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Travel Association, 2.9 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018 can be attributed to travel and tourism. Total domestic and international inbound traveler spending in the U.S. million directly in the travel industry and 6.8 Travel ranks 7th in terms of employment compared to other major private industry sectors. And tax revenue for federal, state and local governments from this travel spending was $170.9 By the BF Staff.

Travel and coronavirus: Why travelling is essential

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Travel is a joy, but it’s so much more. I need to travel. Predictably for a travel writer, I miss movement. Professional travellers aren’t important. All this travel, all this movement… it’s unnecessary.” Travel is necessary. Travel


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My travel life: Nicholas Gleeson, blind traveller

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THE TRAVELLER. My last travel destination was. I will always love to travel because. I love to travel to do new things, be it to compete in an event, to discover something new or to experience nature. My travel philosophy is. The famous traveller I most admire is.

$45M I-10 Project Adds Freight, Travel Capacity

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Traffic congestion has complicated efforts to improve and widen a heavily traveled 2.5-mile stretch of Interstate 10 in Calcasieu Parish

Travelers Insurance Wants to Pay You to Use Procore

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Announced today, The Travelers Companies, Inc. Although, they’ve partnered with Procore to make this happen, I’ve been told that Travelers is footing the bill to encourage their customers join the platform. To take advantage of the offer, you can visit

How to Implement a Safe COVID-19 Travel Policy

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How to Implement a Safe COVID-19 Travel Policy. Elizabeth Manning. Thu, 08/27/2020 - 11:29. It’s been months since the coronavirus pandemic first hit the United States, but rules and regulations about how to operate safely continue to fluctuate.

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Travel Push for Tourists

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Read: Travel Push for Tourists at Travel Association Visit U.S. The tourism industry supports nearly nine million jobs in the U.S., but a dip in overseas visitors in 2017 has led to the creation of the Visit U.S. Coalition to put out the welcome mat. Featured Florida Industry Focus Magazine Highlights Quality Of Life Tourism BF-May/June-2018 Cape Coral Economic Development Employment Indian River County Site Selection U.S. Coalition

Coalition Pushes National Vehicle-Miles-Traveled Program

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Construction, engineering and transportation groups support new fee, but projected VMT revenue is far short of closing Highway Trust Fund shortfall

Travelers Insurance Offering to Pay Contractors in More States to Use Procore

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Last summer, we learned that Travelers Insurance believed that using Procore as a project management tool helped contractors reduce risk on their projects so much that they were willing to help pay for them to join the platform.

Virgin Hyperloop unveils its vision for the future of travel


Just a few months after Virgin Hyperloop completed its first passenger testing , the company has unveiled the design vision for its end-to-end passenger experience.

Mapping the future: Comparing business and travel perceptions

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The post Mapping the future: Comparing business and travel perceptions appeared first on Construction Marketing Ideas. Yesterday, Vivian and I worked with our calendars and computers to map out our itinerary for a week in New Zealand next February. In many respects the Internet has made this process much easier than in the “old days” — with many more choices. I can imagine the challenges of taking on the same task […].

An Excavator Simulator Training Module That Can Travel Where You Need it

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So that meant engineering a design compact enough that it could travel easily in pelican cases; or be set up in classrooms at a safe distance,” says Simformotion CEO Lara Aaron. One thing that I’ve been concerned about since the coronavirus pandemic started is how it will affect training.

Coronavirus and travel: How we will know when it’s OK to travel again

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How will we know when it’s okay to travel again? On March 24, 2020, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a ban on Australians travelling overseas under the Biosecurity Act 2015. The has the latest information regarding overseas travel for Australians. Travel

Travel and COVID-19: Australians unlikely to travel overseas (beyond New Zealand) again before 2021

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Major obstacles exist in opening up destinations other than New Zealand, which are considered to have poorly or inadequately managed the spread of the coronavirus, according to leading travel health experts. Travellers can also serve as markers, or “sentinels”, of infections.

