Asite launches BIM clash detection

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being integrated into one main BIM model, Clash Detection is a crucial component in increasing efficiency. Cloud BIM battleground growing.

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NBS launches BIM viewer

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At this week’s Autodesk University in London, NBS – Newcastle, UK-based developer of the free BIM digital Toolkit ( post ) – has launched the public Beta version of the NBS Online Viewer (powered by Autodesk Forge , a WebGL-based viewer).

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Collaboration, BIM and FM

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FM is getting more involved with BIM from the earliest stages of a project, and will collaborate more frequently during project delivery. The day therefore repeatedly returned to what government and industry needs to do to get more FM professionals engaged with BIM.

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Growing Viewpoint continues BIM push

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Viewpoint Construction Software continues to grow its EMEA revenues, with BIM a strongpoint for customer adoption, says Steve Spark. . Viewpoint has continued to capitalise on its investments in adding building information modelling (BIM) functionality to its platform.

Is BIM the answer?

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As a collaboration commentator and occasional BIM speaker, I was one of several bloggers recently asked to comment on the UK’s BIM push for a Microsoft technology blog. Just in case anyone’s interested, here’s the rest of what I wrote … Is BIM the answer to stabilising the industry? I say ‘start’ as there are still large parts of the industry who are either oblivious to BIM or regard it as irrelevant.

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BIM Assure: cloud-based model checking

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In the upFront.Zine , Ralph Grabowski has a great article about a cloud-based BIM checking service , BIM Assure. BIM Assure in a nutshell. Development of the browser-based product started in 2013, with the focus being on the ‘I’ in BIM (a phrase often heard at BIM conferences), looking to interrogate beyond the geometry in a model, and to ascertain if required information has been created and modelled correctly to meet different milestones during a project.

Aconex upgrades BIM capabilities

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Aconex has launched a ‘Connected BIM’ product, and a new Digital Manuals capability (but only if you are on Windows). The industry is moving rapidly from 2D drawings and files to multidimensional models and data, as BIM adoption accelerates globally.

BIM meets Wiki at DesigningBuildings

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Construction’s own wiki, DesigningBuildings has launched a free online guide to BIM Level 2 compliance. On 4 April 2016, Level 2 Building Information Modelling (BIM) became mandatory on centrally-procured public projects, with far-reaching implications for those involved. But the 2016 NBS BIM Survey found 42% of respondents were just aware of BIM and 28% were not very, or not at all confident in BIM. AEC BIM Collaboration Web 2.0

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Zuuse targeting BIM to FM opportunity

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Australian start-up Zuuse ambitiously aims to shake up the facilities management market, bridging the gap from BIM to FM. This company, with offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, provides “ an asset lifecycle solution blending 3D BIM capability, mobility and information management.”

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Open data, BIM and the semantic web

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So far as BIM is concerned, the UK government’s 2011 insistence on BIM processes generating “open shareable asset information” is often assumed simply to be about ensuring data is interoperable: capable of being shared between different applications, operating systems and IT hardware.

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think project! thinking BIM

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Delivering BIM in the browser is now part of think project! ‘s technology roadmap and it is on track to start its first BIM project in early 2015. No German BIM mandate. BIM in the collaboration cloud in 2015.

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Autodesk raises its BIM cloud game

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BIM-based collaboration. Project teams can extend the BIM collaboration process from Revit to the construction site with Autodesk BIM 360 Field. BIM 360 Field also faces competition from other vendors of SaaS and mobile-based solutions.

BC launch semantic BIM 1.1

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The next iteration, BIM module v1.1, has just been released, promising “ data-driven, semantic BIM software to help customers procure, design, construct and maintain assets and infrastructure efficiently” According to BC’s website , version 1.1

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BIM: bigger infrastructure muscle

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In the last 12 months, three times more data has been uploaded to the Conject platform than in the corresponding period in 2011/2012, with BIM model files comprising 90% of this growth.

e-Builder boosts its BIM

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e-Builder , the Florida, US-based SaaS construction programme management provider has announced today that it has acquired the assets of Scenario Virtual Project Delivery (VPD), a leader in collaborative Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology for construction. The web-based system used plug-ins to integrate data from Autodesk’s AutoCAD 3D, Revit and Navisworks, to create a single BIM dataset.

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Conject finally enters the BIM race

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Conject is not simply extending its document collaboration approach to embrace BIM. It is deploying key components from across its product portfolio to support the requirements of a BIM Common Data Environment. in marketing its BIM CDE capabilities.

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Oumy – record your BIM model comment?

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Six years ago in February 2009, I wrote about building information modelling (BIM), integrated project delivery (IPD) and collaboration. My post was stimulated by two Cadalyst articles by Pete Zyskowski, stressing the importance of communication in BIM.

Infrakit: where BIM meets geospatial

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Infrakit is particularly aimed at digital collaboration on infrastructure projects, with strong BIM and geospatial integrations.

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The Future Of Construction – BIM


Building Information Modeling (BIM) can be a valuable tool in the hands of anyone who works in construction. That’s why, it’s critical for all construction agents to be aware of the different BIM maturity levels. What BIM Actually Is. Those are known as BIM maturity levels.

