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Cash Flow Management And How To Track Income

Contractor Bookkeeping

A wise business owner once said, "Happiness is positive cash flow." As a business owner, I'm sure you agree. Everything is better when your cash-in exceeds your cash-out. A cash crisis can be emotionally devastating, and it can even kill your business.

How Often Should Hard Hats Be Inspected

Work Gearz

If you are in the construction industry and make use of, or supply hard hats to your construction workers, you will want to know how often hard hats should be inspected for safety. The answer is that hard hats should undergo a safety check every six weeks, but this is not set in stone.


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Owner Responsibility for Construction Waste Across AECOO Sector

Job Order Contracting

Owner responsibility for construction waste is clearly documented. Early and ongoing collaboration between teams working towards mutually defined and beneficial goals is a prerequisite for consistent achievement of maximum integration and utilization of available resources.

Transforming Construction HR: How DP Electric Netted Honors for its App-Based Approach

Viewpoint Construction Technology

DP Electric is awarded Most Innovative Use of Viewpoint Technology during Collaborate 2020 for its development of three integrated software applicatio. Construction Technology/News

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Former Public Officials Indicted on Criminal Charges in Flint Water Crisis

Green Building Law Update

Michigan prosecutors last Thursday announced that 9 individuals have been indicted on a total of 42 counts related to a series of alleged actions and inactions that created the Flint water crisis.

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Tips and Rules for Design of Reinforced Concrete Columns

The Constructor

The design of reinforced concrete (RC) column is carried out by following certain procedures. However, some specific rules and requirements need to. Design Guide How To Guide Structural Design Structural Engineering

Get a Leg Up with Viewpoint’s New Quarterly Construction Metrics Index

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Learn about Viewpoint's new Quarterly Construction Metrics Index and gain valuable insights into the data that is shaping today's contractors. Viewpoint News

What is Lintel Beam? Propose, Size & Types


What is Lintel Beam? A lintel beam is a structural member rest across the openings like windows, doors, etc.

Arq Investing $40M In Innovative Fuel Facility In Louisiana

Business Facilities

Energy technology company Arq will develop a new industrial facility in St. Rose, LA to produce its proprietary Arq Fuel product. Read: Arq Investing $40M In Innovative Fuel Facility In Louisiana at

Huh? Ugh! LOL: The Top Ten-tions of Construction Law and Contracts

Speaker: Matthew DeVries, Construction Law Attorney and National Blogger

The construction environment changed more in 2020 than any prior year—whether the parties were faced with government shutdowns, new health and safety restrictions, or overall financial strains. Yet, many projects remained on target and successfully reached the finish line this year. The rights and responsibilities of parties involved in a construction project are mainly dependent upon the contract or agreement between them, and there is no better time than to review your contractual obligations to identify risk pitfalls and ensure success. Join construction law attorney and national blogger Matthew DeVries as he discusses the top tensions on a construction project and how to avoid disputes.

Polyrok: A Sustainable Recycled Plastic Aggregate Alternative for Concrete

The Constructor

The researchers from the RMIT University of Australia have found a way to develop a sustainable concrete aggregate made from lightweight recycled.

A Look Back at 75 Years of the Backhoe Loader

Construction Business Owner

A Look Back at 75 Years of the Backhoe Loader. Elizabeth Manning. Wed, 01/20/2021 - 16:35. The post-World War II era was one of enormous innovation and economic growth. As millions of servicemen returned home, the housing market exploded, with 2.5 million homes built from 1946 to 1948.

75+ Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Image


Construction tools play an important role in any construction work as they provide a good finish and ease of work by reducing man work. There are different types of construction tools and equipment used in construction. Construction tools have their influence from ancient times to this period.

Civica To Create 186 Jobs With New Virginia Pharmaceutical Facility

Business Facilities

Pharmaceutical manufacturer Civica Inc. will build a 120,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in the City of Petersburg, VA. Read: Civica To Create 186 Jobs With New Virginia Pharmaceutical Facility at

Important Know-How on Typology of Progressive Collapse

The Constructor

Progressive collapse of a structure is defined as the spread of an initial local failure of a structural element that eventually results in the. Building Technology Guide


Ray and Koop Ferwerda’s Telescopic Excavator

Construction Equipment

Sometime around 1940, contractors Ray and Koop Ferwerda of Cleveland, Ohio, encountered a situation that required slope work that could only be done manually. Given the scarcity of labor at the time, something else was needed. They rigged up a primitive hydraulic machine with a blade at the end of

3 Strategic Marketing Moves to Emerge From the Pandemic Strong

Construction Business Owner

3 Strategic Marketing Moves to Emerge From the Pandemic Strong. Elizabeth Manning. Wed, 01/20/2021 - 16:04. The coronavirus pandemic and its accompanying economic uncertainty have hit the construction industry hard.

