Fire Resistance of Concrete Materials and Structures

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Fire resistance of concrete materials, structures and methods to improve fire resistance are. Performance of concrete during fire is appreciable.

Health Issues with Building Materials During and After Construction

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Building materials used in construction of building structures can welcome health issues subsequently for occupants or to workmen involved in. Building Materials in Construction Building Technology and Construction Guide Building Materials Buildings

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Types of Flooring Materials and Their Applications in Building Construction

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There are various types of flooring materials used in building construction and their selection depends on applications, aesthetics and choice of. Building Materials in Construction Building Technology and Construction Guide Flooring Building Materials Buildings

Preservation of Timber – Methods and Materials Used

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Methods and material for timber preservation is. Building Materials in Construction Building Technology and Construction Guide Building Materials BuildingsPreservation of timber is done using different types of preservatives to increase life of timber.

Harness Mobile Tech & Get Control Over Your Materials Problems


Many setbacks on construction projects are caused by materials delays. In the old days, your best defense for materials problems was a time-consuming process of physically checking, counting, calling people, rechecking, recounting, and making call after call.


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Soil stabilization is a method of improving soil properties by blending and mixing other materials. Following are the various soil stabilization. Geotechnical Engineering Ground Improvement Soil Stabilization Soil

Cellular Lightweight Concrete Materials, Applications and Advantages

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Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) also known as Foamed concrete is one of the most significant type of concrete used for construction purposes due. Concrete Special Concrete Cellular Lightweight Concrete Concrete Technology special concrete

Properties of Materials for Reinforced Concrete Masonry Walls Construction

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Building Materials Building Technology BuildingsReinforced concrete masonry wall is constructed by assembling of masonry units for example concrete block or bricks, mortars, reinforcing, and.

Bituminous Materials – Types, Properties and Uses in Construction

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Materials that are bound together with bitumen are called bituminous materials. Propertis and uses of bitumnious materials are discussed. Building Materials Building Technology Bitumen Bituminous Pavement BuildingsRead More.

Manufacture of Cement- Materials and Manufacturing Process of Portland Cement

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Manufacturing of cement involves various raw materials and processes. Building Materials Building Technology Cement BuildingsEach process is explained chemical reactions for manufacture of Portland.

Dam Proof Course (DPC)- Materials and Methods of Applications in Buildings

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Materials for damp. Building Materials Building Technology Building Tips Buildings DPCDamp proof course (DPC) is generally applied at basement levels which restricts the movement of moisture through walls and floors.

How to Master Materials Management

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Effective materials management can either make or break project success. Efficiently moving materials through the construction supply chain and installing those components according to code rests at the core of successful project scheduling, quality, safety and cost.

Bamboo as a Building Material – its Uses and Advantages in Construction Works

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Bamboo as a building material has high compressive strength and low weight. Bamboo as a building material has various uses and advantages in. Building Materials Building Technology Buildings

Strength and Failure of Bituminous Pavement Materials

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Structure of Bituminous Pavements Flexible road structure is a combination of several layers, which serves the purpose of distributing the loads from. Pavement Design Transportation Pavements Transportation Engineering

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Special Plastering Materials for Different Purposes Used in Building Construction

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Different types of special plastering materials are used for various purposes in building construction for plastering of walls, columns and ceilings. Building Materials Building Technology Buildings Plaster

Concrete Cloth -Properties, Materials, Applications and Process of Making

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Process of making concrete cloth, properties, materials and applications in construction is. Concrete Cloth is flexible cement impregnated fabric. Concrete Technology Guide For CIvil Engineer Special Concrete in Construction Concrete Technology special concrete


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Quality assurance of construction materials is the responsibility of the purchase department to assure the quality of purchased materials in. Construction Construction Management construction Materials


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Building Materials Building Technology Construction BuildingsCulvert is a tunnel structure constructed under roadways or railways to provide cross drainage or to take electrical or other cables from one side to.

