Materials Used for Bridge Construction

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Materials Used in Bridge Construction Stones, Timber, Concrete and Steel are the traditional materials that are used to carry out bridge. Bridges Structures Bridge Bridge Construction Building Materials

10 innovative construction materials that could revolutionize the industry


Development in concrete and various other construction materials has been. Future of Construction building materials construction materials Construction technology innovative construction materials Innovative materials

Materials and Methods of Thermal Insulation of Buildings

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Building Materials Building Technology Guide Building Tips BuildingsWhat is Thermal Insulation of Buildings? In general, people living in hot regions wants to make their inside atmosphere very cool similarly people.

Engineering Properties of Aluminium Construction Material

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Aluminium is used as a construction material in different forms for both residential as well as industrial applications. Building Materials in Construction Building Technology and Construction Guide Construction Engineering & Management Building Materials Buildings Construction

Insulation for Buildings -Types, Materials and Methods of Installation

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Types, Materials and methods of building. Building Materials in Construction Building Technology and Construction Guide Building Materials BuildingsInsulation for buildings facilitates retention of energy to make it energy efficient and cost saving.

Assumptions in Strength Calculation of Building Materials with Explanations

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Strength, resistance against failure is the important property of any civil engineering material. Every material is to be tested for its strength. Structural Analysis Structural Engineering Structural

Health Issues with Building Materials During and After Construction

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Building materials used in construction of building structures can welcome health issues subsequently for occupants or to workmen involved in. Building Materials in Construction Building Technology and Construction Guide Building Materials Buildings

Preservation of Timber – Methods and Materials Used

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Methods and material for timber preservation is. Building Materials in Construction Building Technology and Construction Guide Building Materials BuildingsPreservation of timber is done using different types of preservatives to increase life of timber.

What is Floor Screed? Its Types, Materials, Construction and Applications

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Floor screed is composed of cementitious materials and sand blended based on a suitable mix design and applied to provide a leveled surface for the. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Buildings

Material prices continue to climb in February

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New tariffs and U.S. economic policy have affected the prices for steel, aluminum and softwood lumber, but steel prices were already on the rise

Types of Flooring Materials and Their Applications in Building Construction

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There are various types of flooring materials used in building construction and their selection depends on applications, aesthetics and choice of. Building Materials in Construction Building Technology and Construction Guide Flooring Building Materials Buildings

Asphalt Shingles as Roofing Material and its Types

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The manufacture of asphalt roofing materials has been undergone from the 1890s. Building Materials Building Technology Guide BuildingsToday asphalt shingles cover 70 to 80 percent of the roofs in united.

Components or Materials of Concrete and their Storage Methods

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The concrete is manufactured using cement, sand, gravel and water as the main components materials. The active material in concrete is cement which. Concrete Concrete Technology

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Terminator Style Building Materials?

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How cool would it be to build a building and install a material like this along with the caulk, flashing and other waterproofing components of the building? The article linked below describes this terminator style polymer in more detail. The video below shows it in action.

Types of Failures Experienced by Different Construction Materials Used in Structures

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Types of failures experienced in different structure is greatly influenced by the type of construction material used. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Buildings Construction

Properties of Building Materials and their Importance in Construction

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Building materials or construction materials are the major requirement in this modern age of technology. There are many types of building materials. Building Materials Building Technology Buildings

5 Methods of Calculating Quantities of Materials

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There are many methods used for calculating quantities of materials. Calculation of quantities of material needs a proper technical understanding of materials and construction. Crossing method: Crossing method is designed for calculating materials needed for masonry walls.

December material prices edge down, up 5% for 2017

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Material price inflation largely was kept at bay in December, but the Associated Builders and Contractors said increases are likely in 2018

Viscosity of Bituminous Materials – Measurements and Factors

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Introduction to Viscosity and Rheology of Bituminous Materials The resistance of a liquid in flowing is defined as the viscosity of that fluid. Building Materials Building Technology Transportation Bitumen Buildings Transportation Engineering

Manufacture of Cement- Materials and Manufacturing Process of Portland Cement

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Manufacturing of cement involves various raw materials and processes. Building Materials Building Technology Cement BuildingsEach process is explained chemical reactions for manufacture of Portland.

How new roadway material tech could help save infrastructure

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Scientists in Switzerland and the Netherlands are developing new technologies to replace traditional roadway materials with self-healing asphalt


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Properties of Aluminium (Aluminum) makes it suitable as a building construction material, used in industrial buildings along with brick, cement and. Building Materials Building Technology Buildings

Special Plastering Materials for Different Purposes Used in Building Construction

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Different types of special plastering materials are used for various purposes in building construction for plastering of walls, columns and ceilings. Building Materials Building Technology Buildings Plaster

Green products and materials

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s most green building professionals in Canada now know, demand for products and materials with third-party verification is growing, and this trend will continue well into the foreseeable future.

Earthen Wall Construction Methods and Material Tests

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Different methods of earthen wall construction, its categories, material properties and tests, earthen construction for seismic prone areas are. Building Technology and Construction Guide Construction Engineering & Management Structural Engineering Walls Buildings Construction Structural

Density of Construction Materials in kg/m3 and lb/ft3

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Density of construction materials are its mass per unit volume of materials. Building Materials Building Technology building BuildingsIt is expressed in kg/m3 or lb/ft3 and shows compactness of building.

Versatile Digitally Fabricated Material

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The so-called Wood-Skin is a composite material, which offers the rigidity and stretch of wood together with the suppleness of textile. It was made by a Milan-based firm with the goal of creating a material that could be used in a variety of architectural and design projects.

Building materials

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Read More at Building materials The ConstructorProportioning of cement and its purposes?

alternative materials

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compare the alternative materials available for construction and evaluate their application. Read More at alternative materials The

Fire Resistance of Concrete Materials and Structures

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Fire resistance of concrete materials, structures and methods to improve fire resistance are. Performance of concrete during fire is appreciable.


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There are various properties of plastics which makes it a useful construction material. Building Materials Building Technology BuildingsPlastics are used in buildings and construction works in many.

Stress in Structural Materials, Their Types and Sign Conventions

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Stress is resistance provided by structural material against deformation. Stress is measured in terms of load per unit area and is expressed in MPa. Structural Analysis Structural Engineering Structural


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Today many people that are building or remodeling their houses choose to use eco-friendly building materials. An eco-friendly building material is. Building Technology Buildings Green Buildings Building Materials

Tomorrow's Building Materials

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Changing the materials used in the built. environment is often a slow process

Laboratory Testing of Lime to be Used as a Building Material in Construction

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Various laboratory tests are conducted on building lime for its suitability as material for construction works. Building Materials Building Technology How To Guide Material Testing Guide Buildings

Properties of Materials for Reinforced Concrete Masonry Walls Construction

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Building Materials Building Technology BuildingsReinforced concrete masonry wall is constructed by assembling of masonry units for example concrete block or bricks, mortars, reinforcing, and.

material constants

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Dear sir, Is there any formula or any other thumb rule for getting material constants like cement ,fine aggregate, course aggregate and steel on