December, 2019

Improve the Accuracy of Reporting with Retention Release Tracking in Vista


Viewpoint’s Vista 6.19 release offers improved vendor retainage release options and reporting. Viewpoint Technology

Commercial Construction Industry Trends: The “Highs” and “Lows” that Shaped 2019

Commercial Construction

With the countdown on to 2020 – and the start of a brand-new decade right around the corner – it’s time for our annual look back at the commercial construction industry “highs” and “lows” from 2019.

Maryland Schools will No Longer be LEED Certified

Green Building Law Update

In response to legislation enacted by the Maryland General Assembly in 2018, overriding a veto by the Governor, commencing last week new public school building no longer has to be LEED certified or the like.

What Is Building Bye-Laws


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You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Hyosung Heavy Industries Locating First U.S. Production Facility In Tennessee

Business Facilities

The South Korea-based company will invest $86.9 million and create 410 new jobs in Memphis over the next seven years. Read: Hyosung Heavy Industries Locating First U.S. Production Facility In Tennessee at

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The Role of Email in the Modern Construction Workplace


Emails are still valuable - and powerful - as a form of communication in construction, as long as they're used the right way. Construction Best Practices

Construction Business Blueprint For Updating Plans And Setting Goals

Contractor Bookkeeping

As another year winds down, it's a good time to reflect on your recent construction business successes – and consider what you'd like to achieve in the coming twelve to fifteen months. One tiny change in your process can help you grow your Construction Company.


2018 IgCC is Not in Use Anywhere. A Detailed Analysis of Why?

Green Building Law Update

The 2018 International Green Construction Code was released on November 8, 2018 but more than a year later, it has not been adopted anywhere.

Why Is Polymer Mortar/Concrete | Type of Polymer Mortar/Concrete


Polymer concrete is a combination material in which the binder consists entirely of synthetic organic polymers, also known as artificial resin concrete.

Nice-Pak Products Adding 90 Jobs In Indiana

Business Facilities

The New York-based wet wipes manufacturer will expand its operations in Mooresville, IN with help from up to $900,000 in conditional tax credits from the state. Read: Nice-Pak Products Adding 90 Jobs In Indiana at

Federal judge blocks Trump from using $3.6B of military funds for border wall

Construction Dive

Though the Texas judge has issued a permanent injunction, the Supreme Court overturned a similar move issued by a federal judge in California earlier this year

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8 Questions on Diversity in Construction with Jennifer Tolwinski, Controller, DKD Electric, LLC


Our conversation with Tolwinksi kicks off an ongoing Q&A series with Viewpoint clients on a variety of topics in the construction industry. Client Spotlight

The Better Job Order Contracting Solution – It’s that simple…

Job Order Contracting

LEAN Job Order Contracting, JOC, is the better solution in terms of cost and best value outcomes. LEAN JOC 4BT OpenJOC(TM) Job Order Contracting successfully integrates People, Process, Information, and Technology with a low cost solution.

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Renovating A Heritage Building


The large glass skyscrapers we see dominating the skylines of today’s cities weren’t always a staple. In the past people utilized stone and brick to create buildings with character. Heritage buildings are part of every city.

Ladder Safety

Safety Services Company

Climbing the Ladder of Success: What You Need to Know About Ladder Safety. December is here, with the holiday season fast approaching, it's time to prepare your home and deck it with decorations. From tinsel to Christmas lights, it is the best time to make your home party-worthy.

Location Spotlight: Santee Cooper – CAMP HALL

Business Facilities

Camp Hall is a first-of-its-kind, master-planned industrial work space located in a business epicenter of the South and at the heart of modern Southern culture — Charleston, S.C. Read: Location Spotlight: Santee Cooper – CAMP HALL at

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AECOM weighs in on long distance Texas hyperloop construction

Construction Dive

Though it scored highest on the infrastructure giant's study of high-speed transit options, the technology's costs are unclear because no such system yet exists, unlike the state's bullet train which is in a preconstruction stage

14 Principles of Management by Henry Fayol

The Constructor

The 14 principles of management stated by Henry Fayol is one of the famous administration theory used in management. This is the basics of any. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management 14 Principles of management henry fayol principle of management

Best Value Job Order Contacting Solution

Job Order Contracting

Best Value Construction Planning, Procurement, and Project Delivery. All the tools and services to implement Best Value LEAN Job Order Contracting.

