4 Things You Need To Know About Snow Removal Insurance

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Having snow removal insurance is important, considering the risks and dangers of snow removal and deicing. This article will show you the things you need to know about snow removal insurance. . What Is Snow Removal Insurance? Why Is Snow Removal Insurance Important?

Factors to Know About Crane and Rigging Insurance

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Fortunately, crane and rigging insurance provide protection and compensation. However, understanding these insurance policies is key to maximizing your benefits. What is crane and rigging insurance? Mobile and tower crane operator insurance. Construction Insurance


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Insurance Industry Locations: Shaping The New World Of Insurance

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The Hartford Region is home to the headquarters of most of the leading global players in the insurance sector. The insurance industry generates more than $16 billion in output in the region, employing more than 70,000.

9 Types of Insurance You Need to Protect Your Contractor Business

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Between the potential for accidents and injuries on the job site and the risk of lawsuits, it’s important to have insurance to protect yourself from financial losses, but what kind of insurance do you need? General Liability Insurance. Builders Risk Insurance.

How to Get Large Group Health Insurance Plans for Contractor Business Employees

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If you, as an employer, have 1099 employees on your staff from time to time, you may be wondering whether you are required to provide health insurance to them. Do Employers Have to Provide Health Insurance to Contracted Employees? Resource 1099 employees Health Insurance

Finance & Insurance: Fintech’s Future Is Now

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Biometrics, artificial intelligence and blockchain are being embraced by the financial services and insurance sectors, fueling a wave of fintech startups.

Insurance problems threaten the UK’s future

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Now however it turns out that we have been living in some sort of golden age for insurance, when premiums were in fact relatively low, and sometimes falling. Which could be shortsighted, because if contractors and others can’t afford insurance they dare not trade.

How to Use Telematics to Reduce Insurance Costs

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Insurance companies offer usage-based insurance (UBI) in the automotive industry, but heavy equipment managers will probably not find anything similar for several years. UBI uses telematics to tie insurance costs to the way a vehicle is operated.

ARA Insurance Chief Announces Retirement

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The president/CEO of American Rental Association Insurance will retire at the end of February. Kelling has been with ARA Insurance since 1997, and led ARA Insurance to grow from a small insurance agency with four independent agents to

6 Insurance Issues to Monitor as Conflict Unfolds in Ukraine

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6 Insurance Issues to Monitor as Conflict Unfolds in Ukraine. In addition to disrupting the global geopolitical picture, Russia’s attack on Ukraine has brought several insurance issues to the forefront hirvin. Mon, 04/25/2022 - 11:10.

Proactively Tailoring Your Insurance Plan to Intercept Future Risk

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Proactively Tailoring Your Insurance Plan to Intercept Future Risk. hirvin. Tue, 06/14/2022 - 13:49. Construction projects run on a strict timetable.

Integrated Project Insurance v Integrated Project Delivery

Collaborative Construction

How does integrated project insurance differ from integrated project delivery? How does Integrated Project Insurance differ from Integrated Project Delivery? Integrated project insurance (IPI) protects integrated project delivery (IPD) teams from risks related to catastrophic natural disasters or project related accidents. The same is true of insurance products available to integrated teams. Integrated Project Insurance (IPI) appears to be a response to that mandate.

Recycled Restaurant Waste Cooking Oil Can Trigger Insurance Pollution Exclusion

Green Building Law Update

In a case having broad implications given the wide mandatory recycling of restaurant waste cooking oil across the country, in a decision filed on April 29, 2019, a federal appeals court held that contaminated recycled fat could trigger the “pollution exclusion” in an insurance policy. Restaurant Recycling, in turn, sued Employer Mutual Casualty Company, seeking a declaratory judgment that the insurer had a duty to defend and indemnify Restaurant Recycling.

Best Interior/Tenant Improvement: Confidential Insurance Client

ENR Construction

To reinforce what the submission says is this insurance firm’s commitment to collaboration and open communication with its 400 employees, the project team sought to create an interconnecting stadium stair that would double as a town hall gathering area for the staff as part of this three-level, 100,000-sq-ft office renovation.

#109:  Liability Insurers' Duty to Defend

NH Construction Law

When a contractor or subcontractor is sued for defective workmanship, one of his first thoughts is likely to be whether the damages are covered by his liability insurance. As I have noted elsewhere ( Blog # 37 ), the cost of repairing defective work itself (as opposed to the cost of addressing any resulting damage to other property) is rarely covered by the defendant’s insurance policy. Vermont Mutual Insurance Co. ,

5 Tips for Filing a Roof Replacement Insurance Claim

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Filing a roof replacement insurance claim may be your only chance of taking care of the necessary repairs and renovations, especially after a huge storm, water damage, or other calamities and catastrophes. This having been said, here are 5 tips for filing a roof replacement insurance claim. It’s important that before you file for roof replacement claim, take into account the particulars of the homeowner’s insurance policy. Contact the Insurance Policy.

How to Get Insurance for your Construction Equipment

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If you’re a part of a construction company, you must realize how important it is to have reliable equipment. Without the right tools and. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Equipments

FEMA Moves to Improve Flood Insurance Program

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FEMA Moves to Improve Flood Insurance Program. NAHB Policy Brief | The next phase of the National Flood Insurance Program is supposed to better reflect the actual risks to properties; builder confidence increased during April. . mbeirne. Mon, 05/10/2021 - 06:00.

Insuring Unmanned Aircraft Exposures

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Drones are well suited for applications in construction, agriculture, energy, wireless communications, insurance, search and rescue, law enforcement, firefighting, real estate, photography and film Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, represent an enormous growth industry with potential uses across many trades.

