What Is The Strongest Foundation For A House


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Modular: Rapid-Fire Affordable Housing


I have always been inspired by stories of affordable housing—especially those that are built extremely quickly. Now, we are seeing this market really beginning to explode, with a number of examples of how companies are delivering affordable housing.

How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally (12Tips)


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Passive House is “In” in 2017

Green Building Law Update

As you consider what’s “in” and what’s “out” in 2017, within the realm of green building, Passive House is in. This “passive” approach, in contrast with active systems based on a constant supply of conditioned air by HVAC systems is the basis of Passive House. Those design principles were systematized by Bo Adamson and Wolfgang Feist, who founded the Passive House Institute (Passivhaus Institut) in 1996 in Darmstadt, Germany.

3 Construction Strategies for Senior Community Housing Renovation Projects

Commercial Construction

Additionally, many national senior housing operators are in “acquisition” mode and are boosting their portfolio by snapping up value-add properties they can remodel and put under their brand umbrella. Based on our own experience and best practices, here are three commercial construction strategies for senior living community owners and operators to consider when starting a senior housing renovation project: 1.

Selling a House with Solar Panels is Fraught with Peril

Green Building Law Update

There are nearly 2 Million houses in the U.S. It can be perilous to fail to properly address rooftop solar panels at the time of sale of a house. Obviously that language creates issues when selling a house with solar panels installed on the roof that belong to someone else.

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How I built that: The hell and heaven of house builders

Lets Build

House building projects are tough. House builders have to take into account a plethora of parameters in order to successfully design, develop and eventually. Construction Management construction software for house builders house builder pains house building cost house building painsThe distance between hell and heaven in a project like that can be extremely short.

5 Tips to Buying a Luxury Lake House in Minnesota

Construction Marketing

The scenic view surrounding your house should be eye-catching and breathtaking. All this can be achieved by finding the perfect lake house. Below are some of the tips that will help you buy a luxury lake house in Minnesota: 1. The services include Lake House plans that are specially designed to your taste. When it comes to buying luxury houses, a qualified agent would be to your benefit. An agent will act as a guide to your dream lake house.

How to Inspect Stability of the Foundation Before Buying House?

The Constructor

If you plan on buying an old house in a geographical area with a known propensity for differential foundation movements, then it is always wise to.

Affordable Housing


median income and housing affordability according to the NAHB (National Assn. of Home Builders) / Wells Fargo HOI (Housing Opportunity Index ). Housing demand started the year strong, interest rates are expected to stay at low levels for the foreseeable future, and home prices have held stable over the past four quarters. As virus mitigation efforts show signs of success, workers will return to their jobs, and housing will help lead the economic recovery.

The biggest house builders in the UK

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The UK market is experiencing a shortage of houses at the moment, which has led to a higher demand. A demand which has had a positive impact on the big house builders of the UK. Construction Biggest construction home builder house builder project management UkSeveral of them have reported a rise in sales due to the healthy demand for new homes. Amongst others, is.

What?s the cheapest way to build a house?

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What’s the cheapest way to build a house? Finding the most affordable way to build a house might sound like a lot of work. Construction Management build a house cheapest way to build a house contractor home buildingThat’s the million dollar question for many people out there. Truth is that it can be really challenging. Nevertheless, with the right plan and some good research, it can be much.

Cottonwood House

SAB Magazine

The Cottonwood Passive House is one of the first homes in Alberta built to the Passive House standard. EcoHouse CanPhi David Zeibin ecoHouse Canada German Passive House standard passive house Passive House Standard sustainable architecture and buildingLocated in a developer subdivision, the owners and project team hope to demonstrate that exceptional energy efficiency is a realistic and achievable goal, even in a suburban context.

What?s the cheapest way to build a house?

Lets Build

Finding the most affordable way to build a house might sound like a lot of work. Construction Management build a house cheapest way to build a house contractor home buildingThat’s the million dollar question for many people out there. Truth is that it can be really challenging. Nevertheless, with the right plan and some good research, it can be much easier than you think. What you always need.