Aconex to offer free BIM module

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Aconex launched its Connected BIM service at the end of October 2014. Assuming the latter, keeping the 3D or BIM functionality free is a wise, if somewhat predictable, step. As I wrote in October , there won’t be a sudden “BIM boom” for the SaaS vendors in 2016.

Why BIM U.K. will Fail.

Building Information Management

I just read a post titled “15 Terms Every BIM User Needs to Know” It’s a great list, and you can view the terms and link to the associated article below. BIM effort. “15 Terms Every BIM User Needs to Know” – ( [link] ). BIM Protocol.

Think Project! launches BIM toolset

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has launched what it describes (see news release ) as “ a comprehensive solution package for BIM collaboration , focusing on project- wide coordination and communication processes.” Sven-Eric Schapke, business development manager BIM at think project!,

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Collaborative BIM developments

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Both the conversations focused on BIM and collaboration… 3D Repo. I have talked to people from London-based 3D Repo at various BIM events in recent months (and wrote about their BID4Free platform in March 2017 ).

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BIM Hardware and Software Survey 2017

What Revit Wants

It covers topics like: primary BIM software in use. BIM hardware, including OS, number of monitors, RAM. BIM project types. BIM user experience. BIM standards in use. I have been using BIM for. Most of my BIM projects are related to.

Panzura pitching to UK BIM users

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Panzura is seeking to raise its UK construction profile, but needs to understand the BIM opportunity. Panzura targeting BIM. But some doubts began to emerge with its peoples’ grandiose claims that it already – from a technology point of view - delivered Level 3 BIM!

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How to get started in BIM

Constructor Magazine

As more building owners become familiar with Building Information Modeling (BIM) contractors are realizing the need to embrace the BIM revolution

Aconex developing BIM plugins

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According to the BIMcrunch blog , Australian construction collaboration company Aconex intends to create more building information modelling (BIM) software plug-ins. AEC BIM Blogs Business/Financial Collaboration Functionality Future Marketing SaaS Vendors Aconex architecture Australia Autodesk collaboration Construction Engineering Revit

BIM = Better information mobility?

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I expect if the same survey was undertaken in the UK, where BIM adoption and interest in BIM on mobile devices is exploding, the results would be very different.

5D BIM: How It Will Help the Construction Industry


Earlier this year we explored BIM, Building Information Modeling, and explained why it is the future of construction. BIM is currently broken down into three levels but can more levels be added? Construction Software 5D BIM construction construction software technology

Why the UK BIM toolkit is a key building block

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The BIM ‘Digital toolkit’ should help UK firms, including SaaS vendors, adopt and then export BIM skills, practices, procedures and standards and apply them in other markets. NBS BIM toolkit. NBS will ultimately be the ‘guardian’ of the BIM toolkit.

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Trimble and Nemetschek in open BIM alliance

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Trimble and Nemetschek have established a strategic alliance to expand adoption of open approaches to building information modelling (BIM). US-based IT provider Trimble (provider of, among other solutions, SaaS applications Trimble Connect and Project Sight – both launched in late 2014) and the Nemetschek Group (provider of the BIM+ common data environment and the Vectorworks BIM authoring application).

For Level 3 BIM, read Digital Built Britain

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Last week saw the “launch” of Digital Built Britain , the preferred branding for the UK’s Level 3 Building Information Modelling (BIM) programme. AEC BIM Business/Financial Collaboration Future People issues Web 2.0

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Business Collaborator BIM 1.0 released

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of its core Software-as-a-Service, and its first BIM module, including a “state of the art” model viewer. BC BIM 1.0. BIM 1.0, Newly independent Business Collaborator has announced the latest release, v6.3,

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4Projects joins BIM forces with Solibri UK

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4Projects , the Sunderland, UK-based SaaS collaboration technology provider (and subsidiary of Viewpoint Construction Software), has announced it is partnering with Solibri UK , the British outpost of the Finland-based software company that provides BIM model validation, QA and interrogation software. Since then, 4Projects has continued to invest in its BIM capabilities, remaining focused on open technologies and a vision of a toolset that can be accessed through a standard web browser.

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What is BIM?

Building Information Management

If you can’t see the whole picture… you can’t appreciate BIM. Hard to believe…perhaps to some… but many /most of us in the Architecture, Construction, Owners, Operations sector still don’t know how to define BIM.

Clearbox BIMXtra starts with BIM

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The BIM Common Data Environment, CDE, market in the UK remains very competitive. Its players include vendors previously active in what was sometimes termed document management, file collaboration or project extranets, but there are also newer players for whom BIM was the starting point. B IMXtra is a BIM platform that originated in-house at UK contractor Kier , in its process and engineering division.

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Should This Project Be a "BIM Project"?


Last week, in a conversation with a newer BIM Manager, we ended up discussing a question that seems to always come up during a firm''s first few years of BIM adoption. In his case, the question was worded: How can I convince my leadership team that a project is a good fit for BIM?

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