Medical Products, Cabinet Manufacturers Expand In Alabama

Business Facilities

Global Resources International will create 110 new jobs in Houston County, Wellborn Cabinet plans $17 million expansion in Oxford.

Construction Productivity

Job Order Contracting

Construction productivity is driven by process. Process Is a Primary Productivity Driver. The post Construction Productivity appeared first on 4BT. Why LEAN Construction Matters construction productivity


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Carbon Concrete: Production and Advantages

The Constructor

The post Carbon Concrete: Production and Advantages appeared first on The Constructor. Carbon concrete is a sustainable construction material produced from concrete and carbon fibers or bars.

New Product Launch Checklist

Construction Marketing

Improving the effectiveness of a new product launch is of critical importance to most companies and brands as new product development costs can be stratospheric, coupled with extremely high failure rates. Some estimates of new product failure as high as 90%! Certainly the new product development process is complex and multi-functional—not just marketing—but typically involving many departments such as engineering, operations, purchasing, executive management and others.

Learn How to Boost Productivity for Every Project

For construction contractors, productivity is everything. Download this guide to discover how digital production tracking improves project visibility, data collection, and production insights—all in real time.

Louisiana Is Built For Film And TV Production

Business Facilities

Louisiana’s many advantages­ — including incentives, facilities and skilled crews — attract major productions. The post Louisiana Is Built For Film And TV Production appeared first on Business Facilities Magazine.

Roseburg Forest Products To Create 137 Jobs In North Carolina

Business Facilities

Roseburg Forest Products will invest $200 million to develop a sustainable high-tech sawmill operation in Halifax County, NC. Read: Roseburg Forest Products To Create 137 Jobs In North Carolina at

Tracking Prefabrication Productivity

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Why Controlled Construction Environments are More Important than Ever and How Contractors are Using Technology to Gain Efficiency. Construction Best Practices

2021 Products of the Year

Contractor Magazine

As selected by our readers, CONTRACTOR is proud to present our 2021 Products of the Year. Media Galleries

Komatsu Rebrands Mining Product Lines

Construction Equipment

The company will retain its P&H and Joy brands for the products longest associated with those names: P Komatsu has announced plans to rebrand its underground hard rock equipment, surface wheel loaders, and new line of blasthole drills to reflect the company’s focus on growth in these areas.

Pro Builder's 2022 Top 100 Products

Pro Builder

Pro Builder's 2022 Top 100 Products. Our annual list of the building products that garnered the most reader interest through the year. In Pro Builder 's annual Top 100 , we round up the 100 building products our readers wanted to know more about during the past year. Products.

Parkway Products Investing $6M In Tennessee Expansion

Business Facilities

Injection molding company Parkway Products will expand its operations in Greene County, TN, creating more than 150 new jobs. . The post Parkway Products Investing $6M In Tennessee Expansion appeared first on Business Facilities Magazine.

Collaborate to Increase Productivity

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Another way to address the labor shortage is from the perspective of productivity. In addition to delays caused by weather, safety issues, design issues, material delays, and subcontractor performance, lacking enough qualified labor can also contribute to a decrease in productivity. Solving these problems through better collaboration can increase productivity and help keep your projects on deadline. Inefficient processes can decrease productivity.

Unlock Construction Productivity by Integrating Key Workflows

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Get the keys to improved construction productivity and collaboration in just 15 minutes. Construction Best Practices

Common Insulation Products

Natural Building

There are various types of insulation products, depending on where you want to position them – roof, walls, floor. This product is made from recycled post-industrial denim and cotton fibers.

Ford Cuts Pickup Truck Production

Construction Equipment

Ford continues to be plagued by shortages in semiconductors and said it would reduce production in six plants in response. One of those plants will be the Dearborn facility that produces F-150 pickup trucks. According to CNBC, the Ford plant will be shuttered for two weeks: April 5-16.

Volvo CE Changes Product Branding

Construction Equipment

Starting this month, new and updated Volvo branded products will now be tagged with just the product type and size on its side, and nothing else.

New Product Development and Launch Webcast for Construction

Construction Marketing

A webcast entitled New Product Development and Launch Best Practices for Construction is now open for registration on the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) website. With stratospheric new product development costs, and new product failure rates in excess of 90%, product development and launch systems and processes must be carefully evaluated and more effectively implemented. Join panelists Jeff Kotz, Product Marketing Manager for Weather Guard Div.

Husqvarna Integrates HTC Products

Construction Equipment

Husqvarna Construction has integrated the HTC products, services, and solutions into the global Husqvarna Construction offering to the surface preparation industry. The rebranded range is promoted under the tagline “The Orange Evolution” and includes several new products.

Processes To Increase Production And Reduce Injuries At The Job Site

Randal DeHart

Some construction business owners believe in maximizing production by driving everyone from the laborers to the project managers to work harder, longer, faster, hustle, and run.

