Bluebeam Revu: Site Planning 101

Carol Hagen

Site Planning just became easier with the Blubeeam Revu 2015 release thanks to the new Sketch Tools. Whether you want to place a crane, trailer or define a temporary parking lot you can now define dimensions and also create scalable tools to reuse with your common site plan items.

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A mobile Site Diary – at a price!

Extranet Evolution

Script and Go’s Site Diary complements a mobile-first construction project management application but the suite is not competitively priced compared to others. Site diary applications have also occasionally featured in this blog (eg: Contract Communicator in 2009 , and Note Vault in 2014 ), while a quick web-search for the term pointed me to, among others, Site Diary Plus and Tradies.

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Jobsite Unite: connecting site workers

Extranet Evolution

” Jay says it capitalises upon the increasingly common use of mobile devices and social media platforms by site-based workers. It is offered as an app in iOS and Android; the back-end is managed as a SaaS solution, with prices starting at $250pcm for unlimited users on 1-2 job sites.

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Site-based AR – connectivity still a challenge

Extranet Evolution

I asked Martin McDonnell, Soluis’ chairman about how these technologies could enhance collaboration, particularly on-site. The benefits internally are slightly less obvious, but present huge opportunities which have the potential to transform the way a construction site looks and works.

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Mixing Reality on Site

ENR Construction

The worker pulls on his tool belt and snaps down the visor of his headset

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Screw Loose: Shenanigans on the Job Site


It''s Wednesday! That means it''s time for another Screw Loose to bring a smile to your day. construction humor humor

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Weirdest things found on a construction site


Here is a list with some of the weirdest things ever found at building sites. Miscellaneous construction industry construction site miscellaneous weird storiesThere are many stories about weird things found during construction.

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Internet Connection Alternatives for Remote Construction Sites


While most of America has Internet access, it’s still a big country where varied terrain affects wireless communications and the patchwork of wired systems is in various stages of upgrade and repair.

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WorkHands: A Social Media Site for Construction Workers

Construction Marketing Blog

The site is styled after LinkedIn. After signing up on the site, users can add a profile photo and fill their profile with their experience. Another great feature that is very useful for users is that the site can create resumes based off the information in their profile.

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Civil Site Engineer

The Constructor

Roles and responsibilities of a civil site engineer depends on the nature of construction works in a project. Civil site engineers performs various. Construction Engineering & Management Construction


The Constructor

Concrete formwork is a temporary supporting structure for concrete when it is placed at the construction site to keep the concrete in position and.

Screw Loose: Pranks on the Job Site


Sometimes you have to have a little fun on the job site. For this week''s Screw Loose, we bring you a hilarious video where friendly contractors prank unsuspecting onlookers. construction humor humor safety humor

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Steps in Preparing Site for Construction Projects -Soil Report, Excavation etc.

The Constructor

Steps in preparation of site for construction works involves geotechnical report, site clearing, excavation, grading and compaction. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Project Construction Construction Projects Site Investigation

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Smartphones and tablets are coming to the job-site. Now what?


Foremen now have access to powerful phones and tablets on-site. 90% of the money is spent on site. While you can’t stay in business without accurate design and planning, the way you manage your job-site has such a large impact on the project financials that it often ends up deciding your margins. Now that all communications are archived and time-stamped, you actually have an accurate picture of what’s happening on site.

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18 Tennessee Communities To Receive Site Development Grants

Business Facilities Blog

million in grants will help communities and local organizations across the state of Tennessee prepare industrial sites for businesses. Read 18 Tennessee Communities To Receive Site Development Grants on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions. The $6.2


The Constructor

Contaminated construction sites are those which possess risk to human health and environment. Geotechnical Engineering Soil Exploration Construction Site Investigation Soil Investigation With the increase in demand for infrastructure.

