Shovel-Ready Sites: Ready To Hit The Ground Running

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I n order to attract new development, locations have to be prepared for it and have sites that are ready to hit the ground running. To achieve certification, sites go through a rigorous review process. ODESSA: AN EXTENSIVE PROPERTY DATABASE WELCOMES SITE SELECTORS.

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How to Keep Your Construction Site Safe

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If you’ve been on a construction team or helped out a construction site, you understand the importance of maintaining a functional work environment. Before hiring any construction workers to work on your construction site, ensure that they are properly trained on how to work.

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Tennessee Awards Nine New Site Development Grants

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million, will help communities prepare industrial sites for economic development projects and achieve Select Tennessee site certification. Read: Tennessee Awards Nine New Site Development Grants at The grants, totaling more than $1.3

Sizing Up Sites In Rural Tennessee

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Henderson, Johnson, McNairy, Scott and Sequatchie counties are participating in a state program that will improve their inventory of available industrial sites. Read: Sizing Up Sites In Rural Tennessee at

What is Site Investigation or Soil Exploration? Objectives and Stages

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Site investigation or Sub-Soil explorations are done for obtaining the information about subsurface conditions at the site of proposed construction. Geotechnical Engineering Soil Exploration Site Investigation site reconnaissance Soil exploration

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Bluebeam Revu: Site Planning 101

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Site Planning just became easier with the Blubeeam Revu 2015 release thanks to the new Sketch Tools. Whether you want to place a crane, trailer or define a temporary parking lot you can now define dimensions and also create scalable tools to reuse with your common site plan items.

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Top 10 construction site heroes


Whether it’s someone fresh out of an apprenticeship, a labourer with decades of know-how and experience, or someone purely trained in a classroom setting, you’ll find that a construction site often represents an (albeit limited!)

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Residential Buildings – Types and Site Selection for Residential Building

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Building Technology Guide Building Site Selection Construction Site Selection dwellings Residential Building Residential site plan Site Selection types of residential buildingsWhat is a residential building? A residential building is defined as the building which provides more than half of its floor area for dwelling.

Location Spotlight: Northwest Ohio – Shovel Ready Sites

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Northwest Ohio is home to five certified sites tailored to the food/beverage industry. Discover the major assets of these shovel-ready sites and learn how your company can capitalize on the strategic advantages of doing business in Northwest Ohio.

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Technology Trends In Construction Improving Job Site Safety

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More enticing are the low costs of the tools that lower the barrier for adopting these tech gadgets on site. Turner also states that it can be easy to get caught up in the “coolness” of these tools, but they also do offer real solutions to problems faced on sites.

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Contaminated construction sites are those which possess risk to human health and environment. Geotechnical Engineering Soil Exploration Construction Site Investigation Soil Investigation With the increase in demand for infrastructure.

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Characteristic of a site plan for construction

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Site Plan: In a site plan, the location of the work according to the surroundings is provided. The north direction is also demonstrated on one of the corners of the site plan to provide the geographical orientation of the building. Characteristics of a site plan: 1.

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Common Site Problems During Masonry Construction

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Masonry structure is easy to design and construct, but various site issues may occur such as incorrect mix proportions, use of unauthorized. Brick Masonry Building Technology Guide

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Off-site Modular Construction: Building for the Future

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Since the construction industry began to rebound in 2013, demand for modular off-site construction has increased. Between 2014 and 2017, the market is estimated to have progressed by 26% and is set to grow another 4% per year from 2018 to 2020.

WorkHands: A Social Media Site for Construction Workers

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The site is styled after LinkedIn. After signing up on the site, users can add a profile photo and fill their profile with their experience. Another great feature that is very useful for users is that the site can create resumes based off the information in their profile.

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13 Tennessee Communities To Receive Site Development Grants

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The grants, totaling more than $5 million, will help rural communities overcome barriers to achieve Select Tennessee site certification. Read: 13 Tennessee Communities To Receive Site Development Grants at

Top 10 tips for successful construction site visits


For that reason, frequent and detailed site visits can play a fundamental role in the effort to increase team efficiency. Construction Industry construction progress monitoring construction site construction site visits reporting tool site visits

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How IoT Makes Job Sites Safer

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This is why groups like Versatile Natures, a company that provides on-site

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Construction Site Fails

Some of the crazy things that happen on construction sites. What The Crew really get Up To On Construction Sites. I feel so much safer now that the crew is on the site! The post Construction Site Fails appeared first on blog.

