Backing the Electric Infrastructure


The electric grid and infrastructure necessary to create, carry, and distribute the electric power countries depend upon has been stressed more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic as people stayed home and used more electricity.

Lion Electric Bringing First-Ever U.S. Manufacturing Facility To Illinois

Business Facilities

The $70 million investment by Lion Electric will pave the way for the largest all-electric commercial vehicle production plant in the U.S., Read: Lion Electric Bringing First-Ever U.S.


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How to Install Electrical Earthing System in a Building?

The Constructor

Earthing is the process of transferring the immediate discharge of electricity directly to the earth plate by using low-resistance electrical cables.

New Electric Transmission Line Will Create 1,000 Jobs In Kansas

Business Facilities

The new 800-mile Grain Belt Express electric transmission line will carry low-cost, Kansas wind energy to consumers across the Midwest, and create nearly 1,000 jobs. Read: New Electric Transmission Line Will Create 1,000 Jobs In Kansas at

Kansas 107

Electric Vehicles: Charging To The Top

Business Facilities

Electric vehicles are no longer the wave of a distant future: 2021 will be a breakout year for e-vehicles in the wake of General Motors’ announcement that it will end production of internal combustion engines in 2035. Read: Electric Vehicles: Charging To The Top at

The State of Electric Vehicles in Construction

Construction Business Owner

The State of Electric Vehicles in Construction. Alex Headley. Wed, 02/24/2021 - 07:30. Each year, we see exciting innovations move from conception to implementation on construction jobsites and in construction businesses.

Electrical Infrastructure Projects


The United States has been involved in providing electricity to rural areas for a long time. In 1933, President Roosevelt signed the Tennessee Valley Authority Act creating the TVA, designed to modernize the region, using experts and electricity to combat economic problems.

JCB Announces Electric Developments

Construction Equipment

JCB will now offer a fully glazed cab for its electric 19C-1E compact excavator, as well as a rapid Universal Charger compatible with the company's current and future E-Tech electric models.

Electric Last Mile Aims To Create Up To 960 Jobs In Indiana

Business Facilities

The electric vehicle (EV) company intends to invest $300M to establish operations at the former AM General commercial plant in Mishawaka, IN. Read: Electric Last Mile Aims To Create Up To 960 Jobs In Indiana at

[VIDEO] Volvo Unveils Electric Excavator

Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment has unveiled the EX03, the company’s first electric prototype in the mid-size excavator range. With low noise, zero exhaust emissions, and reduced maintenance needs, the EX03 represents the future for safer and more environmentally responsible construction sites.

Selling All-Electric Homes

Pro Builder

Selling All-Electric Homes. New homes that are 100% powered by electricity have several benefits. He used to install gas furnaces, but recently switched to electrically-powered geothermal heat pumps. At least in this case, electricity was the cheaper fuel," he says.

Volvo VNR Electric Model Intro'd in U.S.

Construction Equipment

Volvo Trucks North America announced the commercial introduction and sales start of its zero tailpipe emission, battery-electric vehicle to the North American market. The Class 8 Volvo VNR Electric truck model has a scheduled production start of early 2021.

JCB 505-20E Electric Telehandler

Construction Equipment

The 505-20E is the first fully electric version of the company’s Loadall telehandler, designed to deliver the same performance as the conventional diesel-powered machine for construction, industrial, and agricultural customers.

Electric Arc Welding

Construction Cost Estimating

The electric arc welding process utilizes an electric arc to produce warmth to dissolve the parent material and the filler material (cathode) to frame a liquid weld pool in the joint. The electric arc welding strategy is favored over different techniques because of its reasonableness.

Volvo Begins Deliveries of All-Electric Machines

Construction Equipment

Volvo Group’s construction equipment division announced that it began deliveries of its first electric construction machinery to customers. The recipient of the new products–an electric Volvo FE truck with electrically powered crane, and a Volvo CER25 electric compact excavator–was French

Volvo Trains Techs for Electric Machines

Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment is training technicians for Loxam, a rental company in France, on how to handle electric machines. Loxam has 18 ECR25 electric excavators in its branches.

[VIDEO] Volvo Unveils Electric Excavator Concept

Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment’s EX03 wheeled excavator is the company’s first electric prototype in the mid-size excavator range. The machine features low noise, zero exhaust emissions, and reduced maintenance needs.

Electrification of the Electric Company


Large electric utilities would seem to be a major market for EV (electric vehicles). So, it comes as no surprise that SCE (Southern California Edison) has announced that by 2030, every passenger car and small-to-midsize SUV in its fleet will be electric.

Temporary Electrical Systems On The Jobsite


If you’ve ever been on a project where the electrical breakers would be constantly tripping and lighting was at a minimum, dont’t worry you’re not alone. Building a project without a temporary electrical network is like building a structure without concrete, it doesn’t happen. Electricity on a job makes things work, from the lights that keep spaces bright to the battery chargers for your drill. Basic Electrical Concepts. Temporary Electrical – Feeding The Beast.

