Creating and Sustaining Innovation

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Innovation in business revolves around creation of value. Exercises that fail to add value to an enterprise rarely qualify as innovation. In construction much of what passes for "innovation" involves nibbling at the edges of existing problems.

Innovation in Timber

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The excerpted and linked article below explores innovations in the timber industry in Australia. Authored by David Chandler, FAIB out of Sydney, Australia, the article serves as a reminder of the global nature of innovation in the built industry.

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Innovation Valley: A Mecca for Energy

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A s the home to leading research in energy at Electric Power Research Institute, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and Y-12 National Security Complex, Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley has long been a mecca for renewable and alternative energy.

10 innovative construction materials that could revolutionize the industry


Future of Construction building materials construction materials Construction technology innovative construction materials Innovative materialsThe much awaited and anticipated revolution in construction is gaining momentum.

Defense Innovation Unit Experimental Comes To Austin

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military while growing innovative enterprises in Texas. Read Defense Innovation Unit Experimental Comes To Austin on Business Facilities - Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions.

Austin 100

Construction innovation: How we can help the industry get back in the tech race


The discussion around innovation in construction is gradually becoming more and more intense. Future of Construction construction innovation future of construction Richard Branson Virgin Startup workforce in construction

Canada Superclusters Will Promote Innovation, Economic Growth

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Canada is demonstrating a commitment to growing its economy and creating middle-class jobs for its citizens by moving forward with an Innovation Superclusters Initiative. The applicants put forward strategies to increase growth and create jobs across a wide range of innovative industries.

Innovation Is Thriving In Arizona

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P83 Innovation Center campus conceptual renderings. Feeding this worker pipeline is Arizona’s university system that produces in-demand graduates specializing in technology and innovation that can quickly make an impact on these growing businesses. By the BF Staff.

Making Construction Innovation Stick

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Useful tools often succeed in pilots, but firms have trouble making them stick

Recognizing Innovation and the Power of Technology

John Chaney

At our Connect 2015 Users’ Conference (our 19th annual) a few weeks ago, we honored three companies as finalists for our Innovator Awards: Houston, Texas-based Pieper-Houston Electric L.P.;

Thornton-Tomasetti Builds on Innovation

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Structural engineer traces R&D obsession to its early roots as it anticipates big ROIs on itself and the industry

Innovative Vehicle Solutions Expanding In South Carolina

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Read: Innovative Vehicle Solutions Expanding In South Carolina at Automotive Capital Investment Daily News Featured Manufacturing South Carolina Taxes & Incentives Business Incentives Coordinating Council for Economic Development of South Carolina Expansion Innovative Vehicle Solutions Ladson Site Selection South Carolina Department of CommerceThe custom commercial vehicle builder will create 108 new jobs in Charleston County, SC.

Innovation on Steroids

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It lists ten innovations offered by 10 different companies with will, if successful, revolutionize our lives. 10 Companies Chasing Innovation Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution! The wired article linked below is well worth a read.

Iowa: A Cradle For Innovation

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From cloud computing to biorenewables, Iowa has reinvented itself as a cradle for innovation. Read: Iowa: A Cradle For Innovation at Advanced Manufacturing Agriculture Biotech & Pharma Chemicals Energy Featured Iowa Renewable Energy Retail biochemicals corporate expansion Iowa Economic Development Authority Iowa State University research Sponsored Content STEM Technology

Iowa 40

Elon Musk’s tunnel shows the way to construction innovation


Future of Construction construction industry Elon Musk future of construction innovationIt all began when in December 2016 Elon Musk complained through his twitter account about the unbearable traffic in Los Angeles. This tweet surprised the building sector, as nobody was entirely sure what the next step would be. One month later, Musk had already started digging the first test segment.

Paying It Forward to Foster Innovation

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As we shared in our recent post about the upcoming CES , our pavilion will feature a Startup Village featuring 12 innovative new companies who are part of our SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs Program and Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Lab. We are an open innovation laboratory.

