Paving a Career Path in Subcontracting

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I spend most days interacting with our industry’s next generation of leaders, and often have the opportunity to discuss with them their future plans. When the conversation turns to career paths, the typical response involves working as a project manager for a general contractor (GC).

Subcontracting Raises Concerns After Fatal London Fire

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Did divided responsibility compromise the fire safety of Grenfell Tower

Subcontracting Strategically Through Strong Leadership

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As a leader in many companies during my career, I have engaged in countless hours of discussion regarding leadership strategies. The conversations usually focus on how to improve a product, how to make deliverables for a service more useable or how to develop more productive employees.

Do Prime Contractors Abuse Subcontract Retainage?

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By Bruce Jervis Prime contractors are frequently required to release retained subcontract payments when the project owner releases retained prime contract payments to the contractor. This obligation may be imposed by the terms of the subcontract or it may be imposed by a “prompt payment” statute. Featured…Subcontract Retainage Did Not Violate Prompt Pay StatuteBidder Had to Explain Lack of Subcontractor Listing

Subcontract “Flow-Down” Clauses – a Last Resort

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By Bruce Jervis “Flow-down” clauses in subcontracts are interesting creatures. These broadly written provisions purport to pass through to the subcontractor every obligation the contractor has assumed toward the project owner. If interpreted literally, the subcontractor would be responsible for constructing the entire project from the ground up. Read more

Should “Pay-if-Paid” Clauses Be Bluntly Worded?

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By Bruce Jervis “Pay-if-paid” clauses in subcontracts are controversial. Featured …Subcontract Clause Was Enforceable “Pay-If-Paid”Arbitration Clause Can Survive Unenforceable ContractMany consider it unfair for a prime contractor to shift the risk of project owner nonpayment to a subcontractor that has no business relationship with the owner. In some states, pay-if-paid clauses have been rendered unenforceable by statute or judicial ruling.

Insider Discusses EJCDC's New Document on Subcontracts

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Here is the summary for the October 2013 addition: One of the new documents that the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) has added is “C-523,” which addresses subcontracts.

How to Write Tight Subcontracts

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Starting projects with excellent subcontractors and detailed subcontracts will help you make more money, finish faster and reduce field issues. However, it’s easy to gloss over proposals and hire subcontractors you like or know without performing a scope review or cost-estimating analysis.

Survival Guide for Architects and Engineers


Only at this point will a general contractor become involved in the process to begin the actual work, and even then, the GC will subcontract much of the work to other outside parties.

$1 Billion Subcontractor Bid Opportunity

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billion Wynn resort casino at the Mystic River in Everett, Massachusetts announced Wednesday it is soliciting a $1 billion-plus bid package in subcontracted services and supplies. General contractor Suffolk Construction, charged with building the $2.1

Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Poster Update

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The federal labor law poster’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) posting has been updated to include sexual orientation and gender identity on the list of discrimination protections for employers with a federal government contract or subcontract.

ConsensusDocs releases updated subcontract for federal work


The newly revised ConsensusDocs standard subcontract ( ConsensusDocs 752 for federal work) is now available. It is designed to address recent changes in federal contracting such as requirements for certifying small business entities and new reporting of executive compensation requirements.

Tough Guys Finish First

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Now, most general contracts and subcontracts are awarded based solely on the lowest price for the exact scope of work and terms specified for a project.

Equipment Rental and Subcontracting


In this situation, the options are equipment rental or subcontracting the work. It may not be worth purchasing machines that a business uses only occasionally. Either way, any work that requires use of that machine (possibly on more than one job) should be coordinated so it can be accomplished at the same time. Rental rates from contractors may be substantially lower than those of equipment dealers, depending on economic conditions.

Should Subcontractor Claims Be Decided Out-Of-State?

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By Bruce Jervis Prime contractors enjoy a lot of leverage when awarding subcontracts. One way they utilize this advantage is to specify the forum and governing law for any claim or dispute under the subcontract. Although the project and the subcontractor may be located in one state, the subcontract may require litigation in the prime contractor’s home state.

Forum Selection Clauses in Construction Subcontracts Require Careful Drafting

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Ryan, in turn, subcontracted part of the work to Welch, a Hawaii corporation. The subcontract between Ryan and Welsh: does not contain any provision by which the parties explicitly consent to, or agree upon, jurisdiction, venue, or any particular "forum" in the case of litigation. Nor does the subcontract contain anything like Paragraph 24.3.3 The only reference to a location for litigation appears in Paragraph 17 of the subcontract, which is actually entitled "ARBITRATION."

Aqua Cents Selected for Funding by Metropolitan Water District

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Field tests show nearly 50% landscape water-use savings when using Aqua Cents; company now looks to expand reach of product nationwide through subcontracting and licensing agreements

Goodbye, 4Projects. Hello, Viewpoint for Projects

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This week’s 2015 Viewpoint customer summit conference in London drew over 100 people, all provided with an update to the company’s product development roadmap outlined in Newcastle last May ( 4Projects: the future is cloud-based everything ).

