Increase Your Home Value with 7 Home Remodeling Ideas

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Home Improvement Retail home improvement Home Value Remodeling IdeasDid any of your home upgrades pay off when it came time to sell? There are many things you can change and remodel in your home, but these 7 key home improvements are guaranteed to increase the value of your home.

New Ideas for Old Shopping Malls: 3 Ways Retail Developers are Remixing the Shopping Center Experience

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Brewery-based restaurant concepts, such as this BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse Englewood Construction recently completed in Fort Wayne, Ind., are popular additions to existing malls.

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Four Ideas for ‘Sticky’ Community Involvement

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Here are ideas to make it work for your company. … Continue reading Four Ideas for ‘Sticky’ Community Involvement → The post Four Ideas for ‘Sticky’ Community Involvement appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary. Google+. Community involvement is a game changer for construction companies because it makes them part of the community team.


The Skunk Works Idea

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“For more than 70 years, the Skunk Works has existed to create revolutionary aircraft and technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible (Lockheed Martin).” Area 51 has long been thought to be one of the most secretive places on the planet.

Smart Cities Offer New Ideas for Connectivity

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Innovative, technology-driven communities are being designed and constructed for the next generation—and beyond

'Intrapreneurship' Can Boost Implementation of New Ideas

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The idea of intreprenuership—entrepreneurship within big corporations—resonated with attendees at ENR FutureTech, held in San Francisco March 16-17.

New Infrastructure Funding Idea

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Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.), chairwoman of Senate’s surface transportation subcommittee, unveiled legislation this week that would temporarily take freight cargo and passenger revenue from Customs and Border Patrol and funnel it towards the ailing Highway Trust Fund. Estimates are the fund will be short $107 billion by 2026, which is financed by federal gas taxes


Wanted: Bold, New Ideas From Civil Engineers

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I have not-so-groundbreaking news to share: America’s infrastructure is underfunded

Construction Training: Ideas and Resources for Making it Happen

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Oxford Economics took a deep look at the human resources challenges in the near … Continue reading Construction Training: Ideas and Resources for Making it Happen → The post Construction Training: Ideas and Resources for Making it Happen appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Blog with Construction News and Commentary. Google+. There’s much more to construction training than learning the technical aspects of how to do a job.


Bluebeam Revu Idea: The Ultimate HomeBuilder As-Built

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Please share your ideas in the comments with our readers. Once you’ve completed building your customers dream home you hand over the keys and all the documentation.


Unique Idea For Solving Urban Housing Shortage

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Architect Stéphane Malka of Paris, France, has come up with a unique and quite ambitious idea of creating new housing in his city. The system he proposes calls for prefabricated units to be added onto the existing building.


Useful Shipping Container House Ideas and Plans

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When it comes to building a home out of a shipping container you have a lot of options. Despite the fact that a standard shipping container is just a rectangular box, usually measuring about 8 feet by 40 feet, they can easily be transformed into cozy and even spacious homes.


Ideas Floated to Improve TIFIA Loan Program

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Trump administration infrastructure plan expected to propose boost in 19-year-old federal loan program

Update: Sunset Idea House by Blu Homes

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As you know, Sunset Magazine selected the Breezehouse by Blu Homes for the 2012 Idea House (last year it was a solar-powered container house ). Related Articles on Breezehouse is the New Sunset Idea House. Sunset Idea House Prefab in Healdsburg.



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Winning the job does not mean the marketing of the firm and the team is over. In fact, the moment of highest anxiety for the client is right after they have hired you for the job. Did we make the right choice? Will they deliver what they promised, or what we thought they promised? Will we be able to get along with these people for the next two years? Be sure your project teams keep the following in mind: 1. Clients always chose us for reasons other than what we think.


Shipping Container-Inspired House Idea

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German architect Han Slawik created his Homebox design based on the shipping container building model, taking into consideration the ease of transport, universal dimensions and general usefulness of shipping containers. However, the Homebox is not made from an actual steel shipping container.


Engineers Rise to Challenge to Deliver Ideas for Infrastructure Innovation

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The American Society of Civil Engineers Innovation Contest addresses the ASCE’s Grand Challenge, which tasks civil engineers to significantly enhance the performance and life-cycle value of infrastructure by 2025

10 ideas for tomorrow’s campus


Over the past five years, we’ve seen a specific trend emerge in the world of higher education. It’s the emergence of a relatively small space, called the academic incubator. For Gensler, this began with universities such as MIT and organizations like Chicago’s 1871. They were designing hybrid maker spaces that acted as ‘bridges’ between the worlds of academia and the workplace, and they had the feel of entrepreneurial start-up offices

20 Unique Construction Marketing Ideas


Coming up with a bunch of different ideas on how to proceed, it can be tricky but there’s no need to worry. We have gathered below twenty unique construction marketing ideas in order to help you step up your marketing effort : 1.


