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Exoskeleton suit allows construction workers to lift 200 lbs

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Sarcos Robotics' Guardian XO Max full-body exoskeleton robotic system is controlled by sensors that respond to human movement within milliseconds

Contractor of the Year: E.M. Duggan Stresses the ‘Duggan Way’

Contractor Magazine

Valued employees: this is just one of the reasons that E.M. Duggan has been selected for CONTRACTOR’s Contractor of the Year award

Protected Home Improvements Your Clients Will Say Yes To

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The post Protected Home Improvements Your Clients Will Say Yes To appeared first on Construction Informer Blog. Construction Technology Trending

8 Construction Trends to Pay Close Attention to in 2019

John Chaney

As 2019 kicks into full gear, the construction industry is in the midst of a fascinating transition, with contractors transforming their operations across the globe to integrate new technologies, ideas and opportunities. Though the political and economic landscapes remain a […].

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

7 trends that will shape commercial construction in 2019

Construction Dive

Is a trend really a trend if it repeats year after year? Many construction trends are similar to those in years before, but will affect markets in nuanced ways

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How to Cut Control Joints in Concrete Slab?

The Constructor

Control joints are provided in the concrete slab to reduce cracks formed due to shrinkage. The specifications of the control joints such as the depth. Concrete Crack Repair Concrete Technology How To Guide

5 Keys to Successfully Launching Technology Change Initiatives

John Chaney

As we evolve our construction organizations, we are trying to do more with less. We want our teams to be more efficient and effective so, we adopt new technology to help make that happen. After a valiant effort to assess […].

Border wall prototypes breached with common tools

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Department of Homeland Security and military officials sawed through steel bollards in one design and found flaws with the other seven proposals as well

South Carolina: Cherokee County Lands $75 Million Recycling Facility

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Green Tech Solution, a subsidiary of an investment company based in Tianjin, China, will process plastics, scrap metal and electronics at the South Carolina plant. Read: South Carolina: Cherokee County Lands $75 Million Recycling Facility at

2019 outlook: Firms not betting on another record-setting year


Coming off a record-setting year for the nonresidential construction industry (more than $760 billion was spent on new construction and renovation work nationwide last year), AEC firm leaders should be brimming with confidence over the growth potential for their firms heading into 2019.

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Making Email Work Better for Construction Projects

John Chaney

Viewpoint partnership with 28Hands brings Mail Manager to Viewpoint For Projects. The post Making Email Work Better for Construction Projects appeared first on Viewpoint Surveyor. Featured News Software United Kingdom construction construction collaboration email

Atlanta, public schools reach agreement for $5B Gulch

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The development bond deal between the city and its school system removes one major obstacle for project developers

Construction Industry Salaries on the Rise

Construction Superintendent Magazine

ALACHUA, Fla. Skilled craft professionals continue to earn high wages, according to NCCER’s 2018 Construction Craft Salary Survey. More than 130 industrial and commercial construction companies across the U.S., representing over 350,000 employees, participated in the survey.

Developers invest in mega amenities to draw top-notch tenants


One of the more extravagant amenities ever built is scheduled to open in New York City this spring.

3 Technologies that Turn Business Challenges Into Advantages

Construction Business Owner

Through digital transformation with these 3 technologies, construct a successful 2019 at your company

Texas city sues developer of lagoon-centric $1B Bayside development

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Rowlett officials claim that the team behind the massive mixed-use plot defaulted on their development agreement and committed "textbook bait and switch "

2019 Construction Outlook: Positive but Mixed

Contractor Magazine

Construction employment climbed by 4.9% from October 2017 to October 2018. That growth rate was nearly triple the 1.7% increase in total nonfarm payroll employment

Washington D.C. to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2032


Washington, D.C.’s s city council voted to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2032, one of the nation’s most ambitious green energy goals to date. The Clean Energy D.C. Omnibus Act of 2018 also includes measures to reduce emissions from buildings and transportation.

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What Industry Issues Will Most Affect Your 2019 Planning?

Construction Business Owner

Construction industry experts weigh in on what issues will most affect their 2019 planning strategy

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Safety professionals: Wearables can help mitigate the effects of jobsite fatigue

Construction Dive

Wearable monitoring technology could be the answer to protecting overtired workers on the job

Going to AHR 2019? Things to Do and See in Atlanta

Contractor Magazine

Going to the AHR Expo, Jan. 13-16 in Atlanta, GA? Well, you can't spend your whole time on the show floor! If you have a few hours to spare, check out some of the amazing things there are to see and do in the city

Skilled labor shortages continue to make off-site fabrication and construction attractive


A recent survey of AEC firms and real estate owners and developers found a strong majority that had deployed off-site construction in the previous 12 months and planned to utilize it to a greater extent going forward

Government-Owned Facilities and The Continued Lack of Stewardship

Job Order Contracting

Government owners are the stewards of the federal/state/county/local built environment, yet many, if not most, have generally not taken responsibility for their respective roles.

Technology's critical place in construction in 2019

Construction Dive

Automation and connected devices will play an increasingly vital role in the coming year as they supplement, rather than replace, humans

Most DC Tech Workers Would Quit For A Job At Amazon

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In a tight labor market, Washington, DC area employers might have to up their games to hang on to their valued employees before Amazon HQ2 arrives. Read: Most DC Tech Workers Would Quit For A Job At Amazon at Corporate Headquarters District Of Columbia Featured Surveys & Research Virginia Workforce Development Amazon Eagle Hill Consulting employee retention employees headquarters HQ2 labor market research Survey tech workers Washington DC workforce

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BD+C's 101 Top Products: Structural Products


Fabric-reinforced cementitious matrix | Simpson Strong-Tie

The Skilled Workforce Delusion

Construction Business Owner

3 underlying root problems that are sabotaging your efforts to grow your business and retain good employees


OSHA drone inspections come to jobsites, raise legal questions

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The primary concerns around OSHA's nascent use of drones involve privacy and who has the last word on authorizing their use

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Design Foundry Investing $3M In Furniture Manufacturing Plant

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The furniture maker plans to create 202 new jobs in Catawba County, NC over five years. Read: Design Foundry Investing $3M In Furniture Manufacturing Plant at

Open offices are bad!


Sensationalist noise abounds on “open offices.”. They decrease face-to-face conversation and increase email volume! They are loud and make it impossible to focus! They increase stress, sickness, sexism, and decrease security

MaineDOT Uses GPR for Pavement Evaluation

Construction Equipment

The State of Maine Department of Transportation is at the forefront of research on how to improve road pavement quality and extend service life. It focuses on improving both the material mixes used and how they are put down in the field. One recent addition is the use of GSSI’s PaveScan RDM, which

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Modern Materials: Bendable concrete, 'knitted' concrete shells and more

Construction Dive

Plus, tiny ceramic particles make cladding fireproof, microscopic wood particles strengthen concrete by 15% and building panels made of recycled clothing

The inverted hiring process: Does it work?

Construction Marketing Ideas

Yesterday, I made the selection decision for a new publication’s editor. Will my choice be good? I cannot be 100 per cent confident of any future hire, but experience over the past 30 years has taught me the system I use is pretty reliable.