5 Things to Consider When Bidding on a Commercial Project


With economists predicting up to 12% growth in commercial construction for 2015, commercial contractors might find it hard to decide just what to bid on next. commercial construction construction bidding

4 Mistakes to Avoid in Construction Bidding

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One of the biggest stumbling blocks, though, is often at the beginning of a project – during bidding – but there are key areas to avoid in order to make sure your teams stay on track. All of these expenses are important to include for your bid to be accurate.

Avoiding Construction Bids on the Wrong Projects


Construction bids are where the two meet up, and both parties make decisions during this stage to determine the outcome. For contractors, there are five areas to pay special attention to when deciding whether to place a construction bid on a project.

Deliver Competitive Bids Using Highly Accurate Estimates

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Competitive bids are essential in winning construction contracts, but making them competitive might require adjusting the estimate. In construction, there is a natural and continual conflict between thorough estimates and turning in competitive bids. Construction Finance construction bids Google+.

$1 Billion Subcontractor Bid Opportunity

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billion Wynn resort casino at the Mystic River in Everett, Massachusetts announced Wednesday it is soliciting a $1 billion-plus bid package in subcontracted services and supplies. General contractor Suffolk Construction, charged with building the $2.1

SNC-Lavalin's $2.6B Bid for Atkins

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An April 3 bid by Canada-based global design giant SNC-Lavalin to buy U.K. engineer Atkins, valued at $2.6 billion, has been confirmed by both firms’ boards and further indicates a resurgence in industry sector consolidation, observers say

What the Public Bid Law Means for You

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As a result, public bid law has come into frequent use. If you are in the construction industry, understanding public bid law can help you be aware of the potential risks/rewards of your next public works project. What is Public Bid Law? Regulatory Framework of Public Bid Law.

4 Ways to Bid with Confidence

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If you are a commercial construction business owner planning your bids for spring and summer of 2018, controlling fuel expenses for your fleet is a major consideration. Based on the laws of supply and demand, the variability of diesel fuel costs is driven by a range of factors, from regional and global events to Mother Nature. How do construction businesses stay profitable when one of the largest expenses—fuel—is a moving target

Surprising Statistics About Federal Bid Protests

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Wally Zimolong over at Supplemental Conditions posted a piece about federal bid protest statistics. First off, the number of formal bid protests rose almost 50% between 2008 and 2012. For one, bidders might be more apt to protest bids these days.

Nevada Paves Way For Life-Cycle Bids

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?Concrete wins contract for the Boulder City Bypass'' first phase, despite cheaper asphalt bid. Infrastructure

A Unique Christmas Construction Invitation to Bid

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Many other commercial construction companies that belong to the ABA are planning to do the same with their own invitation to bid software. Bid Date: 12/17/12 @ 4p MST. . Status: Invited Bidder – GC Bids to Owner (By invitation Only) December 17 th , 2012 at 4 PM MST). Submit Bids To: Bids (donations) can be made to any of the soliciting general contractors.

To Bid Or To Buy?

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Do you want to participate in a bidding process or pay a fixed price When it’s time to grow your fleet of access equipment, it doesn’t always make sense to purchase new equipment.

Should You Bid or Should You Go?

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All projects look good when relationships are fresh and the money is still in the coffers. Ironically, the projects that garner the most attention sometimes seem to be the ones that have the least statistical evidence to support a firm’s strategy.

Louisiana Children’s Museum on Track to Award Bid

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Louisiana Children’s Museum officials are finalizing an agreement with the presumed low bidder build the museum’s new site in New Orleans City Park

Words to bid farewell

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We’re all guilty of it: using jargon to wave our hands over complex ideas. I won’t even discuss the way architects make up their own words. Others have already done a fine job of pointing that out with clever wit.

Is Public Bidding Even Worth It?


I feel like public construction bidding, especially small ones are like the minor leagues of construction projects. Over the past two years, I swear I’ve bid about thirty of these damn things. You fill out a bid form that has you basically sign your life away and then go up against eight to twelve other bidders. I was recently the low bid on a $360,000 job where ten general contractors provided pricing with bid bonds.

‘Bidding below cost in the AEC…


So convinced he was with intimidating the rest of the industry by his refusal to bid below cost, a flustered female college disappearing from the first row would have hardly even registered with him. If, instead bidding below cost becomes the ‘norm’?

Bidding Partner Required on $2 million Health Center


I can put the bid together and provide project management and project engineering on the job. . I just purchased the plans for the Cecil County Health Center in Conawingo, MD.

Improve Bidding Success

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How many times have your estimators or you uttered the phrase, “That firm is bidding below cost”? About 40 percent of firms in the marketplace do not track their costs with significant rigor to conduct a detailed analysis of bid versus final profit.