Houston architect offers novel idea for Astrodome renovation


Indoor waterparks are great. They allow for year-round use regardless of whether it is raining, snowing, or below freezing outside. But the main reason they exist is to allow people who live in climates that aren’t necessarily water park friendly the opportunity to join in on the fun. Given the option, wouldn’t the majority of us pick an outdoor water park to an indoor one

Old-Line Firm Sees Future in New Ideas

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With more than a century of construction history behind it, M+W Group now has set its sights for a powerful future


Tech Meetups Inspire Ideas for Construction

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Feeding the Mind. Technology


Trump to Map Out Infrastructure Ideas

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White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Thursday President Trump will begin to map out his ideas for repairing U.S. roads, bridges and airports will be addressed in Trump’s joint speech to Congress next week as well as in the budget, which is expected to be released in mid-March

The grand experience: Concluding the construction marketing ideas vacation

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I could conduct a staff meeting via Skype and posted an entry on the original Construction Marketing Ideas blog. OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa. For the first time in several years, I haven’t maintained this blog on a daily schedule.


When Is Outsourcing Your Construction Bookkeeping A Good Idea?

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Outsourcing Your Construction Bookkeeping Works Best When: Your construction company is small with 1-10 employees and doesn't need a full-time bookkeeper. You need someone with more skills than the receptionist or office manager can provide.

Germ of an Idea

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The post Germ of an Idea appeared first on Business Facilities. In the paranoid days of the 1950s during the long twilight struggle of the Cold War, the U.S.

The road to innovation: Ideas need to be nurtured, then managed


On May 11, BD+C hosted its first Accelerate Live! innovation conference, in Chicago, a multimedia event where an audience of more than 100 of the industry’s cognoscenti listened to a rapid-fire barrage of 15-minute presentations by 19 AEC experts.

Ideas Ignite: The Museum at Prairiefire


Hear the inspired vision behind the museum’s designers and see how Echelon Masonry helped it achieve the seemingly impossible.

New Ideas, ASHRAE Standard Could Limit Legionnaires’ Toll

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With the recent Legionnaires’ disease outbreak apparently under control, the New York City Councils’ newly adopted law requiring building owners to certify, test and clean building cooling towers has set off a flurry of work. Business Management

Your vote: The social media and construction marketing ideas book cover

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If you’ve already read or ordered Construction Marketing Ideas: Practical strategies and resources to attract and retain clients for your architectural, engineering or construction business or are an advertiser in one of our publications, the book is free. Select your favourite cover.


You Have No Idea How Many Visitors Your Website Gets

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It turns out I had no idea. And guess what, you have no idea how many visitors your website is getting either. I thought I knew how many people visited this website. Recent events gave me an education on just how poor the analytics we use to judge the performance of our websites are.


One Paragraph…One Idea

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One Paragraph One Idea. Think of paragraphs as simple ideas. Each paragraph is going to start with one simple idea. In order for the next sentence to fit in this paragraph, it needs to further describe or support this simple idea. When you write, it will be in paragraphs.


Can There Be Too Many Great Marketing Ideas?

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Someone at your firm has this great marketing idea that you should implement. You certainly don’t want to discourage that and their idea is actually pretty good. Unfortunately, your firm may be suffering from “great idea-itis” and you have just walked into a minefield.


UNIVERSITY GIANTS: Facing money woes, the nation's colleges double down on innovative ideas


Fu nding for the nation’s 1,700 or so public two- and four-year colleges remains well below pre-recession levels. Average state spending per student has fallen 17%—about $1,525—since the recession, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Could this idea for an Urban Droneport facilitate the future of drone-based deliveries?


Companies have been wondering aloud for quite some time about the possibility of using drones as the couriers of the future. Amazon has not made it a secret that they want to use drones to deliver packages in the near future and, earlier this year, Domino’s delivered the first pizza by drone in New Zealand


Use Those Holiday Gift Cards To Boost Your Career With These Great Ideas

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Here are a few ideas to get you started: Livescribe Smartpen – I’m still a believer in the Livescribe Smartpen. You may be one of those people, like me, who get a ton of gift cards during the holidays. If so, you are thinking, “What am I going to do with all these?”

Sunset Idea House Prefab in Healdsburg

Jetson Green

The Sunset Magazine Idea House that I mentioned a few months ago will open for public tours on August 3, 2012. The Idea House was fabricated by Blu Homes, developed by Rosemary Wardell, and designed on the inside by Sharon Portnoy. Solar Powered Sunset Idea House 2011.