House Raising on the Coast

ENR Construction

On the shore south of Boston, houses are going up

Global Solutions House

SAB Magazine

Designed and built as an Aging-in-Place affordable housing model with the possibility for a secondary suite, the Passive E House will serve in part as a demonstration. EcoHouse Structure & Exterior Envelope Cody Smith ecoHouse Canada EnerGuide rating Global Solutions House Global Sustainable Solutions ICF Construction LEED-registered project Passive E House Passive House principles passive solar design Solar Ready guidelines

The future of sustainable and affordable housing

Lets Build

Global warming is one of the main reasons why sustainable housing is ideal for future construction. Today in many countries there is a lack of housing while population growth is increasing and poverty is found all over the world. One of the solutions to these problems can be sustainable housing, but whether these homes can be made affordable enough for the average Joe to own or rent is another question.

2020 Housing Giants [Builder Rankings]

Pro Builder

2020 Housing Giants [Builder Rankings]. Each annual Housing Giants list is a snapshot in time of builders’ perceived opportunities and challenges. Pro Builder has been publishing its Housing Giants list for more than 50 years now and, in doing so, has chronicled housing’s ups and downs. In 2019, at long last, housing data started showing the fruits of the industry’s labors. Each Housing Giants list is a snapshot in time and this one is no exception.

House Democrats introduce $1.5T infrastructure bill

Construction Dive

The bill includes $500 billion in green measures at the same time construction industry groups have called for additional streamlining of environmental and permitting reviews

Passive Narrow House

SAB Magazine

Located in a jungle of hip roofs, white vinyl, and pink stucco in East Vancouver, the Passive Narrow House makes green home ownership more affordable through careful planning, use of simple forms, and a combination of inexpensive yet durable materials that reduce maintenance costs. EcoHouse Allison Holden-Pope Compact house ecoHouse Canada high-performance housing passive house passive strategies

David's Catfish House


And until December of 2019, it felt like there was something missing: a good, old-fashioned catfish house

Sustainability in Multifamily Housing

Collaborative Construction

What can the built industry do to encourage sustainability in multifamily housing complexes in the Cincinnati area? Join us next Friday, February 17, 2017 as Collaborative Construction and Benjamin Yocum & Heather joined forces with BrainBox and others to discuss Managing Sustainability in Multifamily Units in Cincinnati. Breakfast, networking opportunities and lunch provided! The event runs from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Passive House Case Study

SAB Magazine

The Salus Corporation is a Canadian charity that provides housing and support services for clients with mental health needs. Building Case Studies Anthony Leaning CSV Architects environmental stewardship High-performance heat recovery ventilators High-performance triple-glazing with two low-E coatings indoor air quality passive house Passive House standards SABMag SabMagazine Salus Clementine Housing Sustainable Architecture and Building Magazine

Cob House Tour and Demonstration

Natural Building

The post Cob House Tour and Demonstration appeared first on Natural Building Blog. Take a tour, learn how cob is made, and get inspired by this wonderful, debt-free family and their sustainable lifestyle. You can watch the video at www.youtube.com.

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Modularity in Housing


Another reaction to the pandemic has been an increased interest in modular housing. Modular or system-built housing hasn’t been as popular with the market as site-built homes, but the COVID-19 pandemic might be changing that. According to Freedonia Group , demand for modular housing is forecast to rise 5.2% Modular homes, unlike traditional manufactured housing, are installed on foundations or slabs and are not designed to be moved after installation.

Biden's Promised Changes to the Housing Market

Pro Builder

Biden's Promised Changes to the Housing Market. Along the campaign trail, President-elect Joe Biden promised changes to housing plans in order to create more opportunities for low- and middle-income Americans. Campaign promise: Address racial discrimination in housing.

