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How to Avoid 3 Common Commercial Construction Scheduling Delays

Commercial Construction

Any sort of construction delay can be disastrous in this time-pressed landscape, as there’s typically little wiggle room built into a construction schedule. The client will either have to amend the construction schedule, find an alternative product or deal with delays.

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Footing Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) – Estimation of Steel Quantity

The Constructor

Bar bending schedule (BBS) of an concrete footing provides the reinforcement details and the total steel quantity required for the footing. Concrete Technology Foundation Design Bar Bending Schedule Foundation design Isolated Footing

9 Best Practice Tips for a Schedule Analysis of Construction Delays

Best Practices Construction Law

However, the different methods of schedule analysis can lead to varying results. According to the article, there are eight guidelines that any schedule delay analysis comply with, including: Compare the planned work before and after each delay.

Digital Dryshack # 68: Scheduling Best Practices

Cassell Construction Estimating

15 Tips for Best-Practices Scheduling. Rule # 1: Always maintain the best interests of the project in the schedule. Rule # 2: Always maintain high ethical standards in building the project schedule. Use the entire contract duration in the initial project schedule (IPS).

Bar Bending Schedule - Importance | advantages | Preparation

Civil Lead

What is Bar Bending Schedule (BBS)? Bar bending schedule is a list of reinforcement bars in a tabular form giving the particulars of bars, the shape of bending with sketches, length of each, total length and total weight.

Keynote Schedules Not Updating

Revit OpEd

I wrote a post in April last year when we were observing some projects that would not update their keynote schedules during printing. Specifically a keynote schedule does not show all of the keynotes that are actually visible in views on the sheet. If all the views are open then the revision schedule regenerates (you can watch it happen). of Quirky Documentation Issues Keynote Schedule Keynotes Keynoting Refresh Regenerate Sheets Troubleshooting Updates

Laser scans, BIM slash schedule for Kansas subcontractor

Construction Dive

A virtual design approach saved more than 30% on labor costs and cut 50% from the schedule on a complex, fast-turnaround piping project

Kansas 114

5 steps to prevent common construction schedule delays

Lets Build

Construction schedule delays are a common problem within the industry and for a very good reason. Regardless of the type of the project, excessive administrative work and hours of never-ending meetings appear to be two of the main factors that lead to many schedule delays in construction.

How to Create a Successful Restaurant Construction Schedule

Commercial Construction

As the best restaurant construction firms will tell you, the most common reason construction schedules and budgets increase for a restaurant opening is not due to a commercial construction crisis (such a burst pipe, etc.),

Data analytics facilitates more accurate project costs, schedules

Construction Dive

Construction has lagged in data collection, but experts emphasize its value during the pandemic and beyond and how construction firms can take advantage of others’ mistakes

Digital Dryshack # 93: GASP ! (10 Generally-Accepted-Scheduling-Practices)

Cassell Construction Estimating

Most of our work lately has been P6 training, and I find myself during that training to be referring often to Generally-Accepted-Scheduling-Practices. 10 Generally-Accepted-Scheduling-Practices) appeared first on Cassell Consulting - Construction Operations Consulting. Digital Dry Shack Blog Primavera SchedulingHowever, I don’t know if a written set of such practices exists – yet.

How To Improve Productivity and Schedule Accuracy in Construction


Improving productivity and schedule accuracy in construction can save time and money on a project. Productivity and Schedule Accuracy starts with having a construction schedule. Your schedule and your budget should be your bible on a construction project. At the same time creating a schedule at the start of a project and ignoring it is just as bad as not having one. You need to be constantly back checking against your schedule.

How to Navigate the Scheduling Impacts of COVID-19

Construction Business Owner

How to Navigate the Scheduling Impacts of COVID-19. Elizabeth Manning. Wed, 05/06/2020 - 17:21.

Your Guide to the Metrics of Work-in-Progress Schedules

Construction Business Owner

Your Guide to the Metrics of Work-in-Progress Schedules. How to ensure you and your team are tracking and maintaining the numbers you need in your WIP schedule to stay profitable Elizabeth Manning. Fri, 06/26/2020 - 09:12.


The Constructor

Bar bending schedule provides the reinforcement calculation for reinforced concrete beam. How To Guide Reinforcement Guide Bar Bending Schedule RCC reinforcement Reinforcement Estimation It provides details of reinforcement cutting length, type.

McHugh Construction rethinks budgets, schedules to focus on new normal

Construction Dive

The president of the 123-year-old Chicago-based construction firm talks about tracking virus-related project costs and his fear of complacency

Digital Dryshack #92: 6 Tips: P6 Scheduling for D.O.D., 2016

Cassell Construction Estimating

One significant takeaway that reinforced what we were already noticing is that new government personnel are changing NAVFAC’s & USACE’s scheduling specs for recent projects. For years we had been able to count on a rigorous but largely boilerplate scheduling spec for both branches of the service. As fundamental and obvious as it sounds, even experienced schedulers often skip this crucial stop and assume they know what’s required.


