Optimizing the Project Management Triangle


One of the primary objectives for project managers working in the construction field is carefully balancing the three aspects of sound management: quality, time, and money. construction project management project management triangle project management platform

VPO: Microsoft 365-based project management

Extranet Evolution

A US business, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Simplex Group , for example, provides VPO Cloud (‘virtual project office’) to customers wanting (in its words) “ The #1 easiest construction management software in the Microsoft Cloud.”

The Project Manager's Survival Guide, Part One: The Essentials


Project managers in the construction industry face a bevy of obstacles on a daily basis. construction project manager construction project management jobs

Construct.pm delivers mobile project management

Extranet Evolution

provides some real-time messaging alongside its core mobile construction project management workflow tools, and offers far more than the usual snagging tools. As a project management platform it also allows to import and export schedules and milestones from MS Project.

How to Hire the Right Project Manager


hiring a Project Manager , it is tremendously important to look beyond the obvious and dig a little deeper. hiring project management download If you are in the process of.

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From assessing risk to organizing documentation and ensuring that projects stay on schedule, project managers have a vast amount of responsibility and are crucial to the overall success of a project. risk management project management drawing management

Making Project Management Tools Painless for Stakeholders


So, your company has adopted a project management solution but you’re unsure how to get people involved. You want all stakeholders to enthusiastically participate at their levels so you have better collaboration, leading to better project outcomes.

Project Management Tools for Design Build


The design-build project delivery method is unique in its demands on the contractor, but its advantages make it a viable alternative to the design-bid-build and construction-manager-at-risk methods. This comparison was based on over 350 projects of various types in many sectors.

Building a Platform for Construction Project Management


Our house was eventually finished, but it was only the beginning of a new project I would devote the next 15+ years of my life towards. the app marketplace procore connect project management platform

Commercial Construction Project Management: Managing What You Don’t Control

Commercial Construction

I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a control freak, but as a national general contractor, it’s part of the job description to be the one calling the shots and telling everyone what to do on a complex commercial construction project.

How Effective is Construction Project Management Software?


construction technology construction software construction project management softwareGiven the advances in mobile and web-based technologies, is software finally making an impact on the construction industry? Procore partnered with Capterra to create this market survey to learn whether actual users of these technologies consider them to be valuable additions to their daily work routine.

Personality Traits of Successful Construction Project Managers


Being a Project Manager on a construction site is not easy and requires a variety of skills. In addition to these, you need excellent management and organizational, leadership and communication skills. communication construction manager leadership education

2015 Outlook: Construction Project Manager Jobs


The trend for construction project manager jobs is on an upward trajectory, helped by the continuing improvement in the overall economic picture.

Behavioral Traits for Successful Senior Project Managers


If you’ve got your sights set on becoming a senior project manager in construction, your road to success will require more than just mastering project management skills. leadership construction jobs senior project managers

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From assessing risk to organizing documentation and ensuring that projects stay on schedule, project managers have an endless amount of responsibility and are crucial to the overall success of a project. construction project management construction planning

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From assessing risk to organizing documentation and ensuring that projects stay on schedule, project managers have a vast amount of responsibility and are crucial to the overall success of a project.

The Wonders of Construction Project Management Software


Construction project management software might not qualify as a “wonder of the world,” but it is a wonder in its own right. This becomes even more apparent when you compare it to the old ways of managing construction projects.

Procore: World’s #1 Most Widely Used Construction Project Management Software


Procore has more than double the users of competing products with tens of thousands of projects around the world and an ever-growing user community experiencing over 100% growth year over year. construction project management construction technology procore cloud based construction software

Procore Named One of 6 of the Best Project Management Softwares for 2015


Procore is proud to announce we have been included on the ‘6 Best Project Management Softwares for 2015’ from Talk Business Magazine! construction technology procore cloud based project management software

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From addressing resources and scheduling changes to assessing scope and ensuring quality, project managers have a vast amount of responsibility and are crucial to the overall success of a project. In part 3 of our Project Management Guide, you will learn how to

Better Project Management through Better Communication

John Chaney

Last week, I discussed three important areas of project management and ended by briefly discussing project communication – or the glue to a project. Hopefully, you’ve had the chance to consider how deliberate your project communications are. Project Collaboration.

Construction Project Management Processes: Everything You Need to Know


Project management is the basis on which every construction project is founded. A construction project manager has to obtain a variety of skills and competences in order to navigate through the project and to establish a functional connection with the numerous teams.

Project Management System's Users Meeting Heralds Change

ENR Construction

How an Owners' Project Manager Can Smooth Collaboration

ENR Construction

As the construction industry has moved toward more collaborative forms of project delivery, many owners have begun engaging outside professionals who are known as owners project managers (OPMs

Keys to Effective Project Management

Construction Business Owner

Effective project management starts well before construction begins. With meticulous preplanning during the estimating stage, followed by strategic thinking during the job itself, a company’s project management team can ensure project success

Behavior Based Project Management Harnesses People Power

Construction Informer

Behavior based project management harnesses the emotional quotient of the project team. That’s important because there is continuing evidence that projects of all types fail to meet their objectives. Failing Projects Long International, construction claims consultants, analyzed reasons for construction project failure that were cited during disputes, and came up with this list. Managing People construction project management


The Constructor

Role of Project Manager The responsibility of project manager to make sure that the customer is satisfied and the work scope is completed in a. Construction Construction Management Construction Project Project Management

Can accounting and project management play nice?


A crisis has broken out across the nation’s construction industry: contractors everywhere are being robbed in broad daylight, and not from a man in a mask, but from the siloed software solutions they use to manage their project and financial data.

Ask the Experts: Project Management

Construction Business Owner

Operations Manager. Lionel Vogelhut. Taymak Flooring. Communication, communication, communication. On the jobsite, people are often in such a rush to get things done that they don’t take the time to ensure that the employee receiving the instructions understands them completely.

5 Interpersonal Skills Every Project Manager Should Possess

Construction Business Owner

According to a recent report published by project management researchers at Brandeis University, technical skills alone do not determine a project manager's success. These causes of project failure are not the result of inadequate technical skills.

6 ways to get millennial employees excited about project management


Make no mistake. Despite rumors that millennials like to take shortcuts and are rather lazy, the opposite is true. Millennials work hard—very, very hard.

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Will Project Management Software Developers Learn What Baseball Knows?

ENR Construction

BIM for Project Management Guide for Download

What Revit Wants

The paper aims to provide market insight into organisational strategic issues and the role and functions of project managers in BIM implementation. Download at: BIM for Project Managers›. Source: The post BIM for Project Management Guide for Download appeared first on What Revit Wants. BIM project management

The Evolution of the Project Manager

Construction Business Owner

A long-standing joke has circulated in the industry that the project manager evolved as the solution to the mounds of paperwork a superintendent encounters. Today, the number of contractors who do not have some semblance of a project management corps is minimal.


The Constructor

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to achieve a particular aim. At the most basic level, a project is actually the response to a need, the. Construction Construction Management

The New Age of Project Management

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Managing Director. Jason Ruddle. Elecosoft

8 Things to Consider in the Search for Project Management Software

Construction Business Owner

Construction business owners and project managers alike know how tough it can be to manage a project, but some are reluctant to change processes to find an easier solution to management.