US DOT Steps Up Rural Infrastructure Thrust

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"ROUTES" initiative has no new funds, but aims to promote rural eligibility for current DOT grant, loan programs

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Fifth worker killed on I-4 Ultimate; Florida DOT suspends project

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Conditions for re-opening the $2.3 billion project — a joint venture of Skanska USA, Granite Construction and The Lane Construction Corp. — could include increased inspections or even an independent safety monitor, according to a construction attorney

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Cummins in Action: QSB4.5 Dot Power Platform

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-sponsored- The Dot is the latest innovation in autonomous agriculture. Dot aims to reduce both fuel and labor costs for any type of job Designed with efficiency in mind, and powered by the Cummins QSB4.5,

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The Dotted Line: Avoid liability 'surprises'

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It's important for contractors to know what their insurance policies cover and, in the case of commercial general liability, what they don't cover

Florida lawmaker questions state DOT weather-related delays

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Following a local media investigation that found DOT-approved delays have added 41 years to projects, a state senator has prompted the governor to call for greater scrutiny on contractor extensions

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The Dotted Line: When contractors can walk off the job

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Certain project dynamics give GCs or construction managers the right to stop work and bill for doing so

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DOT Drone TV

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. . American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) reports 33 state DOTs are involved in studying and testing drones for traffic and construction use, under the watchful eye of the FAA.

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The Dotted Line: Mitigating the risks of technology

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It's all about the allocation of risk, legal experts explain. Humans are responsible for computing errors just as they would be for a bulldozer mishap

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Dotted Line: 4 answers to common collaboration hiccups

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Design-build, integrated project delivery and other collaborative construction processes present myriad challenges, but several experts have outlined steps contractors can take to boost teamwork across stakeholders

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The Dotted Line: How contractors ensure the project owner can pay

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Contractors are used to owners scrutinizing their credit and financial wherewithal, but sometimes turnabout is fair play

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The Dotted Line: Putting together the pieces of a modular project contract

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Until then, the dotted line is sometimes a blurred line Despite prefab's popularity, many legal aspects of the dynamic building method are still being sorted out among industry and legal experts.

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The Dotted Line: Mitigating the risk of unforeseen site conditions

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If a contractor signs a contract stating it's responsible for all conditions before doing its due diligence on site conditions, a contract expert said, it should anticipate schedule-killing litigation

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Astaldi voluntarily defaults on 4 Florida DOT projects

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The contractor's bonding companies and the agency are working to request new bids, starting with Lane Construction and others that bid originally

The Dotted Line: 7 invoice mistakes that waste money and time

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General contractors and subs make costly errors that prevent them from getting paid on time. Here is what experts recommend to avoid these issues

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The Dotted Line: How to effectively manage an underperforming sub

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One bad subcontractor can impact an entire project, so it's important to build protections into the contract and for both the general contractor and sub to know their responsibilities and options

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$1.2B Minnesota DOT projects planned in 2019

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Several hundred transit-related projects will kick off this year, but another 500 valued at approximately $18 billion needed during the next 20 years likely won't find funding, an official said

Strong DOT, Corps Funding May Follow Stopgap

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With partisan squabbles over funds for President Donald Trump’s border wall blocking agreement on spending bills for fiscal year 2020, Congress again is turning to its usual Plan B: a stopgap bill to keep agencies’ programs, including construction accounts, operating

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Dotted Line: Cultivating bid-winning relationships with public agencies

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Effective communication and trust are keys to productive relationships with local and federal officials

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[VIDEO] Hawaii DOT Tests Carbon-Injected Concrete

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The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) plans to use carbon-injected concrete in all future construction as part of its sustainable transportation initiative, according to Smart Cities. The material has been approved for “all flat work” such as roads and sidewalks. According to the article

Delaware: Where The World Chooses To Do Business

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The Port of Wilmington is being transformed into the largest logistics hub on the Delaware River with a $600-million investment from Gulftainer in upgrades, including a new TEU terminal. Read: Delaware: Where The World Chooses To Do Business at