Don’t dream it’s over: Traveller readers reveal their travel dreams and inspiration

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Last week in our ‘Don’t dream it’s over’ feature article, we invited you, the Traveller readers to help keep Australia’s travel dreams alive by sharing your own inspirational travel stories and images. Travel puts perspective into our lives.

Coronavirus and travel: 20 things we never thought we’d miss about travelling

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And all of those experiences that we travellers used to gripe about have suddenly begun to seem quite wonderful. Of course, we knew we would miss some things about travel. How about all of the dramas, all of the annoyances, all of the boredom that is the reality of travel?

The future of travel retail


Travelers are stuck in the airport for hours at a time. It’s an opportunity to give travelers what they want—local food options, the chance to try on new makeup or souvenirs from local artisans and artists. For retailers, that means a rare, captive audience not often found outside airport walls.

Populous survey shows travelers are ready to return to the airport, with proper protection


Global design firm Populous, with Qualtrics, has released the results of a national survey that can help owners and operators of airports understand how COVID-19 has influenced passengers’ expectations and fears during travel. .

Coronavirus and travel: Why some planes crowded even with air travel down

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That raises the question: How can planes still be full when air travel is down more than 90 per cent from a year ago? The number of people travelling on airlines is scraping along at levels not seen in decades, and there are only about 17 passengers on the average domestic flight.

[VIDEO] Self-Driving Truck Travels Cross-Country

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The first known cross country commercial freight delivery made by an autonomous truck has been completed after a self-driving truck packed with 40,000 pounds of Land O’ Lakes butter successfully made an over 2,800 mile trip from California to Pennsylvania. According to an article in Mic, the trip

Travel quiz, May 1, 2020: Where will you find the world’s busiest train station?

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Are you an expert traveller? Test your knowledge with our travel quiz. . The post Travel quiz, May 1, 2020: Where will you find the world’s busiest train station? Travelappeared first on Construction Test Daily.

Travel quiz, May 8, 2020: After landing, flight attendants must ‘disarm doors and …’ what?

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Are you an expert traveller? Test your knowledge with our travel quiz. . The post Travel quiz, May 8, 2020: After landing, flight attendants must ‘disarm doors and …’ what? Travel

Travel quiz, April 3, 2020: How many countries end in ‘-stan’?

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Are you an expert traveller? Test your knowledge with our travel quiz. . The post Travel quiz, April 3, 2020: How many countries end in ‘-stan’? Travelappeared first on Construction Test Daily.

Travel quiz, April 10, 2020: How many passengers can the world’s biggest cruise ship carry?

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Are you an expert traveller? Test your knowledge with our travel quiz. . The post Travel quiz, April 10, 2020: How many passengers can the world’s biggest cruise ship carry? Travel

Travel quiz, April 17, 2020: Besides the Louvre, which museum also has a Mona Lisa?

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Are you an expert traveller? Test your knowledge with our travel quiz. . The post Travel quiz, April 17, 2020: Besides the Louvre, which museum also has a Mona Lisa? Travelappeared first on Construction Test Daily.

Plane travel and coronavirus: People are missing travel so much, they’re getting airline food delivered

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The coronavirus pandemic has made us pine for travel – the booking, the downloading of the boarding pass, even the in-flight snacks. I miss travel & I miss your snacks. Travel

Travel overseas and cruises during coronavirus: Australians still booking holidays

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Overseas travel is banned. But travel agents and cruise lines are fielding inquiries and, in some cases, taking bookings from eager travellers. Travel agent Barry Downs said customers were beginning to discuss future holiday plans instead of seeking refunds or postponing travel.

Coronavirus and travel: Can you get a refund and how do flight and travel credits and vouchers work?

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Although we are now banned from travelling out of Australia except for emergencies, many travellers now find ourselves on an unknown path through unfamiliar territory. Millions of Australians, myself included, have booked and paid for overseas travel in the next few months.

