How To Store and Organize Project Photos


When they do get taken, they aren’t tagged and organized to be effectively utilized when needed. Project photos quickly convey detailed information and are essential for planning, project management, and helping with claims and disputes.

Build an Enduring Organization

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Good strategy involves an interpretation of numbers and data.

Organic Prestressing System – Applications, Features, Advantages

The Constructor

The organic prestressing system is a concept taken as an inspiration from the behavior of an organic structure (biomimetic or the nature formed. Concrete Prestressed Concrete Concrete Technology

Best Practices for Organizing Project-Related Communication


Since project information has no value unless the right people receive it at the right time, you have to pay close attention to how you organize project-related communication.

GBCI announces arc, a new technology organization


GBCI) announced a new technology organization called arc. . Today, during the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) International Summit held at the 2016 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, Green Business Certification Inc. Officially launching later in 2016, arc will further the performance of the green building industry and the built environment as a whole. . Scot Horst, USGBC’s chief product officer, has been named arc’s incoming CEO.

Working with a Professional Employer Organization

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Consider partnering with PEO and stop wasting your valuable time

10 Tips for Organic Lawn Care

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Badly drained soils mean little air is penetrating into the soil, inhibiting grass growth and encouraging fungi and moss

Caterpillar Announces New Organization

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announced the creation of Caterpillar Enterprise System Group, a new order-to-delivery organization. Dave Bozeman, current Caterpillar vice president with responsibility for the Integrated Manufacturing Operations Division, will lead the organization as senior vice president with responsibility for the Caterpillar Enterprise System Group. Caterpillar Inc.

KBIS thanks 2016 Design & Construction Week supporting organizations

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In 2013, the NKBA and NAHB announced an agreement to co-locate the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show with the International Builders’ Show under the banner of Design & Construction Week. read more. Kitchen & Bath Industry Show


Organic Landscaping Course Addresses Growing Need for Chemical-Free Experts

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30-hour training course at the University of Southern Maine accredits Organic Land Care Professionals

Maine 10

Massachusetts Community Explores Possible Shift to Organics

Green Industry Professionals

Massachusetts community invites organic lawn care expert to address town, says growing body of scientific evidence shows that pesticide exposure, even at low levels, can adversely affect health and environment

New Organic Landscape Guide Helps Professionals Protect the Environment

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The manual provides recommendations to landscape contractors on how to effectively conduct organic land care

Organic Living in a Tiny Home

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They built the home in a trailer, which they got for only $1,500, and it is located on an organic farm in Texas. Ethan and his girlfriend Kelsey have recently moved into a tiny home which they built themselves for only $7,000.

Organic Farm in Shanghai Has New Visitor’s Center Constructed From Freight Containers

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Founded and owned by Tony Zhang, Tony’s Farm is Shanghai’s largest organic vegetable farm, providing natural, safe, organic produce to thousands of Shanghai residents each day.

Organic on the FTC Agenda

Green Building Law Update

The word is “organic” as it relates to non-agricultural products is the topic of the October 20, 2016, roundtable sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. However, the current Green Guides do not include guidance on the term “organic.”.

Global Organizations Lack Confidence In Ability To Detect Cyber Attacks

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More than one-third (36%) of global organizations still lack confidence in their ability to detect sophisticated cyber attacks, according to the annual EY’s Global Information Security Survey 2015. Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

New book from HDR explores opportunities for how healthcare organizations can reinvent the patient experience


HDR has recently published a new report that explores one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare organizations today: how to respond to increasing unknowns in the industry while encouraging future-focused innovation. Healthcare strategists, retail strategists, lean operation experts, architects, designers, data analysts and engineers worked together to write the report.

Female construction executives launch professional organization for women in construction operations


of Newport Beach are among a group of pioneering women from Southern California construction, architecture and engineering companies to begin WiOPS —a new professional organization geared specifically toward women in construction operations.

New PHCC chapter organized in South Carolina

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The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors—National Association (PHCC) is pleased to announce the formation of the first PHCC-affiliated state chapter in South Carolina. read more. Plumbing

Tustin City Council to Weigh an Organics-First Pesticide Policy Modeled after Irvine, California

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Irvine, California, adopted a landscaping and pest control policy that allows synthetic pesticides only as a last resort

Is the New USDA Organic Rule Dead on Arrival?

