The Interconnected Construction Organization — Part 1: Downfalls of Disconnected Software

John Chaney

Ensuring accurate data, accessible in real time, creates a smooth working model. So often, though, multiple construction software programs and disconnected silos of information limits, delays or strangles the success of a construction project.

The Interconnected Construction Organization — Part 2: The Benefits of Integrated Construction Software in the Cloud

John Chaney

Integrated software can make workflows easier for contractors in both the office and the field. Imagine a construction work environment void of the frustration that comes with paperwork, outdated data, disconnected software solutions and the inability to effectively collaborate.

Building Information Model as an effective cost estimating software

Contractor Bookkeeping

Building Information Modelling (BIM Today's Guest Article Is From K. Shakti Prasad.

Security in Your Construction Software

John Chaney

As the construction industry shifts to a more technology-based approach with mobile, software, and multiple hosted applications , security and data privacy has become a critical component of every part of the construction process. Beyond the software.

Job Order Contracting Software

Job Order Contracting

Job Order Contracting Software and more! Building in Cloud (BiC) and the 4BT-PE/4BT-CE modules support LEAN COLLABORATIVE OpenJOC(TM) Job Order Contract via Software as a Service (SaaS). The post Job Order Contracting Software appeared first on 4BT.

Service Management Construction Software | Construction Manager Software

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Spectrum ® Service Management Construction Software streamlines your service operations for a better customer experience. Track the make, model, serial numbers and locations of all serviced equipment. Service Management.

Structural Model eXchange (SMX)

BIM & Beam

A new Structural Model eXchange (SMX) solution has been implemented to enable a bi-directional exchange between Autodesk® Revit® 2015 software and Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2015.

Some best software for structural analysis and design

Construction Cost Estimating

Now-a-days, lots of software emerge in the market to design, analyze and develop large projects rapidly. The 3D integrated structural design and analysis software become very popular amid structural designers. Given below, some of the other significant advantages of the software : 1.

'Reality modeling' arrives


Has “reality modeling” gone mainstream? Speaking at the Year in Infrastructure Conference in London last November, Bentley presented his case that more projects are benefiting from geometrically accurate 3D models created by stitching together captured images using software like his company’s ContextCapture Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems, thinks so.

Utilize Metrix model for effective software project duration estimation

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Utilize Metrix model for effective software project duration estimation. Metrix is an easy to use stochastic model to be utilized for software project duration estimation. This model applies Monte Carlo simulation over an activity graph to deal with the project duration uncertainty. Metrix model provides great advantages as it generates a probability distribution of the software project duration without any single estimate for duration.

AStrutTie 2017 – The powerful software for structural design

Construction Cost Estimating

HanGil IT develops AStrutTie 2017, a software that can be used for strut-tie model analysis and design for concrete members having disturbed stress region(s). The software is compatible with U.S (ACI

BIM Guide for Owners – Building Information Management, Model, Modeling

Building Information Management

Building Information Management, Model and Modeling. effectively developing an asset lifecycle process and model from conception to final retirement. Building Information Model: Is the DIGITAL REPRESENTATION of physical and functional characteristics of a facility.

Enhanced Analytical Model in Autodesk Revit 2014

BIM & Beam

In this release the structural analytical model was improved in several different areas. You can find enhancements to help create and manage the structural analytical model, such as better visibility and greater control over the analytical model.

CSiBridge 20.2.0 is recently launched to make the bridge modeling process smarter

Construction Cost Estimating

Bridge Modeler: The rapid bridge template is extended to help in explaining a more complete model along with substructure, superstructure, loading, and design criteria. User specified diaphragm depths can now be stipulated for precast I-girder and concrete tee bridges Modeling.

Alternative Project Delivery Models Gaining Traction

Collaborative Construction

Alternative Project Delivery Models Gaining Traction. Institutional owners - both public and private - continue to embrace alternative project delivery models. While CM at Risk and Design-Build dominate the headlines, Integrated Project Delivery, accompanied by the right legal framework, remains the best delivery model for integrated teams seeking to produce BIM enabled infrastructure. Alternative Delivery Models Gaining Traction. Building Information Modeling Website.

Evolution of Building Information Modeling

Contractor Magazine

Software Registered UserBy Jeff Leighton, BIM Manager, Victaulic. BIM has evolved in the past few years, and continues to evolve with more and more projects having BIM requirements. Contractors able to meet those requirements may find they have a competitive advantage. read more.

RebarWin – A powerful software for rebar detailers

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The software is specifically designed for rebar detailers who are involved in construction and civil engineering projects. Export Orders (bar detailing lists) and Models (bend types) to a file so as to deliver them by e-mail or diskette to another computer.

Asset Life-cycle Model, Asset Information Model, and Why BIM Won’t Work

Building Information Management

Sure, software firms, and folks that love 3D and make a living from it will tell you otherwise, but the simple truth is that BIM, as we now know it, can not and will not survive. The U.S.

12d Model can streamline the civil engineering, water engineering & land surveying process

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12d Solutions is the developer of 12d Model. The most updated version is 12d Model 9.0 It is very useful for civil engineering , water engineering, land surveying as well as terrain modeling. The 12d Model software supports Windows XP, VISTA & 7 (including PC Notebooks).

AStrutTie – A powerful software for structural analysis and design

Construction Cost Estimating

HanGil IT is the developer of AStrutTie, a powerful software for creating perfect structural design. It is primarily applied to make analysis and design a strut-tie model for concrete members which contain disturbed stress region(s). The software is compatible with U.S (ACI

BIM Basics 2014 – Building Information Modeling, Models, and Management

Building Information Management

Uncategorized 2014 and Managment basics BIM building information modeling job order constracting job order contact Models TCO total cost of ownership BIM is the life-cycle management of the built environment supported by technology.

