Planning for Success: Three Commercial Construction Industry Tips for 2016

Commercial Construction

Here are three key points we consider every year, which can apply to any company in the commercial real estate industry in planning for the future: 1. Commercial Construction General Construction Strategies and Operations construction management Construction strategies Planning

Breakthrough Marketing Plans for Construction Brands

Construction Marketing Blog

So, to address this yearly task, the CMA is conducting a marketing national survey and launching a webinar entitled Breakthrough Marketing Plans for Construction Brands which will be held on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 1 PM CDT. Breakthrough Marketing Plans – Call for Panelists.

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Bluebeam Revu: Site Planning 101

Carol Hagen

Site Planning just became easier with the Blubeeam Revu 2015 release thanks to the new Sketch Tools. Whether you want to place a crane, trailer or define a temporary parking lot you can now define dimensions and also create scalable tools to reuse with your common site plan items.

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The Constructor

Planning, scheduling is an important part of the construction management. Planning and scheduling of construction activities helps engineers to. Construction Construction Management Construction Project Construction Planning Construction Projects Project Management

Construction Crisis Management Begins With a Plan


There is no substitute for a crisis management plan to streamline your efforts when dealing with the unthinkable. Having a plan, however, doesn’t always take the sting out of a crisis since there are plenty of situations you can’t plan for.

Aconex resurrects IPO plans

Extranet Evolution

Just a couple of weeks after postponing a planned Au$230m initial public offering (IPO) just 24 hours before it was due to publish its prospectus , Melbourne-based Software-as-a-Software construction collaboration technology vendor Aconex is (according to a report by Sally Rose in The Age ) to be back on track to float after a revised IPO secured $140 million from cornerstone investors. Aconex IPO reportedly downsized but back on track for a December 2014 ASX listing.

Bluebeam Tips: Plan Set Page Numbers from Title Block Sheet Names

Carol Hagen

Construction plan sets can be hundreds of pages long and often are delivered to contractors as one PDF with 100+ pages, with the page numbers labeled from 1… 100+. To determine if you are working with scanned plans, you may want to review my prior blog post on searchable text.

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Planning for Bridge Construction

The Constructor

Planning for bridge construction is required as it has huge impact on life of people. Social, scientific and technological dimensions for bridge. Bridges Structures Bridge Bridge Construction

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Plan to Accelerate Georgia Nuclear Power Project Failed Badly

ENR Construction

According to recent testimony, contractors on the Plant Vogtle nuclear project saw their plan to accelerate construction fall far short of its intended effect

Disaster Recovery Begins with Disaster Planning


If yours is one of the construction businesses spared when disaster strikes your area, you might agree with one builder who quipped in the wake of Hurricane Sandy that he always "looked forward to a natural disaster.”

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Plan to Accelerate Vogtle Construction Failed Badly

ENR Construction

According to recent testimony, contractors on the Plant Vogtle nuclear project saw their plan to accelerate construction fall far short of its intended effect

Does Your Company Have a Hardware Disposal Plan?


Rather than taking up office space, create a hardware disposal plan. For most construction companies, old technology sits in the dark recesses of the office collecting dust. technology management program recycle

The Force Reveals Plans for New Home

Construction Equipment

George Lucas' highly-anticipated Lucas Museum of Narrative Art at Exposition Park in Los Angeles has received approval from the Los Angeles Planning Commission who signed off on the plans Thursday.

Screw Loose: What Happens When Working Off Outdated Plans


Getting the latest plans is crucial to a successful finished project. Take a look at some funny outcomes when communication fails on the jobsite. improving communication construction humor

Comprehensive Facility Maintenance Plan

Building Information Management

Comprehensive Facility Maintenance Plan / CFMP. The cornerstone of any CFMP should be preventive maintenance.

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A Super Green Building Planned for Brussels

Jetson Green

His plans call for turning the city’s industrial area of Brussels into a sustainable community. They plan to renovate existing buildings, as well as build new high-rises, which would be equipped with a wide array of sustainable features.

Senators Worry About Trump 2018 Budget Plans for DOT

ENR Construction

Collins and Reed are concerned about how the budget plan will affect programs such as the popular TIGER grants

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Key Employee Retention Plans for Construction Firms

ENR Construction

Retaining Top Talent Remains a Challenge for Privately-Held Companies

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One-Third Of Employers Plan To Hire Immigrant Workers In 2017

Business Facilities Blog

Read One-Third Of Employers Plan To Hire Immigrant Workers In 2017 on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions. Daily News Featured International Surveys & Research Workforce Development CareerBuilder Employment Expansion foreign-born workers hiring plans immigrant workers Immigration Survey U.S. Immigrant backlash is not impacting hiring of job candidates born outside the U.S., according to a new CareerBuilder Survey.