Ensuring Adequate Insurance Coverage

Green Industry Professionals

Tips on how to make sure your business and its equipment have the proper insurance coverages, without paying unnecessarily high premiums or putting yourself at risk

11 Areas of Cyber Insurance You Should Know More About

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Twenty years ago, no one had heard of cyber insurance, and a hacker was someone with a cough. As recently as 10 years ago, many people still did not know how exposed they were to clandestine attacks on their data

With Big Claims, Designer Insurance Costs Can Only Go Up

ENR Construction

More than half of insurers surveyed in new study by broker Ames & Gough report claim severity was worse in 2021 than the prior year, with half saying they raised premiums 6% to more than 10

Managing Rising Construction Costs: Insurance

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Managing Rising Construction Costs: Insurance. Builders and remodelers carry insurance policies that cover risks for the project, and coinsurance clauses, which are in many policies, say the builder should maintain coverage up to a specific value.

Can A New Construction Insurance Policy Cut Delay and Estimating Risk?

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An insurance giant says its new project loss insurance can address estimating errors

2016 Insurance Trends

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The construction insurance market is responding positively to these efforts, rewarding owners and builders that are operating their businesses efficiently and managing their risks properly with lower insurance premiums, broader coverage and higher limits As the United States construction market heats up, there is a renewed focus on improving operational efficiencies and embracing risk management strategies that could offer a meaningful financial impact.

Pollution Legal Liability Insurance More Valuable as a Result of High Court Ruling

Green Building Law Update

Insurance companies cannot recover environmental cleanup costs paid to their insured under the federal Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, commonly known as Superfund, from another Potentially Responsible Party ( unless their insured had first pursued a separate claim to recover the cleanup costs from that PRP). Among the most common of the insurance coverages is a pollution legal liability policy.

Get Additional Insured Language Right

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General contractors, subcontractors and business owners risk substantial financial loss if they enter into contracts that are not supported by their insurance program. This risk has increased since the Insurance Services Office (ISO) made significant revisions to Additional Insured Endorsement forms in 2013, creating even more unexpected exposures and liabilities

Integrated Insurance Products Needed

Collaborative Construction

Many of those challenges, even the insurance conundrums raised in this post, can be addressed through integrated agreement. Here, I want to highlight the need for a new generation of integrated insurance products designed to protect integrated team members. A new insurance product is needed. Currently integrated team members are insured under separate policies, and there are no insurance products available on the US market that fit the needs of an integrated team.

Best Project, Sports/Entertainment: American Family Insurance Amphitheater

ENR Construction

Hunzinger Construction’s performance on the American Family Insurance Amphitheater project literally raised the roof

Properly Identifying Additional Insured

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One approach is to require one party to list the other, protected party as an additional insured on its own purchased insurance policies, thereby giving the protected party direct access to insurance coverage. There are numerous ways that contract parties can shift the risk of certain types of losses between each other.

Construction Insurance Rates Predicted To Increase

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According to a recent Press Release from Marsh , a leader in insurance broking and risk management, construction firms across the U.S. Insurance rates have been declining for close to a decade, but rates are forecasted to increase between 8 and 10 percent. Construction Practice, stated, “This comes against the backdrop of medical cost inflation and changes to some state statutes that have extended coverage beyond the insurers’ originally intended scope.”

Why your general contractor needs to have insurance

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Guest posts contractor general contractor insurance main contractorWhile it’s true that life is a gamble, you should never risk what you can’t afford to lose. This principle holds weight in many different aspects of life, especially those that involve substantial risk – hiring a general contractor included. Though it’s relatively cheaper, going for an uninsured contractor isn’t a good idea. When you.

Climate Emergencies Are Pushing Insurance Rates Higher for Migrating Retirees

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Climate Emergencies Are Pushing Insurance Rates Higher for Migrating Retirees. Homes at risk of extreme weather emergencies are becoming harder to insure, forcing some homeowners to accept higher rates, and leaving others entirely without coverage.

7 ways to prevent construction insurance losses

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Here are the major insurance issues to consider to avoid financial setbacks, as well as damage to professional and personal relationships

2016 Insurance Market Forecast

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Like many businesses, the insurance industry is cyclical in nature. The insurance cycle is important to business owners because it directly impacts insurance premiums. As for insurance pricing today, Table 1 provides a historical picture of insurance industry rates calculated by MarketScout, with 2004 as the base year.

Project Running Late? Don't Be Shocked When Trying to Extend the Insurance Coverage

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Project extensions are becoming more difficult in today’s property/casualty insurance market

Insurance App Tracks Driver Behavior

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Arity, a spin off from Allstate Insurance, currently watches more than a million drivers for Allstate and online Esurance. With that data, Arity assigns individual drivers a score, similar to credit a score, with which Arity's insurance company clients are able to base their rates on their customer's actual driving behavior Telematics data is collected from drivers who have agreed to let Arity monitor their driving habits in exchange for better rates.

Insurance Market Update

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With the start of a new year, the construction insurance market is showing signs of ambivalence from most insurers. Insurance underwriters will likely focus on keeping existing clients happy (through pricing flexibility, broad coverages and service commitments), while simultaneously trying to grow business.

How to Insure the Uninsurable

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Your leadership team spends hundreds of hours agonizing over any one project's schedule—what workers should be hired for which phase of the project; what materials should be shipped to the site when; when and how often project owners should be brought in for a status update; and more. In a perfect world, each detail and project variable would be planned out. But then there's the world we live in, and it's not so perfect.

Louisiana Contractors – Workers Compensation Insurance

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Back in 2009 this blog reported on the very topic of Workers Compensation insurance, stating that 1 and 5 businesses are breaking workers compensation laws. The main reason being is due to the exorbitant price of this insurance on contractors. Although the price to insure all employees under workers comp insurance is high, the price that is paid if an accident happens to an uninsured worker is much higher.