6 Sustainable Innovations Shaping Construction

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Sustainable innovation is the process in which sustainability considerations including environmental and economy are taken into account from idea. Building Materials Building Technology Guide

Creating and Sustaining Innovation

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Innovation in business revolves around creation of value. Exercises that fail to add value to an enterprise rarely qualify as innovation. In construction much of what passes for "innovation" involves nibbling at the edges of existing problems.

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Innovations Enhancing Jobsite Communication

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Jobsite technology innovations are helping construction managers increase productivity, improve communications, and avoid costly rework

U.S. Innovation Hubs: Inventing the Future

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Seven of nine planned federally funded national manufacturing innovation institutes are getting a head start on tomorrow’s high-growth technologies. Innovation Hubs: Inventing the Future appeared first on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

Innovation in Timber

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The excerpted and linked article below explores innovations in the timber industry in Australia. Authored by David Chandler, FAIB out of Sydney, Australia, the article serves as a reminder of the global nature of innovation in the built industry.

Israel Is Innovating Its Way To Success

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Read: Israel Is Innovating Its Way To Success at BusinessFacilities.com. A diverse, highly educated workforce and an entrepreneurial spirit have made Israel a magnet for a wide spectrum of businesses, from startups to multi-national corporations.

SK innovation Will Invest $1.67B In Georgia

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Read: SK innovation Will Invest $1.67B In Georgia at BusinessFacilities.com. Advanced Manufacturing Capital Investment Daily News Featured Foreign Direct Investment Georgia International Manufacturing Workforce Development automotive industry corporate expansion Employment Georgia Department of Economic Development hybrid electric vehicles Jackson County Development Authority Korea Lithium Ion batteries Site Selection SK innovation

Innovation Valley: A Mecca for Energy

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A s the home to leading research in energy at Electric Power Research Institute, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and Y-12 National Security Complex, Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley has long been a mecca for renewable and alternative energy.

Execs: To ignite innovation, empower tech champions

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Contractors looking to drive improvements should tap the grassroots base of employees facing business challenges daily, leaders at three top firms said

Top 100 Most Innovative Cities Named

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Tokyo ranks #1 in World Innovation Cities Index ahead of London and Silicon Valley. Read: Top 100 Most Innovative Cities Named at BusinessFacilities.com.

Defense Innovation Unit Experimental Comes To Austin

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military while growing innovative enterprises in Texas. Read Defense Innovation Unit Experimental Comes To Austin on Business Facilities - Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions.

Marketing innovation: Jargon, neuroscience and rule-bending

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Accenture Opens Flagship Innovation Hub In San Francisco

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Read: Accenture Opens Flagship Innovation Hub In San Francisco at BusinessFacilities.com. The professional services company will add 500 employees to its Bay Area workforce by the end of 2020. .

10 innovative construction materials that could revolutionize the industry


Future of Construction building materials construction materials Construction technology innovative construction materials Innovative materialsThe much awaited and anticipated revolution in construction is gaining momentum.

Jesus was an Innovator.

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INNOVATION: The place where NEED and PASSION intersect under an umbrella of CREATIVITY It is my opinion that Jesus was the ultimate innovator. Jesus looked for ways to be innovative to best meet the needs of people. Is this not the place that innovation begins?

Green innovation in the construction industry


Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings is at the forefront of green innovation As concern for climate change and dwindling natural resources increases, there has been a global shift in the construction industry.

Pursuit of Innovation Drives Success

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Specialty Contractor of the Year Baker Triangle says its strong growth is the result of investment in workers and a focus on both technology and innovation

Where safety innovation fits in the heads-down construction environment

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Underscoring pilots' low risk and prioritizing people are two strategies to introduce new technology within tough project cost and schedule constraints

Stamford, Connecticut: Innovating Since 1641

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Read: Stamford, Connecticut: Innovating Since 1641 at BusinessFacilities.com. Business Clusters/Corridors Connecticut Featured Magazine Highlights Quality Of Life Retail State Focus Taxes & Incentives Workforce Development BF-Jan/Feb-2018 Business Incentives commercial development corporate expansion Employment Harbor Point Innovate Stamford Site Selection Stamford Technology

Recognizing Innovation and the Power of Technology


At our Connect 2015 Users’ Conference (our 19th annual) a few weeks ago, we honored three companies as finalists for our Innovator Awards: Houston, Texas-based Pieper-Houston Electric L.P.;

Infosys Plans Open Technology And Innovation Hub In Texas

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The company will open a Technology and Innovation Hub focused on the telecommunications, retail and banking sectors in Richardson, TX and hire 500 workers in the state by 2020. . Read: Infosys Plans Open Technology And Innovation Hub In Texas at BusinessFacilities.com.

