Direct Design of Concrete Pipes for Sewer Sanitary

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There are three methods for design of concrete pipes for sewer sanitary. Direct design of concrete pipes, its applicability and criteria are. Concrete Technology Guide For CIvil Engineer Concrete Technology Pipeline

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Marston-Spangler Load Analysis Theory for Sewer Sanitary System

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Marston-Spangler theory for analysis of loads on sewer sanitary pipes is applicable for most of the loading conditions encountered at construction.

How to Set Up Sewer Sanitary System Layout?

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Sewer sanitary system consists of network of pipelines to carry wastewater from houses to wastewater treatment system. Setting up layout for sewer. Building Technology and Construction Guide Building Tips Environmental Engg Buildings Environmental Engineering Sewers Wastewater

Quality, Handling and Installation of Sewer Sanitary Pipes

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Quality checking, handling and installation of sewer sanitary pipes requires utmost care. Evaluation of sewer pipe quality and installation practices. Construction Engineering & Management Environmental Engg Construction Environmental Engineering

7 Steps to get rid of sewer flies

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Lifting the water closet to replace the gasket allowed a dozen sewer flies to take flight! Nasty looking buggers and the homeowners groaned, “We can’t seem to get rid of those pests.”. read more. Yates Plumbing Registered User

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Bay Area Cities To Spend $1.5 Billion for Sewer Upgrades

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Upgrades to sewer systems will prevent discharges of raw sewage into San Francisco Bay. Infrastructure

Video: Sewer-Gat(or)

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Just after 11:00 a.m. Monday, the Martin County Sheriff's office in Florida received a call from a contractor asking for help to get a five-foot alligator out of a large underground water pipe.

Report exposes serious gaps in Michigan water and sewer infrastructure investment

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Communities throughout Michigan face challenge of updating aging water and sewer systems.

Deep Shaft Cleaning Machine Installed at Blue Plains AWWTF

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has struggled with outdated sewer systems, especially during major rain events. These events overwhelm the current system and cause combined sewer overflow to dump untreated sewage and stormwater. It is no secret that Washington D.C.

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How to design a sewer line pipe

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This construction video tutorial sheds light on the methods for sewer line or sewer pipe as well as different types of sewer pipe. Here, the calculation for design is shown for each type of sewer pipe mentioned above.

Special Construction of Sewer Sanitary Pipe System -Methods and Considerations

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Certain conditions may be encountered during sewer sanitary pipe system construction. So, special methods and considerations for sewer pipe. Building Technology and Construction Guide Construction Engineering & Management Buildings Construction Sewers

How to estimate materials for a underground sewer pipe

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By watching this construction video tutorial, one can learn how to make calculation for sewer line in a building construction. On the basis of materials, there exist different types of sewer pipes like clay pipe, concrete pipe, cast iron & transite pipe, orangeberg and plastic PVC or ABS.

Backfilling of Sewer Sanitary Trench -Compaction and Equipments

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Backfilling of sewer sanitary trench is required after installation of sewer pipes. Methods of compaction and equipments for sewer trench backfilling. Geotechnical Engineering Backfilling

Design and Construction of Flexible Sewer Sanitary Pipes

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There are various types of flexible pipes used in of sewer sanitary system. Design and construction of such sewer pipes with calculations are. Construction Engineering & Management Construction

D.C. authority wants to halt sewer tunnel projects while investigating green stormwater alternatives


The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority has proposed building three tunnels to help manage sewage overflows. It now proposes suspending construction of the tunnels while it conducts an eight-year study on green infrastructure to see if there are more sustainable options. Greener alternatives may include tree planting, bio-retention facilities, rain gardens, green roofs, and infiltration basins. read more. Regulations Codes and Standards

London Water Utility Seeks Investors for $7-Billion Sewer Overflow Fix

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Infrastructure Provider will be required to invest around $1.7 billion in equity and raise the balance in loans. Infrastructure

Consortium Gets Greenlight to Move Forward on London Mega-Sewer

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The $6.6-billion project will begin construction in 2016. Infrastructure

Sewer Company Cited After Cave-Ins at Two Job Sites

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OSHA has cited Taylor’s Drain and Sewer Service for 10 safety violations, including two willful. OSHA found that the company failed to protect workers from cave-ins during trenching operations at two separate jobs sites in Lincoln, Neb., leading to a worker suffering a serious injury.

