The case for constructing resource-efficient buildings

Construction Dive

Andy Feth of C.W. Driver Companies writes that a holistic approach to building offers competitive advantages and long-term cost savings

Human Resource Reminders

John Chaney

Now that it’s the end of May, commencement ceremonies have started across the country with speakers giving new graduates advice on how to survive “the real world.” Many of these graduates – whether they’re in high school or college – will enter the workforce and face new challenges and situations.

Ohio Lands Cliffs Natural Resources’ First Great Lakes HBI Plant

Business Facilities Blog

The mining and natural resources company will invest $700 million and create 130 permanent jobs in Northwest Ohio​. Read: Ohio Lands Cliffs Natural Resources’ First Great Lakes HBI Plant. Capital Investment Daily News Featured Manufacturing Ohio Taxes & Incentives Business Incentives Cliffs Natural Resources great lakes HBI JobsOhio mining natural resources Site Selection Toledo Toledo Ironville Terminal

Ohio 48

New Resource- 2013 Contractor’s Marketing Handbook

Construction Marketing Blog

Fortunately, a new resource is available to offer some insights and guidance on building a marketing strategy. Trends show that the building industry is taking steps to recover and will continue to improve throughout the rest of 2013.

New Legal Guide and Resource For Your Construction Business

Construction Marketing Blog

Whether just starting out or operating for years, there are many legal obligations and issues that confront a small business owner.

Legal 141

IPD & BIM Resources

Collaborative Construction

I've gathered an eclectic pile of IPD and BIM related resources over the past few years. Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution! Below are links to a few of the materials available on the web readers may find useful. I'll add more from time to time but this is a good place to start for anyone seeking information.

Countries Treat Water as a Limited Resource

ENR Construction

Weather extremes also driving work around the world

Construction Budgeting Resource for Arizona

Carol Hagen

You can get this resource for free just by participating. Please share this with others in the industry as the more contractors who participate, the more valuable this construction resource will be. Construction company budgets are heavily weighted to the salary and compensation plans of their employees.

Budget 100

5 Steps to Maximize Human Resource Leadership Effectiveness

Construction Business Owner

Human resource (HR) directors who work in small to midsized companies share a common frustration.

House Passes New Water-Resources Measure

ENR Construction

Measure authorizes more than $10 billion for 30 Corps projects plus $175 million for deteriorated drinking-water systems

How Do You Best Manage Your Human Resource Documents?

Construction Business Owner

Director of Human Resources, SHRM-SCP. Sarah Mueller. Shapiro & Duncan

Human Resources & the Tech Revolution

Construction Business Owner

Aterm often reserved for metals and oil, “precious resources” could currently be used to describe the state of labor in construction. It seems that in a few short decades we have gone from a plentiful workforce to a scarcity of available employees. But that is not the only change tied to personnel

Collaborative Construction Resources' Services

Collaborative Construction

Introduction to Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC’s Innovative IPD in 3D™ System A Revolution is bringing Integrated Project Delivery, (IPD) Collaborative Agreements, Building Information Models (BIM), and Lean Construction and Design methods to US Markets Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC (Collaborative Construction) provides the legal foundation for the revolution sweeping the planning, design and construction industries.

New Family Editor Resources

Revit OpEd

News Training Books Videos ResourcesFirst Item of interest: Paul Aubin recently completed a new video course for the Revit Family Editor , hosted on These are the families that get attention during the video which is 6 hours and 44 minutes.

82 Twitter Resources that are Useful

Carol Hagen

Today I thought I’d share these bookmarked resources with you as an RSS Feed (so as I add more they’ll automatically add to the list or you can subscribe to my feed). Twitter is a great tool if you know what you’re doing.

PSMJ Resources Blog: PSMJ Resources, Inc. Hires New Managing.

PSMJ Resources

PSMJ Resources, Inc. David Whitemyer, AIA joins practice, brings extensive writing and design experience PSMJ Resources, Inc., PSMJ Resources, Inc. Subscribe To PSMJ Resources, Inc. Importance of Human Resources. PSMJ Resources, Inc. About PSMJ Resources. PSMJ Resources, Inc. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Friday, January 20, 2012. Hires New Managing Editor to Grow and Enhance Established Newsletters.

Plastic piping industry gains new online resource

Constructor Magazine

This article from American Infrastructure discusses a new online resource from the Hydrostatic Stress Board. read more. Piping

Hill Panels Gearing Up for 2018 Water-Resources Bill

ENR Construction

Five Corps project already are in the queue for authorizations, if new WRDA bill emerges

Natural Resources Defense Council Lawsuit against EPA Challenges Pesticide Registrations

Green Industry Professionals

The organization is asking a federal court to vacate the registrations of nearly 100 products containing neonics

Water Resources Bill Sails Through the Senate

ENR Construction

Attention shifts to the House, which could take up a bill next week that focuses just on Corps projects and policies

House Passes $9B Water-Resources Measure

ENR Construction

House bill includes amendment providing $170 million to fix Flint, Mich., drinking water system

New Resource Announced For Cities Seeking Innovation And Economic Revitalization

Buisness Facilities Contributed Content

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan and White House Intergovernmental Affairs Director David Agnew will announce the launch of the National Resource Network (NRN), a pilot program designed to serve as a “311 for Cities.” Posted by Heidi Schwartz.

