April, 2019

Uncertain Times Call for Construction Technology Growth

John Chaney

Today’s leading construction firms operate as digital contractors that take advantage of the latest technologies to gain competitive edges.

Content for Every Stage in the Client Lifecycle

Construction Marketing Blog

Quality content has the potential to help B2B marketers cost-effectively drive ROI. The key to pulling this off requires a commitment to providing content that puts your audience’s needs first. And it must happen at every point in the selling cycle. It’s also going to take some time and patience.

Who Matters The Most? A Few Thoughts On Distracted Driving

FDR Safety

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month meaning organizations such as OSHA, M.A.A.D, and EndDD are releasing annual studies on distracted driving.

Commercial Construction Delivery Methods: 3 Times To Go With A Negotiated Bid

Commercial Construction

Any long-time readers of Hard Hat Chat have probably picked up on the fact that I’m a big fan of the negotiated bid. Our firm takes pride in being a true partner to our clients, and we believe a great way to elevate that client relationship is to work on a negotiated basis – a process where the client hires a general contractor early-on in the project after agreeing on general conditions and a contractor fee.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Bipartisan bill shoots for $125B infrastructure investment

Construction Dive

By eliminating capital gains taxes on certain foreign investments, supporters of the Invest in America Act hope to draw in more federal funds for state and local construction projects

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Don’t Waste a Good Recession

John Chaney

Look into the Construction Crystal Ball with Leading Economist, Anirban Basu. Anirban Basu isn’t physic nor does he own a crystal ball. However, some may consider the knowledge he possesses close to having a sixth sense.

It’s Good to Talk: Why Two Way Radio Still Matters in Construction

Construction Marketing Blog

In an age when mobile telephones have emerged as the defining technology of their day, it might strike us as a little puzzling that one of mobile’s predecessors still enjoys such popularity in industry. Two way radio technology is approaching 100 years old, yet across construction sites, processing plants, factories and warehouses the world over, it remains the go-to solution for wireless on-site communication.

Nurdles are the Environmental Calamity of 2019

Green Building Law Update

A year ago, I thought a nurdle was a cricket term for a score by deflecting the ball rather than striking it. But in the last twelve months I learned that a nurdle is also a term for a small, lentil size, pellet of plastic that serves as raw material in the manufacture of plastic products.

4 Reasons Why the Entire Pre-Construction Phase Is Key to Project Success

Wolgast Corporation

For both Design/Build and Construction Management delivery methods, the start of Pre-Construction Phase is Architectural Design and it’s a very exciting time for most building owners. They love the ideas, options, and decorating aspects for their building.

NABTU: Union, wage protections must underlie $1T infrastructure plan

Construction Dive

Union leaders and lawmakers at a conference this week called for prevailing wages, project labor agreements and other standards to be included

Union 111

Louisiana’s Agribusiness Sector Expands

Business Facilities

From sustainable row crops such as sugarcane and soybeans, to world-class fisheries, livestock production and vast forestlands, Louisiana is advancing itsr agribusiness industry through value-added projects. Read: Louisiana’s Agribusiness Sector Expands at BusinessFacilities.com.

Save the Sticky Notes for Bookmarks

John Chaney

Remove Paper Processes and Streamline Construction Human Resources. We get it. You’re busy.

Job Order Contracting - Untitled Article

Job Order Contracting

What is OPEN Job Order Contracting ? LEAN Construction Services Procurement and Project Delivery. OPEN Job Order Contracting – LEAN Construction Service Procurement and Project Delivery.

CSI 70

How To Deal With Difficult Employees On The Job Site

Contractor Bookkeeping

At some point, we probably had similar situations having employees we wonder why we hired them. No one feels worse about a bad fit than the contractor when an employee needs to be let go gently or immediately fired.

Deals 80

AIA awards six projects with the 2019 AIA/ALA Library Building Award


The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the American Library Association will award six libraries with the 2019 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards for excellence in architectural design. You will find each project and a brief description from the AIA below.

AIA 111

The 10 traits successful contractors have in common

Construction Dive

In a crowded AGC convention session, a seasoned consultant listed the top traits among the industry's fastest-growing and most profitable contractors

AGC 113

Workforce Training & Talent Acquisition

Business Facilities

Today’s workforce training and talent acquisition is a multi-faceted effort that brings targeted skills to students, and new workers to locations they’ll be happy to live in. Read: Workforce Training & Talent Acquisition at BusinessFacilities.com.

