New Product Launch Checklist

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Improving the effectiveness of a new product launch is of critical importance to most companies and brands as new product development costs can be stratospheric, coupled with extremely high failure rates. Some estimates of new product failure as high as 90%! PRODUCT PLANNING.

Construction Productivity and the Promise of New Levels of Efficiency


Productivity in the construction industry is often reported as lagging behind other industries. construction productivity However, a closer look at the methodologies behind the numbers is suggesting something different.

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Specifiedby’s Beta advanced product search

Extranet Evolution

Specifiedby continues to develop its construction product selection tools, testing an advanced product search tool to help specifiers find exactly the product and associated information they need. BIM Construction products search Social Media specifications Specifiedby UK

Global Productivity: Decade-Long Decline Comes To A Halt

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The predicted uptick in 2017 will be largely driven by faster demand from emerging markets; productivity growth is stronger in Europe than the U.S., Global Productivity: Decade-Long Decline Comes To A Halt. Featured Industry News International Surveys & Research Advanced Manufacturing Capital Investment Expansion GDP global productivity Manufacturing productivity Site Selection Technology The Conference Board Workforce Development

New Products Added to Autodesk AEC Collection

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Original post: The post New Products Added to Autodesk AEC Collection appeared first on What Revit Wants. In case you missed it, the AEC Collection now includes: Revit Live. Robot Structural Analysis Professional. Structural Bridge Design. Dynamo Studio. Advance Steel. Fabrication CADmep.

New Construction Products Announcements

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Everyday, new construction products hit the market. The post New Construction Products Announcements appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary. Construction ProductsGoogle+. Here's a rundown of some announcements from early January 2016.

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Contractors’ favorite apps for efficiency, productivity

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There are the apps that mechanical contractors use, such as HVAC design software, thermostats monitoring and/or changing settings, and many manufacturers’ apps, just to name a few. read more. Technology Silver

Weekly Product Gallery: Low-flow faucets

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April 2016 Construction Products Announcements

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This month's 2016 new construction products feature a staffing agency, way to quote jobs right from your website, a book on using Chief Architect, and more. The post April 2016 Construction Products Announcements appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary. Construction ProductsGoogle+.

Weekly Product Gallery: Faucets

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Top 10 green building products for 2015


released its annual Top-10 Green Building Products list. Last week, during the Greenbuild show in New Orleans, BuildingGreen Inc. read more.

Caterpillar Mining Technology Addresses Production, Safety, Costs

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A Caterpillar 793F mining truck, with nearly 2,500 net horsepower and a payload capacity of 250 tons, rolls into the loading area, stops just beyond a giant Cat hydraulic mining shovel, then expertly backs under the shovel for loading.

Lifetime Products Creating 500 Jobs In Knox County, TN

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Blow-molded plastic products manufacturer Lifetime Products, Inc. Lifetime Products Creating 500 Jobs In Knox County, TN appeared first on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

Product roundup: 12 cutting-edge roofing solutions


These 12 roofing products offer a variety of options for your next commercial roofing project. . Dynasty Shingles.

Product Roundup: 16 hot window + door systems


These 16 products represent the most cutting-edge window and door systems on the market. . MultiGlide DOORS. Andersen Windows

Promising May 2016 Construction Products Announcements

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The May 2016 construction products announcements include unusual items like invisibility glass, and new items like a pre-packaged solar power system. The post Promising May 2016 Construction Products Announcements appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary. Construction ProductsGoogle+.

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101 Top Products: Structural


Click here to return to the 101 Top Products homepage. . . ACCOYA WOOD | Accoya

Top 10 green building products for 2014


BuildingGreen, Inc., publisher of GreenSpec and Environmental Building News (EBN) today announced this year’s winners of its annual Top-10 awards. The winners were featured over a live BuildingGreen webcast and will be presented at the U.S.

101 Top Products: Windows+Doors


Click here to return to the 101 Top Products homepage. . . MAIMAN INTEGRIS MOISTURE-RESISTANT DOOR | ASSA ABLOY

Weekly Product Gallery: Pipe and piping equipment

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This week, the product gallery is all about pipe and piping equipment, featuring a groove system for fire protection piping, clear heavy-duty PVC cement, a plastic pipe deburring tool, union fittings for carbon steel piping, a female connector for water softening and DHW applications, and a self-priming PVC pipe glue.

