Louisiana Contractors – Workers Compensation Insurance

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Back in 2009 this blog reported on the very topic of Workers Compensation insurance, stating that 1 and 5 businesses are breaking workers compensation laws. Workers Compensation is codified in Louisiana under Revised Statute 23:1021 et seq.

Adjusting the Compensation Model

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Crafting an incentive based compensation mechanism, tied to metrics that matter to the owner, is a critical step in negotiating an integrated agreement that works for the owner, designer and contractor. If your team is struggling with issues related to the need to adjust the compensation mechanisms on your project it might be worthwhile to schedule a collaborative workshop to explore the issue in detail.

Re-Thinking the Compensation Model in Construction

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Accordingly, at Collaborative Construction, we try to create new compensation models that incentivize the kind of behavior we want to see more of and deter the kind of behaviors we don''t want more of on the project. BIM implementation is hard. IPD is hard.

Research: Workers Compensation Claim Denials Inch Upward

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Are challenges to claims helping, or do they end up adding to costs of coverage

Workers' Compensation Claims: A Common Employer's Nightmare

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Workers’ compensation claims and how to keep them under control have always been a concern for employers. There is no federal workers’ compensation law that addresses workplace injuries. Today, every workers’ compensation claim raises the potential for a variety of workplace laws to come into play Incidents ending in claims occur in virtually all industries and can be costly and time consuming. It is a state issue, and each state enacts and enforces its own legal framework.

Shrinkage Compensating Concrete Construction for Slabs-on-Ground

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Shrinkage compensating concrete is an expansive concrete that expands by an amount equal or greater than the volume change anticipated for drying. Concrete Technology Guide For CIvil Engineer Special Concrete in Construction Concrete Technology special concrete

Consider Collectively Bargained Workers' Compensation

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Collectively bargained workers' compensation gives building trade unions and union contractors the ability to create their own workers' comp system, tailored to their specific needs. You may have also heard of collectively bargained workers' compensation referred to as "carve outs" in the traditional workers' compensation system.

Construction boom paying off in executive compensation, bonuses, report says

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Construction firms also are spending big to recruit executives, especially those with experience in alternative project delivery methods

Top Tactics for Controlling Workers’ Compensation

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As a business owner, you should be at least marginally conversant in the arcane vocabulary of workers’ compensation (WC), such as keeping track of your experience modification factor (EMF) or “mod.”. This modifier is an actuarial factor used to adjust your WC insurance rate higher or lower than the average for your industry class code, based upon the frequency and severity of your claims

Pricing and sales compensation: Making it work

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Pricing and sales compensation are among the messiest aspects of business. We also modify the sales compensation for certain types of sales which add to long-term viability and sustainability, again as long as they are within the pricing grid.

Small Firm Compensation Report now available


The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has produced the first-ever

U.S. hourly compensation rates in construction trades

Contractor Magazine

by Alex Carrick. This article sets the scene for what is already a simmering topic and is sure to heat up further in the months ahead - mounting pressure on wage rates in construction. read more. Management Plumbing

California Contractors Need Workers Compensation Insurance, or else…

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In one of JD’s tweets last week I discovered a very informative article by Matthew Hicks regarding Workers’ Compensation Insurance law and jurisprudence in California. The bottom line here is that all California contractors need to be sure to maintain proper and adequate workers compensation insurance. The main statutory component of Hicks article and the source of Workers Compensation law in California come from California Business and Professions Code §7125.2

Can Workers With Sun-Related Skin Issues File Workers Compensation Claims?

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Shade tents and frequent water breaks are part of the strategies Kris Comon uses for dealing with 100°-plus temperatures and a punishing sun at a two-story building being constructed in Phoenix

Report: Construction boom paying off in executive compensation, bonuses

Construction Dive

Construction firms also are paying big money to recruit executives, especially those with experience in alternative project delivery methods

Compensation Survey Reveals Construction’s Pay Differences

Construction Informer

The fundamental shift in how the construction industry does business is now reflected in pay rates, according to research from FMI, a provider of management consulting, investment banking and research to the engineering and construction industry.

Florida Businesses Want Workers' Compensation Changes

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Rate stabilization' is goal as state lawmakers begin legislative session

The compensation survey: How much are you worth (how much should you be paid)

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The SMPS compensation survey. Compensation surveys are intriguing resources. If you are a Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) member, you can access the compensation survey data by completing your own survey.

Best Practices for Developing a Contractor’s Request for Compensation

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Recently, Cordell sent me a list of items that all contractors should review when developing a request for additional compensation. Identify any trends and determine whether there is a causal event for any loss of productivity that may be compensable.