Green Building Law Update

Department of Agriculture published a new list of rules governing the treatment of animals that are ultimately sold to consumers as organic food. Among what is most controversial is that nothing in the rule goes to the quality of the organic meat and poultry that people will consume (i.e.,

DOT Awards $1 Million to Hazmat Training Organizations

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Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has awarded $1 million to two non-profit organizations as part of its new Community Safety Grant program to improve the nation’s response to hazardous materials transportation incidents. . The U.S.

Landscaper Details Continued Success with Organics Program

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First featured in 2011, Pacific Landscapes discusses how its organic and sustainable lawn care programs have changed over the years

Pretty Solar Panels and Harvesting Energy From Interior Lights

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They have come up with a method that allows for the printing of decorative graphics and functional components onto flexible organic solar panels. The organic solar panels produced in this way are only 0.2 However, organic panels have a much lower efficiency than silicone-based panels.

Felling Trailers Online Auction to Benefit Alzheimer’s Disease Organization

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SAUK CENTRE, Minn. -- Felling Trailers conducted its third online auction of a FT-3 drop deck utility trailer to benefit a non-profit organization.

Research Organization Biotrial To Establish HQ In Newark, NJ

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This district is part of Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s urban redevelopment initiative and Biotrial will join other biomedical organizations and five universities in the Science Park. The inspiration for the design of the building came from the nature of Biotrial’s work.


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All Organization Development The Vermont Business and Industry Expo came to an end last week but it was a fantastic two. Continue Reading.

Bad Bookkeepers Train Their Boss Like Organ Grinders Train Monkeys!

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Like An Organ Grinder Trains A Monkey! Warning This Article Is Tough On Bookkeepers Who Abuse Their Bosses! It Was Started At 03:00AM As I Reflected On Bad Bookkeepers Who. Destroy Construction Company Owners Lives! Proceed With Caution If You Dare! How Do Bad Bookkeepers Train Their Boss?

New Biological Concrete Absorbs CO2 and Provides Thermal Heat, Insulation

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A new type of concrete has been created by Spanish researchers for buildings in Mediterranean-like climates that encourages the natural, rapid growth of pigmented organisms within the concrete. Green Building Modern architecture organic concreteImage via

GBCI announces arc, a new technology organization to measure and compare green building performance


GBCI) announced a new technology organization called arc. . Today, during the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) International Summit held at the 2016 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, Green Business Certification Inc. Officially launching later in 2016, arc will further the performance of the green building industry and the built environment as a whole. . Scot Horst, USGBC’s Chief Product Officer, has been named arc’s incoming CEO.

Upstart Contractor Talks Trailer Organization, Favorite Tools

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Which lawn products and equipment are helping Jason Ambro build a landscaping business in the Pacific Northwest

Large Vertical Farm to Open in Kentucky

Jetson Green

The farm will be used to grow organic microgreens, herbs and vegetables. The main aim of this farm is to provide the people within 200 miles access to organic and fresh vegetables. The produce will be USDA-certified organic and pesticide-free.

Bosch Community Fund Grants $54,000 to Londonderry, N.H., area schools, organizations

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The Bosch Community Fund recently awarded three grants totaling $54,000 to schools and organizations in the Londonderry and Manchester, New Hampshire, area. Local schools receive support for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) after-school activities.


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All Organization Development I am a part of The Vermont Recruiters Association, a group of over 80 individuals from over 50. Continue Reading.

Collaborative Construction Blog: IPD BIM & Lean Require Change.

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Integrated project delivery (IPD), Building Information Modeling, aka Business Information Modelling (BIM)X and lean processes involve innovative new business models and business processes that require organizations and individuals to change. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Collaborative Construction Blog.

Brasfield & Gorrie Earn Accolades from Two Diversity Organizations

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Brasfield & Gorrie announced that the company has earned recognition from two national organizations. Safety is our top corporate value,” said Project Manager Virnetta Greene-Woodbury, who accepted the award this summer at the organization’s 2013 Safety Excellence Awards ceremony in Bellevue, Wash. The National Association of Women in Construction recognized Brasfield & Gorrie for its safety program and excellent record of workplace safety.

Trucking Organizations Wary About EPA/NHTSA New Emissions Standards

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The EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are jointly proposing a comprehensive Phase 2 National Program that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption for new on-road heavy-duty vehicles.