Recycled Materials Used to Build a Modern Home in India

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Using recycled and reclaimed materials when building homes and other structures is slowly, but surely catching on. The facades of the living and dining area were made from salvaged materials. Related Articles on Summer Vacation Home Made from Recycled Materials.


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Properties of Aluminium (Aluminum) makes it suitable as a building construction material, used in industrial buildings along with brick, cement and. Building Materials Building Technology Buildings

The Wild Science Behind New Building Materials

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New building materials might show up sooner than you think at a job site near you. The post The Wild Science Behind New Building Materials appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary. Google+. Look, three examples and the science behind them. Construction Technology

Passive Home Built Solely From Regenerative Materials

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Designer and builder Andrew Michler recently built a passive home for himself near Fort Collins, Colorado, which is made from either naturally regenerative or recyclable materials, and by using the Cradle to Cradle methodology.

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The selection of green building materials and products represents one important strategy in the design of a green building. Green building materials. Building Technology Buildings Green Buildings

Density of Construction Materials in kg/m3 and lb/ft3

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Density of construction materials are its mass per unit volume of materials. Building Materials Building Technology building BuildingsIt is expressed in kg/m3 or lb/ft3 and shows compactness of building.

Zero Energy Buildings – Features, Benefits and Materials

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Building Building Materials Building Technology Green Buildings Buildings Green Green ConcreteWhat is Zero Energy Building? Difference between Green Building and Zero Energy Buildings Sustainable, Eco and Green buildings try to use maximum.

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Community Center Built of Recycled Materials

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It’s always nice to see structures being built out of recycled materials, especially when it comes to buildings which can help spread the awareness and positive benefits of doing so. Apart from being made of recycled materials it also sports some other nice sustainable features.

Properties of Building Materials and their Importance in Construction

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Building materials or construction materials are the major requirement in this modern age of technology. There are many types of building materials. Building Materials Building Technology Buildings

2014 AWARD-WINNING PROJECT: CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory, Hamilton

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Miscellaneous Canadian Green Building Awards CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory LEED Platinum certified light-transmitting glass Natural Resources Canada solar shading strategy solar wall Thermal energy

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Healthy Materials for Building

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The USGBC with its LEED Green Building Rating System brought issues surrounding indoor environmental quality and material health to the forefront of design dialogues. Even more so, proposed changes to LEED v4 could bring about greater market transparency if proposed credits on “Material Ingredient Reporting” and “Avoidance of Chemicals of Concern” are accepted after the next round of public comment.

Construction Measures & Materials to Reduce Deflection of Concrete Beams and Slabs

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Deflections of concrete beams and slabs are affected by construction measures and materials used. Construction Beams Building Materials SlabsIn most situations, size of the reinforced concrete.

Radiant House Uses Bamboo as Primary Construction Material

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Since bamboo is a highly sustainable material, it is widely used in most solar house projects, but the members of the Radiant House team are the first to attempt to use bamboo as a construction material. Related Articles on Stratum is a Bamboo-Filled Surface Material.

Sprayed Concrete -Properties, Materials and Uses in Construction

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Properties, materials and applications of sprayed. Sprayed concrete is also called as gunite or shotcrete is used for rapid concrete construction. Concrete Concrete Types Special Concrete Concrete Technology special concrete

Terminator Style Building Materials?

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How cool would it be to build a building and install a material like this along with the caulk, flashing and other waterproofing components of the building? The article linked below describes this terminator style polymer in more detail. The video below shows it in action.

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Construction materials prices remain tame in April

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percent in April, ending a two month streak during which material prices expanded by greater than 0.4 Prices for inputs to construction industries fell by 0.1 percent. Prices have. read more. Management


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Selection of concrete repair materials is based on evaluation of type of damage, types of materials to be used for repair and the local condition.


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Building Materials Building Technology Building Tips Tips Buildings Construction Construction equipmentsChanging requirements, parameters, time constraints, size of works, specifications, quality requirements makes the mankind to go for innovations and.