4 Modern Kitchen Ideas

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So, you are planning to remodel your kitchen in the near future, but you want more than just the traditional design and ideas? If you are out of ideas, you might want to go with a modern concept instead. Here are some design ideas you might want to consider. Open shelving is also a good idea, add an element of pipes to make it more industrial looking. The post 4 Modern Kitchen Ideas appeared first on Construction Marketing Association Blog.

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Increase Your Home Value with 7 Home Remodeling Ideas

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Home Improvement Retail home improvement Home Value Remodeling IdeasDid any of your home upgrades pay off when it came time to sell? There are many things you can change and remodel in your home, but these 7 key home improvements are guaranteed to increase the value of your home. Remodeling the Kitchen. The kitchen is usually the first room in the house that needs updating.

Top Unique and Creative Staircase Design Ideas

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Design of staircase are now performed in ways different from conventional construction ideas. Building Technology Guide bookshelf stairs cantilever stairs floating stairs hanging stairs ribbon stairs Top Unique and Creative Staircase Design IdeasNew principles of modern architecture are now applied.


Increase Traffic And 30 Content Ideas For Construction Blogs

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Marketing Ideas For Contractors That Work Contractor Marketing Blogging for contractorsGo through a quick search of construction/home service-based businesses near you, whether it’s a Handyman, Plumber, Painter, or a Framing company, or better yet google your competition and look at their information. Does it link to their websites? And if so, do they maintain a blog?


Free Offline Marketing Ideas For Brand New Contractors

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For now, take out those box of business cards and shove it in your glove box and let’s get rolling: Marketing Ideas For Contractors That Work Contractor Marketing offline marketing for contractorsYes, I know, as a Web Content Developer and Fast Easy Accounting’s resident Webmaster, this blog post could come quite a surprise to you but bear with me on this.


Shipping Container Home Ideas

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The post Shipping Container Home Ideas appeared first on Natural Building Blog. Here are several shipping container homes that show the vast variation in concept and finish possible in such recycled housing models. You can find these shown in more detail at www.mysanantonio.com. Building Styles Design


Is this a good idea?

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Plumbing manufacturers are always out to dazzle prospective customers. But sometimes they take things a little too far. Interstitial Ads Frequency: -1. read more. Bath/Kitchen Media Galleries Plumbing


Suffolk Construction's 'reverse mentors' spur tech ideas on the jobsite

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The general contractor explained how young blood share freshly acquired technology expertise with senior colleagues in exchange for management guidance in a two-way learning experience


51 Best Gifts for Construction Workers (DIY Ideas Too!)

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In this article I am going to tell you some unique gifting ideas for the construction workers of which you might not have thought before! While you can never go wrong with these classic items, you might as well give our DIY ideas a try too like a small kit consisting of boot conditioner, boot polish, a horsehair brush all put in small quantities in your DIY bottles and the gift box! This is a unique idea to let your construction friend spice up his boring lunch in the work site.


3Q Tech Report: New Ideas for a Strange Era

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Innovations in construction technology are reconfigured for the COVID-19 pandemic as firms look to preserve the momentum behind digitization

Retiring the Construction Marketing Ideas blog: What lies ahead?

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The post Retiring the Construction Marketing Ideas blog: What lies ahead? appeared first on Construction Marketing Ideas. I’ve just returned from a seven week vacation in the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. At 66 years old, I’m also officially at “pension” age — and in fact am receiving Canada’s Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan benefits.


New Infrastructure Funding Idea

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Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.), chairwoman of Senate’s surface transportation subcommittee, unveiled legislation this week that would temporarily take freight cargo and passenger revenue from Customs and Border Patrol and funnel it towards the ailing Highway Trust Fund. Estimates are the fund will be short $107 billion by 2026, which is financed by federal gas taxes


Top Restaurant & Bar Architectural Design Ideas

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Innovating restaurant and bar design ideas make a huge impact on your experience as a food establishment. The post Top Restaurant & Bar Architectural Design Ideas appeared first on BRIKS Design-Build Group | Custom Homes | Major Renovations | Residential | Commercial. Commercial Design Lifestyle architecture design ideas bars commercial design commercial properties design ideas food establishments restaurant and bar design restaurants


The Idea Engine

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For the last few decades, innovative business leaders have dramatically altered the landscape with groundbreaking ideas that have forever changed how the world lives The world is witnessing a new Renaissance. Just as Michelangelo, Dante, Galileo and Titian defined a generation of classical painting, sculpting, mathematics and literature, a new revolution surges in the world of business.


