Marketing to Home Improvement Retailers

Construction Marketing

Home improvement retailers are a distinguished marketing channel for a variety of types of construction and remodeling products. Retail Line Reviews. To download a printable PDF version of the “Marketing to Home Improvement Retailers” whitepaper, CLICK HERE.

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Retail Rush: Goodyear, Arizona

Business Facilities

nestled in the West Valley of the Greater Phoenix region, Goodyear, AZ is in the midst of a retail boom that continues to grow. Read: Retail Rush: Goodyear, Arizona at One of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S.,

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Marketing To Home Improvement Retailers: Merchandising and Packaging

Construction Marketing

Marketing to home improvement retailers includes considering retail merchandising and packaging. This is part two of a three-part blog series on marketing to home improvement retailers. Stay tuned for Part 3 which discusses retail line reviews. Retail Merchandising.

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Marketing To Home Improvement Retailers: Line Reviews

Construction Marketing

This is the final entry in a three-part blog series on marketing to home improvement retailers. Part one gave an overview of the retail home improvement category and shared the results of a survey on retail marketing practices. This part will discuss retail line reviews.

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Retail Home Center Marketing Best Practices: Webcast Summary

Construction Marketing

The recent webcast on the topic of marketing to home improvement retailers was unprecedented in exploring a niche that seldom is discussed, for good reason. Manufacturers and suppliers to large retailers do not want competitors to gain any advantage in merchandising placement or line reviews.

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Entering Retail Space as a Non-Retailer

Wolgast Corporation

Retail space is becoming attractive to non-retailers as more of it becomes available. Mall and shopping center managers are seeking retailers, restaurants, mom and pop shops, and non-traditional businesses to fill their open spaces. Remodel Retail

Retail Home Center Marketing Best Practices – Webcast

Construction Marketing

A webcast on retail home center marketing and merchandising best practices for construction products is now open for registration on the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) website. The Retail Marketing Survey is available at: [link]. For many building products, construction tools and supplies, retail is a major channel. Yet very little information exists on how to develop effective merchandising programs, or what these big retailers require from vendors,” states Neil M.

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Marketing to Home Improvement Retailers: Snapshot & Survey Results

Construction Marketing

Home improvement retailers are a specialized channel for many types of construction projects including building materials and supplies, fixtures, construction tools and equipment, and more. This is part one of a three-part blog series on marketing to home improvement retailers.

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Flagship Store Retail Construction: 3 Reasons Brands Still Build in a Flagship Location

Commercial Construction

With our firm’s long track record in retail construction, we’ve witnessed firsthand the ebb and flow of activity across this sector over the years. It’s true the retail mix among flagship stores in prime locations is changing.

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Retail: Alive and Kicking

Business Facilities

Reports of the death of the retail sector—a fate that was widely assumed to be the outcome of an exponential increase in online purchases of consumer goods—were more than a bit premature. Read: Retail: Alive and Kicking at

Caterpillar Retail Sales Off 23%

Construction Equipment

Caterpillar worldwide retail sales were down 23 percent in June, according to a Form 8-K the company filed. This followed a similar decline noted in May. The data represent “constant dollars and are based on unit sales as reported primarily by dealers,” the report states.

From Clicks to Bricks: Retail Construction Tips as Online Retailers Move to the Mall

Commercial Construction

Online retailers opening their first physical stores need to be as well-versed in a shopping center’s holy trinity as proven and successful bricks-and-mortar retailers already are. For retailers, it’s especially important to stay relevant as trends come and go.

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Opportunities Abound with International Retailers…for the Right Contractor

Commercial Construction

International retailers are eyeing the U.S. Englewood Construction has done work for numerous international retailers in the last few years, including Marcello’s Delicatessen, a Canadian-based fast-casual dining option. International retailers have been venturing into the U.S.

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American Girl’s New York City Flagship Store: An Englewood Construction Retail Showcase

Commercial Construction

At Englewood Construction, we’re proud to say we’ve already been “on tour” with American Girl for the last 10 years, working with the popular retail brand to build, remodel and maintain American Girl Place stores across the country.

Retail Flagship Store Construction Projects: Challenges and Considerations

Commercial Construction

Flagship retail stores in busy urban shopping districts, such as this Zara location Englewood built out on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, present their own unique set of construction considerations.

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Online retailers are transforming warehouse construction

Construction Dive

builders are struggling to keep up with demand from clients like Amazon, Walmart and Kroger's for specialized distribution centers

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NYC region holds lead in struggling retail construction sector

Construction Dive

While the decline of brick-and-mortar shopping caused double-digit decreases in the value of retail work underway in many metros, the city and its suburbs' work increased 4% last year, finds a new report

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New Ideas for Old Shopping Malls: 3 Ways Retail Developers are Remixing the Shopping Center Experience

Commercial Construction

Coming out of the International Council of Shopping Centers’ RECon convention in Las Vegas last month, there’s been a lot of conversation in the media around the future of retail development.

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Shopping Center Development Strategies: How to Win Against Online Retail

Commercial Construction

The rise of on-line shopping has been a boon to retailers, but if we are honest, it has been detrimental to commercial general construction, with the closing of many brick and mortar retail stores. Sometimes, it’s not enough to add new retail concepts.

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Viva Las Vegas: CRE and Retail Construction Insights and Trends from ICSC RECon

Commercial Construction

Earlier this month, the Englewood team headed to Las Vegas for RECon , the global retail real estate convention hosted annually by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). Big Discussion Around Repositioning Vacant Retail Space.