The Construction Software Toolbox Part 1: Why It Pays To Work With A Tech-Savvy Commercial Contractor

Commercial Construction

Business seems to be booming for construction software products that help commercial contractors manage various aspects of their business. Lately, it seems like I receive daily calls and emails from technology companies highlighting new software products, many of which are trying to be a multi-purpose solution to serve the many facets of the construction business. Project management and accounting are just two facets of our business where having the right software tool is critical.

PM software debate- web or hosted?

Cassell Construction Estimating Blog

Starting at the bottom, we see an ongoing battle between the two project management software models. And to an extent the entire software industry as a whole. The primary advantages of web-based project management software : - easy access for team members. potential reduction of IT cost, by eliminating the need for internal software hosting and additional required security. Consulting Custom Software Project Managment

Download Civil Engineering Software Free

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Geotechnical software GEO5 : There are many programmes that solve geotechnical problems. 3D Structural Modeling Software – 3D+: It is autoCAD based pareametic modeling and analysis. Archon Engineering – It makes the civil and mechanical engineering software.

EdiLus-RC – A powerful software for concrete design & reinforced concrete structural calculation

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EdiLus-RC is an exclusive software for making perfect concrete design that deals with structural calculations toward new and subsisting buildings in reinforced concrete by means of the most simple and effective SMART BIM object input.

DebunkTheBIM: Model validation through scheduling


I consider myself to be a model-based construction information practitioner (shortened to a ‘BIM- meddler’) rather than an ‘expert’ or even ‘specialist’ Wednesday, November 16, 2011. Model validation through scheduling. DebunkTheBIM.

BIM for Reinforced Concrete – From Design to Detailing in One Model

BIM & Beam

Before we dive in, let’s quickly review the four benefits of BIM for engineers: Combines the versatility of 2D documentation with the higher level of fidelity and accuracy of 3D modeling of steel reinforcement and concrete accessories, with minimal effort to produce both.

Micromine's Rhonda Bulmer on Business Information Modeling

Collaborative Construction

Micromines Rhonda Bulmer on Business Information Modeling. Micromine is an Australian based software company that offers a variety of products to the mining industry. e-Steel Group, LLC - BIM Consultants, BIM Modelers and Construction Managers. skip to main | skip to sidebar.

ConSteel – A powerful structural Analysis software for steel & composite structures

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It is a powerful software for analyzing any structure efficiently. It is suitable for all the stages of the design process ranging from modeling; integrated analysis and standard design; brief inspection of cross-sections and structural joints; flexible documentation.

Debunking another BIM myth: FM enabled BIM models do not automatically pop out of Construction BIM models


In all mainstream BIM strategies, FM models sit at the end of the chain of Ds – numbered from the 6 th D onwards, following the 3 spatial Ds, cost and time. Waste of modelling efforts’ is a major ‘thing’ among those that know little of the realities of BIMming but are deeply invested into it.

EngiSSol 2.0 is a useful software for structural analysis

Construction Cost Estimating

2D Frames 2D Trusses Analysis Features Dynamic Analysis Model Analysis News structural analysisEngiSSol has developed 2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition.

ADAPT-Builder Suite – A useful construction software for designing conventionally reinforced concrete structures

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Edge makes analysis of complete building model for lateral and gravity load. A robust and easily adoptable 3D finite element engine makes the Builder an exceptional construction software to perform the modeling and analysis of any concrete building efficiently.

Tech Toys: Procore, DroneDeploy, TrueLook, more announce new products, software

Construction Dive

June product announcements include thermal mapping drone sensors and a virtual reality tool that lets team members across the country explore a 3D model to predict costs of changes in real-time

CSiBridge 2017 – The newest software for 3D bridge analysis

Construction Cost Estimating

It is a very useful software for integrated 3d bridge analysis. Modeling, analysis and design of bridge structures are incorporated into CSiBridge to transform the bridge design process to the next level. All of these can be used with a single comprehensive model.

Edificius – The most powerful software for architecture, engineering & construction sectors

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ACCA Software SpA has developed Edificius, the leading professional software specially designed for architecture, engineering and construction. There are user-friendly functional tools within roof object to model all types of pitched roof slabs.

More about design drawings and model planning

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In the same way there is some software that helps to plan the models for building purpose or designing in other way such as BIM describes the process of creating and managing digital information about a building or other facility like bridge, highway, tunnel etc.

Checking Under the Hood: What to Consider When Choosing Construction Software

John Chaney

Second, I am frequently asked how one should best shop for construction business software. Cars and software are of course a bit different but they do share a couple things in common. Here, software and cars share a bit in common.

Some useful design and analysis software for engineers

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This construction video provides the detailed lists of most recognized design and analysis software for Civil Engineering. With it, one can design different types of structures as well as distribute synchronized model data efficiently with the whole design team.

How to model a Reinforced Concrete Beam with Ansys Workbench

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Ansys, a USA based Computer-aided engineering software developer, presents an exclusive construction tutorial on modeling a Reinforced Concrete Beam with ANSYS Workbench. Here static static structural analysis method is followed for the modeling purpose.

How Software Can Help Track LEED Projects


In the past, contractors (and LEED APs) had to rely either on pen and paper or general construction project management software to keep track of all the documents, photos, plans etc. Building information modeling (BIM) allows companies to plan their LEED credits during the design phase. Meanwhile, LEED-specific project management software helps track documentation, improve team collaboration and share knowledge on project best practices. Software Helps Manage Project Tasks.