Case Study: Kissick Construction Viewpoint Consulting

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When Dennis asked if we were up to the challenge to meet all three objectives consistently and help his company take its Viewpoint Vista system to the next level, we guaranteed personalized response within one [ ] The post Case Study: Kissick Construction Viewpoint Consulting appeared first on Cassell Consulting - Construction Operations Consulting. Case Study Construction Operations Consulting Viewpoint Construction Software

Climate Consultants

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Read: Climate Consultants at A Silicon Valley startup tells economic developers it can make 50-year predictions of the impact of climate change on available sites.

Cassell Consulting is Expanding!

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His previous work experience for a web design firm expanded his understanding of markup and programming languages which paved the way and prepared him for the programming work he does here at Cassell Consulting. The post Cassell Consulting is Expanding!

You Should Not Contract With Your Environmental Consultant

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In an effort to mitigate risk you should not contract directly with an environmental consultant, but rather your attorney should contract with that consultant. What is described here is much more than simply good drafting of consultant contacts (e.g.,

Methods for Calculating Cost of Engineering Consultant Services

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Several methods are used for calculation of engineering consultant services cost in construction projects at different phase of consultant. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Construction

What Services are Provided by Engineering Consultants in Construction?

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Services provided by engineering consultants in construction are consultation, investigations and studies, design and construction and special. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Construction

Consulting Work - December and January Schedule

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Consulting Dept. I've been very fortunate over the years to find project delays, postponement or cancellations easy to deal with. This year each of those things have happened at the same time. As such I'm putting it out there that, to use the phrase from the very British TV show "Are You Being Served?", " Mr. Stafford are you free? Why yes I'm Free! " I'd be pleased to hear about training, implementation, modelling. anything Revity.that I can help with! Just send me an EMAIL.

Cassell Consulting at Procore Groundbreak 2016

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Last month, the Cassell Consulting, Inc. If your company estimates with Excel and manages projects with Procore, you’ll see a dramatic increase in productivity with Cassell Consulting’s new CCi Fusion: XL to Procore. If your office estimates using Sage and manages projects with Procore, you’ll see a major increase in productivity with Cassell Consulting’s new CCi Fusion: Sage to Procore.


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A consulting engineer is simply an independent, professional engineer who performs well-detailed engineering services for a client based on an agreed. Construction Tips

Jason Sturgeon Arcade Consultants Shares Contractor Success Tips

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Today's Guest Article Is From Jason Sturgeon Arcade Consultants. BPM Construction Consulting For Small Contractors Construction Consulting Jason Sturgeon Arcade ConsultantsJason Sturgeon was interviewed for the Contractors Success M.A.P.

GreenMark Consulting Group

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GreenMark Consulting Group specializes in helping growth-oriented companies see through challenges and map out operational and growth strategies

DebunkTheBIM: The clandestine practice of consultants modelling.


The clandestine practice of consultants modelling for tender documentation. The contractor would search for discrepancies and excuses for variations, the consultant for proofs that the buildings were properly designed. Consultants started using modelling to prepare tender documentation.

Digital Dryshack #95: P6 Status Physical % Complete

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Which is [ ] The post Digital Dryshack #95: P6 Status Physical % Complete appeared first on Cassell Consulting - Construction Operations Consulting. ConsultingWe were providing P6 training for Government Contracts at AGC San Diego, a first-class contractor and apprenticeship training facility, when we were surprised by a P6 undocumented feature. Here's what we discovered: checking 'Use Steps to Calculate Percent Complete' (a required setting for D.O.D.

Lighting Expert Now Offering Consulting Services

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Jerry McKay, founder of McKay Landscape Lighting and The Lighting Summit, announces one-on-one business consulting services for landscape lighting professionals

Pro-Motion Consulting

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Founded with a mission to improve organizational health, profitability and sustainability, Pro-Motion Consulting says it becomes part of your team. They support you with proven solutions that address the most critical areas of your organization, delivered

Working With Consultants To Help Your Contracting Company

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Many business consultants. Perhaps this article will shed some light that will help consultants and contractors understand each other and offer some tips that will benefit everyone.