7 Ways To Improve Construction Workplace Productivity

Contractor Bookkeeping

The success of any business, large or small, depends considerably on nurturing an efficient, productive workplace. While improving employee productivity should always be a priority when the ultimate goal is a sustainable and profitable business, the process is easier said than done.

A Robust Framework for Improving Construction Productivity

Job Order Contracting

Robust processes have been proven and available for decades and have now evolved into full solution frameworks for improving construction productivity. The Effects of Building Information Modeling on Construction Site Productivity.

AHF Products Investing $2.5M In Kentucky Expansion

Business Facilities

Read: AHF Products Investing $2.5M The wood flooring manufacturer plans to install innovative technology and create 20 new jobs at its Somerset, KY facility. In Kentucky Expansion at

Felling Trailers Bolsters Production With Robotics

Construction Equipment

Felling Trailers has acquired a 2-Cell Gantry Robot with Fanuc R-100iC Robotic Arms for its trailer production.

Husqvarna Acquires Blastrac, Rebrands HTC Products

Construction Equipment

The Blastrac Product Portfolio includes high-quality and efficient solutions for shot blasting Husqvarna Group’s construction division has signed an agreement to acquire Blastrac, a leading provider of surface preparation technologies for the global construction and remediation industry.

Innovative Solution Integrates Planning, Procurement, and Project Delivery to Improve Construction Productivity

Job Order Contracting

The innovative 4BT OpenBuild/OpenJOC(TM) Framework integrates planning, procurement, and project delivery to improve construction productivity. The post Innovative Solution Integrates Planning, Procurement, and Project Delivery to Improve Construction Productivity appeared first on 4BT.

Top 100 Products of 2020

Construction Equipment

To view the Top 100 New Products of 2019, and selected videos, click here

Social distancing strategies keep contractors productive

Construction Dive

Social distancing requirements such as staggered schedules and teleworking don't have to derail construction schedules, according to companies that are making them work

Top 10 Products from the Greenbuild Expo

Green Building Law Update

And while the Expo is “the” target rich environment for green people this year, the latest innovative products and tech services are also on display at the Expo, including nearly 100 first time Greenbuild exhibitors. Among the most exciting new product of this year is the d-Rain Joint Rainwater Filter Drain. Possibly the most innovative product is Aquion’s aqueous hybrid ion “saltwater” battery.

Cat Productivity

Construction Equipment

Cat Productivity is a web-based application that delivers a comprehensive performance overview for equipment on the job site. It provides detailed production reporting and allows companies to remotely monitor job site productivity. The application visualizes site-level data from the onboard systems

Construction productivity stats approach precoronavirus levels

Construction Dive

While some aspects of construction are inching toward normal, others seem to be impacted by an unknown future, according to data collected by the Associated General Contractors of America and Procore

Weekly Product Gallery: Fire protection products

Contractor Magazine

This week’s gallery focuses on fire protection products: a fire sprinkler head adapter that connects sprinkler heads to piping systems; two energy-efficient fire pump models; an instrument providing automated pressure and temperature testing for commercial and residential plumbing installations; a fire sprinkler system for multipurpose or standalone installations; PEX press fire protection fittings; and attic sprinklers for sloped, concealed spaces

Top Structural Products for 2020


The products selected for Building Design+Construction ’s annual 75 Top Products report are determined by you, our readers. These products appeared in the pages of the magazine over the past 12 months that readers wanted to learn more about.

Smart Contractors Spend Money On Marketing, Accounting, And Production

Contractor Bookkeeping

Marketing / Accounting / Production. The Contractors Account Construction Marketing Construction Accounting MAP vs. PAM contractors bookkeeping and accounting Accounting Software for Contractors Contractor Construction Productivity

World’s Top Concrete Product Manufacturers

The Constructor

Concrete product manufacturing is a competitive industry in the field of construction. Concrete Technology Cement Products Manufactures Top Concrete ProductsThe world produces around 4.4 billion tons of concrete every.

Productivity Is Down. Now What?

Construction Business Owner

Productivity Is Down. Now What? Kathy Wells. Tue, 03/08/2022 - 10:02. The construction industry is largely based on a simple system: estimates. In fact, it is so simple it might even be slightly unnerving.

Viewpoint For Projects wins Collaboration Product of the Year for the 11th Consecutive Year

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Trimble technologies recognized in annual "Hammers Awards" competition. Viewpoint News

Construction Productivity 101

Contractor Magazine

A Practical Guide to Increase Productivity in 7 Easy Steps

Smart Home Products Every House Requires


Smart devices make it easier for you to run your home while saving … Smart Home Products Every House Requires Read More ». A growing number of people are jumping on the smart home bandwagon, and for a good reason.

Connected Jobsites: The Future of Safety & Productivity

Construction Business Owner

Connected Jobsites: The Future of Safety & Productivity. For those who have worked on an IoT connected jobsite, the disruptive change is obvious: significant improvements in safety, productivity and efficiency Alex Headley. Mon, 07/05/2021 - 07:30.