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3D printing industry working to implement standards for products, processes


The three-dimensional (3D) printing industry is taking steps toward implementing standards that will “bring coherence and interoperability to 3D printing products and processes,” according to a report in Design News

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The Economist's Absurd Proposal on Construction Productivity

ENR Construction

When I was in college in the 1970s, my senior project involved designing affordable modular housing that could be transported to sites requiring minimal foundation and utility work

Weekly Product Gallery: Work apparel

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This week we shine the spotlight on work apparel: an abrasion-resistant nylon glove; PVC/nitrile boots for harsh environments; a canvas windproof jacket; protective eyewear with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings; a cut-resistant glove; and leather work boots with anti-microbial footbed

Useful Construction Products Line Up For Your Review

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Here are announcements on 2-15-2016 about useful construction products that are just hitting the market. The post Useful Construction Products Line Up For Your Review appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary. Construction ProductsGoogle+. Find out what you're missing.

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Top 7 Factors Affecting Labor Productivity Losses On A Construction Project

Best Practices Construction Law

In a recent Construction Briefings article by Kathleen Harmon , the author breaks down loss of productivity claims based upon a claim of acceleration to overcome excusable delays, or a claim for cumulative impact of an owner’s changes project. Construction labor is always in the news.

Using lean manufacturing to improve shop productivity

Constructor Magazine

Many mechanical contractors are moving more work to the shop because it makes sense. It is safer, delivers better quality, and is an answer to address the shortage of skilled field craftsman

Demand for Landscaping Products Growing 5%

Green Industry Professionals

billion industry for landscaping products in the outlines several key trends that are shaping the $6.3

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Cyclotron streamlines isotope production


Zevacor Molecular, a healthcare firm that manufactures PET and SPECT radiopharmaceutical products, installed the first and largest commercial 70-million electron volt (MeV) cyclotron dedicated to producing medical isotopes for the global market. Based in Noblesville, IN, Zevacor’s primary focus is to manufacture Strontium 82 and Germanium 68, although it is capable of producing a wide variety of other radioisotopes (atoms with excess energy) for both research and clinical applications

BD+C's 2017 101 Top Products Report


The following 101 products represent a snapshot of the products included in any of the past 18 BD+C issues our readers and editors found to be the most interesting, innovative, or useful. The products have been distributed across 8 categories: Building Envelope, Building Systems, Flooring, Glass and Glazing, Interior Products, Plumbing and Restroom, Structural, and Windows and Doors.

11 transmaterials highlight the coming generation of building products


Transmaterial Next: A Catalog of Materials That Redefine Our Future (Princeton Architectural Press, May 2017, $40) is the latest installment of Blaine Brownell’s Transmaterial series.

Big Productivity Comes in Small Packages

Construction Business Owner

With all the legislative and economic uncertainties influencing the industry right now, it is no surprise that construction business owners are looking for methods to keep their companies productive and lucrative.

Three ways to boost productivity with fleet tracking

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In the construction and contracting market, businesses work harder to keep operations running smoothly and that each hour is a productive one. Wyn Partington, Vice President of Marketing, NexTraq.

Procore Receives Constructech’s 2015 Top Products Award


Procore is proud to announce that we have been included on Constructech’s 2015 Top Products list ! This list is chosen based upon the core functionality of each platform as well as the features that will allow contractors to grow their business.

Weekly Product Gallery: Boilers

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This week, the product focus in on boilers: an outdoor condensing boiler/volume water heater; a residential fire tube combination boiler; an Energy Star-rated combination boiler; a stainless-steel condensing boiler; a stainless-steel fire tube boiler; and a compact, tubeless boiler for makeup water

T&S Brass unveils new look across plumbing product lines

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These updated products and others that undergo the redesign will retain their existing product names and model numbers for ease of transition

Weekly Product Gallery: Controls

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This week, the spotlight is on controls: a steam shower control with spa options, a single-zone snow-melt control, a smart device to control a home’s heating and cooling, a cloud-based control for mini-split systems, a smart-device-enabled learning thermostat, and a Wi-Fi thermostat with geofencing.

Improved Productivity Requires New Management Mindset

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Engineers and contractors pride themselves on being problem solvers, often balancing disparate, competing constraints