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You Need to Review a SITES Scorecard, Now

Green Building Law Update

SITES is a sustainable landscape rating system. SITES is modeled after the LEED green building rating system. the USGBC associated certification body for LEED, announced it had acquired the exclusive rights to the SITES rating system, its publications and trademarks.

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Weirdest things found on a construction site


Here is a list with some of the weirdest things ever found at building sites. Miscellaneous construction industry construction site miscellaneous weird storiesThere are many stories about weird things found during construction.

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How BIM is empowering safety on site


Nevertheless, BIM can significantly contribute to the prevention of severe accidents on site, as well. Safety BIM construction site safety safety in construction

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How to connect site to office without any struggle


Construction management construction field construction process construction reporting construction siteAs we all know, arguably the key factor in getting any construction job done is good communication.

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Job Site Safety

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The blog post linked below provides a nice summary of the top ten OSHA violations and ties those violations directly to the top four causes of injury on job sites. As a Unit 3 Instructor for the AGC's BIM Education Program I cover risk mitigation along with BIM contracts and insurance issues.

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The Dotted Line: Mitigating the risk of unforeseen site conditions

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If a contractor signs a contract stating it's responsible for all conditions before doing its due diligence on site conditions, a contract expert said, it should anticipate schedule-killing litigation

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DD# 83: Publishing a Project Web Site

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Note: When publishing a Project Web Site the files created are for the currently open project in P6. To publish a Web Site start by going to Tools > Publish > Project Web Site. In the Publish Project Web Site wizard General Tab you can: Enter the Web Site Name.

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Some important points for civil site engineer

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Civil engineer accomplishes several tasks at construction site. Given below, some points, tips and tricks essential for a civil engineer for doing rapid calculations and providing instant solutions to construction site problems.

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Autonomous construction equipment key to improving site safety, efficiency

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While jobsites are tougher to navigate than the average roadway, two emerging sensor types used in combination could offer the industry the robust detection it needs, writes an expert in the technology

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Drones Gaining Ground on Construction Sites

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While the military remains unmanned technology's biggest customer, the latest AUVSI show in Chicago offered evidence that more contractors and subcontractors are finding increasing uses for it

10 Tips To Prevent Construction Site Theft


Protecting your construction site can be harder than you think. According to CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building) , only in the UK the construction is losing around 400 million pounds per year as a result of equipment theft and on-site vandalism. The Issue of Construction Site Theft.

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Civil Site Engineer

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Roles and responsibilities of a civil site engineer depends on the nature of construction works in a project. Civil site engineers performs various. Construction Engineering & Management Construction

Rhode Island goes for LEED for Neighborhood Development and SITES

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acquired and relaunched the SITES v2 rating system on June 10, 2015. To date SITES has not moved the marketplace. Codes and Regulations LEED LEED for Neighborhood Development Rhode Island Green Building SITES

Top 20 construction news sites you have to bookmark


There is a vast number of construction news sites. Construction Industry construction blogs construction news sites contractor magazinesStaying up to date with the latest construction news and trends is always a good idea.

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Shovel-Ready Sites: Ready To Hit The Ground Running

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As the demand for shovel-ready industrial sites keeps growing, more and more locations are initiating certified sites programs that streamline the approval process for new developments. Read: Shovel-Ready Sites: Ready To Hit The Ground Running.

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Most common dangers on a construction site


A construction site is hazardous because of the nature of work that is performed on it, and the kind of equipment that is used there. There is a big probability of accidents at a construction site, and this industry has the highest rate of fatal accidents. Workers have to work at great heights, handle heavy. Guest posts accident rate construction accidents

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Top 20 construction news sites you have to bookmark


There is a vast number of construction news sites. Construction Industry construction blogs construction news sites contractor magazinesStaying up to date with the latest construction news and trends is always a good idea.

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The 10 Pros And Cons Of Construction Site Inspections


Construction construction inspections construction site construction site inspection inspection inspectorInspections are an essential part of the construction process. If done correctly, they can have tremendous advantages for anyone working in the industry.

Guidelines for site layout or job layout at construction site

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Site layout refers to the plan of the construction site. It also illustrates the present relationship of the site with its surrounding with regards to communication, approaches and existing facilities. The site layout is mainly based on the following factors. An intriguing site with private roots

Construction Marketing Ideas

The post An intriguing site with private roots appeared first on Construction Marketing Ideas. This is the first in a series of reviews of entries for the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition. As I review the website, I feel a sense of intrigue and mystery.

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The requirements of site for buildings with different occupancies are different. So all the buildings proposed for different purposes have different requirements and thus different considerations for their site selection. Soil at site should not be of made up type as far as possible.