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Safety Measures to Prevent Accidents at Building Construction Site

The Constructor

Safety measures at construction sites helps to prevent unforeseen accidents. Accidents at construction sites may lead to loss of life and involve. Construction Construction Safety How To Guide Safety Guide safety

Methods of Dewatering Excavations at Construction Site

The Constructor

Dewatering of excavations are required at construction sites generally for foundation works. Various methods for dewatering of excavations are. Excavation How To Guide Work Procedures Foundation

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The Future of Construction Site Automation

ENR Construction

What’s in it for me? What your construction job will look like in the future

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Builders Mutual Establishes Job-Site Safety Institute

Construction Equipment

Grants from JSI will help conduct research to produce studies that guide safety practices, set new safety standards, and influence worker behavior on job-sites

10 Tips To Prevent Construction Site Theft


Protecting your construction site can be harder than you think. According to CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building) , only in the UK the construction is losing around 400 million pounds per year as a result of equipment theft and on-site vandalism. The Issue of Construction Site Theft.


The Constructor

Records to be maintained at construction sites play important role in construction activities. It is a document required to prove any construction. Construction Construction Management Construction Project Construction Planning Construction Projects

The 10 Pros And Cons Of Construction Site Inspections


Construction construction inspections construction site construction site inspection inspection inspectorInspections are an essential part of the construction process. If done correctly, they can have tremendous advantages for anyone working in the industry.

Rhode Island goes for LEED for Neighborhood Development and SITES

Green Building Law Update

acquired and relaunched the SITES v2 rating system on June 10, 2015. To date SITES has not moved the marketplace. Codes and Regulations LEED LEED for Neighborhood Development Rhode Island Green Building SITES

Post-Disaster Site Re-Entry Tips

Construction Equipment

Working in construction is tough enough, but lately Mother Nature seems bent on making it even tougher.

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Site Selection for Green Office Building based on LEED System

The Constructor

The location where the green building is indented to be constructed and the environment surround the location play an important role in the overall. Building Technology and Construction Guide Buildings Green Buildings

How Technology Creates Safer Work Sites

Construction Equipment

Real Estate list five examples of how technology is making construction sites safer. . . . Different types of technology help reduce the amount of construction risks, which mainly stem from a lapse in planning and communication. .

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Approaches to Managing Job Site Inventory

Construction Informer

The post Approaches to Managing Job Site Inventory appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary. Google+. Managing Materials Trending construction materials

Construction Site Security Options Now Include Robots

Construction Informer

Construction site security is getting cheaper and more easily deployed thanks to these 3 technologies. The post Construction Site Security Options Now Include Robots appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary. Google+. And, robots are even in the mix now. Construction Technology

How to Enforce Construction Site Fire Safety

Construction Equipment

Fire-related safety prevention in construction job sites can be enforced by following these steps, required by OSHA:


Boeing Consolidating Defense, Space Sites

Business Facilities Blog

Read Boeing Consolidating Defense, Space Sites on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions. Aerospace & Defense Alabama California Corporate Real Estate Daily News Featured Missouri Texas Virginia Boeing consolidation Corporate Real Estate (CRE) El Segundo Employment Expansion Huntsville Long Beach Manufacturing Seal Beach Site Selection St.

Construction sites will be human-free by 2050, according to Balfour Beatty


It may seem a bit far-fetched, but by 2050, construction sites may be completely human-free, at least according to a new paper from Balfour Beatty titled “ Innovation 2050 – A digital future for the infrastructure industry


The Constructor

Following are few general points to remember for civil site engineers to make the construction work easier while maintaining quality of construction. How To Guide Tips Building Tips

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Shovel-Ready Sites: Certified and Ready to Go

Business Facilities Blog

Site selection professionals zero in on certified shovel-ready sites, which reduce development costs and put projects on a fast track to success. Shovel-Ready Sites: Certified and Ready to Go appeared first on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

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Site design: Wellness extends beyond building walls


And while our industry often focuses on the built environment, the impact of these values on a project extend beyond the physical walls of a building and should be part of the site design We’re talking about a lot more than green buildings these days. The environmental values in green building today are sustainability, resiliency, and wellness.

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Job Site Safety

Collaborative Construction

The blog post linked below provides a nice summary of the top ten OSHA violations and ties those violations directly to the top four causes of injury on job sites. As a Unit 3 Instructor for the AGC's BIM Education Program I cover risk mitigation along with BIM contracts and insurance issues.


Navisworks Resource Sharing Site

What Revit Wants

I thought it might be useful to set up a shared folder to allow Navisworks users to upload, download and share resources. The idea here is that lots of Navisworks resources (as listed below) can be exchanged and re-used on future projects. Why should we all keep reinventing the wheel?