How to Find House Construction Cost


How to Find House Construction Cost Any house construction work started before need some basic detail like before staring work completion. How much cost requirement in house construction. Here, Before construction, we calculate two types of construction cost 1. Basic / Ruf / Lumsum Calculation 2. Final Calculation Basic / Ruf / Lumsum Calculation Basic […].

5 reasons universities are renovating student housing


As universities strive to offer student housing that aligns with the expectations of contemporary students, many are faced with the need to renovate or replace existing residence halls to provide a modern array of amenities.

Eco-Friendly Alternative Housing

Natural Building

Here is a list compiled by The Edge of Malaysia of eco-friendly alternative housing, Photo by Øyvind Holmstad. Finished off with plaster a straw bale house is airtight, pest-proof and fireproof, making it sturdy and impossible to be blown down. Log houses are made of logs that do not go through a milling or treatment process and can be built from standing dead trees such as the remnants of forest fires that have destroyed the outer branches and needles.

10 house building strategies that actually work

Lets Build

Guest Posts guest posts home building software house builders house building strategiesManaging a range of construction projects at one time is incredibly challenging, don’t delude yourself into thinking otherwise. Keeping multiple balls in the air without proper strategies and tools is impossible, it’s likely to lead to projects falling behind the timeline which can directly impact your bottom line and cause further issues to pile up.

Bengal Natural House Survives Cyclone

Natural Building

When Cyclone Amphan tore through Bengal, India, Linus Kendall and Rupsa Nath’s house, built with mud, thatch and bamboo sustained minimal damage. Other houses in the vicinity suffered broken window panes or missing tin sheds, but their unique home stood tall.

New-build Housing: A Question of Quality?

Viewpoint Construction Technology

New initiatives, technology adopting driving better quality among UK home construction projects. Construction Best Practices

Aspen Root Passive House

SAB Magazine

Building Case Studies Aspen parkland ecoregion Aspen Root Passive House BridgmanCollaborative Architecture heat recovery ventilator Henry Tufts high performance building envelope Passive House Standard Randy Webber REMOTE and PERSIST systems SabMagazine sustainable architecture and building vapour-permeable

House Democrats introduce $494B transportation bill

Construction Dive

Construction industry officials say comprehensive legislation could generate construction jobs and help with the post-COVID-19 economic recovery

Passive House picks up steam


Its 20 floors of office space—which Handel Architects designed in collaboration with MIT’s Metabolic Design Office—are being taken one step further to meet the Passive House Institute’s rigorous standards for energy efficiency Millennium Partners is in the process of building Winthrop Center, a $1.35 billion mixed-use tower in Boston’s Financial District that, when completed in 2022, will have more than 1.8

Why Housing Has Boomed During a Pandemic

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Why Housing Has Boomed During a Pandemic. The pandemic resulted in the near perfect situation for the housing market: local governments mandated people stay indoors as much as possible and interest rates continued to slide. cbroderick. Thu, 11/12/2020 - 09:14.

Google proposes 40-acre redevelopment that includes nearly 2,000 housing units


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Exploring the Future of Urban and Suburban Housing

Pro Builder

Exploring the Future of Urban and Suburban Housing. As more Americans change their views on housing and their own homes, the future of urban and suburban housing remains shrouded in mystery. Housing Markets. Housing Markets

[VIDEO] 3D Printer in Europe Creates 2-Story House

Construction Equipment

Kamp C erected the first two-story house to be printed using the “largest 3D printer in Europe, according to an article in Free News. The whole process took only 15 days. Printing was done using a massive cement printer, BOD2, manufactured by COBOD.

Passive house standard becoming increasingly popular for multifamily housing development


Multifamily projects under construction or that have recently come online indicate a trend toward high-efficiency in this sector of the housing market. Low-income residents, in particular, can realize significant benefits from passive house construction Some of these projects are targeted for the luxury market; others are aimed at the affordable end of the spectrum.