A US construction IT snapshot

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In July 2015, Capterra asked 100 US construction managers about their software purchasing decisions, though it’s a survey that poses as many questions as it asks.

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How Effective is Construction Project Management Software?


Procore partnered with Capterra to create this market survey to learn whether actual users of these technologies consider them to be valuable additions to their daily work routine. Given the advances in mobile and web-based technologies, is software finally making an impact on the construction industry? construction technology construction software construction project management software

“Top 10 (US) Construction Apps”

Extranet Evolution

Additional ratings and reviews in the press and on other websites, such as Capterra. In the UK at least, we are coming up to the time of year when some construction software vendors start thinking about the Construction Computing Awards (the so-called “Hammers”).

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Why good ratings are important for your software


Reviews on portals like SoftwareSuggest , Capterra , GetApp will become a major factor in a software buyers decision making. Software selection can be very complicated sometimes.