Green Dot Corporation Relocating HQ To Texas

Business Facilities

Green Dot will establish an Austin-based headquarters as it grows its tech workforce and embraces a “Work from Anywhere” model.

DOT 56

DOT Announces $905m in INFRA Grant Awards

The Constructor

Department of Transportation (DOT) announced $905 million in grants through the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America program. On June 30, the U.S.

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Dot’s Pretzels Investing $15M In Kansas Expansion

Business Facilities

Read: Dot’s Pretzels Investing $15M In Kansas Expansion at Capital Investment Corporate Real Estate Daily News Featured Food Processing Kansas Manufacturing CBRE Copaken Brooks corporate expansion Dot's Pretzels Edgerton ElevateEdgerton!

GHH and Volvo among Red Dot winners

Digger Blog

A couple of very different dumper vehicles are among the winners of Red Dot design awards for 2020. Read Full Article: The Construction Index

DOT 99

Florida DOT to replace deadly FIU pedestrian bridge

Construction Dive

Florida DOT will oversee and manage the construction of the bridge meant to replace the one that collapsed and killed six in March 2018 while under construction on the Florida International University campus in Miami

Miami 89

Georgia DOT Drops Big P3 Procurement After Price Comes in Unexpectedly High

ENR Construction

State DOT chief engineer cites volatile material prices and uncertain times

3 Lessons From the West Virginia DOT on Developing a Drone Program

Construction Business Owner

3 Lessons From the West Virginia DOT on Developing a Drone Program. In July, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (ASHTO) estimated a $37 billion loss over the next 5 years in state DOT revenue due to decreased fuel taxes and tolls as a result of the pandemi

DOT Proposal Aims to Guide Infra. Spending

Construction Equipment

The Transportation Department is engaging with lawmakers by sending out a spreadsheet filled with specifics in what promises to be a pitched debate over President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan. Edward McGlone, deputy assistant secretary for congressional affairs, created the

DOT 98

The Dotted Line: Avoid these change order snafus

Construction Dive

Contractors cannot afford to leave money on the table — especially now — which means they need to pay more attention to contract issues that could affect their bottom lines

The Dotted Line: How will clients approach contracts post-pandemic?

Construction Dive

Owners will likely demand more flexibility in future construction contracts so they can easily suspend or stop projects, as well as mitigate their risk

DOT 117

Connecting the Dots: How to Avoid Information & Technology Silos

Construction Business Owner

Connecting the Dots: How to Avoid Information & Technology Silos. Alex Headley. Wed, 03/03/2021 - 16:26.

DOT 80

The Dotted Line: Avoid liability 'surprises'

Construction Dive

It's important for contractors to know what their insurance policies cover and, in the case of commercial general liability, what they don't cover

Florida accelerates $2.1B of DOT projects during state coronavirus shutdown

Construction Dive

The largest project that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is moving forward during the state's 30-day lockdown is the $865 million Howard Frankland Bridge project in the Tampa Bay area

Tampa 97

Volvo Autonomous Hauler Wins Red Dot Product Design Award

Construction Equipment

The Volvo TA15 autonomous electric hauler, part of the TARA autonomous transport solution from Volvo Autonomous Solutions, has won a 2020 Red Dot Award for product design.

DOT 62

South Carolina DOT Makes Safety Changes

Construction Equipment

Two years ago, two South Carolina Department of Transportation workers were killed when a heavy truck failed to slow for traffic stopped at a construction site. This month, the head of the SCDOT told a state Senate committee that the department has moved to increase safety for construction workers

Spat between union and Connecticut DOT drags FIGG into another bridge controversy

Construction Dive

A bill calls for state DOT engineers rather than consultants like FIGG to inspect infrastructure projects while a union in support of it questions the FIU bridge designer's role in the Arrigoni Bridge project as an example

Florida lawmaker questions state DOT weather-related delays

Construction Dive

Following a local media investigation that found DOT-approved delays have added 41 years to projects, a state senator has prompted the governor to call for greater scrutiny on contractor extensions

DOT 55

The Dotted Line: Putting together the pieces of a modular project contract

Construction Dive

Until then, the dotted line is sometimes a blurred line Despite prefab's popularity, many legal aspects of the dynamic building method are still being sorted out among industry and legal experts.

Legal 79

Cummins in Action: QSB4.5 Dot Power Platform

Construction Equipment

-sponsored- The Dot is the latest innovation in autonomous agriculture. Dot aims to reduce both fuel and labor costs for any type of job Designed with efficiency in mind, and powered by the Cummins QSB4.5,

DOT 48

Arizona DOT to Share Data with Autonomous Truck Co.

