Florida Suspends Some Roofing Repair Regulations

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To aid in the clean up after Hurricane Irma, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation issued an emergency order that suspends certain roofing regulations for 37 counties listed in FEMA's Disaster Declaration dated September 13, 2017

New Federal Floodplain Regulations Rewrite 100 Year Floodplain

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In the name of resilience, reliability and green this proposed regulation will result in significant additional first costs for affected building.

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Three Tower Cranes Fall to Irma, Reviving Regulations Debate

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local leaders are wondering whether Florida’s crane regulations are adequate for the highly vulnerable region With crews at work dismantling two Hurricane Irma-damaged cranes in the city of Miami and a third in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.,

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Trump's Big Win: Less Regulation, More Infrastructure?

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Voters have now decided who will occupy the White House and control Congress, and weighed in on scores of local project funding and ballot issues; now awaited are details on how the changes will affect construction

New Safety Regulations for Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines

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Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has announced proposed regulations to update critical safety requirements for natural gas transmission pipelines. . . The U.S.

Trump's Big Win Will Affect Regulations, May Produce Infrastructure Push

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Voters have now decided who will occupy the White House and control the U.S. Congress, while weighing in on scores of local project funding and ballot questions; now awaited are details on how construction will fare on key business issues

Federal Court Blocks Contractor 'Blacklisting' Regulation

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Court issues preliminary injunction, saying rule would cause 'irreparable harm' to federal contractors and subcontractors

Regulations, Executive Orders & Court Rulings: Part 2

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Election years often bring a flurry of legislative and regulatory activity that could significantly impact employers. And, as mentioned in the first part of this series ( read it here ), this election cycle is no different. In the first part, you looked at upcoming regulatory changes that will affect many organizations. In part two, take a look at court rulings and state laws that promise more expenses, paperwork and headaches for many more companies

Regulations, Executive Orders & Court Rulings: Part 1

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The first of this two-part series will describe some key changes in federal regulations that could potentially make it harder, costlier and less efficient for employers to run their organizations Election years often bring a flurry of legislative and regulatory activity. And this year is no different.

Labor Dept. Releases 'Blacklisting' Regulation

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White House says rule will ensure federal procurement officers do not award contracts to firms that violate laws to protect workers

Clarifying OSHA Recordkeeping Regulations for Multiple Business Establishments

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The OSHA Recordkeeping regulation requires employers keep a record of serious injuries and illnesses using the OSHA 300 Log. In addition to creating new and updating current regulations, OSHA publishes interpretations and answers to questions about existing rules.


Working at Heights in Construction – Regulation and Precautions

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Working at heights in construction works is associated with hazards and accidents. Thus, safety procedures are of utmost importance while working at. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Project How To Guide Safety Guide Construction Construction Projects safety

Contractor Group Sues NYC Over New Crane Safety Regulations

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Chandler seeking a judgment to permanently block new regulations regarding the operation of crawler cranes in high wind environments . . Members of the Building Trades Employers Association (BTEA), an industry group representing 27 trade union contractor associations in New York City, filed an Article 78 petition Tuesday against the Department of Buildings in New York City and Commissioner Richard D.

After Fatal House Explosion, Colorado Seeks New Pipeline Regulations

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John Hickenlooper has ordered that all abandoned oil and gas pipelines be marked, cut 3 ft below the surface and capped

Senate Approves Trucking Regulations Bill

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The U.S. Transportation and Commerce Committee approved a transportation regulatory package that would affect the trucking industry. The legislation moves to the House for passage, reports Trucker News. If passed the regulatory package would

Designers Are Seeing Shifts in Power Markets, Regulations

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Block Andrews, an environmental engineer with Burns & McDonnell, says the firm’s power-sector clients need services across a wide range of. applications, including transmission, new planning, research, environment, decommissioning and more, as utility operations become more diverse

Regulators Seeking Means to Grow Natural-Gas Network

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Utility regulators in the U.S. are looking for ways to get natural gas to more homes, a move that could spark the construction of new distribution systems and increase the demand for larger natural-gas transmission pipelines

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FMCSA Delays New Trucking Regulations

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Former Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Administrator Annette Sandberg said that a number of proposed trucking regulations will be delayed, but published before the end of the current presidential term, reports Fleet Owner.

