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Redefining Construction Document Management

John Chaney

As contractors digitize the days of paperwork nightmares like these can be a thing of the past. The one constant on any construction project is change. The end result of a completed building, roadway or other structure is almost never exactly how it was drawn up in the beginning.

Resilience is the Future of Real Estate and USGBC Spells it RELi

Green Building Law Update

Let’s Fix Construction: A truly serious (and effective) blog for construction businesses

Construction Marketing Ideas

Eric Lussier‘s most recent posting in Let’s Fix Construction touches close to home.


UBC: $2.6B in taxes lost yearly to under-the-table pay

Construction Dive

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters chalks up most of the loss to labor brokers that provide contractors with cheap workers

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

PDI Opens New Global HQ In New Jersey

Business Facilities Blog

The healthcare and infection prevention company's new Bergen County, NJ headquarters includes a new state-of-the-art lab and innovation center. Read: PDI Opens New Global HQ In New Jersey at

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Asbestos in Concrete

The Constructor

Asbestos is a naturally occurring thin crystalline long fibres that is used in the preparation of concrete to enhance the fresh and hardened property. Concrete Technology Fiber reinforced

Bill would allow temporary visas for construction workers

Construction Dive

The AGC urged support of a Pennsylvania congressman's proposal to supplement the construction labor force with temporary foreign workers

U.S. to Lose $290 Billion in Tariff Costs

Construction Equipment

A report by the IHS Markit estimates the impact of the Trump administration’s 232 and 301 tariffs. The report says that about $265 billion of imports will hurt the U.S. economy from the effect of higher prices, causing an average lost GDP of $290 billion a year for 10 years. Equipment manufacturing

JOC Best Practices

Job Order Contracting

JOC Best Practices LEAN Job Order Contracting. Job Order Contract best practices should be implemented when developing JOC Programs as well as creating JOC work orders, accepting JOC projects, and filings JOC notices of completion, etc.

Plumbing and Sanitary Items used in Building Construction

The Constructor

The plumbing system consists of entire system of piping, fixtures and appliances used for water supply and drainage. The plumbing water supply system. Building Technology Guide

LAX breaks ground on $5B automated people mover system

Construction Dive

LINXS will design and build the Los Angeles International Airport system for under $2 billion, while the remainder of the contract includes 25 years of operations and maintenance

Brexit Brings 70 Companies To Ireland

Business Facilities Blog

Since the UK’s EU referendum in June 2016, individual investments related to Brexit have brought more than 5,000 jobs to Ireland, according to IDA Ireland. Read: Brexit Brings 70 Companies To Ireland at

Union 56

LEAN Job Order Contracting – Today

Job Order Contracting

Lean Integrated Project Delivery (Lean/IPD), and more specifically OpenJOC(TM) LEAN Job Order Contracting is a robust process and toolset that delivers significant and measurable benefits facilities and project owners, operators, and builders.

Wind Energy, Tall Buildings and Manufacturing Show Breadth and Strength of Midwest's Top Starts

ENR Construction

Wind energy, manufacturing, pipelines, gas and oil refineries and tall buildings all contribute to a banner year for Midwest construction

Survey: Lacking laborforce has contractors missing deadlines

Construction Dive

A new report finds that 70% of firms struggle to meet project targets because of the shortage and that 40% have had to turn down work

DuPont Investing $200M In Ohio Expansion

Business Facilities Blog

DuPont is expanding its plant in Circleville, OH, investing in its Kapton® film production capabilities and creating 46 jobs. Read: DuPont Investing $200M In Ohio Expansion at


How to measure minimum bar spacing for Bundle Bars in Cast-in Place Concrete as per AASHTO provisions

Construction Cost Estimating

Minimum Bar Spacing: As per AASHTO LRFD, section 5.10, the minimum bar spacing for bundled bars should be measured on the basis of the acquired diameter rather than computing from individual diameters. As for instance, if there are 2 nos.

ConTech expert Niels Falk: Construction needs to stop running on tradition


“It’s a choice to run on tradition, not a fact. We need to stop running on tradition and start running on data!” This is one of the main points made by Niels Falk, Partner and CEO at HD Lab, during his keynote speech at European ConTech Summit 2019. The discussion took place in London at.

Maine 65

Kiewit wraps up $3.3B Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement with demolition

Construction Dive

The $97 million demo is the final phase of the defunct Seattle freeway's $3.3 billion replacement with the new State Route 99 tunnel

Historic Midwest Floods Destroy Roads, Bridges, Dams and Levees

ENR Construction

The region is still in flood-fight mode as Missouri and Mississippi river basins top record river heights from rains and snowfall

Common methods for concrete construction

Construction Cost Estimating

In this civil engineering article, you will get detail information on the most common methods for developing a concrete structure. Designing the concrete mix: The most vital part in the method is to find out the components that will form the concrete and their ratios.

CNH 3D Prints Spare Parts

Construction Equipment

CNH Industrial has produced its first 3D printed spare parts. Using additive manufacturing, the company creates components from a digital file to build layers of material under computer control. Once printed, each part is tested to ensure it meets CNH standards. The company has printed four parts

Feds charge New Jersey contractor with defrauding schools

Construction Dive

Prosecutors allege that Orba Construction Co. turned in false certified payrolls for work it performed on New York City School Construction Authority projects

The Code Council Calls for Input on Changes to the Building Codes

Contractor Magazine

Safety, resilience key topics for code development hearings in April

Vancouver’s Broadway SkyTrain Subway Line Construction Planned for 2020

ENR Construction

The project is part of a 10-year plan by Metro Vancouver’s Mayors Council and will add 3.5 miles and six stations to the light rail Millennium Line

Metro 46

Video: Drone Records Bridge Section Placement at I-59/20

Construction Equipment

Contractors working for the Alabama Department of Transportation continue into the seventh week of construction on the I-59/20 bridges through downtown Birmingham. The bridges are being torn down and rebuilt as part of a $475 million project, requiring the highway to be closed for an estimated 14

By the numbers: How Trump's proposed 2020 budget affects construction

Construction Dive

The Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. DOT and more would sustain heavy cuts in the president’s move to curb spending, but defense- and emergency-related pools, along with targeted infrastructure grants, would see funding upticks

DOT 47

I Never Saw it Coming

Contractor Magazine

I am now at a point in my life where sometimes I can actually see some things coming ahead of time. And there is one thing I see coming in the future that we in the industry need to address

Green innovation in the construction industry


As concern for climate change and dwindling natural resources increases, there has been a global shift in the construction industry. Sustainable design is being applied to save energy and conserve finite resources while protecting air and water quality.

Creating a Simplified System for Spawning Digital Twins

ENR Construction


ABC branch sues school district over 'unconstitutional' PLAs

Construction Dive

Even low bidders aren't entitled to perform work for Minneapolis Public Schools unless they agree to hire union workers

New Insights Into The Global Market for Heat Pumps

Contractor Magazine

Surging demand for sustainable and cost-effective heating and cooling solutions predicted to stimulate the market share

Porsche’s next-gen showroom prototype opens in Palm Springs, Ca.


Described as the first-of-its-kind, Porsche Palm Springs was designed to provide customers with architectural and tech-immersive elements that offer an exclusive Porsche experience