Passive House is “In” in 2017

Green Building Law Update

As you consider what’s “in” and what’s “out” in 2017, within the realm of green building, Passive House is in. This “passive” approach, in contrast with active systems based on a constant supply of conditioned air by HVAC systems is the basis of Passive House.

3 Construction Strategies for Senior Community Housing Renovation Projects

Commercial Construction

Additionally, many national senior housing operators are in “acquisition” mode and are boosting their portfolio by snapping up value-add properties they can remodel and put under their brand umbrella.

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Cottonwood House

SAB Magazine

The Cottonwood Passive House is one of the first homes in Alberta built to the Passive House standard. EcoHouse CanPhi David Zeibin ecoHouse Canada German Passive House standard passive house Passive House Standard sustainable architecture and building

Sustainability in Multifamily Housing

Collaborative Construction

What can the built industry do to encourage sustainability in multifamily housing complexes in the Cincinnati area?

Global Solutions House

SAB Magazine

Designed and built as an Aging-in-Place affordable housing model with the possibility for a secondary suite, the Passive E House will serve in part as a demonstration.

Passive House Case Study

SAB Magazine

The Salus Corporation is a Canadian charity that provides housing and support services for clients with mental health needs.

How I built that: The hell and heaven of house builders


House building projects are tough. House builders have to take into account a plethora of parameters in order to successfully design, develop and eventually. Construction Management construction software for house builders house builder pains house building cost house building pains

Aspen Root Passive House

SAB Magazine

The Aspen Root Passive Home is the culmination of a 25-year journey for the owners who both work in the environmental industry and are committed to reducing their own ecological footprint.

5 Tips to Buying a Luxury Lake House in Minnesota

Construction Marketing

The scenic view surrounding your house should be eye-catching and breathtaking. All this can be achieved by finding the perfect lake house. Below are some of the tips that will help you buy a luxury lake house in Minnesota: 1. The services include Lake House plans that are specially designed to your taste. When it comes to buying luxury houses, a qualified agent would be to your benefit. An agent will act as a guide to your dream lake house.

The biggest house builders in the UK


The UK market is experiencing a shortage of houses at the moment, which has led to a higher demand. A demand which has had a positive impact on the big house builders of the UK. Construction Biggest construction home builder house builder project management Uk

Passive House picks up steam


Its 20 floors of office space—which Handel Architects designed in collaboration with MIT’s Metabolic Design Office—are being taken one step further to meet the Passive House Institute’s rigorous standards for energy efficiency

What’s the cheapest way to build a house?


What’s the cheapest way to build a house? Finding the most affordable way to build a house might sound like a lot of work. Construction Management build a house cheapest way to build a house contractor home building

Renovated Rammed Earth House Becomes a Bookstore

Natural Building

The Paddy Field Bookstore, located among paddy fields in the Xiadi village in China, is made from the remains of an abandoned house. The umbrella-style roof design allows visitors a view of the village while keeping the traditional structure of the house.

Kenogami House

SAB Magazine

The Kenogami House in Saguenay, Quebec is the first home built under Ecohome’s Net Zero Heat program. Building Case Studies EcoHouse Award from Green Builder© Media Best Resilient Design ecoHouse Canada LEED point score Mike Reynolds Net Zero Heat program The Kenogami House

Student housing vs. multifamily housing—what are the differences?


ulti-family housing and student housing have many similarities. Not only do they share many of the same building methods and construction types, but design team members skilled in multi-family housing often adjust well to student housing

House Passes Bill to Accelerate Border Wall Construction


cnstrctr Insight The article that we are featuring today was posted in the Arizona Capital Times and addresses a vote which was recently had in the House which allows private property owners to construct a wall or fence without prior approval from the municipality.

Modern Passive House

Jetson Green

Related Articles on Innovative New Passive House Prefab. Small Passive House Can be Built in Just 10 Days. Passive House alternative energy energy efficiency green building green technology modern architecture modern design net-zero passive house passivhaus

Eco-Social Housing in Wales

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Western Solar has completed three innovative housing projects using a special low-energy design that was pioneered at Wales’ first solar village in Glanrhyd, Pembrokeshire, in 2017. The timber frame houses are built according to passive house principles.

Strathcona Net Zero House

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The Strathcona Net Zero House, with an Energuide Rating of 95, is located in the 100 year-old neighbourhood of Old Strathcona in Edmonton.

Passive House set to make strides

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Viewpoint Canadian Passive House Institute MURBs passive house Passive House Standard Rob Bernhardt The fundamentals of Passive HouseEnergy efficiency is not the only consideration in designing sustainable buildings, but most would say that it's at the top of the list.

