Passive House is “In” in 2017

Green Building Law Update

As you consider what’s “in” and what’s “out” in 2017, within the realm of green building, Passive House is in. This “passive” approach, in contrast with active systems based on a constant supply of conditioned air by HVAC systems is the basis of Passive House.

Modern Passive House

Jetson Green

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Innovative Sustainable Tree House Design

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The Toronto based firm Farrow Partnership Architects designed and built a unique, modern tree house, which is made from sustainable materials, and doesn’t harm the tree in any way, or restrict its growth. Conservatory House Built to Replicate the Design and Functionality of a Tree.

How to Keep Residents Happy During a Senior Housing Community Renovation

Commercial Construction

Last month, I had the opportunity to check in with an Illinois Real Estate Journal reporter for a feature on the latest trends in senior housing ( you can read the article here ). Englewood recently renovated this occupied senior housing community in Nevada.

De Waal Net Zero House, Edmonton

SAB Magazine

Building Case Studies Canadian Green Building Awards De Waal Developments De Waal Net Zero House Designex Consulting Edmonton’s Ecosolar home tour EnerGuide rating TECHNICAL AWARD WINNER

Karuna House Becomes the World’s Greenest House

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Karuna House, a single family residence which stands on the hilltops of Yamhill County, Oregon has received the Passive House (PHUIS+), Minergie-P-ECO and LEED for Homes Platinum certifications. The house was designed by Holst Architecture and built by the company Hammer & Hand.

A Tiny House Community Going Up in Colorado

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The firm Sprout Tiny Homes will be building a 200 house community in Salida, Colorado. The houses will be available for rent, while there will also be a number of communal features such as a gym, a restaurant, and more.

Aspen Root Passive House

SAB Magazine

The Aspen Root Passive Home is the culmination of a 25-year journey for the owners who both work in the environmental industry and are committed to reducing their own ecological footprint.

3D Printed House and Car Share Energy

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and it is a 3D printed house that comes with it’s own 3D printed SUV to transport it around. The tiny house is a futuristic, ridged structure and was printed in separate modules, which were then assembled and reinforced with steel rods.

Gorgeous and Light-Filled Passive House

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But thankfully, that is starting to change in recent times, as is clearly demonstrated by the so-called Tigh na Croit house recently built in Scotland. Hopefully, this home is one of the heralds of a new era of more occupant-friendly Passive House designs. Modern Passive House.

Simple and Modern Refugee Housing

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Germany, among other EU countries, is currently facing the problem of quickly finding adequate housing for refugees and asylum seekers that it has let across its borders. These units will be used to house refugees, but that is not their sole purpose.

Upcycle House Built From Used Shipping Containers

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The Danish architecture firm Lendager Arkitekter recently completed the experimental Upcycle House in Nyborg, Denmark. The end result was the reduction of CO2 emissions by 86% compared to a benchmark house. They can also be removed from the ground if the house is torn down.

Passive House Design:

SAB Magazine

EcoHouse Casa Luca DLP Architecture ecoHouse Canada Lucio Picciano Architect nergy efficiency and ethical building practices passive houseToo often we equate energy efficiency with sustainability, overlooking considerations of form and design.

Canada’s First Container Housing Development Built in Vancouver

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Early last month, Canada got its first recycled shipping container housing development. The housing project was developed by Atira Women’s Resource Society, which wanted to create affordable and quality non-market housing units to be rented out to older women.

A Tiny House EcoVillage for the Homeless

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The YouthBuild Program in collaboration with the Alternative Energy Program at New Market Skills Center are busy building a so called Tiny House EcoVillage, which will consist of three 70 square foot tiny mobile sleeping units, and 30 larger, permanent tiny houses. Tiny House Freedom.

Selling a House with Solar Panels is Not for the Faint of Heart

Green Building Law Update

There are more than a Million houses in the U.S. It can be difficult if not dangerous to fail to properly address rooftop solar panels at the time of sale of a house. Obviously this creates issues when selling a house with solar panels on the roof that belong to someone else.

Awesome Tiny House Designed in South Africa

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But when done right, these houses are a great way to live sustainably and affordably. Related Articles on A Prefab Tiny House Retreat. Prefab affordable energy efficiency green building international modular prefab residential single family tiny home tiny house wood

Sarah House Project Container Home For Sale

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The idea behind the Sarah House Project was to create a prototype for a simple, sustainable and affordable home. The Sarah House was constructed by welding the two shipping containers together one next to the other along the longer side, resulting in a living area measuring 672-square-feet.

