4Projects adds Revit plugin

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Aconex added a third party Revit plugin (developed and supported by Queensland-based XRev) in early 2013 (see Matt Rumbelow’s blog ), and now there is a Revit plugin for 4Projects (or Viewpoint for Collaboration, as it is known in the US and Australia).

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Getting Better and Faster at Revit – Part 2 – Project Browser

What Revit Wants

The first post in the series described how to get your user interface and lab environment ready… Note: Please open Revit, and open the rac_advanced_sample_project.rvt. Revit Lookup – snoop current selection. In Part 3, we will have a closer look at Revit Keyboard Shortcuts.

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Revit 2015 Update Release 11 Direct Links

What Revit Wants

Update 11 for Revit 2015 R2: [link] Readme: [link] Enhancements: [link]. Revit 2015 Revit 2015 R2 update release

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Getting Better and Faster at Revit – Part 1

What Revit Wants

There is a big difference between a Revit user, and someone who has really mastered the software. And More… There are plenty of ways to do things in Revit… but we are looking for the fastest and best way. Management – ways to better manage the Revit model. Revit Item.

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Update 2 for Autodesk Revit 2016 Direct Download Links

What Revit Wants

Update 2 for Autodesk Revit 2016 Release 2 Update 2 for Autodesk Revit 2016 Release 2 Readme R2 download link [link] New build numbers for Revit 2016 R2: 16.0.1108.0 Revit 2016 Revit 2016 R2 update releaseThis might pop up in your Application Manager soon.

Autodesk Revit 2018.0.2 Hot Fix For Download, Enables IFC Linking with C4R

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This latest update for Revit 2018 has the usual bug fixes and stability improvements, but also enables IFC linking to Revit when using cloud hosted IFC files and Collaboration for Revit. Autodesk Revit 2018.0.2 The post Autodesk Revit 2018.0.2

Is Revit dead?

Sean Burke

Many of my colleagues have recently expressed concern regarding the future of Revit. It’s not a terribly difficult observation to make; from the end-user perspective, Revit (the client application) has shown a reduced pace in the development of new features. So, is Revit dead?

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Color Fill Legend in a 3D View and See Rooms in 3D in Revit

What Revit Wants

This is one of the best workarounds I have seen for years in Revit! Did you know that you can rotate a Revit Floor Plan view in 3 dimensions? Tile the windows in Revit so you can see both views. Revit 3d Color Scheme floor plan rooms

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Automatically Post to Slack from Revit with Slackit for Revit

What Revit Wants

Basically, it is a Revit addin that can publish information about the current Revit session directly to a nominated slack channel. Slack is a pretty awesome messaging tool, primarily due to the number of integrations it supports.

Autodesk Revit 2015 Update Release 12 Direct Download Links

What Revit Wants

Wow, Revit 2015 is really going for the 'most updates' record! The error dialog will reference the following: File name: 'Autodesk.RevitServer.Versioning.Client, To continue using A360 Collaboration for Revit, close all sessions of Revit, then download and install the Collaboration 2015.9

A360 Collaboration for Revit

BIM & Beam

Or you’re a project stakeholder and don’t use Revit software yourself, but do need to have the deeper view into project models that you can only get by opening the software. A360 Collaboration for Revit is for you. .

How Good Are Your Revit People?

What Revit Wants

An interesting but sometimes blunt process that happens in firms is ‘ranking’ their Revit users by proficiency. In an ideal world, all of your Revit users are simply awesome and you have no skills problems. The post How Good Are Your Revit People?

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Revit and AutoCAD

Revit OpEd

It''s been 14 years since Revit formally began knocking on the doors of architectural firms. As Revit matured there were fewer opportunities for showstopper items. We can''t justify the time and effort required to move to Revit". Revit was the new kid on the block.

Rebar Projects in Revit

BIM & Beam

For example, SOFiSTiK, a German software development company provides a rebar detailing add-on to complement Autodesk Revit. Their use of Revit and SOFiSTiK on the Moorgate Shaft project is well documented.

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Revit 2016 - Collaboration for Revit 2016 is Available

Revit OpEd

The 2016 version of C4R (Collaboration for Revit) is available now. A360 Add-ins Autodesk 360 C4R Cloud Hosting Collaboration Collaboration for Revit Revit 2016 Revit in the Cloud

Revit 2016 - IFC Observations

Revit OpEd

In the past we had to open an IFC which created a Revit project file we could then link. There are three files that Revit creates based on the source IFC we link. When I use Reload From and select the IFC file I linked in the first place Revit creates those three files all over again.

Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014 Essentials

Revit OpEd

You are probably already familiar with their other book, "Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 20##", the bigger brother to Essentials and the "Introducing" book that was discontinued after the 2012 release. Authors Wiley and Sons News New Releases Revit Architecture Books Sybex Revit 2014

Revit Viewer

Revit OpEd

I've been doing some work with Autodesk as a Revit Mentor helping users navigate their 30 day trial. One of the recurring themes is, " I only need Revit to view other peoples models. In the old days a version of Revit that lacked a license turned into viewer mode.

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Revit 2016 New Features eBook

What Revit Wants

Interestingly, it reads more as a 236 page 'Introduction to everything about Revit'. Revit 2016 Revit 2016 new featuresCADLearning have allowed free access to a fairly info-packed ebook.