Spanish Firm FCC Bids Abroad As Home Workload Slows

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The Aug. 7 completion of the world’s largest concrete-arch railroad bridge, which reaches 384 meters, at the Alcantara reservoir in western Spain adds another link in the nation’s big and growing high-speed network

How Trusting Relationships Build Better Commercial Construction Projects

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For us, this arrangement is far more preferable to the common competitive bid process. Here are the top three reasons to work with general commercial construction contractors in a negotiated bidding process. In a competitive bid, clients do not receive this treatment.

Chinese Bid $650M To Buy Global Desalination Pioneer IDE Technologies

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Offer, one of three to firm's Israeli owners, would expand water tech firm's prospects

Does a BIM Requirement Stop You From Bidding?

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Just because you have hired a BIM staffer shouldn’t mean you go out only bidding projects with BIM requirements. Business must always play to their strengths so the bulk of you projects should still be bid in the areas where you hold the most expertise. You wouldn’t bid a nuclear power plant if you never worked on any power plant before. Don’t let BIM stop you from bidding. What questions do you have on BIM outsourcing and bidding do you have?

California Cities Bid on Amazon Headquarters

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Touting the state’s ability to attract and grow tech talent, a number of California cities and regions have entered bids for Amazon’s second headquarters in North America

The Cost of Bid Pulling

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Thursday’s post on bid pulling really struck a chord with many people. One marketer described it like being the groom of a runaway bride when your teaming partner pulls the bid. And clearly, this is not the first time a bid has been pulled like this.

Bid For Martin's Park To Be Released This Month

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With the design for Martin’s Park next to the Boston Children’s Museum nearly complete, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department is gearing up to accept bids to build the park in honor of Martin Richard—the 8-year-old boy who was killed in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing

Firms Refine Steps to Bid the Right Job

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With more proposal choices in a recovering market, “go-no-go" is more rigorous to weigh costs for the best project fit. Business Management

Is It Fair to Require Detailed Schedules with Bid Submittal?

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But some public contract solicitations are now requiring detailed construction schedules before contract award, submitted with a bid or proposal. The proposed schedule is treated as a technical evaluation factor or a requirement for bid responsiveness. By Bruce Jervis It is common for construction contracts to require a detailed, as-planned construction schedule for a project.

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Bechtel Wins UK High-Speed-Rail Bid After CH2M Pulls Out in Conflict Issue

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A contract worth up to $220 million to help manage development of the U.K.’s ’s next 335 kilometers of high-speed rail has gone to San Francisco-based Bechtel Inc

Can Construction Estimating Software Help You Win Bids?

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The idea of estimating is to win bids at a price that will make money for the construction company. Toward that end, we decided to survey the construction estimating industry to find out whether estimating software actually helps companies win bids.

Case Study: Changing the Low-Bid Mentality

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The smartest contractors realize that, while bids have to be competitive, trying to win work through low pricing alone is not a sustainable way to run a construction business. Some, however, feel that potential customers lack the knowledge to understand the quality that is lost by going with the lowest bidder. Jeff Bartholomew, president and owner of JWB Inc. Custom Homes, faces this problem

Gehry wins bid to design Berlin's tallest tower [slideshow]


Hines, the international real estate firm, announced that Gehry Partners has won an architectural competition for a new 300-unit residential tower in Berlin, Germany.

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construction costs bidding webinar Join Procore for our first free webinar, ‘ Winning Ways to Win More Work ,’ hosted by thought leader George Hedley, certified professional speaker and business coach, and Procore’s very own Project Manager, Josh Newland.

Low Bids Benefit Building Owners

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Does the owner benefit from the lowest bid? Better yet, the committee believed the estimated cost from the accounting department would be met.The final design is complete and is now ready to go out to bid. . Bid packages are distributed to interested contractors and the process begins. . As bid day approaches the owner’s anticipation rises and is anxious to receive the bid proposals. Bids received and opened. Low Bids for Owners

WSP Global Snags Prize with $1.35-Billion Bid for Parsons Brinckerhoff

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Purchase price is set to boost ailing bottom line of parent Balfour Beatty, which paid $626 million for PB in 2009; intended buyer gains a firm with strong financials and a big presence in the US and Asia. Business Management

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Dodge launches new app to simplify pros' search for suitable projects to bid and work on


Contractors and subcontractors now have a new way to access and share information about new projects they might want to bid on or manage. Dodge PlanRoom is an application designed by Dodge Data & Analytics to support construction-specific workflows by allowing pros to quickly review linked plans, sections, and elevations. Dodge is offering a free basic version of Dodge PlanRoom with storage up to five projects.

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Open for Bid - U.S. / Mexico Border Wall

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FedBizOpps.gov, a website for federal contractors. posted the following notice regarding the design and build of several prototype wall structures in the vicinity of the United States border with Mexico