14 Types of Compaction Equipment used on Construction


There are different Types of Compaction Equipment used on Construction Site. Compaction equipment is often… Read More » 14 Types of Compaction Equipment used on Construction.

Finding the Equipment Management Sweet Spot

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Capturing accurate equipment information is a challenge that many contractors face. Data collection and analysis has traditionally been a manual process, and many times information would slip through the cracks leading to equipment being poorly maintained, overused or even retired before necessary. For firms engaged in heavy construction work, maintaining a healthy equipment fleet is both vital for project success as well as being one of the largest capital expenses.


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Is it Better to Lease or Buy Your Construction Equipment?

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In the world of construction, a man is only as good as his tools and the various types of construction equipment are the most important tools on the jobsite. For any construction company or contractor to be successful, they must have the appropriate construction equipment available at a moment’s notice. So should these businesses and individuals buy all of the equipment outright? Pros and Cons of Buying Construction Equipment.

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What Is Surveying? 23 Different Types of Surveying Equipment


There are different types of surveying equipment used in civil engineering. 23 Different Types of Surveying Equipment. What is Surveying?

Heavy Equipment: 5 Different Types And Uses In Construction

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With so much heavy equipment in the construction industry, it’s normal to get confused about their uses. Some equipment is for large-scale operations, and others are for smaller projects. . Here are some of the kinds of equipment you may need on the job site: 1) Excavator.

Three Benefits of Upgrading Your Construction Equipment

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Investing in the equipment that makes your business functional, is possibly one of the smartest investments you can make as these valuable assets can reduce downtime, limit the number of accidents in the workplace and improve company efficiency. If you run a business that’s seeing consistent growth at the moment, you may be reluctant to upgrade your equipment in the fear that it may cause disruption to your current workloads. Uncategorized Construction Equipment

What is Operating Cost of an Equipment?

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The operating cost of construction equipment comes into play only when the machine starts to operate. The operating cost is dependent on the period.

Construction Equipment Marketing Guide

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Construction equipment is capital equipment, defined as an asset with an acquisition cost of greater than $5,000, but also includes assets that can cost millions of dollars. Not surprisingly, the marketing of construction equipment requires specialized approaches and techniques. Download the Construction Equipment Marketing Guide here. Check out the Construction Equipment Marketing Guide here. 5 Trends in Construction Equipment Dealer Marketing (EDA and AED).

12 Types of Construction Equipment and How They’re Used

Civil Lead

Modern Construction Equipment When talking about modern construction equipment, the first things that come to mind are backhoes or excavators. Construction Planning & Management Civil Engineering Civil Engineers Construction Heavy Equipment

What Are The Popular Heavy Equipment Used On Most Jobs

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No matter the size, any agricultural property, mining operation, or construction project needs heavy equipment. Of course, heavy equipment’s diversity in terms of applications and size can be of great help. There are different types of popular equipment used on most jobs.

Construction Equipment – Buy, Rent or Lease?

The Constructor

When mobilizing your construction equipment for a project site, the enigma whether to buy, rent or lease must be tackled in a very sane and judicious. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Equipments Tips buy construction equipment lease rent

Learn How to Check Your Construction Equipment Management Pulse

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Learn how Trimble PULSE can deliver smarter equipment management in this Take 15 webinar. Construction Best Practices

Digging Into Heavy Equipment


There is heavy equipment designed for that and employed by most general contractors. From the steam operated equipment of the 1800s to the internal combustion engines of the 20 th century, power to do the heavy work has been wrapped in steel.

Tractors as a Construction Equipment

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A tractor is a versatile earth moving equipment and finds many uses at a construction site. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Equipments crawler tractor earth moving equipment tractors wheel tractors

Checklist for transporting construction equipment

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Construction equipment does a great job of doing everything we need it to do without the help of any other equipment. However, there’s one thing that construction equipment can’t do on. Construction management construction construction equipment equipmentWhen it comes to digging holes, grading land, moving massive material and prepping the earth for a giant project, they are the lone wolves.

Kwest Transformed Equipment Department

Construction Equipment

“It’s all to make us better,” says Chad McKee, CEM, equipment operations manager for Kwest Group, small-fleet (<$100 million estimated replacement value) winners of the Construction Equipment and AEMP Fleet Masters Award, as he talks about the sweeping changes his department enacted in 2019.

Deere invests in smart equipment

Construction Dive

The heavy equipment manufacturer says its Smart Industrial Vision initiative will leverage technology to help machines perform faster and more productively for its construction customers

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Construction Equipment


The construction industry is comprised of numerous tools and equipment that are used for some heavy-duty work. Regular maintenance is necessary but you must also know when it is time to upgrade the equipment. What Happens When Equipment Fails? Equipment is constantly being used in the construction business. This makes it critical that you inspect the construction equipment regularly so that they perform at their maximum potential every single time they are used.