Judge OK's Baltimore Sewage Rehab Plan

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A consent decree to rehabilitate Baltimore’s century-old sewer system has been endorsed by a federal judge

Are Drones the Future of Construction?


They used a $1,200 drone to observe construction crews pouring concrete and digging a sewer line trench when they found that operating the drones for any purpose other than a hobby requires a certification, and they must be operated by licensed pilots with operating approval.


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The multibillion-dollar, long-term DC Clean Rivers Project is designed to achieve a 96% reduction in combined sewer overflows. Continue Reading. All Water Treatment Construction

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Project of the Year - Blue Plains Tunnel

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Environmental Protection Agency issued a set of very detailed directions for ending the persistent flooding of the District of the Columbia’s 61-square-mile watershed from the city’s combined-sewer overflow system

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Is a trench a permit-required confined space?

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Tapping/tying into an existing sewer line inside of a trench to make a connection. An example might be a 30-inch pipeline laid inside the trench that ties into a sewer line. A question sometimes comes up as to whether a trench or other excavation is a permit-required confined space under OSHA standards.

Award of Merit: Water/Environment

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Lower Beacon Street Sewer Separation. Bonus Regions

Exceptionally Safe Worksite Awarded OSHA Commendation

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Kana Pipeline, based in Placentia, California, specializes in 'wet' pipeline installations such as sewer, water, and storm drainage structures.

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Sewer Contractor Fined for Trenching Hazards

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for failing to protect workers from cave-in hazards after an employee’s leg was broken when a trench wall collapsed during a residential sewer line installation. OSHA has cited Kuechle Underground Inc. of Kimball, Minn.,

WWETT Show displays many ways to grind, scope, pump

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The annual Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show here mostly attracts the muni crowd interested in big truck-mounted jetters, pumps and sewer relining.

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DC's 'Lady Bird' Almost Done Digging (Video)

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The tunnel boring machine named “Lady Bird”, tasked with building a new a sewer tunnel more than 100 feet under the Potomac River, is expected to resurface in one week, reports The Washington Post

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5 Green Construction Practices that are becoming Standard Commercial Construction Procedures

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This includes standard erosion control measures like installing silt fence around the job site and putting filtering material in manhole covers to prevent sediment from entering storm sewers.

Baltimore To Spend $1.6B on Sewerage System Upgrade

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century-old sewer system, clearing the way for a $1.6-billion strategy to stop. A federal judge has endorsed a consent decree to rehabilitate Baltimore's. millions of gallons of wastewater from leaking into the city's Inner Harbor and the Chesapeake Bay within the next 13 years

Chicago Construction Worker Dies in Sewer Flood

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a 25-year-old worker employed by Kenny Construction, died Wednesday night performing sewer maintenance when flash floods swept through the Chicago area, according to the Chicago Tribune Gustavo Briceno Jr.,

Crumbling Infrastructure Causing Uptick in Man-Made Sinkholes

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Roger Schneider of The Associated Press writes that sinkholes due to failing water, drain and sewer pipes are appearing at an increasing rate. Cities who have been putting off repairing or replacing water infrastructure projects are looking at some budget-busting construction costs.

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Video: 3D Concrete Printer on Dozer-type Tracks

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The CyBe RC 3Dp has been used in several projects including 3D printing concrete sewer pits

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Illinois Plumbing Contractor Ignores 3 OSHA Warnings In One Month

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Less than three weeks after being cited for exposing workers to unsafe trenches, federal investigators saw a Chicago plumbing contractor, Og Plumbing, exposing the same four-man crew to trenching hazards as they worked on sewer and water utilities at two locations in Oak Park on consecutive days in March 2016.

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Contractor Cited For Letting Employees Work in Unprotected Trench

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At the time of the inspection, workers were installing sewer lines at the intersection of Lee and Washington Roads in Fort Jackson, S.C.

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Utah Needs $13.7B for Water, Sewer Infrastructure

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billion in spending over the next 20 years to construct and upgrade its water and sewer systems, according to state officials. billion in spending over the next 20 years to construct and upgrade its water and sewer systems, according to state officials. Utah requires $13.7 Utah requires $13.7 October 29, 2012. read more

Green infrastructure prominent in Akron, Ohio's sewer plans


City officials in Akron, Ohio want to prevent stormwater from entering its combined sewer system through the use of green infrastructure. Among the features being considered are the use of soils and plants as well as man-made structures such as cisterns and permeable pavement. ( [link] ).