SMPS: A resource worthy of consideration

Construction Marketing Ideas

John Deere Landscapes Acquires Green Resource

Green Industry Professionals

John Deere Landscapes, LLC announced today the acquisition of Green Resource

Calif. Dept. of Water Resources Shakes Up Leadership After Oroville Forensic Report

ENR Construction

of Water Resources named a new director and restructured its executive team as work crews continue a $500-million project to repair the spillways at Oroville Dam Following an independent report's sharp criticism of its dam safety culture, California's Dept.

Supplier-based resources: Bringing your marketing upstream, or downstream

Construction Marketing Ideas

Michael Stone has posted a fascinating page based on a webinar program sponsored by Great Lakes Windows (Ply Gem) titled “2018: Plan for More Quality Leads, Better Closings and Making More Money.”

Oldcastle Building Solutions blog: A powerful and comprehensive resource

Construction Marketing Ideas

When I first viewed the Oldcastle Building Solutions blog, I thought: “This looks like one that would be published by a professional media company/publisher.” ” In fact, Oldcastle is a building materials supplier, with more than 2,000 locations in North America.

PSMJ Resources Blog: Breakthough 2012

PSMJ Resources

PSMJ Resources, Inc. Subscribe To PSMJ Resources, Inc. Importance of Human Resources. About PSMJ Resources. PSMJ Resources, Inc. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Tuesday, September 6, 2011. Breakthough 2012. Hear why Dave Burstein thinks you should attend Breakthrough 2012 in October! Posted by. 11:05 AM. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post. Older Post. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). PSMJ is on Facebook! Check out PSMJs Facebook Page.

Industry Focus: Water Resources – Greater Memphis, 100 Trillion Gallons

Business Facilities Blog

Industry Focus: Water Resources – Greater Memphis, 100 Trillion Gallons appeared first on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. Greater Memphis has an abundant supply of pure, sweet water: the Memphis Sands Aquifer holds nearly 100 trillion gallons of this precious commodity, which is becoming an economic development priority.

Training Resources or Options

Revit OpEd

The online resources available suffer from the lack of structure, at least when viewing them as all one thing. This post is biased toward learning on our own and in a way a response to a question I was asked recently.

NextEra Energy Resources sustains fourth failure of season

ENR Construction

Bryan Garner, a spokesman for NextEra Energy Resources, which owns the 120-MW, 75-turbine Tuscola Bay Wind Energy Center, termed the break an isolated incident connected to equipment inside the turbine The 160-ft-high blade of a wind turbine broke off in Tuscola, Mich., in June.

PSMJ Resources Blog: PSMJ Resources Focuses on the Future in.

PSMJ Resources

PSMJ Resources Focuses on the Future in 2012 A/E/C Industry Summit. According to the A/E/C industry experts at research/education/consulting firm PSMJ Resources, Inc., The latest updates on the growing list of speakers and conference highlights can also be found by following PSMJ on Twitter (@psmj_resources). PSMJ Resources, Inc. Subscribe To PSMJ Resources, Inc. Importance of Human Resources. PSMJ Resources Focuses on the Future in 2012 A/E/C.

Oldcastle Building Solutions: A well-designed blog that continues to impress with its depth and resources

Construction Marketing Ideas

Oldcastle Building Solutions won the 2017 Best Construction Blog competition for good reason: It is well-designed, with solid content and frequent relevant updates. And the quality remains as good now as it was this time last year.

Construction Training: Ideas and Resources for Making it Happen

Construction Informer

Oxford Economics took a deep look at the human resources challenges in the near … Continue reading Construction Training: Ideas and Resources for Making it Happen → The post Construction Training: Ideas and Resources for Making it Happen appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Blog with Construction News and Commentary. Google+. There’s much more to construction training than learning the technical aspects of how to do a job.


What is Revit and BIM Resource

Revit OpEd

Alex Gore and his firm F9 Productions have created, as part of their company website, a resource for people that are just getting started with Revit and BIM or those who are still trying to decide what to do. Recommendations Guides Plugs Marketing BIM Getting Started Revit Resources Help

New resource lists green incentives by state


The USGBC's new Public Policy Library is a resource that allows users to look up green building policies by state or locality. The library provides green building-related and LEED-specific policies across the United States. It is an interactive platform with policy details at the federal, state, and local levels including those that incentivize, require, or otherwise promote green building measures.

PSMJ Resources Blog: PSMJ Resources Inc. Announces 2011.

PSMJ Resources

PSMJ Resources Inc. Awards were given to 54 top A/E industry firms for outstanding financial and customer service performance PSMJ Resources, Inc., PSMJ Resources will formally recognize these 2011 Award Winners at its Breakthrough 2012 Conference in Chicago, Illinois. PSMJ Resources, Inc. Subscribe To PSMJ Resources, Inc. Importance of Human Resources. PSMJ Resources Inc. About PSMJ Resources. PSMJ Resources, Inc.