What are the Important Types of Dewatering Equipment?

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Dewatering equipment are used to perform dewatering on construction sites, which is defined as the process of separating water from another material. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Equipments

What is Ownership Cost of an Equipment?

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Ownership cost is defined as the total cost related to the construction equipment in order to own it. This cost is irrespective of whether the.

7 Construction Equipment Sharing Services

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A 2015 study in the United States revealed that as many as around 70% of government’s heavy construction equipment remains unused. In fact, the government equipment that’s sitting inactive for years in one state is, in a huge demand in another. Many departments responsible for managing the equipment are trying their best to renting out the stored machinery. What is the role of an equipment sharing service? Buying the right equipment is one thing.

Depreciation Cost of Construction Equipment

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Depreciation represents the decline in the market value of a piece of equipment due to age, wear, deterioration, and obsolescence. Term depreciation.

How to Safely Transport Equipment

Construction Equipment

Trailer safety regulations protect equipment and people: One mishap could mean the difference between completing a job effectively or endangering the driver and others on the road. Low-boy equipment trailer safety techniques do not stray far from decades-long recommendations.

3 Pros and Cons to Buying vs. Renting Heavy Equipment

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We provide three benefits and limitations on why you should buy heavy equipment. The benefit of having your equipment is that it comes as a one-time investment. Additionally, if your business depends on the equipment, then it would save you a lot of trouble if you could buy them. The problem with renting equipment is that it delays a project. As in, see equipment as an addition to the current collection of machinery in your warehouse.

Equipment Investment to Rebound: ELFF

Construction Equipment

Annual growth in equipment and software investment will outpace overall GDP growth in 2021, according to a report from Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation. Its 2021 Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S.

Equipment Manager Confidence Remains Steady

Construction Equipment

Confidence among equipment managers remains steady, according to the Equipment Manager Confidence Index, published by Construction Equipment.

Equipment Manager Confidence Unchanged

Construction Equipment

Confidence among equipment managers held steady in August, according to the Equipment Manager Confidence Index, published by Construction Equipment. The Index measures equipment

Doosan Bobcat Donates Equipment to Tech College

Construction Equipment

Doosan Bobcat North America announced the donation of three Bobcat machines to support the Diesel Equipment Technology program at Minnesota State Community and Technical College (M State), Moorhead.

4 Tech Tricks for Rental Equipment Safety

Construction Equipment

Renting has become increasingly popular in the construction and mining industries with many companies now opting to rent instead of purchase equipment.

United Rentals Acquires Franklin Equipment

Construction Equipment

United Rentals has acquired Franklin Equipment, which has 20 locations in the midwest and southeast United States. Franklin sells and rents equipment from manufacturers such as Wacker Neuson, Toro, and Chicago Pneumatic.

Equipment Rental Index Fades

Construction Equipment

Equipment managers indicated a drop in desire to rent in August, according to the Rental Trends dataset within the Equipment Manager Confidence Index. The Confidence Index, free to contractors and other users of construction equipment, was 108 on September 1.

Finding the Equipment Management Sweet Spot

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Owning vs Operating: Maximizing Construction Equipment Productivity and Profitability

What to Consider When Leasing Heavy Equipment

Construction Business Owner

What to Consider When Leasing Heavy Equipment. Purchasing new equipment can be a big investment, no matter the business size. As you consider the jobs you have booked in 2021 and the equipment you will need, now is a good time to consider your payment choices.

Avoid Supply-Chain Disruption on Equipment Parts

Construction Equipment

Equipment managers must maintain a laser focus on all aspects of their equipment management program to identify areas of opportunity, increase productivity, and decrease cost. Maintenance management continuously evolves as new technologies emerge.

Equipment Finance Group Reports Boost in Construction Equipment Financing

Construction Equipment

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) has released its 2019 Survey of Equipment Finance Activity reporting overall new business volume grew 4.4 percent in the equipment finance industry in 2018. Also in the report, in 2018: Construction equipment represented 13.9 percent of

Equipment Manager Confidence Sags

Construction Equipment

Confidence among equipment managers dropped in May compared to the previous month, according to the Equipment Manager Confidence Index.

Equipment Managers See Mildly Positive Outlook

Construction Equipment

Confidence among equipment managers is slightly above mid-range, according to Construction Equipment magazine’s new Equipment Manager Confidence Index.

All About the Equipment

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EB3Snowremoval, which offers landscaping and snow removal, is ready to branch out and grow, while owing its current success to the equipment

16 Types of Heavy Equipment Used in Construction

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Nowadays, in construction industry various types of equipment are available for different purposes. For small scale projects smaller equipment are. Construction Equipments construction equipment Excavation heavy equipment


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All equipment employed in the concrete crack repair operation must be inspected before, during, and after the repair project to ensure proper. Concrete Cracks Concrete Technology Construction Equipments Crack Repair Cracks equipments Repairing