Mayors Urge Congress To Pass Biden Plan For Direct Aid To All Cities

Business Facilities

More than 280 Republican, Democratic, and Independent mayors urge lawmakers to save jobs, boost recovery with desperately needed direct aid to all cities. Read: Mayors Urge Congress To Pass Biden Plan For Direct Aid To All Cities at

Plans 70

What will the new US Administration mean for Construction?

The Constructor

After much hullabaloo, the US has seen a peaceful transition of power to Democrat Joe Biden. The new president was sworn in on Wednesday and has.

US 66

Biden to Stop Border Wall, XL Pipeline

Construction Equipment

In his first hour as president, President Joe Biden will sign a series of executive actions that reverse his predecessor’s orders on the border wall, immigration, climate change, and the handling of the coronavirus pandemic, according to various sources. According to the reports, Biden will end


Pervious Concrete – Its Application & Advantages


What is Pervious Concrete? The pervious Concrete special type of concrete with high porosity, i.e. it allows water to transmit through it. it is also a type of lightweight concrete as the weight is noticeably reduced by eliminating fine sand.

Plug Power Inc. To Build New Innovation Center In New York State

Business Facilities

Plug Power Inc.'s s $125 million project will create almost 380 jobs at a new state-of-the-art facility in Monroe County, NY. Read: Plug Power Inc. To Build New Innovation Center In New York State at

5 Benefits of Eliminating Waste & Tightening Project Elements

Construction Business Owner

5 Benefits of Eliminating Waste & Tightening Project Elements. Elizabeth Manning. Wed, 01/20/2021 - 08:59. The construction industry, deemed an essential business during the coronavirus pandemic, never stopped working.

Risk 92

Komatsu iMC 2.0 Added to PC210-11 Excavator

Construction Equipment

Komatsu has updated the machine control system on its PC210LCi-11 excavator to iMC 2.0. The factory-integrated system is designed to minimize over-excavation and enable operators to dig straight to grade quickly and accurately. The technology is part of Komatsu’s suite of Smart Construction

BAM Nuttall all set to test 5G in Construction

The Constructor

A BAM Nuttall-led consortium is set to be a part of a government-funded trial to explore the potential of 5G for improving productivity in.

Uzin Utz To Build Second North American Manufacturing Facility In Texas

Business Facilities

Uzin Utz, a manufacturer of floor covering products, will invest $34M in a 125,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Waco, TX. Read: Uzin Utz To Build Second North American Manufacturing Facility In Texas at

Texas 65

Managing Best Value Construction

Job Order Contracting

Clear definition of information requirements, aligned with robust Lean processes, and collaborative delivery teams is a proven pathway to best value construction.

Combine Data for Total Fleet Improvement

Construction Equipment

Fleet-management technology has jumped in its sophistication over the past few years, but the most recent leap has ushered in a new era of telematics: Managers can now be connected to every aspect of their fleet at all times of the day. Smartphones enable telematics to alert managers in real time

New-Home Construction Reaches Highest Level Since 2006

Pro Builder

New-Home Construction Reaches Highest Level Since 2006. cbroderick. Thu, 01/21/2021 - 09:33. New-home construction starts and permits reached the highest level since 2006 in December, according to MarketWatch. Builders began construction at a seasonally-adjusted annual rate of 1.67 million—5.8%

Buildings as carbon banks


In 10 years, the world will have reached a tipping point where the negative impacts of climate change are irreversible. A significant contributor to global CO 2 emissions is the built environment, accounting for 45% of total emissions through the energy it uses and the carbon emitted to create it

2021 Facilities Repair Renovation and New Construction Cost Management

Job Order Contracting

Introduction – 2021 Facilities Repair Renovation and New Construction Cost Management spans multiple principles, practices, domains, and more.

Construction Robotics Pushes Machine Performance

Construction Equipment

Autonomous construction equipment is not merely the fanciful stuff of far-flung iron ore mines in Australia—these robotic machines are slowly gaining advocates here in North America—where we will see smaller, familiar pieces of equipment run autonomously and find homes on the job sites of the not

What Is Surveying? 23 Different Types of Surveying Equipment


What is Surveying? Surveying is considered an art of determining the relative position of the points on, above, or below the earth’s surface by taking direct or indirect measurements of distance, direction, and elevation.