners interested in BIM enabled infrastructure and IPD & BIM Solutions generally would benefit from sponsoring an IPD & BIM Solutions Series and putting IPD Procurement Programs in place.

Architects Build a Rock Solid Reputation with Project Owners

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Beginning with a system that provides measurable results with analytics and project controls can make the e-procurement process a well coordinated project and set the tone for a collaborative experience that streamlines your project’s procurement process. Construction Industry - Software estimating construction Invitation To Bid Software Procurement Tender An Architects reputation is thought to focus on building design, sustainability, open areas, and aesthetics.

Should Public Procurement Authorities Cap the Length of Proposals?

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By Bruce Jervis Authorities evaluating technical proposals on public construction procurements are tired of lengthy documents. Bulk does not necessarily equate with quality – or persuasiveness. Tight, concise proposals are the ideal. Public project owners are attempting to enforce this ideal by imposing maximum lengths on technical proposals. But, a recent Alaska Supreme Court case illustrates the pitfalls of such restrictions. Read more.

New Procurement Methods Meet Old Bidding Culture

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By Bruce Jervis It is understandable, and laudable, that public entities at all levels of government are experimenting with alternative methods of procuring construction services. Frequently, however, these methods clash with longstanding public procurement practices and procedures. Internal agency communication warned this was risky because it ran counter to VA procurement culture.

Federal Procurement Meets a DC9 Cat!

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Existing federal procurement laws and regulations - and state procurement laws for that matter - are antithetical to BIM and IPD. One more post to share. These are coming from a lively conversation in the BIM Expert group forum on LinkedIn related to a VA Project. If you are not a member join and chime in! But leaders tasked with reducing their agency''s carbon footprint / energy consumption / costs realize virtual planning and design tools are critical to that mission.


A new procurement model is needed

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The ENR article linked below reiterates the need to modernize procurement of planning, design and construction services in a way that will enable owners of infrastructure to leverage intelligent and fully functional digital assets in operations and maintenance over time. New procurement models - including Design-Build, CM at Risk, and Public Private Partnerships (P3) - have been deployed in recent years with varying degrees of success.

Collaborative Construction Blog: Wicked IPD Procurement Programs

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Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC helps owners craft IPD procurement strategies that enable them to acquire BIM enabled infrastructure from integrated teams and helps those teams craft, negotiate and implement integrated agreements. Wicked IPD Procurement Programs. The issue features Tips and Tricks for Revit users and the big tip in the BUILT - BIM to FM section outlines a path to adoption of an IPD Procurement Program by institutional owners.

A Better Plan for Plant Procurement

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Plantbid can help contractors find quality products at great prices, in a fraction of the time normally spent procuring materials

Best Value Procurement and Construction – Job Order Contracting

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Defining best value procurement and construction is a critical step toward improving overall productivity with respect to facility renovation, repair, maintenance, sustainability, and new builds.

Proposal Development Secrets: Win More, Work Smarter, and Get Home On Time

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I’ve submitted on design, construction, engineer-procure-construct, design-build, consulting, training, and research contracts. In addition, I’ve spoken in great detail with procurement people and have the stones to ask the questions others may be afraid to.

What If You Were A Proposal Superhero?

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Proposal Development procurement proposal development Proposal secrets Weapons of influenceMany of us spend a great deal of our time developing proposals. I think the majority of us are pretty good at putting them together.

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DCMP Episode 2: The Magic of Winning Proposals

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Podcast A/E/C marketing AEC Industry procurement proposal proposal development secrets proposals writing proposals In this episode of the Design and Construction Marketing Podcast, I have an in-depth conversation with Laura Ricci, the author of The Magic of Winning Proposals.

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EstimateOne to expand beyond Australasian e-tendering

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Streamlining complex construction procurement in Australia could be platform for growth into other markets, EstimateOne’s founders believe.

UK Infrastructure Projects To Have One-Stop Procurement Approach

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Newest 'framework' award to Balfour Beatty allows direct contracting on projects without separate bidding each time. Business Management

Wicked Solutions - Procurement and Finances

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The Wicked Series in AUGIWorld Magazine continues in March and April with articles addressing IPD Procurement Programs and Wicked Financial Solutions. The procurement article will appear in the March issue and the financial solutions article will appear in the April issue. The Wicked Financial Solutions article is introductory in nature and will be followed by a series of more substantive articles that address the role of lenders, insurers and sureties in the procurement process.


BIM – Attempting to Run before you can Walk? – BIM EU-wide Procurement Initiative

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more efficient procurement and management of the existing numerous renovation, repair, sustainability, and minor new construction projects required to meet sustainability and economic imperatives.

Bentley acquires eBid Systems

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While it has helped companies streamline their procurement process, for many of its customers, the ProcureWare solution (it rebranded in May 2016, presumably because of confusion with eBid) was also their first experience with externally hosted web application, the company said.

Talking digital transformation with PwC

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We touched on the Farmer review, BIM (of course), procurement practices, industry fragmentation, the UK government’s new models of construction procurement, and ‘servitisation’, among other subjects. I recently collaborated with Eoin Ó Murchú and Colin Mann of PwC’s Capital Projects team to produce the first in a series of podcasts, entitled Reimagining Capital Projects.

Florida Defends Bridge Choice as Fluor Claims Manipulation

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The $800-million “signature bridge” that the state of Florida promised the people of Miami is distinguishing itself in another way: as a bitterly contested best-value procurement

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Collaborative Construction Blog: BIG DATA Spurs Economic Growth

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Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC helps owners craft IPD procurement strategies that enable them to acquire BIM enabled infrastructure from integrated teams and helps those teams craft, negotiate and implement integrated agreements. This is exactly what I mean when I tell institutional owners to Googlize the data associated with the procurement of facilities & infrastructure so you can leverage it in operations & maintenance! skip to main | skip to sidebar.

Feds publish framework for evaluating public-private partnerships


Department of the Treasury recently published an Economic Framework for Comparing Public-Private Partnerships and Conventional Procurement. The U.S.

Does “Best Value” Procurement Allow Favoritism?

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By Bruce Jervis The public procurement system at all levels of government has embraced “best value” contracting. The rationale is that sealed bidding, with award to the low price bidder, is inflexible and does not always provide the best deal for the public. The experience and resources of the contractor, as well as the technical strengths of its proposal, may justify a price premium. Read more.

Senate passes alternative procurement bill

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Legislation to reauthorize and revise the State’s alternative public works contracting procedures was passed by the State Senate today. The law authorizing the use of GCCM, Design-Build (DB) and Job Order Contracting (JOC) on certain public projects is set to sunset at the end of June, 2013.

Nuts and Bolts ? Blog Archive ? State Opens New Procurement Portal

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Reading (Contracts) is Fundamental » State Opens New Procurement Portal. eBid Systems has announced the availability of WashBid, a procurement portal that will be used by Washington state public agencies to post bids, bid documents, and receive electronic bids. -->. « Tunnels dominate local infrastructure scene.

Chinese Firms Will Build Nigerian Transit Line

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will procure and build a $1.8-billion, four-line rail system China Railway Construction Corp.