Construction Equipment

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and Embark Trucks Inc. have agreed to work together to share information to promote safety in highway work zones when automated vehicles are deployed. The shared data will support continued safe navigation of highway work zones by autonomous trucks

US DOT Steps Up Rural Infrastructure Thrust

ENR Construction

"ROUTES" initiative has no new funds, but aims to promote rural eligibility for current DOT grant, loan programs

DOT 44

Experts Expect "Urbanist" Approach from U.S. DOT

ENR Construction

CoMotion panel discussed high-speed rail, congestion pricing and electric vehicles

The Dotted Line: The pros and cons of construction manager delivery methods

Construction Dive

CMc, CMa, CM/GC: Do you know the subtle differences between each of these delivery methods

DOT 121

DOT Drone TV

Construction Equipment

. . American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) reports 33 state DOTs are involved in studying and testing drones for traffic and construction use, under the watchful eye of the FAA. A special report by AASHTO's Transportation TV explores the many ways that state DOTs are using drones.

DOT 53

Dotted Line: 4 answers to common collaboration hiccups

Construction Dive

Design-build, integrated project delivery and other collaborative construction processes present myriad challenges, but several experts have outlined steps contractors can take to boost teamwork across stakeholders

DOT 103

DOT-Approved Gas Cans For Landscapers

Green Industry Professionals

DOT-Approved Gas Cans For Landscapers

DOT 40

The Dotted Line: What makes a successful RFP

Construction Dive

Owners seek contractors who flesh out a detailed request, giving them a ready plan of attack if they win the project

DOT 94

The Dotted Line: How contractors are finding and vetting subcontractors

Construction Dive

General contractors risk violating contract clauses if they can't find labor, but savvy, well-established GCs have ways of finding subs, and it’s more about relationship-building than anything else

DOT 81

How State DOTs are Coping With COVID-19

Construction Equipment

To keep transportation functioning during the Coronavirus pandemic, state departments of transportation are engaging in broad array of operational efforts. Here's a roundup from AASHTO's Daily Transportation Update. Temporary load permits for trucks To help ensure a steady flow of critical goods as

DOT 77

State DOT Leaders Discuss Future of Transportation

ENR Construction

Arkansas, Mississippi directors see operations returning to normal and election funding boosts but emphasize need to recruit new talent

Fifth worker killed on I-4 Ultimate; Florida DOT suspends project

Construction Dive

Conditions for re-opening the $2.3 billion project — a joint venture of Skanska USA, Granite Construction and The Lane Construction Corp. — could include increased inspections or even an independent safety monitor, according to a construction attorney

DOT 81

The Dotted Line: When contractors can walk off the job

Construction Dive

Certain project dynamics give GCs or construction managers the right to stop work and bill for doing so

DOT 83

US DOT, Calif. Launch New Supply-Chain Infrastructure Program

ENR Construction

New program would allow TIFIA loans for groups of Calif. freight and port-related projects

DOT 58

AASHTO Approaches Congress on State DOT Aid

Construction Equipment

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) renewed its call for $37 billion in emergency funding for state departments of transportation across the country in an October 5 letter to Congressional leadership. This crucial federal backstop will prevent

DOT 63

Oklahoma DOT Plans $7.7B in Construction Projects Over 8 Years

ENR Construction

ODOT adds 300 projects worth nearly $2 billion to its eight-year plan

The Dotted Line: Mitigating the risks of technology

Construction Dive

It's all about the allocation of risk, legal experts explain. Humans are responsible for computing errors just as they would be for a bulldozer mishap

DOT 90

The Dotted Line: How to effectively manage an underperforming sub

Construction Dive

One bad subcontractor can impact an entire project, so it's important to build protections into the contract and for both the general contractor and sub to know their responsibilities and options

DOT 86

Astaldi voluntarily defaults on 4 Florida DOT projects

Construction Dive

The contractor's bonding companies and the agency are working to request new bids, starting with Lane Construction and others that bid originally

Connecticut DOT unveils 5-year, $12B infrastructure plan

Construction Dive

The capital construction program is a near $5-billion increase from the last cycle, but state lawmakers have yet to settle on a source of funding

Colorado DOT uses foam blocks for innovative highway sinkhole repair

Construction Dive

In just a matter of three months, Colorado State Highway 36 went from total collapse to fully functional thanks to a unique application of polystyrene blocks