Movers + Shapers: Innovation Superchargers


Business Report – North Carolina: Growing Innovation Throughout The Tarheel State

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North Carolina doubles down on growth plans for technology and innovation, with new funding and a new university-led program, InnovateNC. Business Report – North Carolina: Growing Innovation Throughout The Tarheel State appeared first on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

Infosys Chooses Rhode Island For Design And Innovation Hub

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Infosys will open a new Design and Innovation Hub in Providence, RI, creating 500 jobs in the state by 2022. Infosys has made significant progress towards that commitment, and is investing in Technology and Innovation Hubs in Indianapolis, IN and Raleigh, NC.

Richland Two Institute of Innovation


The new Richland Two Institute of Innovation is a unique educational center supporting multigenerational learning. The facility is part of the Richland School District Two in Columbia, S.C.,

Lower Prices Drive Innovation in Fracking

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Lower prices, which knocked a few highly firms out of the market appear to driving more effective and more creative innovation among those left standing.

Innovations in addressing homelessness


Sasaki principal Brie Hensold and planner Gretchen Keillor recently attended an Innovation Lab hosted by the National Recreation and Park Association in Los Angeles, CA

Innovative Tree-Like Homes

Jetson Green

Innovative Solar Energy System. The architecture firm OAS1S from Holland has come up with a unique proposal for a community of small houses, which would be built to resemble trees. The dwellings would all be made from recycled wood, and would function completely off-the-grid.

Nimble Agency Adopts Innovation

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The Delaware Dept. of Transportation is this year's ENR MidAtlantic Owner of the Year

Innovative Solar Energy System

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An Austrian company Smartflower recently unveiled a unique and innovative solar energy system, which does away with traditional roof-top mounted solar panels. Related Articles on Innovative Ways of Using Solar Panels.

Innovation with a green focus


Our goal is to improve continuously in each of these areas and to offer innovative green products for a variety of applications At Valspar, we believe in protecting the environment, safeguarding human health, and giving back to the community.

Innovations Spur Productivity Gains

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If you have not researched or previously purchased compact loaders or excavators, you may be surprised at the amount of innovation and smart technologies available in today’s machines.

Innovation studio sparks AEC startups


Autodesk is trying to fill that void with its BUILD Space, a two-story, 34,000-sf workshop and innovation studio, which celebrated its one-year anniversary on October 5

New guide helps planners assess innovation districts


The Brookings Institution launched a new guide to help local leaders assess their innovation districts. Assessing your innovation district: A how-to guide,” provides a framework to audit the assets that comprise local innovation ecosystems.

4 Breakthrough Panama Canal Engineering Innovations

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The post 4 Breakthrough Panama Canal Engineering Innovations appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary. Google+. Managing Construction Process Trending

Innovation in Orlando

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AHR's Innovation Awards showcase new technology. Innovation Award winning products were chosen by a panel of third-party ASHRAE member judges based on innovative design, creativity, application, value and market impact. Ashley M. Doles.

Innovation at 72 design firms


Where architecture and A/E firms broke new ground in ’16: Adrian Smith+Gordon Gill Using HadCM3 weather files to simulate building performance against climate change and stormwater scenarios.

Designing innovative solutions for chronic homelessness


Homelessness is on the rise in the United States for the first time since 2010, with both Los Angeles and the entire state of California hit particularly hard by what has become a full-blown humanitarian crisis.

Edwards Vacuum Building High-Tech Innovation Center In Oregon

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Read: Edwards Vacuum Building High-Tech Innovation Center In Oregon at The new center is strategically located in Hillsboro, OR, close to key semiconductor customer sites for enhanced technology collaboration and development.

Employee Contest Yields Innovative Solutions at IDOT

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The Illinois Department of Transportation recognized 10 finalists last week for the agency's Operations Innovative Ideas Contest, a new in-house initiative to encourage creative problem solving that results in improved service for the traveling public and potential savings for taxpayers.

Innovative Furniture Solution for Small Homes

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Living in a shipping container, or another type of small space, can be very sustainable, but such a small home calls for innovative furniture solutions. Related Articles on Innovative Retreat Takes Advantage of Available Space.

Innovation Spurs Productivity Gains

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If you have not researched or previously purchased compact loaders or excavators, you may be surprised at the amount of innovation and smart technology in today’s machines