The Constructor

Construction Construction Management Construction Project Construction Scheduling Planning Project Management PROJECT PLANNING In planning phase, plan is made and strategies are set, taking into consideration the company policies, procedures and rules.

What is BOQ & Example of Bill of Quantity for Construction


The post What is BOQ & Example of Bill of Quantity for Construction appeared first on Civiconcepts.

Bar Bending Schedule(BBS)of Footing – Estimation of Steel Quantity

The Constructor

The bar bending schedule(BBS) of an R.C.C Concrete Technology Foundation Design Bar Bending Schedule Foundation design Isolated Footingfooting provides the reinforcement details and the total steel quantity required for the footing.

Digital Dryshack #87: 10 Reasons D.O.D. Schedules get Rejected

Cassell Construction Estimating

firm providing scheduling training in Honolulu last week reminded me of the struggles most midsize contractors face when submitting an Initial Project Schedule (IPS) to NAVFAC or the Army Corps of Engineers. Rarely are the rigorous and demanding scheduling complexities included in D.O.D. For this reason, I’ve listed the 10 most common reasons the Government rejects Initial Project Schedule submissions: Incomplete Logical Network is the #1 reason most schedules are re­jected.

Collaborative Construction Blog: BIM Workshops Scheduled with.

Collaborative Construction

BIM Workshops Scheduled with CITA in Ireland. Others interested in scheduling a similar presentation for built industry stakeholders in your region should contact James directly. SCSI - BIM for Estimators & Schedulers. BIM Workshops Scheduled with CITA in Ireland.


The Constructor

Planning, scheduling is an important part of the construction management. Planning and scheduling of construction activities helps engineers to. Construction Construction Management Construction Project Construction Planning Construction Projects Project Management

Top 14 Most Common Scheduling Mistakes by Contractors

Best Practices Construction Law

Many delay, disruption, and loss of productivity claims are lost or substantially reduced in value because mistakes, errors and carelessness are reflected in the original schedule and plan of operations. Incomplete schedules. Again, the schedule can often set the tone for the job.

Viega Announces Fall Training Schedule

Contractor Magazine

Classes to be held in Colorado and New Hampshire

Construction Project Scheduling

Construction Cost Estimating

In simple words, a project schedule is a kind of document that gathers all the important works so that project can be delivered on time. So make sure that the important ones should be on the top of the schedule to complete the project on time.


The Constructor

Bar bending schedule provides details of reinforcement cutting and bending length. Advantages of bar bending schedule when used along with. Concrete Technology How To Guide Reinforcement Guide reinforcement Reinforcement Estimation

Schedules and payments dominate subcontractor challenges

Construction Dive

General contractors and subs need to be on the same page about these issues in order for the project to be done right and profitable

Project Schedule

The Constructor

I am Basically new in Construction. any body can suggest me a better excel template to track the Progress of the work and variance of the cost

Viking Stadium 4D Scheduling

Construction Dive

4 - Issue 48) as one of the top 5 videos of 2015, we learned that 4D modeling played an essential role in the success of the new Vikings stadium - bringing it in ahead of schedule and under budget. Featured here in December 2015 (Vol.

5 steps to prevent common construction schedule delays

Lets Build

Construction schedule delays are one of the most common topics of discussion within the industry. As reported by McKinsey and Company, an average project in construction is expected to experience a minimum 20-month delay and 80% budget overrun.

How BIM can enable construction scheduling in 4D

Construction Dive

Oracle and Assemble Systems join forces to enable users to easily create 4D simulations, cost-loaded schedules, micro-schedules—and manage constant project changes

Schedule Control measures

The Constructor

What are the “Schedule control measures” that instruct the contractor through contract documents? Read More at Schedule Control

Field service scheduling and management solutions

Contractor Magazine

Through SMA/text or custom branded web, mobile and Facebook apps, homeowners can schedule, track and pay for services from their smartphone

Stretching Schedule Properties Dialog

Revit OpEd

When we stretch the schedule properties dialog only the Available Fields list gets wider. The side dedicated to the parameters assigned to the schedule gets no love. of Wishes Dialogs Opinion Schedules User Interface

bar schedule of reservoir

The Constructor

how can i prepare bar schedule of this reservoir. Read More at bar schedule of reservoir The Constructor

What are Causes of Schedule Delays in Construction Projects?

The Constructor

There are various factors that lead to schedule delay in construction project. Factors might be different from one project to another one. In this. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Construction Project Construction Construction Projects

Knowing Long Lead Items Early Speeds up Construction Schedules

Wolgast Corporation

Certain building materials or products that have to be ordered, imported, and/or manufactured specifically for a building can take longer than the natural progression of a construction schedule. Design/Build Professional General Contractor Scheduling Good for Business

A Brief History of Location-based Scheduling and Takt Time Planning

Lean Construction

Location-based scheduling methods are not new. In some countries such as Finland, the adoption of line of balance schedules is widespread and used for decades. However, in the United States these schedules have remained unpopular