How to Keep Residents Happy During a Senior Housing Community Renovation

Commercial Construction

Last month, I had the opportunity to check in with an Illinois Real Estate Journal reporter for a feature on the latest trends in senior housing ( you can read the article here ). Englewood recently renovated this occupied senior housing community in Nevada.

Passive House Design:

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EcoHouse Casa Luca DLP Architecture ecoHouse Canada Lucio Picciano Architect nergy efficiency and ethical building practices passive houseToo often we equate energy efficiency with sustainability, overlooking considerations of form and design.

Growing Your House with Mycelium

Natural Building

The post Growing Your House with Mycelium appeared first on Natural Building Blog. The Growing Pavillion — a building in the Netherlands made from mushrooms — cleans the air as it grows.

Tiny House Development in Detroit Aims to Offer Affordable Housing

Jetson Green

The Detroit-based non-profit Cass Community Social Services (CCSS) recently unveiled the first six tiny homes already completed as part of their affordable housing solution in the area. The housing is intended for low-income seniors, students, and even homeless people.

The future of sustainable and affordable housing


Global warming is one of the main reasons why sustainable housing is ideal for future construction. Today in many countries there is a lack of housing while population growth is increasing and poverty is found all over the world.

The ecohome demo house

SAB Magazine

The wall we designed for the Demo House is best categorized as a ‘REMOTE’ wall, a high-performance building envelope developed by the Cold Climate Housing Research Centre in Alaska.

Fisher Houses

ENR Construction

Building the nonprofit Fisher House Foundation’s two 16-bedroom houses—where military and veterans’ families can stay free of charge while a loved one is receiving care at the James J.

Underwater Floating House

Jetson Green

Here’s a unique floating house idea. According to the developers, the Floating Seahorse houses are more environmentally friendly as well as more cost-effective. Related Articles on Plans for the Floating House Freely Available. A Flood Proof House?

Tiny House Communities Can Solve Social Problems

Natural Building

Every single house is different on purpose,” said the Rev. Cass’s eclectic community is meant as the opposite of monolithic public housing. Gladys Ferguson, who is in her 60s and has severe arthritis, rents Cass’s yellow gabled house for $350 a month.

De Waal Net Zero House, Edmonton

SAB Magazine

Building Case Studies Canadian Green Building Awards De Waal Developments De Waal Net Zero House Designex Consulting Edmonton’s Ecosolar home tour EnerGuide rating TECHNICAL AWARD WINNER

Bois Ellen Housing Co-op

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The recently completed Bois Ellen Co-op is located in the City of Laval near the Place de la Concorde train and metro station, a neighbourhood that is in transition toward multi-residential housing.

Metro 52

What is Affordable Concrete House Construction?

The Constructor

Affordable concrete house construction is needed at current times more than ever before due population growth, depletion of energy source, and other.

10 house building strategies that actually work


Guest Posts guest posts home building software house builders house building strategiesManaging a range of construction projects at one time is incredibly challenging, don’t delude yourself into thinking otherwise.

What is Passive House?

SAB Magazine

EcoHouse CanPhi ecoHouse Canada energy-efficient building design passive house Rob Bernhardt sustainable architecture and buildingThe world’s most energy-efficient building design explained.

Gorgeous and Light-Filled Passive House

Jetson Green

But thankfully, that is starting to change in recent times, as is clearly demonstrated by the so-called Tigh na Croit house recently built in Scotland. Hopefully, this home is one of the heralds of a new era of more occupant-friendly Passive House designs. Modern Passive House.

The Ecohome Demo House

SAB Magazine

The Ecohome Demonstration House is well underway, the following page chronicles the first stage of constuction, building the slab-on-grade.

Bedford Park House

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The Bedford Park House in Toronto is a 3,100 sq. Building Case Studies ALEX TEDESCO Bedford Park House geothermal system LGA Architectural Partners Radiant Floor Heating SabMagazine sustainable architecture and building

A Village of Earthen Houses in Vietnam

Natural Building

Nestled at the foot of a mountain range in the northern province of Ha Giang, Vietnam, Lo Lo Chai Village is comprised of mostly earthen houses. With their rammed-earth walls, tiled roofs and stone fences, the houses are typical architecture of the local Lo Lo ethnic community.

Details about low cost housing

Construction Cost Estimating

Low Cost Housing is gaining popularity in recent times. The low cost housing is performed by managing all the resources perfectly. 5) Plan in advance each constituent of a house and streamline the design method for minimizing the size of the constituent in the building.

Passive House Worth Noting

Jetson Green

Lansdowne Drive is a passive house that was recently built in London by the firm Tectonics Architects. It’s certainly passive house architecture at its best, and a great example of modern architecture to boot. The lower level houses the entrance, bedrooms and bathrooms.