Travel costs and discretionary expenses: How much can we justify?

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And the travel was costly, financially. Even though I travelled with my wife on points, and had a media pass for the Society for Marketing Professional Service (SMPS) conference in Indianapolis, there were costs: Six nights in hotel rooms, many “eating […]. There were no eureka moments or epiphanies during our week in Chicago and Indianapolis.

Vacation break: Tourist travel in Europe

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We’re in Stockholm, Sweden now — after six days in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal. Tomorrow, we join a Baltic cruise, with a stopover in St. Petersburg and a (long) day trip to Moscow. Not much “Construction Marketing Ideas” here as this is indeed a vacation, and the opportunity to experience a sampling of European culture […]. Events Featured

Traveller letters: Priority stickers on suitcases are meaningless

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Gripe number one: my experience of collecting my “priority tagged bags for first-off-the-carousel convenience” is way different to that of Julie Miller’s (Traveller, ) in her Flight Test review. We are a family of three who were due to travel in Europe for three weeks in May.

DD # 72- Why the Cloud works for Business Travelers

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The post DD # 72- Why the Cloud works for Business Travelers appeared first on Cassell Consulting - Construction Operations Consulting. Our work took us up to Alaska the first week of December, always a trip that I look forward to. Some people call it crazy, but I enjoy Alaska in the winter as much as in the summer. One reason is that only Alaskans are there this time of year, as all the tourists have gone home or elsewhere.

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Travel and COVID-19: Say goodbye to economy class as the golden era of cheap travel is declared over

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The golden era of affordable international travel, which enabled hundreds of millions of people to travel to all corners of the world, has been declared over with COVID-19 social distancing regulations and other health measures set to undermine the viability of airlines. Travel

Traveller letters: Warning over airlines’ ‘flight credit’ refunds

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Of course, somewhere down the line, it will say that you are likely to be slugged with the difference in price from what you paid originally to the current fare on the day you want to travel. And, yes, I do feel for all owners and workers in the worldwide travel industry. Travel

Travelers Models Chronic Pain Probability

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Severity Predictor aims to get ahead of chronic pain and to avoid opioid dependence

Expert travel tips: How to go camping (and love it)

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The post Expert travel tips: How to go camping (and love it) appeared first on Construction Test Daily. TravelOutdoor expert with Anaconda outdoor stores Damian Kennedy says getting back to nature is good for the soul, easy on the wallet and a perfectly acceptable way to self isolate.

Solar Powered Tiny Travelling Home

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The interior is paneled with birch wood paneling, which is quite rigid, and able to withstand the constant movement associated with road travel. Part of the reason small homes on wheels cost more per square foot than regular tiny homes, is because road travel requires them to have additional structural support in place. Dog trainer Julie Olson found herself in need of a mobile home, so she decided to build a tiny house on wheels.

The Holiday Guru solves coronavirus-related traveller queries, from postponing British Airways flights to Kenya to getting refunds on travel insurance

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This week coronavirus-related queries include ‘ rebooking policy, claiming money back on travel insurance and rights surrounding a ‘non-refundable’ deposit on a holiday lodge in Scotland. . What about my travel insurance — can I get money back? Travel

Travel and construction marketing

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Best laid plans to maintain this blog while on vacation have failed in part because of the necessary security measures to prevent the blog from hacking and damage. Turns out, Turkey is one of the countries on the “banned list” for this blog — and so while I was there, I couldn’t post or update this site. We are in Florence Italy for a day, before I head back to Turkey for one evening, pending an overnight flight to Johannesburg, South Africa, and then on to Zimbabwe.

In Halifax: Travelling on the cheap

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This year, I could travel on a subsidy of 50 per cent of the average cost of the current chair and director. So there was a choice: Fork over some of my own money, or figure out how to travel on the cheap. In Halifax, NS for the Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) annual conference. This week, I’m attending the Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) annual conference in Halifax, NS.