Low Cost Housing Construction Techniques and Speedy Construction

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Low cost housing construction is possible with use of low cost building materials and planning. Techniques for low cost housing construction is. Building Technology Building Tips Construction Buildings

First Building to Receive the Passive House Premium Certification

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The Passive House certification is hard to get, and this is especially true for the Passive House Premium certification. The House of Energy has a heating demand of only 0.7 The House of Energy only requires 2 kWh per sq ft (21 kWh per sq m) of renewable primary energy per year.

The First Freeform 3D Printed House in the World Coming Soon

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The architecture studio Wimberly, Allison, Tong & Goo (WATG) has drawn up the plans for what they believe will be the world’s first freeform 3D-printed house. However, since one whole side of the home is to be glazed, this will likely never be a truly passive house.

A Prefab Tiny House Retreat

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Vivood, a Spanish architecture group, designed a tiny prefabricated house of the same name, which can be assembled in only about nine hours. The Vivood houses are available in a number of sizes, ranging from 154.5

The Sensible Approach to Sustainable Housing

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Green houses, sustainable homes, solar panels, eco-friendly fuel, and so on. Maybe building a sustainable house is a good idea, but then adding all the rest of the greentech might just be overdoing it. Picture a sustainable house. Eco-House is Sustainable Building at its Best.

Screw Loose: Gingerbread House Construction


One of the many traditions this time of year is the construction of the gingerbread house. Take a look at the construction of Great Wolf Lodge’s annual life-size gingerbread house. construction construction humor

A House That’s Sustainable From the Inside Out

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The Passive House Che has recently been built in a forest in Romania and is currently still being evaluated to receive the Passive House standard certification. Related Articles on Innovative New Passive House Prefab.

Student Housing Made of Shipping Containers

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The well-known Danish firm Bjarke Ingels Group has recently completed a sustainable floating housing prototype for students living in Copenhagen. The project was commissioned by Urban Rigger, a local student housing startup.

Spend Your Vacation in a Tiny House Village

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The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company are currently building a new tiny house vacation village near Portland, Oregon, and the houses there will soon be available to rent.The village will consist of five homes and it will be located inside the Mt.

Useful Shipping Container House Ideas and Plans

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Liray House. The house was built by Proyecto ARQtainer and it was built in three months for only about $75,000. The three shorter containers make up the living room and kitchen, while the two longer containers house the bedrooms and bathrooms. The Old Lady House.


Passive Narrow House

SAB Magazine

Located in a jungle of hip roofs, white vinyl, and pink stucco in East Vancouver, the Passive Narrow House makes green home ownership more affordable through careful planning, use of simple forms, and a combination of inexpensive yet durable materials that reduce maintenance costs.

Sure House is More Than Just Sustainable

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One of the entries into this year’s US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is the so-called Sure House, which is powered by solar energy and also built to withstand harsh coastal weather conditions. The house rests on a bed of pilotis, which elevates it and prevents flooding.

Who Wants to Live in a Maintenance Free House?

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Enter the Maintenance-Free House, designed by developers Realdania BYG and Arkitema Architects of Denmark, in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute. The maintenance-free characteristic of this home is achieved by adding a glass shield which protects the house from the elements.

One of Chicago’s First Passive Houses

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Builder Brandon Weiss of Weiss Building and Development LLC completed the first ever passive house in the Chicago area, which was designed by architect Tom Bassett-Dilley. This home is the first PHIUS certified house in the Chicago area and only the 28th such home in the US.

McLennan House Resets the Stage for Supersustainability

ENR Construction

Recently, in the living room of his nearly complete dream house on Bainbridge Island near Seattle, Jason F. McLennan watched as Kevin Wildes, a vice president of the floor-covering giant Mohawk Group, swiftly pieced together a modular area rug

Honda Smart House US Ready For Testing

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The Honda Smart House US has recently been constructed on campus at the University of California (UC), Davis. The house will serve as a test for an off-the-grid living space of the future. In the summer, cold water can be pumped through the house in the same way to provide cooling.

Advantages & Challenges of an In-House Marketing Team


Making the move to an in-house marketing team is a big step for most companies, and comes with uncertainty for construction companies. These apprehensions exist because construction companies often don’t have people with strong marketing skills on their staff.

Six multifamily housing projects among 14 recipients of the AIA’s 2017 Housing Awards


The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has selected 14 recipients for the 2017 Housing Awards. The AIA’s Housing Awards program, now in its 17th year, was established to recognize the best in housing design and promote the importance of good housing as a necessity of life.

The future of sustainable and affordable housing


Global warming is one of the main reasons why sustainable housing is ideal for future construction. Today in many countries there is a lack of housing while population growth is increasing and poverty is found all over the world.