Agency asks federal contractors for ideas to make border wall less vulnerable

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Customs and Border Protection wants construction firms and other businesses to recommend ways to deter people from breaching or cutting through fencing with commercially available tools


Design Ideas for Outdoor Living on Small Lots

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Design Ideas for Outdoor Living on Small Lots. ibush. Fri, 07/10/2020 - 06:00. These home designs offer creative solutions for small-footprint homes, enabling them to make the most of outdoor living opportunities despite their compact size. Larry W. Garnett, FAIBD, House Review Lead Designer. Carefully designed outdoor areas that enhance the adjacent indoor space are an important aspect of modern living.


6 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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Small bathroom ideas sometimes get the wrong approach. Here are 6 ideas for your small bathroom to make it less of an afterthought and more like another beautiful room in your home. #1: Urban loft design has the same idea, with its sleek metals, straight lines and few fussy details. #4: The post 6 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas appeared first on Contractor Connection.

5 Big Ideas behind Lean Design and Construction

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It was called: “Five Big Ideas That Are Reshaping the Design and Delivery of Capital Projects Back in Spring 2004, Sutter Health held a conference for the design and construction companies that they had worked with to build their facilities. Lean Project Consulting facilitated the event and presented a manifesto to guide Sutter’s future capital program.

LIXIL’s SATO toilet finalist in World Changing Ideas Awards

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The winners and finalists in the 2017 World Changing Ideas Awards program will be highlighted in the magazine’s April 2017 issue. read more. Residential Plumbing


Conferences Micro-Lessons: 6 Ideas Worth Sharing


They’re where leaders and learners alike come to play, and where the best of the best new ideas have the floor. The post Conferences Micro-Lessons: 6 Ideas Worth Sharing appeared first on stok. Ideas & Innovation NewsWe love conferences! We recently found ourselves at a lot of conferences, and likely ran into more than a few of you between thoughtful sessions, productive workshops, and electrifying keynotes.

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One Paragraph…One Idea

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One Paragraph One Idea. Think of paragraphs as simple ideas. Each paragraph is going to start with one simple idea. In order for the next sentence to fit in this paragraph, it needs to further describe or support this simple idea. If the sentence does not further describe or support this simple idea identified in the first (and only the first) sentence, it starts a new paragraph. Even though I talked about being excited, the simple idea is about loving cats.


Bluebeam Revu Idea: The Ultimate HomeBuilder As-Built

Carol Hagen

Please share your ideas in the comments with our readers. Once you’ve completed building your customers dream home you hand over the keys and all the documentation. Warranties, specifications, owner’s manuals, etc – it’s a stack of paper that may need it’s own filing cabinet. What if you delighted your home owner with an interactive As-built with the appliances, fixtures and all their documentation embedded on the plans?

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New Ideas for Old Shopping Malls: 3 Ways Retail Developers are Remixing the Shopping Center Experience

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Brewery-based restaurant concepts, such as this BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse Englewood Construction recently completed in Fort Wayne, Ind., are popular additions to existing malls. Coming out of the International Council of Shopping Centers’ RECon convention in Las Vegas last month, there’s been a lot of conversation in the media around the future of retail development.

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The 5 Best Kitchen Design Ideas

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Kitchen design ideas are about more than just beautifying a room in your home. The post The 5 Best Kitchen Design Ideas appeared first on BRIKS Design-Build Group | Custom Homes | Major Renovations | Residential | Commercial. Kitchen Design Lifestyle beautiful kitchens best kitchen design ideas custom home renovation home renovation kitchen design kitchen remodel kitchen renovationYour kitchen is like the heart of the home.