How Does a Revit Model Work?

What Revit Wants

If you had 5 minutes to explain to someone the basics of a Revit model, how would you go about it? training what revit wants

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Free Revit Model Checker and COBie addins

What Revit Wants

Jason over at rvit has posted about a suite of free Revit tools, and here they are: Model Checker , Model Checker Configurator , COBie Extension , and Classification Manager I'm particularly interested in the Model Checker.

Gravity Analysis in Revit 2016

BIM & Beam

There is a new analysis type available in the Structural Analysis for Revit service. This is a simplified analysis which by deducing the flow paths of loads determines how the vertical loads are being transmitted from the top of the model to the foundation.

Revit 2017 - Text Editor Features

Revit OpEd

Long awaited, much rejoicing was heard when Revit users heard the news, there is a new text editor. Yes they've revisited the text feature in Revit! Part of the process of building the new text editor involved comparing how Revit worked with AutoCAD. New Features Revit 2017 tex

IFC for Revit Updated with Better IFC4 support (version 16.6 and 17.3 download links here)

What Revit Wants

The excellent and open-source IFC extension for Revit (previously known as IFC Exporter) has been updated. for Revit 2016 17.3 For this update, you will have to manually add the IFC4_Add2.exp file (included with this package), to the EDM subfolder of your Revit Program folder.

Revit 2015 System Requirements

Sean Burke

While I still haven’t been able to install Revit 2014, or Vasari Beta 3, Revit 2015 is officially supported on Windows 8.1. We still have a project wrapping up that’s using Revit 2011, many projects starting out with 2014 today and everything in between. Windows 8.1

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New Feature List for Revit 2015

Revit OpEd

Here''s a list of the items that are new to Revit 2015. New Features News Revit 2015 Revit Updates I''ve put them into my own grouping.

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Creating Revit Egress Paths 2.0

Sean Burke

Life Safety Gnome, the official mascot of Revit egress paths. For many versions of Revit, we have used Steve Stafford’s Line-Based Generic Model family for representing Egress Paths in our life safety drawings. Revit 2013 has opened up some new possibilities.

WhiteFeet Tools updated for Revit 2018 (very cool)

What Revit Wants

Creates or updates sheets in Revit as a bulk editing process. Revit-Database Link : Connect to either an Access or a SQL Server database and synchronize data in both directions. Model Builder : Import and export Revit elements in a way that allows geometry exchange with other programs.

The First Article You Should Read About Revit

What Revit Wants

A while back, Alex Gore contacted me to ask me a few questions about my experience with Revit. In some ways, it is a motivational piece about sticking with Revit, but there are tips and recommendations sprinkled throughout. So where will Revit end up?

Revit 2018 New Advance Steel Features - Better Steel Connections

What Revit Wants

Advance Steel Autodesk 2018 BIM and Beam Revit 2018 steel

Revit Schmevit

Revit OpEd

PLEASE, in the year of Two Thousand Fifteen, finally abandon your disconnected ways and use Revit (or.Archicad). of Opinion Rant Mode Revit Standards WorkflowPlan, Section and Elevation.the bread and butter of architecture. Why would anyone want to work on these three kinds views of a project and not find that the elements (doors, windows, walls, etc) they present don't match? If I create an enlarged plan shouldn't it match the plan it was generated from, but have greater detail?

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Revit Standards. Open for Business.

Sean Burke

Do we really need Revit Standards for the firm that are paper-based doorstops? Announcing: The Open Revit Standards Project: [link]. We want this to be accessible to new and experienced users of Revit. David Light - Revit: An open Revit Standard?

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What’s new in Revit 2015

Sean Burke

What you came here for, the Revit 2015 new and enhanced features summary. Revit displays IFC geometry much better than with the native import method, and this may change as the import/export IFC tools are still Open Source. Revit Fabrication export settings for moving data to AutoCAD MEP or AutoCAD Fabrication CADmep is improved. Energy Models geometry extraction from the Revit model are significantly more accurate. New releases Revit

Revit 2017 - Upgrading Text Warning

Revit OpEd

Brian Mackey (The Revit Geek's Blog) has written two posts about what he's observed happen with an upgrade so far. Damien Ferlazzo (Revit Link blog) shares his experience upgrading text so far with his POST. Issues New Features Revit 2017 Tags text Text Editor Tips Troubleshooting UpgradeIn my earlier review of the text editor I included this warning: When you upgrade from older projects you're going to have to deal with text changing to reconcile these changes.

Revit patch… Heartbleed

Sean Burke

Yes, Revit 2015 was found to have a vulnerability to Heartbleed. Kudos to Autodesk for rolling out another great feature with Revit 2015, that many people may have overlooked. New releases Revit

Collaboration for Revit Installation and Setup Made Easy!

What Revit Wants

There are a few challenging pieces of the puzzle that all need to come together to get C4R or Collaboration for Revit working on a real project. Secondly, Autodesk really wants your whole team (like everyone, every consultant, every Revit link) on Collaboration for Revit.

Dynamo Now Pre-Installed with Revit

BIM & Beam

Autodesk’s open source computational design tool Dynamo is now automatically installed with Revit as of Revit 2015 R2. Using visual programming and popular scripting, it is possible to drive Revit geometry by programmatic means, super charging the design process.