Virginia DOT starts construction on $565M I-95 'Fred Ex' project

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Transurban will lead a P3 of the 10-mile express lane project to help create a corridor from Fredericksburg, Virginia, to Washington, D.C., as part of the $1.4 billion Atlantic Gateway initiative

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Dotted Line: How to conduct business in a world of discrimination and harassment claims

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Lawyers offer some practical advice for contractors to prevent and weather these claims, which they say for many companies are inevitable

Colorado DOT Turns to Rail

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The Colorado Dept. of Transportation, known primarily as a highway and bridge builder, wants to get into the rail business

DOT Adds 4 More Drugs to Testing List

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Department of Transportation issued a final rule yesterday that expands DOT's current drug testing panel to include some semi-synthetic opioids; Hydrocodon - Trade names Norco, Vicodin, Lortab, Vicoprofen and Riboxen. The U.S.

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State DOTs test sealant that could prevent concrete cracking

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Louisiana, Texas and Minnesota are testing a new sealant created to mitigate the effects of the seasonal expansion and contraction of pavement

Proposed Budget Cuts $2.4 Billion from DOT

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The Budget request reflects a streamlined DOT that is focused on performing vital Federal safety oversight functions and investing in nationally and regionally significant transportation infrastructure projects," the budget document says

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Proceed Wisely, Ninja Contractor, Because Suing Your DOT May Have Limitations

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For you Ninja contractors, it’s a good thing to fully understand your potential recovery before you spend countless months and thousands of dollars pursuing a claim against your state DOT for breach of contract, misrepresentation or other cause of action.

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Connecticut DOT unveils 5-year, $12B infrastructure plan

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The capital construction program is a near $5-billion increase from the last cycle, but state lawmakers have yet to settle on a source of funding

Ransomware Hijacks Colorado DOT Computers

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Wednesday morning, a variation of the SamSam ransomwear virus grabbed more than 2,000 employee computers in the Colorado Department of Transportation.

AASHTO Report: State DOTs Leading the Evolution of Drones

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The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials ( AASHTO) has released the results of it March survey of state DOTs use of drones.

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Florida DOT shortlists 3 design-build groups for $814M Tampa bridge project

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The agency is scheduled to select a joint venture in October to construct a new span next to the existing bridge connecting Tampa and St. Petersburg

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The Dotted Line: 7 invoice mistakes that waste time and money

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General contractors and subs continue to make costly errors that prevent them from getting paid on time. Here are what experts recommend for avoiding these issues

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Louisiana DOT testing precast concrete ramp

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The department says that using precast panels on a nearly $3 million, 1,200-foot highway entrance ramp has significantly reduced road shutdowns

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Arizona DOT Thwarts Graffiti Artists

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Spray paint used to tag the signs can make the words difficult to read at night, and cleaning and replacing the signs is a hazardous task for DOT workers. Graffiti is an ongoing threat to interstate freeway signs on Arizona overpasses. ADOT Interstate Signing Supervisor Dudley Heller developed a shield that makes it difficult for vandals to reach the sign.

Dotted Line: How to manage the risks of delegated design

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Taking responsibility for even a small portion of the design can expose contractors to increased liability. Here's how to limit the risks

State DOTs Receive Extra $4B from FHWA Unspent 2019 Balances

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Annual "August redistribution" of obligation authority due mainly to slow TIFIA loan, INFRA grant spending

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DOT Releases $1.5B for 26 Infrastructure Projects

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The U.S. Department of Transportation awarded $1.5 billion in infrastructure funding on Wednesday which will be used to pay for 26 projects under the federal Infrastructure For Rebuilding America (INFRA) program.

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DOT announces $617M of FAA airport grants

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The funds span 45 states and four U.S. territories and go toward maintenance, repair and construction of taxiways, terminals and other airport infrastructure

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DOT's Pipeline Emergency Power Expanded

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Federal pipeline regulators issued a rule Tuesday to expand their agency’s power to regulate pipelines that pose an imminent threat to public safety or the environment.

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Structural Engineers Only Dot Com

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A new website specializing in online dating for structural engineers