The Interconnected Construction Organization — Part 2: The Benefits of Integrated Construction Software in the Cloud

John Chaney

Integrated software can make workflows easier for contractors in both the office and the field. Imagine a construction work environment void of the frustration that comes with paperwork, outdated data, disconnected software solutions and the inability to effectively collaborate.

3D Scanning Will Help Rebuild Notre Dame

Construction Equipment

Paris officials have vowed to restore Notre Dame Cathedral after fire destroyed the roof and other parts of the historic building, and construction technology will speed the process. According to Trimble, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D laser scanning technology will make it relatively

BIM 99

Contractor Bookkeeping: Outsource Or Do It Yourself

Contractor Bookkeeping

I would like to start my blog post by asking you to reflect on your WHY. Pause for a while and think about the reason or reasons why you started your business. I highly doubt that your answer is rooted in accounting tasks or involved any type of bookkeeping project at the slightest.

RSU 21 Additions and Renovations Project Awarded AGC Build Maine Award

PC Construction Blog

Last night PC Construction was honored to accept a Build Maine Award from the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Maine for the major renovation and expansion project at three school buildings within Regional School Unit. Awards Education & Campus

Maine 74

The simple safety tweak to boost engagement, competitive advantage

Construction Dive

Presenters shared a way that smartphones can be paired with interactive Q&A sessions to derive more value from typically blasé safety briefings

Safety 110

The World’s Best Are Making Their Move — To New Brunswick

Business Facilities

The Canadian province offers an exceptionally low cost of doing business and all of the essentials required by the world’s most successful companies to reach a global market. Read: The World’s Best Are Making Their Move — To New Brunswick at BusinessFacilities.com.

Infographic: Overcoming Construction Inefficiencies

John Chaney

The construction industry has traditionally been notorious for inefficiencies. But that dynamic is changing. Find out how with the following infographic: Software Trends United Kingdom Construction Technology Viewpoint for Projects

Marketing and mark-up: How much should you allocate?

Construction Marketing Ideas

Michael Stone has published an eletter article that should be essential reading for every contractor. In it, he discusses one of his core concepts — contractors must price their work with enough mark-up to cover the overhead and operating costs, and allow a reasonable profit.

Multifamily real estate trends for 2019 and beyond


The ways that architects, developers, and operators design projects, attract tenants, manage costs, and measure success are each flexing as cities change and generations make big shifts in living habits

When Women’s PPE Doesn’t Fit

Construction Equipment

As more women enter male-dominated fields, the supply of appropriate and necessary safety gear hasn’t always caught up with the changes. This is why last month, an advisory panel on women in the Armed Forces made the request for equipment sized to the female body. According to a March Defense

Labor secretary: OSHA jobsite inspections likely to increase

Construction Dive

The agency's visits to construction sites will ramp up once new inspectors are fully trained, labor department head Alexander Acosta told a House committee

Polycap Establishing First U.S. Manufacturing Facility In Virginia

Business Facilities

The Canadian company will invest $7.7 million and create 48 new jobs in Lebanon, VA. Read: Polycap Establishing First U.S. Manufacturing Facility In Virginia at BusinessFacilities.com.

Mobile Solutions Empowering Field Teams to do More

John Chaney

The Construction Industry is Undergoing a Digital Transformation and Mobile Technologies are Leading the Movement. Paper got the job done. So, why did the industry shift from paper to computerized technologies? The quick answer is efficiency.

Getting Smart on Smart Plumbing and HVAC

Contractor Magazine

In this article, I will explore some of the trends impacting the smart HVAC and plumbing space as well as provide details on why and how to enter this exciting market


The construction industry has a problem, and women are going to solve it


The 8-trillion dollar construction industry has a major problem. Simply put, we do not have enough people to meet construction demands worldwide

Payment terms and marketing: Can you break the conventions and succeed?

Construction Marketing Ideas

Architectural business practice consultant Enoch Sears advocates in a recent eletter that architects should set up systems where clients pre-pay for services, often with their credit cards.