When a marketing consultant can really help

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Can you combine wisdom with adventure, and if you do, create a much more effective approach to construction marketing? I think so.

10 Things to Love About Being an Independent Consultant

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10 reasons to fall in love with self-employment

PSMJ Names Arnon Garonzik as Senior Consultant

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He served as the Chief Legal Officer of A/E/C service companies during the first 25 years of his career, including 10 years as a partner and in-house General Counsel of the Environmental Resources Management (ERM) Group, one of the world’s largest environmental engineering and consulting firms.

Caterpillar Hires LaHood as Consultant

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Representative Ray LaHood to serve as a consultant to “provide advice on policy related matters,” the company said in a statement. Caterpillar has hired former U.S.

Consultants Offer Advice for Submitting TIAs

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Here is the summary for the June 2014 addition: When submitting a time impact analysis (TIA), it is a good idea to provide narratives, even in the absence of a contractual requirement to do so, Warner Construction Consultants Inc.’s

Consultant’s Corner: Incentives For Economic Development – A Good Or Bad Idea?

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Consultant’s Corner: Incentives For Economic Development – A Good Or Bad Idea? Archives Articles By Industry Articles By Topic Consultant''s Corner Featured Post Incentives Magazine Magazine Highlights Public Private Partnerships BF-Jan/Feb-2015 Mark Williams Reno Strategy Development Group tesla Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. Are the huge public-sector financial incentives used to lure big economic development projects wise investments?

Hiring a Safety Consultant to Handle your ISNetworld® Account

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Here are some tips and red flags to look out for: Avoid ISNetworld® consultants who only provide cookie cutter, downloadable safety programs and no real safety advice. There are many levels of ISNetworld® consulting available in the market place.

NIBS Consultative Council issues 2016 Moving Forward Report

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The National Institute of Building Sciences' Consultative Council released its 2016 report, Moving Forward: Findings and Recommendations from the Consultative Council, at its annual conference in Washington, D.C.

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POWER Engineers Acquires G2 Electrical Testing & Consulting

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The acquisition allows POWER to offer expanded testing and regulatory compliance services to customers from coast to coast

Obituary: Former ASL Consulting Engineers Chairman Bill Lewis, 86

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Engineer helped develop the Los Angeles County drainage and flood control program still in use

Interiors/Tenant Improvement Best Project: Boston Consulting Group - 10 Hudson Yards

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The Boston Consulting Group office space at 10 Hudson Yards spans six floors and nearly 200,000 sq ft

LEED Automation Means More Efficiency, Fewer Consultants.

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Engineering Consultant Speaks Languages of Two Worlds

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Consulting engineering firms can help owners and contractors see eye-to-eye on pipeline projects. Opinion

Construction Management Consultant Named for $1B Candlestick Point Development

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and SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Hill International has received a contract from affiliates of Lennar Urban and Macerich Development to provide construction management consultant services in connection with the development at Candlestick Point in San Francisco, California. PHILADELPHIA, Pa.,

Consultant STV Snags New York MTA Chief Prendergast

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30 as chairman and CEO of New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), has joined consulting firm STV Thomas F. Prendergast, who stepped down on Jan.

Maser Consulting is ENR New York's Design Firm of the Year

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Insider News: Sage to Viewpoint | Will you make the switch?

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appeared first on Cassell Consulting - Construction Operations Consulting. Consulting News and Events The post Insider News: Sage to Viewpoint | Will you make the switch?

Sage 130

My IT Technology Consultants — Blogging best practices abound in this solid site

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The My IT Technology Consultants blog tackles information technology challenges from a construction perspective. And that means it is exceptionally useful for anyone concerned with the topic.

Advise & Consult: Serious, expert legal insights for the construction industry

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The Advise & Consult blog pulls together content from 23 experts in 15 states on a diversity of construction law issues. The Advise & Consult blog certainly isn’t light reading — but you wouldn’t want it to be dumbed down simple.

Lighting consultants and samples are necessary in the wild west LED landscape


On any given weekday, there’s a good chance that this reporter will open his email box and find a message touting another new LED product. Some of these products are little more than variations on an existing theme. Others might eventually turn out to be breakthroughs.

Connections and career paths: Building a handyman business, then an online handyman consulting service

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