Texas 53

K-12 Education: Missouri Innovation Campus

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The Missouri Innovation Campus' collaborative program allows high school juniors, enrolled in the Lee's Summit R-7 School District’s Summit Technology Academy, to receive a University of Central Missouri bachelor's degree

Leaders are key to building a culture that motivates, innovates

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Competitive advantage lies in an environment that frees employees to experiment and encounter tech's value at their own pace, according to a VDC director and an Autodesk strategist

Innovative Tree-Like Homes

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Innovative Solar Energy System. The architecture firm OAS1S from Holland has come up with a unique proposal for a community of small houses, which would be built to resemble trees. The dwellings would all be made from recycled wood, and would function completely off-the-grid.

Innovation on Steroids

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It lists ten innovations offered by 10 different companies with will, if successful, revolutionize our lives. 10 Companies Chasing Innovation Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution! The wired article linked below is well worth a read.

Innovative Solar Energy System

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An Austrian company Smartflower recently unveiled a unique and innovative solar energy system, which does away with traditional roof-top mounted solar panels. Related Articles on JetsonGreen.com: Innovative Ways of Using Solar Panels.

Innovation Is Thriving In Arizona

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P83 Innovation Center campus conceptual renderings. Feeding this worker pipeline is Arizona’s university system that produces in-demand graduates specializing in technology and innovation that can quickly make an impact on these growing businesses. By the BF Staff.

Innovator of the Year: Prescient

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Prescient is one of many tech-driven offsite construction firms capitalizing on the modular building wave, but the startup is steadily scaling to deliver 18 story-structures

Nevada: Where Innovation Meets Logistics

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Read: Nevada: Where Innovation Meets Logistics at BusinessFacilities.com. Whether it’s testing unmanned aerial systems overhead or moving freight on the ground, Henderson, NV is ready to meet your 21st century business needs.

Business Report – North Carolina: Growing Innovation Throughout The Tarheel State

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North Carolina doubles down on growth plans for technology and innovation, with new funding and a new university-led program, InnovateNC. Business Report – North Carolina: Growing Innovation Throughout The Tarheel State appeared first on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

The Transforming Construction Technology Ecosystem, Innovative Viewpoint Clients Among Key Highlights of Day 3 of Collaborate 2018


The changing construction technology landscape and our clients’ innovative uses of technology were in the spotlight for Day Three of Collaborate 2018.

Canada Superclusters Will Promote Innovation, Economic Growth

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Canada is demonstrating a commitment to growing its economy and creating middle-class jobs for its citizens by moving forward with an Innovation Superclusters Initiative. The applicants put forward strategies to increase growth and create jobs across a wide range of innovative industries.

Top Young Pros: Cultivating Innovation, Mentoring Colleagues

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Rising leaders under 40 are making an impact on many of the region’s biggest projects as they cultivate innovative practices and mentor colleagues

AHR Expo Announces 2019 Innovation Award Winners

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Innovation Awards recognize the industry’s most inventive products, systems and technologies

What is your firm's innovation 'hit rate'?


For the better part of a decade, we’ve watched AEC firms and real estate owners and developers pluck business practices, technology, and talent from the tech and manufacturing industries—digital workflows, automation, innovation competitions, hackathons, maker culture, Lean operations, technologies like predictive analytics, AI, and immersive reality

Construction innovation: How we can help the industry get back in the tech race


The discussion around innovation in construction is gradually becoming more and more intense. Future of Construction construction innovation future of construction Richard Branson Virgin Startup workforce in construction

6 innovative multifamily products



Concrete construction innovations

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Concrete construction innovations. One of the latest innovations in concrete construction is the development of an entirely new type of concrete. Phillip.fry@gc…. Thu, 10/04/2018 - 09:45. GCP Applied Technologies. October 04, 2018. Table of Contents. Control flow concrete construction.

Making Construction Innovation Stick

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Useful tools often succeed in pilots, but firms have trouble making them stick

Cultivating Cooling Tower Innovation

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In an age of shrinking operational budgets, customers are demanding lower installation and maintenance costs even for state-of-the-art products. One manufacturer reveals how it keeps up by staying plugged in