As Cement Suppliers Consolidate, Regulators Remain Wary

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A June settlement between the Federal Trade Commission and cement powerhouses Holcim and LaFarge included divestitures of North American assets. Equipment

Major agreement reached on commercial AC/furnace regulations

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The new standards will save almost 15 quadrillion BTU (quads) of energy from more efficient equipment shipped over the next 30 years. read more. Business Development

Dam Disasters: 11,300 State-regulated Dams at High-Risk

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It's Infrastructure 2016 Week and the Huffington Post'stimely article, " America’s Crumbling Dams Are A Disaster Waiting To Happen", details the grave condition the nation's dams are in and why we should care.

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Five-Alarm Fire in College Park, Md. Renews Calls For New State Code Regulations

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has renewed calls to regulate “light-framed, combustible, podium construction,” known as Type V construction, in low- to midrise buildings A five-alarm fire at a wood-framed apartment building under construction in College Park, Md.,

EPA-Corps Water Regulation Draws Praise, Criticism

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Opponents expected to continue to push to block it in Congress and in courts. Policy

New federal regulations impact construction firms doing business with Uncle Sam


Regulations Codes and Standards Federal contractors may be subject to several new rules in 2015 that impact how they are selected for contracts and how they do business with the federal government. read more.

FEMA wants to toughen flood regulation on projects using federal funds


The Federal Emergency Management Agency proposed regulations recently that would require owners using federal funds on construction projects in flood-prone areas to build on higher ground

EPA Updates UST Regulations After 27 Years

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EPA updated the 1988 underground storage tank (UST) regulations, which took effect Oct. This interactive 10-question quiz by BLR Safety Blog will test how well you know these regulations. The U.S.

The Regulations on the Trump Administration's Chopping Block

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The Trump administration takes step to repeal clean water rule, plans to stop or withdraw many other Obama-era regulations

Performance-based zoning: U.S. cities starting to loosen zoning regulations


Regulations Codes and Standards Driven by New Urbanism, more than two dozen communities in the U.S. have loosened zoning restrictions in recent years.

2013 Interpretations of OSHA Regulations

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Even while creating new regulations and amending current ones to fit the workplace’s changing safety standards, OSHA is hard at work providing guidance material to help employers follow their rules, and answering questions and providing guidance on existing rules.

Collaborative Construction Blog: Regulation: A Significant Pain.

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Regulation: A Significant Pain Point in Business. Permitting and regulations represent two significant pain points for modern business. From my perspective government has simply become too large and meddles in affairs it does not understand leading the the rise of new problems unforeseen by the original regulators. This, in turn, leads to more regulation, more delays and higher barriers to success. Regulations: The Hidden Tax on Capital and Growth.

EPA proposes new stormwater discharge regulations for construction sites


The Environmental Protection Agency’s has proposed new National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) general permit requirements regulating stormwater discharges from construction activities. .

Construction groups sue New York City over crane safety regulation


A group of construction trade organizers and unions filed suit in Manhattan Supreme Court recently over the city’s Dept. of Buildings newly enforced rule banning cranes from operating when winds exceed 30 miles per hour

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Seattle imposes new construction regulation to address rat problem


Seattle has implemented a new regulation to reduce the number of rats occupying vacant buildings. The new rat eradication regulation goes into effect in 2017. The port city ranks first in the U.S. in the number of rats living within its borders. It requires developers to prove they have consulted with a pest-control professional before any vacant building is demolished.

NASA Should Review OSHA PPE Regulations

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Maybe pointing out OSHA regulations that all employers have to deal with is pedantic for an organization such as NASA, I’m sure they have their own sophisticated safety procedures that this report is a part of.


UpCodes aims to make researching building codes, regulations easier through searchable app


It puts building regulations from multiple jurisdictions in one place and includes collaboration tools so team members can research and share notes on projects A startup called UpCodes wants to make code compliance easier for architects and builders through a new app.

Drone News: FAA Unveils Regulations for Commercial Use of Drones

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To take effect by the end of August, the new regulations, known as Part 107, sets height and speed restrictions, operational limits, and safety and privacy guidelines. On Tuesday, the FAA unveiled its long awaited operational rules for routine commercial use of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or "drones"). The most significant factor is removal of the requirement for a pilots license now required to obtain an FAA 333 Exemption. Read more

South Miami Poised to Mandate Solar Panels

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Codes and Regulations Energy Solar Panel City of South Miami green building law rooftop photovoltaic solar panel South Miami Stuart Kaplow

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