The Safety Blog

You can also develop a fatigue management plan. What do the Metro North derailment, Exxon Valdez, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and a few other notable aircraft incidents have in common? Fatigue. Employee fatigue played a role in all these tragedies and many more.

Trump Talks Up Infrastructure Plan, Highlights Waterways

ENR Construction

Industry welcomes speech, though short on details, that spotlights waterways needs

Details of a Fully Developed Emergency Action Plan

The Safety Blog

Just like a Job Hazard Assessment (JHA) is a way to develop every day employee safe work practices, an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is planning for possible workplace emergencies. evacuation plan, shelter in place, and fire prevention). Fire Prevention Plan.

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OSHA infectious disease plan criticized by small business panel

FDR Safety

OSHA’s proposal to set a standard to ensure that employers establish a comprehensive infection control program has run into resistance from a small-business panel convened to review the proposed regulation.


Strategic Facility Management Execution Plan

Building Information Management

Competency: Space Planning, Utilization. Asset Lifecycle Model. Facility / Infrastructure Total Cost of Ownership Management. Framework, Glossary & Definitions. Life-cycle versus first-cost perspective. Value-based procurement. Outcome-focused LEAN management.

Norway Approves Plan for 1.7-km Ship Tunnel

ENR Construction

On April 5, the Norwegian government approved the world’s first ship tunnel, a bold scheme to cut a passage through the bottom of the Stad peninsula

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Control Costs with Planned Maintenance

Construction Business Owner

It is easy to think you have a handle on heavy equipment cost of ownership, only to find your profits fall short due to partial calculations on planned maintenance.

Denver Airport Officials Unveil Terminal Upgrade Plan

ENR Construction

Officials at Denver International Airport and the city of Denver are completing negotiations on a $650-million-plus project to remake DIA’s terminal


The Constructor

Construction project planning is a process of documenting action based plans for completion of project in time. Construction project planning. Construction Construction Management Construction Project Construction Planning Construction Projects Planning

Planning In-Situ Testing of Concrete for Strength, Durability and Damages

The Constructor

Planning in-situ testing of concrete for strength, durability and damages includes considering the most suitable tests to obtain the established. Concrete Concrete Durability How To Guide Non-Destructive Tests Concrete Technology Concrete Tests Durability Tests on Concrete

Israel Approves Plan for Tallest Skyscraper

ENR Construction

Tel Aviv high-rise, set to be 400 m tall, is part of the city's buildup

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Heathrow Owner Plans $19-Billion Expansion

ENR Construction

The design to nearly double the airport footprint includes a 3,500-m-long runway and new terminals

Louisiana Begins Planning on Impacts of Connected, Autonomous Vehicles

ENR Construction

Efforts are underway in Louisiana to determine the possible impacts and new requirements for highway infrastructure that may result should the use of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) grow

Harvard Program Pushes Sustainable Infrastructure in Urban Planning

ENR Construction

A Harvard University graduate school of design program has published a guidebook for municipalities in how to take an integrated approach to designing and building sustainable infrastructure in concert with urban planning

Essential Guide to Exit Planning

Construction Business Owner

A key attribute of every good leader is having a solid plan for his/her exit. Industry experts suggest having an exit plan in place at least three years before your exit. The sooner you plan, the more control you have over the process

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How Smart Subcontractors Spot Revisions on Plans

Carol Hagen

When conditions and ideas change, so do the plans. When estimating the financial impact of these changes, subcontractors are often pressed for time and need an efficient way of locating the differences between plan sets. Revisions and Addenda are common in construction projects.

Job Order Contract Execution Plan

Building Information Management

Job Order Contract Execution Plan. Check & ensure completeness and accuracy of JOC Execution Plan. Goals for Job Order Contract. Establish a process to improve renovation and repair project productivity and quality. Integrate design with collaborative owner/contractor process.

Create a Plan for Project Protection

Construction Business Owner

As the peak construction season begins to slow down, many companies will review what occurred in 2016 and begin to project for the remainder of the year. Unlike the fiscal year, an evaluation of your company’s risks and its approach to risk management does not end December 31.

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