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Modern Materials: Memory steel, polymer uses CO2 to self-repair, and more

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Other fresh innovations include concrete that is reinforced with natural fibers and 3D-printed cement that gets stronger as it cracks

How Shifts in Shopping Have Changed Retail Construction

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When large, big-box chain stores were being built during the 1980s and 1990s, breaking into the business was a relatively straightforward enterprise for smaller construction firms hoping to expand.

Topping Concrete – Work Procedure, Types and Advantages

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Topping concrete is defined as a layer of high strength concrete placed on an old, worn out concrete surface to provide a dense, abrasion-resistant. Concrete Crack Repair Concrete Technology Concrete Work Procedure Construction Engineering & Management Repair/Protection Guide

2018 IgCC – A Fast Paced Deep Dive

Green Building Law Update

The 2018 International Green Construction Code was released on November 8, 2018 by the U.S. Green Building Council , International Code Council , ASHRAE and the Illuminating Engineering Society.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Federal judge allows preconstruction on stalled XL Pipeline

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Lawyers for TransCanada Corp. said that certain planning activities for the pipeline would not violate the essence of the current injunction, which they say threatens 700 jobs and almost $950 million of earnings

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Types of Form Ties Used in Formwork

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Formwork for concrete structures is more important in order to get perfect dimensions of structural parts. Accessories used in formwork will also. Formwork/Shuttering form ties formwork Formwork accessories shuttering

Cascades To Invest $58M In North Carolina

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The green packaging and tissue manufacturer will create 66 new jobs to operate new, modernized equipment at its Wagram, NC plant. Read: Cascades To Invest $58M In North Carolina at Capital Investment Daily News Featured Manufacturing North Carolina Workforce Development Canada corporate expansion Employment green packaging north carolina Scotland County Site Selection tissue products Wagram

2019 construction industry trade show and conference guide

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Here are the leading industry events professionals should consider attending to help elevate their businesses and careers

All LEED-certified buildings eligible for LEED recertification


The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) will begin offering LEED recertification for all LEED-certified projects. Projects must submit 12 months of data demonstrating continued or improved performance to be eligible for recertification.

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Subgrade and Subbase for Concrete Slabs

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Subgrade and subbase are the foundation of concrete slab and play critical role in its performance. According to ACI Code, the subgrade is a. Geotechnical Engineering Ground Improvement How To Guide Soil Engineering

Suuchi To Create 400 Advanced Manufacturing Jobs In New Jersey

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The woman-owned technology and supply chain startup will remain and grow at Kearny Point with help from up to $37 million in Grow NJ tax credits over 10 years. Read: Suuchi To Create 400 Advanced Manufacturing Jobs In New Jersey at

What are the biggest risks for construction companies?

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With the U.S. in one of the longest recoveries in history, contractors must be especially vigilant not to run out of cash, as they are three times more likely to fail in an upswing than in a downturn, said a FMI Corp. analyst

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The largest eSports stadium in North America opens in Arlington, Texas


Competitive gaming (also known as eSports), the fastest growing spectator sport in the country, now has its largest, most robust venue in North America for fans to enjoy the action.

Concrete Repair by Dry Pack Mortar Method

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Dry pack mortar is used to repair the concrete surfaces which contains cracks or holes of depth larger than or equal to the least dimension of the. Concrete Crack Repair Concrete Cracks Concrete Technology Others Repair/Protection Guide Concrete Repair Dry pack method dry pack mortar

4 Tips for Avoiding Jobsite Frustrations

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The greatest contractors believe in preparing for success—because putting in some extra time on the front end will pay for itself many times over on the jobsite, through both reduced downtime and fewer moments of frustration.

The Dotted Line: A successful project closeout 'starts at the beginning'

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Planning and organization go a long way in keeping punch list items to a minimum and closeout documents organized

Enterprise Florida Forms New Manufacturing Partnerships

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The partnerships will provide Florida businesses with additional resources and grant opportunities to help develop and expand their international markets. Read: Enterprise Florida Forms New Manufacturing Partnerships at

“Palessi” prank proves that value is in the eyes of the beholder (and the marketer)

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Discount shoe retailer Payless had some fun at the expense of affluent influencers — and proved two points for marketers: Value is often more a matter of context and perception than substance; and creativity still has a big place in effective marketing.

To build water-efficient cities, water managers and urban planners must coordinate better


For improved water efficiency in cities, water managers and urban planners must coordinate their efforts better, according to a new report led by University of Arizona landscape architecture and planning researchers

Mitigate risk with construction site monitoring

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Visual documentation and remote surveillance could be the key to reducing theft, vandalism and safety issues

Honeywell Investing $248M In New Charlotte Global Corporate HQ

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The Fortune 100 company will create more than 750 new jobs in Mecklenburg County, NC over the next six years, with help from a $46 million BIP grant. . Read: Honeywell Investing $248M In New Charlotte Global Corporate HQ at

The trade show: Making it effective

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I’ve attended Construct Canada (The Buildings Show) virtually every year since the original opportunity back in the late 1990s.

What to Get an Architect for Christmas


This is the 9th annual and highly anticipated What to Get an Architect for Christmas gift guide. It’s hard for me to process that when I wrote the very first gift guide back in 2010 that this would become the most requested blog post that I would write every single year.


Dodge: Total October construction starts up 21% to $864B

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Nonresidential fared even better with a 53% surge driven by several large projects such as the Gordie Howe International Bridge

Collaborative Job Order Contracting

Job Order Contracting

Collaborative Job Order Contracting via the innovative OpenJOC Solution (TM) drives improved renovation, repair, and minor new construction outcomes.

The cost of rudeness

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Yesterday, I blew a $5,000 order because I was rude. A client called me on my cellular phone as I was travelling from Ottawa to Toronto for Construct Canada, and I mistook him for an uninvited sales caller. I was icy cold, offensive, and dismissive.

Opportunities and Challenges Ahead in Rebuilding Puerto Rico's Electric Grid

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The president of the Puerto Rico chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America talks about the challenges and opportunities ahead in rebuilding the island's electric grid.

How data, tech and 'heart' can mitigate jobsite safety risks

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Contractors need to analyze and act on robust data, change the corporate culture and implement technologies to reduce injuries and retain employees, construction safety experts say

Working in Cold Weather: How to Protect Yourself from Hazards

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During the winter, construction workers face a natural hazard: cold weather. Being in freezing temperatures for an extended period can result in health problems such as frostbite, hypothermia, and trench foot. The Center for Construction Research and Training suggests how workers can protect

Where, the blog? Off to Construct Canada/The Buildings Show

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Posts in this once daily blog have become few and far between in recent weeks. The reasons: Travel, workload, and a challenging updating process with our server that operates during the early morning hours when I previously would post frequently.

Elegant Structure Elevates Northwestern Sports Center

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An elegant structural solution elevates Northwestern University and its new practice facility


Orange County, California, officials approve $43B transportation plan

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Planned construction includes high-occupancy vehicle lanes, regular lanes, express lanes, interchanges and toll roads, the exploration of highways for autonomous vehicles and more

Metric Modular’s Passive House six-plex saves time and money for Yale First Nation


Metric Modular was tasked with providing desperately needed housing for Yale First Nation in Yale, British Columbia, Canada. The project needed to be able to combat the cold, wet climate, increase energy savings, and accommodate smaller families