Top Products 2021 – CoConstruct


Trusted Product. With a focus on its customers, CoConstruct continues to bring to market a product that the industry needs. Congratulations CoConstruct, a Constructech Top Products 2021 winner.” —Peggy Smedley. Click here to go back to this year’s list.

New Product Launch Checklist

Construction Marketing

Improving the effectiveness of a new product launch is of critical importance to most companies and brands as new product development costs can be stratospheric, coupled with extremely high failure rates. Some estimates of new product failure as high as 90%! Certainly the new product development process is complex and multi-functional—not just marketing—but typically involving many departments such as engineering, operations, purchasing, executive management and others.


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Top Products 2021 – Tensar


Concept Product. Newly launched, concept product, SpectraPave Online is a free, cloud-based software for engineers, contractors, and owners to design with geogrid in a variety of applications such as pavement construction, soil stabilization, and other site development challenges.

Unlock Construction Productivity by Integrating Key Workflows

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Get the keys to improved construction productivity and collaboration in just 15 minutes. Construction Best Practices

Top Products 2021 – eMOD


New Product. Congratulations eMOD, a Constructech Top Products 2021 winner.” —Peggy Smedley. The post Top Products 2021 – eMOD appeared first on Constructech. Click here to go back to this year’s list. Commercial. 393 East Grand Ave. San Francisco, Calif. 94080.

Tracking Prefabrication Productivity

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Why Controlled Construction Environments are More Important than Ever and How Contractors are Using Technology to Gain Efficiency. Construction Best Practices

Sustainable Starts with Products


For construction professionals, understanding the environmental impact of products is key—as it can have a long-term impact on the project, attract new workers to the job, and help a business become more sustainable and circular.

Collaborate to Increase Productivity

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Another way to address the labor shortage is from the perspective of productivity. In addition to delays caused by weather, safety issues, design issues, material delays, and subcontractor performance, lacking enough qualified labor can also contribute to a decrease in productivity. Solving these problems through better collaboration can increase productivity and help keep your projects on deadline. Inefficient processes can decrease productivity.

Top Products 2021 – Buildertrend


Trusted Product. In the past year, the company has made a few big changes to its product. This is just a sampling of what it has done for its customers in the past year, but all-in-all it continues to make its product a solid option for the residential building community.

7 Ways To Improve Construction Workplace Productivity

Contractor Bookkeeping

The success of any business, large or small, depends considerably on nurturing an efficient, productive workplace. While improving employee productivity should always be a priority when the ultimate goal is a sustainable and profitable business, the process is easier said than done.

Top Products 2021 – Explorer Software


Trusted Product. Congratulations Explorer Eclipse, a Constructech Top Products 2021 winner.” The post Top Products 2021 – Explorer Software appeared first on Constructech. Click here to go back to this year’s list. Explorer Eclipse. Commercial. Explorer Software.

A Robust Framework for Improving Construction Productivity

Job Order Contracting

Robust processes have been proven and available for decades and have now evolved into full solution frameworks for improving construction productivity. The Effects of Building Information Modeling on Construction Site Productivity.

Smart Contractors Spend Money On Marketing, Accounting, And Production

Contractor Bookkeeping

Marketing / Accounting / Production. The Contractors Account Construction Marketing Construction Accounting MAP vs. PAM contractors bookkeeping and accounting Accounting Software for Contractors Contractor Construction Productivity

New Product Development and Launch Webcast for Construction

Construction Marketing

A webcast entitled New Product Development and Launch Best Practices for Construction is now open for registration on the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) website. With stratospheric new product development costs, and new product failure rates in excess of 90%, product development and launch systems and processes must be carefully evaluated and more effectively implemented. Join panelists Jeff Kotz, Product Marketing Manager for Weather Guard Div.

World’s Top Concrete Product Manufacturers

The Constructor

Concrete product manufacturing is a competitive industry in the field of construction. Concrete Technology Cement Products Manufactures Top Concrete ProductsThe world produces around 4.4 billion tons of concrete every.

Top Products 2021 – GCP Applied Technologies


New Product. Congratulations GCP Applied Technologies, a Constructech Top Products 2021 winner.” The post Top Products 2021 – GCP Applied Technologies appeared first on Constructech. Click here to go back to this year’s list. Macrosynthetic Fiber Calculator App 2.0.

AHF Products Investing $2.5M In Kentucky Expansion

Business Facilities

Read: AHF Products Investing $2.5M The wood flooring manufacturer plans to install innovative technology and create 20 new jobs at its Somerset, KY facility. In Kentucky Expansion at

Ford Cuts Pickup Truck Production

Construction Equipment

Ford continues to be plagued by shortages in semiconductors and said it would reduce production in six plants in response. One of those plants will be the Dearborn facility that produces F-150 pickup trucks. According to CNBC, the Ford plant will be shuttered for two weeks: April 5-16.

Husqvarna Integrates HTC Products

Construction Equipment

Husqvarna Construction has integrated the HTC products, services, and solutions into the global Husqvarna Construction offering to the surface preparation industry. The rebranded range is promoted under the tagline “The Orange Evolution” and includes several new products.