ConsensusDocs releases updated federal subcontract to help construction firms perform federal work


The newly revised ConsensusDocs standard subcontract ( ConsensusDocs 752 for federal work) will make it easier for general contractors and subcontractors to perform federal work.

Equipment Rental and Subcontracting |


Are You Ready for Spring Startups?


Sometimes they will take subcontract work with larger contractors, and other times they will spend a month or two hibernating, waiting for the thaw. Small construction companies located in cold climates face unique springtime startup challenges.

Is Subcontractor Default Insurance Right for Your Company?

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These policies are designed for the “at risk” construction manager (CM), general building contractor and design-build firm with an annual subcontract volume of $75 million or more.

“Sole Option” Arbitration Provision in Construction Contract Can Be Good

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The contract also contained a venue provision, which stated that “all matters relating to the validity, performance or interpretation of this Subcontract shall be governed by the laws of the state where the Project is located [Georgia].”.

Inconsistent Dispute Resolution Causes Big Problems

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An owner-contractor agreement calls for binding arbitration, but the subcontracts do not, allowing suits in court. By Bruce Jervis The problem of inconsistent dispute resolution mechanisms is widely acknowledged in the construction industry. The designers have no agreements with the constructors and no incentive to coordinate dispute resolution mechanisms. Read more

Chicago Casino Construction: How to Deal the House a Winning Hand

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Commercial Construction Hospitality Construction Strategies and Operations Best Practices Chicago Commercial Construction Trends construction management Construction Subcontracting hotel construction Shopping Center Construction

Does ‘Plain Language’ Terminology Enhance the Enforceability of Contract Clauses?

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A payment clause in a subcontract stated that payment by the project owner to the prime contractor was a “condition precedent” to the contractor’s obligation to pay the subcontractor.

Why the UK BIM toolkit is a key building block

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The institutions will form part of a toolkit advisory board providing direction and also potentially undertake subcontracted work.

BIM 77

5 Signs Your Shopping Center Construction Contractor is Costing You Business

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Commercial Construction Office Construction Retail Construction Shopping Center Construction Commercial Construction Trends Commercial Remodeling construction news Construction Subcontracting Constructions best-practices general contracting

Buyer Beware: Five Commercial Construction Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Distressed Note

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If you’re looking to buy distressed commercial property , your eyes are probably as big as saucers. According to Real Capital Analytics there are more than 8,600 U.S. commercial properties in current distress.

Can Change Orders Jeopardize Bond Protection?

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The bonds incorporate the terms of the construction contract or subcontract by reference. The prime contractor subsequently terminated the subcontract for default and moved against the sub’s performance bond.

Secrets to a Successful Commercial Construction Subcontractor Relationship

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Commercial Construction General Construction Strategies and Operations Best commercial construction projects Chicago Construction Bids Construction Subcontracting Constructions best-practices englewood construction general contractors Retail Construction StrategiesMartin and Lewis.

Have You Seen All the Contract Documents?

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Featured …Assent to Unsigned “Standard” Subcontract Cannot Be InferredPrice Evaluation Tainted by Misinformation on EstimateBy Bruce Jervis Many project owners, contractors and subcontractors use their own “standard” forms of agreement. Not surprisingly, these customized contracts tend to favor the drafting party. What is disturbing is the lack of transparency. Sometimes, the other party never actually sees the document.

Should Owners Be Allowed to Sue Subcontractors for Noncompliant Work?

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Featured in this Week’s Construction Claims Advisor:Owner Allowed to Sue Sub for Negligent Performance of Subcontract WorkGeneral Statement Superseded by Specific Directive By Bruce Jervis Subcontractors are, of course, responsible for compliance with the project design. If a prime contractor incurs costs as a result of a sub’s noncompliant work, the prime may seek reimbursement through a contractual indemnification action.

Should All Documents on Public Contracts Be Public Information?

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The contractor had subcontracted the architectural design to another company. The publisher of a local newspaper requested a copy of the subcontract. The prime contractor and the architect objected, citing confidential and proprietary information contained in the subcontract.

Exxon Selects Texas County for $10B Cracker Plant

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was awarded the first two subcontracts for the project on Monday Exxon Mobil and Saudi Basic Industries Corp. have selected Portland, Texas, in San Patricio County, for its 1,300-acre ethylene cracker plant.

Are You Holding Back Your Company's Growth?

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You priced estimates yourself, presented bids in person, signed every contract, made all the important decisions, negotiated subcontracts, ordered materials needed, supervised most jobs, handled all the paperwork, created invoices, paid the bills, met with customers and handled all the problems. When you started your construction business, you were in control of your own destiny.

Make the switch from construction to service work

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Recently I''ve focused on subcontracting as opposed to prime contracting. BY ED O'CONNELL. Get away from general contractors and homebuilders — use each construction job to build your service clientele.