In the real world of business competition, do the expected marketing rules really work?

Construction Marketing Ideas

To say the least, the last few months have been “interesting” for my business.


Quotes Vs. Estimates And Insights To Contract Negotiations

Contractor Bookkeeping

The nature of some types of businesses makes it challenging to come up with a standard price list. For tradespeople and construction company owners like you, what's required in terms of time, skill, labor, and materials frequently vary from job to job.

Waterlogic Chooses Texas For North American Headquarters

Business Facilities

The drinking water dispenser company will invest $1.6 million and create up to 164 jobs in Grapevine, TX. Read: Waterlogic Chooses Texas For North American Headquarters at

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Good vibes: Research finds benefits of wearable tech device that vibrates to warn of hazards

Construction Dive

Waist belts equipped with small motors were up to 95% accurate in helping workers detect potential hazards through real-time tactile feedback

Tape Corrections in Chain Surveying

The Constructor

The chain surveying performed by a tape is expected to have some errors due to incorrect tape measurements. In ordinary chaining works, the errors. Surveying corrections for alignments corrections for sag corrections for slope tape corrections


LEAN Job Order Contracting – Best Value Construction Planning, Procurement, and Project Delivery

Job Order Contracting

LEAN Job Order Contracting enables Best Value Construction Planning, Procurement, and Project Delivery for real property owners and their selected service partners. Integrating people, process, information, and technology is a core benefit provided by LEAN Job Order Contracting.

What Is Rebar | Why use Rinforcmnet in Concreter | Types of Steel Reinforcement Bars


We know that Rebar. It is known as reinforcement steel and reinforcing steel. This is a steel bar or mesh bar of steel wire used in reinforced concrete and masonry structures to strengthen and hold this concrete in tension.

Work Underway for WSSC’s Bio-Energy Project

PC Construction

PC received the Notice to Proceed for the WSSC Bio-Energy Project Early Work Package earlier this fall. As part of this work, the team is in the process of removing hazardous materials from several buildings, All Integrated Delivery Projects Water & Wastewater Treatment Design-Build

Structurlam Picks Arkansas For Its First U.S. Plant

Business Facilities

The $90 million precision-engineered mass timber production facility will create 130 jobs in Conway, AR. Read: Structurlam Picks Arkansas For Its First U.S. Plant at

Contech leaders meet with Trump to talk tariffs, labor and mandatory tech

Construction Dive

Industry representatives had their say in Washington in recent weeks on topics ranging from apprenticeships and deregulation to material costs and mandating management software on public projects

Determination of In-situ Soil Dry Density by Sand Replacement Method

The Constructor

The sand replacement test method is used to determine in situ dry density of soil. The procedures, materials, equipment, and specifications of this. GE Lab Tests Geotechnical Engineering How To Guide Soil

The 10 Fundamentals of LEAN Construction

Job Order Contracting

The ten fundamentals of LEAN construction include… 1. Focus upon outcomes. Early and ongoing participation of all stakeholders and service providers. Mutual trust and respect. Engaging and leveraging the expertise of participants actually doing the work.

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What Is Singly Beam & Doubly beam


Two types of supported RCC beam construction ? Singly Beam ? Doubly Beam What Is Singly Beam? A singly beam is the beam which is provided with longitudinal reinforcement in the tension zone. Compressive forces are handled by the concrete section in the beam. What Is Doubly Beam? The beams reinforced with steel in compression […]. Civil Concrete Design

Rammed Earth Hospital in Nepal

Natural Building

N epal’s Bayalpata Hospital won an international award in the Health Category at the Global Architecture Festival held in Amsterdam. The hospital in is a public-private partnership and is built almost entirely using rammed earth. This is an example of when architecture provides more than a building.