Protect Yourself from Workers' Compensation Fraud and Risks

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Know your rights and when to take action in regards to workers'' compensation benefits

Top 10 Ways to Manage Workers' Compensation Exposure

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Workers’ compensation insurance pays for occupational injury and illness; that’s why you buy the insurance. Oftentimes, it is an employer’s single most expensive line of coverage. What many contractors fail to grasp, however, is that some significant indirect costs are not covered by insurance. In addition, if your company is large enough to have an experience modification, every claim will affect your mod factor and directly impact your costs

Rulings to Send Florida Workers' Compensation Rates Up

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Florida employers are bracing for increases as high as 20% in their workers’ compensation premium rates as a result of two recent decisions handed down by the Florida Supreme Court

Prepare for Management Compensation and Bonus Reviews

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If you serve government clients, you should be prepared to support your management compensation and bonuses as the year end approaches. There is increased concern among various segments of our public sector clients over compensation and bonuses in A/E firms. You should expect that many of your government clients will devote more attention to management compensation and bonuses, starting with your 2010 records.

Six Tips to Prevent Workers' Compensation Fraud

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Six steps an employer can take to combat fraud from the very beginning

Importance of Self-leveling Overlays in concrete construction

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Self-leveling overlay products are formed by mixing cement, fine aggregates, pozzolans, and admixtures comprising of superplasticizers, polymers, shrinkage compensators, and other components. Self-leveling overlays are set up rapidly.

FMI Releases a Study on the Effectiveness of Incentive Compensation

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June 13, 2013) – FMI, a leading provider of management consulting and investment banking to the engineering and construction industry, announces the release of its 2013 study on the effectiveness of incentive compensation in the U.S. RALEIGH, N.C. construction industry. The report is based on the survey results from 224 top executives

What Are the Components of a Truly Effective Incentive Compensation Program for Construction Companies?

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offers a slew of advice for construction companies that are thinking about launching or improving an incentive compensation program. A new report from FMI Corp.

Sluggish gains in architect compensation due to weakness in construction sector: AIA survey


Washington, D.C. August 14, 2013 – U.S. read more. Architects

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California contractors pegged in alleged $6M fraud

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Charges against the company's owners include workers' compensation fraud and underpaying employees

Drywall company charged nearly $2M for wage theft violations

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Fullerton Pacific Interiors did not properly compensate 476 workers on 26 projects, according to California labor authorities

Attn Contractors: Workers' Comp Costs Likely to Increase Beginning January 1, 2013

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Over my legal career, I have handled a significant amount of workers' compensation disputes, representing injured employees, defending employers and insurance carriers, and even a few years working for an appellate judge that addressed workers' compensation appeals.

Employers Use Creative Perks for In-Demand Professionals

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Bonuses boost staff compensation but aren’t always effective in luring new talent, recruiters say

Good News on Workers' Comp and UI Rates - Djc.com

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Good news today with regard to both workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. Governor Gregoire announced there will be no overall increase in workers’ compensation insurance premiums next year (however construction firms will see a smaller-than-proposed increase, depending on a firm’s risk classification). -->. « Lewis shows STEM students the ropes. Check your Genie lifts before going up » Good News on Workers’ Comp and UI Rates.

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Green Industry Professionals - Untitled Article

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The trick is linking compensation to contribution

Why Did Pennsylvania's Governor Veto an Opioid Control Measure?

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Are formulary solutions a way out of the opioid burden on workers compensation

L&I Seeks Comment on Structured Settlement Rules - Djc.com

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The Department of Labor & Industries announced that it is holding four hearings to take public comments on rules pertaining to structured settlement agreements for workers’ compensation claims. In 2011, the Legislature passed several key workers’ compensation reforms. In most structured settlements, the claim is closed and the worker is paid a fixed amount of compensation in periodic payments spelled out in the agreement.

Proposed 2013 Workers' Comp Rates Low - Djc.com

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Thanks to safer jobsites and the workers’ comp reforms pushed by AGC and other industry groups, L&I announced it is proposing no increase in the average rate for workers’ compensation insurance. The Workers’ Compensation Advisory Committee worked with the department over the summer to craft a ten-year plan to replenish the shrunken reserves. It is free and does a lot more like creating workers’ compensation premium data for payroll departments.

Important Nuances in Workers' Comp Bill - Djc.com

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This week the Legislature finally ended a months-long impasse and passed reforms of the workers’ compensation system. This option for a select population of workers is in addition to two options already available: staying in the workers’ compensation system and receiving appropriate benefits; or participating in a retraining plan, if eligible. It will require the transfer of workers’ compensation funds whenever the reserves are greater than 110 percent of liabilities.

Filling the Deep Deficit in Construction Industry Research

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Failure to fund enough industry-wide research undermines the industry’s future, relevance and compensation, the authors write. Opinion

NYC district attorney charges contractor in $9.5M wage fraud scheme

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million in workers' compensation premiums Executives and associated companies allegedly stripped 500 workers out of $1.7 million in pay and the New York State Insurance Fund out of $7.8