Tackling Construction’s Productivity Problem

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Productivity has been a popular topic of discussion in construction , especially over the past year. The report, “ Reinventing Construction: A Route to Higher Productivity ,” found labor productivity in construction only increased 1 percent globally over the past 20 years, compared to 2.8 A lag in productivity doesn’t only mean the industry loses out on possible earnings. New Construction Productivity Data. How to Increase Productivity in Construction.

Social distancing strategies keep contractors productive

Construction Dive

Social distancing requirements such as staggered schedules and teleworking don't have to derail construction schedules, according to companies that are making them work

Improving Productivity Solution That Works

Contractor Bookkeeping

Our winning strategy talks about Marketing as the foundation, Accounting as the center of your construction business, and Production where t he rubber meets the road, or if you please, this is where all the planning and support structure pays off. Some contractors and construction company owners believe in maximizing production by driving everyone from the laborers to the Project Managers to work harder, longer, faster, hustle and run.

CONTRACTOR's 2020 Products of the Year

Contractor Magazine

See what products resonated the most with our readers this year. Media Galleries

Construction Productivity 101

Contractor Magazine

A Practical Guide to Increase Productivity in 7 Easy Steps

Construction productivity stats approach precoronavirus levels

Construction Dive

While some aspects of construction are inching toward normal, others seem to be impacted by an unknown future, according to data collected by the Associated General Contractors of America and Procore

Fortress Building Products 2021

Pro Builder

Fortress Building Products 2021. kcichowicz. Mon, 05/10/2021 - 14:20

Top Structural Products for 2020


The products selected for Building Design+Construction ’s annual 75 Top Products report are determined by you, our readers. These products appeared in the pages of the magazine over the past 12 months that readers wanted to learn more about.

Weekly Product Gallery: Fire protection products

Contractor Magazine

This week’s gallery focuses on fire protection products: a fire sprinkler head adapter that connects sprinkler heads to piping systems; two energy-efficient fire pump models; an instrument providing automated pressure and temperature testing for commercial and residential plumbing installations; a fire sprinkler system for multipurpose or standalone installations; PEX press fire protection fittings; and attic sprinklers for sloped, concealed spaces

Viewpoint Voices: A Q&A with Product Marketing Manager Daniel Griffith

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Learn more about the Viewpoint team by reading our second installment of our Viewpoint Voices blog series. Viewpoint News

Komatsu Rebrands Mining Product Lines

Construction Equipment

The company will retain its P&H and Joy brands for the products longest associated with those names: P Komatsu has announced plans to rebrand its underground hard rock equipment, surface wheel loaders, and new line of blasthole drills to reflect the company’s focus on growth in these areas.

Air Products Provides World’s Leading LNG Technology From Palmetto, FL

Business Facilities

Air Products recently completed an expansion of its manufacturing facility at Port Manatee on Florida’s West Coast to meet the needs of the ever-growing liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry. Read: Air Products Provides World’s Leading LNG Technology From Palmetto, FL at

PRIMED Medical Products To Establish Manufacturing Facility In Canada

Business Facilities

PRIMED is searching for a location for a domestic production hub and Centre of Excellence for North American personal protective equipment (PPE) production. Read: PRIMED Medical Products To Establish Manufacturing Facility In Canada at

Top 100 Products of 2020

Construction Equipment

To view the Top 100 New Products of 2019, and selected videos, click here

Viewpoint Product Releases

Viewpoint Construction Technology

A look at the very latest Viewpoint product releases and enhancements. Viewpoint News

What is the Takt Production Model?

Lean Construction

In recent years, Takt Production has received a lot of interest in the construction and we are seeing more and more implementations around the industry. Takt Production comes from the aeronautical industry and its purpose is to stabilize and maintain rhythm of production.

Local Production Fund Supports COVID-19 Needs, PPE Manufacturing

Business Facilities

The 25 Local Production Fund recipients — including tailors, artisans, tech companies, and commercial printers in Montgomery County, MD — will receive a total of $200,000. . Read: Local Production Fund Supports COVID-19 Needs, PPE Manufacturing at

5 technologies boosting productivity on the jobsite

Construction Dive

Here are the tech tools contractors say they are using to work smarter, more accurately and faster with fewer accidents and injuries

Tackling Construction’s Productivity Problem

Viewpoint Construction Technology

If the industry closed that gap and increased productivity levels to match the rest of the economy, the construction sector’s value

Real-time product selection app accelerates ROI for cement producers

GCP Applied Technologies

Real-time product selection app accelerates ROI for cement producers. Built on proprietary algorithms developed in partnership with our cement formulation experts, the app provides a faster, more predictable way to match your needs with the right cement additive products.

iPad 166

Green products and materials

SAB Magazine

s most green building professionals in Canada now know, demand for products and materials with third-party verification is growing, and this trend will continue well into the foreseeable future. Viewpoint CaGBC Environmental Product Declaration green building programs Green products and materials LEED v4 Living Building Challenge Mark Hutchinson Multi-Attribute Optimization