Dilemma Over Competing Ideas Pushes Back Start of Big Boston Highway Project

ENR Construction

An agonizing civic decision must be made over whether to rebuild in the air or at grade


The Skunk Works Idea

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“For more than 70 years, the Skunk Works has existed to create revolutionary aircraft and technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible (Lockheed Martin).” Area 51 has long been thought to be one of the most secretive places on the planet. Whether there was an actual, extraterrestrial event remains a mystery, but one true aspect of this secluded part of Edwards Air Force Base in Nevada is the existence of Skunk Works


The Skunk Works Idea

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“For more than 70 years, the Skunk Works has existed to create revolutionary aircraft and technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible (Lockheed Martin).” Area 51 has long been thought to be one of the most secretive places on the planet. Whether there was an actual, extraterrestrial event remains a mystery, but one true aspect of this secluded part of Edwards Air Force Base in Nevada is the existence of Skunk Works


Three simple (long term payoff) marketing ideas

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These ideas aren’t quick fixes; you’ll need to be patient and not expect miracles. But they will undoubtedly payoff in the long-term, and in the short/medium time frame, you’ll find they don’t strain your cash one bit. Pick (and even better) initiate a significant community service project which you (and your employees) can support whole-heartedly. […]. Business and sales management values


Style File Online Idea Organizer

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The Style File Online Idea Organizer from Belgard Hardscapes helps expedite hardscape design and installation

Bad Ideas in Good Times

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Now that the economy finally appears to be headed in the right direction, many contractors are thinking about hiring talent, acquiring bonding and raising capital to help complete their growing backlogs. Many of those business owners with large backlogs are taking an optimistic view that the new construction economy is half full and are quickly forgetting the lessons of the recent past


Idea: Fund Infrastructure with Lower Repatriation Taxes

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United States based corporations who bank some of their earnings and revenues abroad are required to pay 35 percent of any money they bring back into the U.S. On average, offshore taxes are in the mid-single digits. In this environment, companies that are not repatriating funds are saving approximately 30 percent by keeping their capital offshore. According to an article in TheHill.com, an estimated $2 trillion in earnings are stashed abroad


ENR Top 100 Green Design Firms and Contractors: Reshaping Green Building Ideas

ENR Construction

Sustainability has been about buildings that help the environment. But COVID-19 has focused attention on healthy buildings

Carpooling: A Terrible Idea For Teens

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The post Carpooling: A Terrible Idea For Teens appeared first on FDRsafety Carpooling- a concept that makes all the sense in the world for a number of reasons. It saves you money; 4 people splitting a tank gas a lot cheaper than 1 person. It helps the environment; 1 car’s emissions harming the atmosphere is a lot better than 4 cars worth. It reduces traffic; less cars on the road typically means less stress. In most circumstances is hard to deny the positives of carpooling.

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One of the highlights of my year is bringing together all the young construction professionals who are participants. Continue Reading. All People


Germ of an Idea

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The post Germ of an Idea appeared first on Business Facilities. In the paranoid days of the 1950s during the long twilight struggle of the Cold War, the U.S. government fenced off some bucolic stretches of rural America and converted these parcels into factories to produce a full menu of weapons of mass destruction.


Charlotte officials dismiss idea for tunnel under city center

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The North Carolina city will revisit its options for a planned $5 billion to $7 billion extension of its light-rail and other transportation systems

Shipping Container-Inspired House Idea

Jetson Green

German architect Han Slawik created his Homebox design based on the shipping container building model, taking into consideration the ease of transport, universal dimensions and general usefulness of shipping containers. However, the Homebox is not made from an actual steel shipping container. Slawik simply took all the best parts of shipping container architecture and modified it to be easier to build and maintain.


Decorative concrete ideas on walls

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With the emergence of advance technology, the color, texture and patterns can now be added to concrete to make it decorative and stylish product. Given below, some useful tips on how to utilize aesthetic concrete in designs. Stamped concrete: Emulating nature and reiterating the appearance of natural materials like wood grain textures or rock patterns, or even brick outlines and other creative designs, stamped concrete offers huge scopes for making decorative concrete surfaces.


Ideas to increase Durability and Quality for Brick Masonry

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Here we list 5 key ideas about how you can increase the durability and quality of brick masonry. Brick Masonry is used in most construction projects, in one place or other. In many of the places it is a significant portion of the structure - often weight bearing. For this reason, it is imperative that the quality of the brick masonry remains top notch. Special care has to be taken to ascertain high durability and quality of it.


Communicating with construction specifiers: Some worthy ideas

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UK-based marketing consultant Chris Ashworth has published a useful post: Communicating with construction specifiers – choosing your communication channels, which I believe provides some helpful observations about marketing to and through these important individuals in the construction marketing ecosystem. Specifiers, generally employed at architectural practices; but also within procurement agencies and sometimes working as independent […]. Featured specifications