June, 2018

Hiring Strategies During Labor Shortages

FDR Safety

USNEWS – The United States has a building problem.

Virtual Tours Used to Sell American West Homes

Construction Marketing Blog

When it comes to marketing new home communities, the tried and true model home is the traditional venue. However, the Las Vegas new housing market is aggressive right now, so new construction homes are being purchased practically before the lots are released.

System Change - Necessary and Dangerous

Collaborative Construction

The broken culture that underpins the procurement of built assets encourages the use of waste based business models. That broken culture is fragmented, adversarial and mistrustful and we must replace it with a smart built culture that is integrated, collaborative and trustful.

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AI tool promises 15% reduction in construction time, costs

Construction Dive

Alice Technologies says its artificial intelligence, after learning a project's scope, selects the most efficient schedule from millions of options

2017 Construction Forecast: A Post-Election Update

What's on tap for construction's economic fortunes in 2017?

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Developing A Safety Culture In Multi-Employer Worksites

FDR Safety

March 2018 – Foxconn Technology Group confirmed Tuesday that is has selected Rhode Island-based Gilbane Building Co.

Construction Editorial Awards Winners Announced

Construction Marketing Blog

The Construction Media Alliance – a network of construction industry journalists, public relations professionals, marketers, publishers and social media contributors – announced the winners of its second annual editorial and marketing awards via a Facebook Live webcast on June 5 th , 2018. The winners were chosen by a panel of industry peers based on criteria set forth by the group’s volunteer-led awards committee.

What is Raised Floor System? Its Advantages and Applications

The Constructor

What is raised floor system? Elevated floor system, which is also termed as access floor system, is a raised structural floor that is placed on a. Building Technology Guide Buildings


To avoid tech disruption, adopt tech

Construction Dive

One way to weather the barrage of emerging digital technologies is simply to embrace it, say CEOs surveyed in a recent report


You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Existing Building Upgrade Award

SAB Magazine

The retention and rehabilitation of existing buildings, particularly in the centre of small cities such as this, addresses sustainability issues of embodied energy as well as social and cultural continuity.

SkyBridge Arizona Heralds New Era In Cross-Border Commerce

Business Facilities Blog

The first international air cargo hub to house customs operations for Mexico and the U.S. is expected to create 17,000 jobs in Greater Phoenix. Read: SkyBridge Arizona Heralds New Era In Cross-Border Commerce at BusinessFacilities.com.

Priority vs. Value: What Is Safety To You?

FDR Safety

There are plenty of cliché sayings in the world of safety. Few are as popular as the phrase “Your Safety is Our Top Priority”.

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Green Building that Cleans the Air

Green Building Law Update

Today’s green building standards, rating systems and codes are stale, largely based in decades old science and do not go far enough to be efficacious for most business to invest in. This is no longer a genuine debate over the negative environmental impact that buildings have on the planet.

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Construction Health Indicator (We're keeping score.)

The Construction Health Indicator is a daily pulse of the construction industry.

Understanding the different types of warehouses you can build

The Korte Company

Today’s consumer economy requires extreme flexibility on the part of firms trying to meet its demands. It’s driven rapid change and forced companies to rethink how they source, sort and deliver their products.

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Photo software creates virtual record of project progress

Construction Dive

OpenSpace's platform produces photographic records similar to Google Street View that allow contractors to revisit phases of construction

Institutional [Large] Award

SAB Magazine

This project is notable for its planning, with a six-storey atrium that functions not only as a light and ventilation well, but also as a social incubator that reinforces the academic program.

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New Mexico’s Energy Capital

Business Facilities Blog

Lea County, which produces more oil than 43 U.S. states, is a leading hub for all types of energy—including a $4-billion facility to process uranium from nuclear reactor fuel. Read: New Mexico’s Energy Capital at BusinessFacilities.com.

Civil Construction Project Technical Specification and its Contents

The Constructor

What is Technical Specification of a Civil Construction Project? Technical specifications are written requirements and instruction which is used with. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Project Construction Construction Projects

Pit Creates Precarious-Looking Perch for 40-Story Neighbor

ENR Construction

Team goes to great lengths to keep a 514-ft-tall building in Seattle from shifting during a too-close-for-comfort excavation for an 850-ft tower

Cultural centers: Community-based venues can be catalysts for downtown renewal


Columbia, Md., is a microcosm of what’s happening in cities across America, where cultural facilities—performing arts venues, libraries, museums, and other public spaces of congregation—are being positioned as integral to downtown renewal.

AGC: Construction employment up in more than 250 metros

Construction Dive

Yet contractors report that it is still difficult to find qualified skilled workers

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Some useful tips for reinforcement detailing

Construction Cost Estimating

Given below, some useful tips for reinforcement detailing :- Create drawings perfectly. Try to mark every bar and demonstrate its shape for transparency. Cross section of retaining wall that falls quickly as soon as soil backfill is arranged since ¼” dia is used instead of 1 ¼” dia.

Industrial Automation Firm Relocating Operations To Indiana

Business Facilities Blog

The industrial automation and information company will move operations from Illinois and Tennessee, creating 231 jobs in Boone County, IN. Read: Industrial Automation Firm Relocating Operations To Indiana at BusinessFacilities.com.

Common Site Problems During Masonry Construction

The Constructor

Masonry structure is easy to design and construct, but various site issues may occur such as incorrect mix proportions, use of unauthorized. Brick Masonry Building Technology Guide

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Mass. Researchers Build First Tidal Power Test Site

ENR Construction

Three tidal turbine energy developers, including one U.K. company, are planning to test their prototypes at the world’s first-of-its-kind permanent tidal test site on the Cape Cod Canal in Massachusetts

The MEP and Structural Fabricators Forum Joins Forces with AU

BIM & Beam

If you’ve been a part of the MEP and Structural Fabricators Forum in the past, you know what a unique event it is—a place to learn how technology is changing the game for those who detail and fabricate MEP and structural systems.

Jobsite Information Management (JIM)

Construction Dive

To fully realize the potential of the automated job site, real-time visual information is essential

Malco Products, SBC, earns Governor’s Safety Award

Constructor Magazine

Malco receives Meritorious Achievement Award from Minnesota Safety Council for excellence in workplace health and safety

Siemens Establishing Cybersecurity Center In New Brunswick

Business Facilities Blog

The Siemens Cybersecurity Centre, located at Knowledge Park in Fredericton, will tap into New Brunswick’s emerging cybersecurity ecosystem and ultimately create up to 60 jobs. Read: Siemens Establishing Cybersecurity Center In New Brunswick at BusinessFacilities.com.

Techniques to Treat Contamination of Brownfield Land for Construction

The Constructor

The need to redevelop brownfield land for construction purpose led to develop several contamination treatment methods. These techniques of brownfield. Geotechnical Engineering

ENR Mountain States Announces Preliminary Results for 2018 Top Contractors Lists

ENR Construction

Early results show that revenues last year for the region’s contractors were up in most areas, especially for firms located in Salt Lake City and Denver