Rethinking Traditional Construction Project Management—Part 1 of 5

John Chaney

A September 2016 survey by Capterra , a service that connects buyers and sellers of software, noted that 97 percent of organizations viewed project management as critical to performance and organizational success, yet 44 percent of project managers use no form of software, and more than half of organizations have no project management training programs in place. As Capterra noted in a March 2018 blog , 59 percent of U.S.

The 10 Questions You Should Ask When Considering Project Management Software—Part 5 of 5

John Chaney

Functionality (31 percent) was the number one answer in a 2015 Capterra survey when respondents were asked the most important consideration in selecting software. Editor’s Note: This is the final installment in a five-part series on Construction Project Management — how innovative technologies and software are helping project managers streamline processes to build faster, smarter projects.

Why good ratings are important for your software


Reviews on portals like SoftwareSuggest , Capterra , GetApp will become a major factor in a software buyers decision making. Software selection can be very complicated sometimes.