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Retail Construction: Successful Steps in Grocery Store Redevelopment

Commercial Construction

Parking is important with almost any retail construction project, but with grocery, it is even more important. Obviously, a grocery store requires more infrastructure than a typical retail location, with the freezer section and a powerful HVAC system necessary.

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How to Win the Olympics of International Retail Construction

Commercial Construction

While most of us will accept delayed Olympic news due to the time zone difference, the same isn’t true when working with international brands and new retail construction. Because of the influx of international shoppers to the city, you can expect a rise in international retailers in Chicago.

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The future is a numbers game for retail and restaurants


Brick-and-mortar retailers, already gasping for air under pressure from ecommerce, were dealt a critical blow by the spread of the coronavirus that forced most stores and restaurants to close, or at best operate as carryout- or delivery-only providers

$4B Miami Worldcenter breaks ground on new retail, parking

Construction Dive

This latest construction start will add to the retail and residential projects already under construction at the mega-development

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Chicago Retail Construction News and Trends – 2011 Updates

Commercial Construction

Now that spring is officially here, I wanted to reflect on the Chicago retail construction trends and news we’ve seen so far in 2011. We still see retailers/landlords/owners take bids from the best Chicago contractors as well as pick-up truck GCs.

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Ready For Retail In Cape Coral

Business Facilities

Read Ready For Retail In Cape Coral on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions. Business Clusters/Corridors Featured Industry Focus Magazine Highlights Quality Of Life Retail BF-March/April-2017 Business Incentives Cape Coral Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Economic Development florida Manufacturing Quality of Life Site Selection tax climate Workforce Development

Commercial Retail Construction: How to Manage Today’s New Major Shopping Center Development

Commercial Construction

Now, that is not to say there has not been a decent amount of new Chicago retail construction , or nationwide work in the past two decades. This is a very clever concept that has borrowed from old, yet successful retail construction trends and infused with new retail trends for 2013.

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Caterpillar Retail Sales Up 19%

Construction Equipment

Caterpillar reported a 19-percent Y/Y increase in worldwide retail machine sales for the rolling three-month period ending in October, outgaining September's 13-percent advance

Retailers Pay Millions for Hazardous Waste Violations

Green Building Law Update

Retailers across the nation are buttressing their trash disposal practices after Dollar General Stores and Big Lots Stores paid Millions of dollars to settle civil suits for environmental violations for the unlawful disposal of hazardous waste, including customer returned merchandise and batteries.

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Five trends for airport retail


Once relegated to tired sundries and souvenir shops, airport retail is literally cleared for takeoff. With a projected growth of over 70% in the next four years, it’s one of the fastest growing segments in retail

Medical offices are filling space vacated by retail


yesterday disclosed its plans for a $100 million-plus expansion that will add a hotel, grocery, multifamily housing, fitness centers, restaurants, coworking spaces, more retail, and a medical office building The 1.2-million-sf shopping mall Rosedale Center in Roseville, Minn.,

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Industry Focus – Retail: Less Than Six Degrees of Separation

Buisness Facilities Contributed Content

Retail accounts for more than $2 trillion in total GDP impact with consumer spending accounting for more than two-thirds of the U.S. The Tarpon Point Resort at Marina Village is home to a number of upscale retail shops and restaurants. CAPE CORAL: PRIMED FOR RETAILERS.

Retail Construction Trends 2010 Update: Outside the Big Box

Commercial Construction

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t seeing interesting retail construction projects or innovative commercial construction retrofits, like the 23 up-and-coming new-store concepts as noted by Retail Traffic. There also is definitely something in the water with baby/children-focused retailers.

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Retail's age of experimentation


E-commerce and mobile technology have drastically altered retail customers’ expectations on service and convenience. In January, Amazon opened its new concept store, Amazon Go. Customers simply grab items off of the shelves and walk out of the 1,800-sf store. Checkout and payment are handled automatically via the Amazon app on their smartphones. No lines. No cash registers. It’s the ultimate in brick-and-mortar shopping convenience

Retail Construction Trends: Shopping Center Construction Enters Renaissance with Renovation Work

Commercial Construction

All of this commercial construction activity is taking place because smart owners and retail investors realize they need to refresh, rebrand and reimage the shopping experience to be competitive in the future. Land was cheaper and national retailers were chasing rooftops in the housing boom.

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Choosing Flooring for Retail Environments

GCP Applied Technologies

Choosing Flooring for Retail Environments. In today’s retail environments, floors aren’t just a surface to walk on…they play a key role in helping create a positive customer experience. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when selecting flooring for retail establishments.

Choosing Flooring for Retail Environments

GCP Applied Technologies

Choosing Flooring for Retail Environments. In today’s retail environments, floors aren’t just a surface to walk on…they play a key role in helping create a positive customer experience. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when selecting flooring for retail establishments.

How Shifts in Shopping Have Changed Retail Construction

Construction Business Owner

When large, big-box chain stores were being built during the 1980s and 1990s, breaking into the business was a relatively straightforward enterprise for smaller construction firms hoping to expand.

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Brick-and-mortar retail is not dead—here’s proof


Depending on whom you ask, brick-and-mortar retail stores are not just on shaky ground, they’re on a precipice of complete oblivion. Honestly, I am exhausted by the constant death knell for retail.

Commercial Construction Tips on Dividing a Retail Box into a Multi-Tenant Space

Commercial Construction

As a shopping center landlord or retail developer, you might find yourself with a big empty retail space you need fill – especially if you had Borders or Circuit City as a tenant. What was once an Ethan Allen store in Wheaton….

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