Rosendin Electric Bringing 84 Jobs To Pflugerville, TX

Business Facilities

The electrical contract company is investing $3 million to relocate its facilities in Texas and California to a 50,000-square-foot facility. Read: Rosendin Electric Bringing 84 Jobs To Pflugerville, TX at

John Deere, Utility to Test Electric Backhoe Concept

Construction Equipment

John Deere and National Grid, an energy utility serving more than 20 million people throughout the Northeast, will joint test an electric backhoe loader concept. The John Deere developed, battery-powered, electric vehicle design–referred to as E-Power–will target the ease of operation and

How to Perform Electric Arc Welding in Steel Structures? [PDF]

The Constructor

The electric arc welding process uses an electric arc to generate heat to melt the parent material and the filler material (electrode) to form a.

Schneider Electric Partnership Gives Employees Workplace Flexibility

Business Facilities

Thousands of Schneider Electric employees across the U.S. Read: Schneider Electric Partnership Gives Employees Workplace Flexibility at will have access to Upflex’s network of more than 2,100 coworking spaces.

Are All-Electric Homes The Future?

Pro Builder

Are All-Electric Homes The Future? Despite this, some builders predict a shift in coming years to all-electric homes, and are trying to get ahead of that trend. Xcel Energy, the utility that supplies the city with electricity and gas, seems to agree. Why Electric?

GM Goes Electric with Silverado Pickup

Construction Equipment

General Motors says it will produce an electric Silverado pickup truck, fielding a competitor to Ford’s electric F-150. According to published reports, the truck will have a range of more than 400 miles. GM did not release a timetable, but various reports suggest it will be a couple of years before

Hyundai Unveils Electric-Powered Compact Excavator

Green Industry Professionals

Electric compact excavator machine developed in collaboration with Cummins Inc

Volvo Electric Loader Technology Put to Work in Germany

Construction Equipment

The responsibility for keeping Cologne, Germany’s fourth largest city, looking its best falls to AWB Abfallwirtschaftsbetriebe Cologne GmbH, which is using the first Volvo L25 Electric wheel loader delivered to a job site in the country.

Liebherr Launches Electric Excavators for Quarry Work in Europe

Construction Equipment

The R 976-E electric crawler excavator, along with the R 980 SME-E, replace the ER 974 B for mine and quarry extraction. The electric excavators are produced by Liebherr-France SAS in Colmar, France, and are not converted diesel machines.

Bobcat Chooses Partner for Electric/Hydraulic Compact Excavators

Construction Equipment

Doosan Bobcat North America and Green Machine Equipment, a manufacturer of renewable power drive systems, have announced a strategic partnership to produce electric/hydraulic Bobcat compact excavators.

Freightliner Electric Trucks Hit 500K Milestone

Construction Equipment

Freightliner customers have logged more than 500,000 miles of real-world operation with the company’s battery-electric eCascadias and eM2s.

Franklin Electric Celebrates 75 Years

Contractor Magazine

A lot has changed at Franklin Electric since E.J. (Ed) Ed) Schaefer and T.W. Wayne) Kehoe founded the company in 1944

Schneider Electric Expanding Texas Plant

Business Facilities

Read: Schneider Electric Expanding Texas Plant at Advanced Manufacturing Daily News Data Centers Featured Texas corporate expansion data centers El Paso El Paso 3 Employment Manufacturing Schneider Electric TechnologyThe new El Paso, TX facility will create 120 new jobs to accommodate growth in the data center market, and showcase the latest in smart factory innovation.

Current State of Electric Equipment

Construction Equipment

Electrification of equipment is not new, as the industry has seen decades of electric technology in mining, as well as the hybrid diesel-electric dozers, wheel loaders, excavators, and MEWPs on job sites right now, but what is noteworthy is movement toward all-electric yellow iron.

U.S. electric grid is halfway to zero carbon


electric grid is making significant progress to zero-carbon status, according to a report from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory The U.S.

JCB Electric Excavator Wins Award

Construction Equipment

JCB won the 2020 MacRobert Award from the Royal Academy of Engineering for its 19C-1 electric excavator.

Revamped electrical contractor training prioritizes technology

Construction Dive

The National Electrical Contractors Association integrated BIM and moved to electronic documentation in an overhaul of its apprenticeship training program

BIM 72

[VIDEO] Volvo Announces Mid-Size Electric Excavator, the EX03

Construction Junkie

To help reduce jobsite noise, exhaust emissions, and reduce maintenance, many construction equipment manufacturers have been busy producing all electric versions of their diesel powered machines, such as the 220+ ton electric crawler cranes that Liebherr recently unveiled.

Cat introduces its first electric drive loader

Digger Blog

Caterpillar has brought out a version of its 986K wheeled loader with an electric drive system. Caterpillar has brought out a version of its 986K wheeled loader with an electric drive system. Read Full Article: The Construction Index

Peterbilt Provides Electric Vehicle Operating Cost Calculator

Construction Equipment

Peterbilt has introduced an EV Operating Cost Calculator for prospective Peterbilt electric vehicle customers. Hosted within the website, the operating cost calculator is a tool for prospective customers to evaluate the Total Cost of Ownership of a Peterbilt Model 220EV, 520EV, or

Electric Pickup Chassis to Compete in Desert Race

Construction Equipment

Lordstown Motors, a creator of electric light duty trucks focused on the commercial fleet market, has entered the Endurance Beta skateboard chassis in the 2021 SCORE International San Felipe 250, part of the SCORE World Desert Championship race series.