Mistakes to Avoid When Managing Employee Per Diem and Travel Expenses


Construction continues to be a mobile industry which means we all deal with travel expenses. But, per diem, when done right, helps employees cover the costs of travel they do while working, and benefits companies by reducing costs and streamlining complex processes.

Elevators Get Big Lift With First Sideways-Travel System

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On June 22, while unveiling the world’s first ropeless and sideways-travel elevator system at its 246-m-tall test tower in Rottweil, Germany, elevator maker thyssenkrupp announced that OVG Real Estate will be the first to install the system

The Right Approach to Delivering a Successful Travel and Transportation Project

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Through a full lifecycle approach, Oracle Construction and Engineering solutions are creating the framework for success within the travel and transportation industry

Pilot Flying J Travel Centers Adds New Maintenance Services

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Beginning January 16, 2017, Pilot Flying J will make available 150 roadside assistance trucks for tire service and light duty repairs

Robert A.M. Stern Travel Fellowship open to applications


Stern Foundation has released applications for its annual Travel Fellowship, now in its third year. The Robert A.M. The recipient must be a student attending one of 18 different schools in the U.S. and Canada. Here is the list of institutions. read more. Architects

Tourism: Endless Options

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Featured Florida Industry Focus Magazine Highlights Quality Of Life BF-May/June-2017 Cape Coral Economic Development florida Indian River County recreation tourism industry tourist travel Vero BeachNo matter what type of destination you are or what type of tourist your area brings, the end result is more of everything. Read: Tourism: Endless Options.

No Bridge? No Problem. Travel Siberian Style.

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The resourceful bridge builders cross the icy waters with the assistance of the buckets of a Komatsu K400 and a CAT excavator. In the middle of the icy waters the workers make the thrilling leaping of faith to the next bucket, as the machines transport them from one side of the river to the other.

Petrobras Gas Plant Travels 5,000 Km Through Amazon Rain Forest

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How contractors in in Brazil pulled off a feat of epic proportions. Infrastructure

Travel costs and discretionary expenses: How much can we justify?

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And the travel was costly, financially. Even though I travelled with my wife on points, and had a media pass for the Society for Marketing Professional Service (SMPS) conference in Indianapolis, there were costs: Six nights in hotel rooms, many “eating […].

DD # 72- Why the Cloud works for Business Travelers

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The post DD # 72- Why the Cloud works for Business Travelers appeared first on Cassell Consulting - Construction Operations Consulting. Our work took us up to Alaska the first week of December, always a trip that I look forward to.

Travel lighter: tablet performs like a laptop, mobile app

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The Surface Pro 3 uses a fourth generation Intel Core processor, is just 0.36” thin and 1.76-lb. light. The multi-touch tablet (supporting swipe, pinch and drag), has 5 MP front and rear facing cameras, a USB 3 jack, a video output jack, and a microSD card reader. It comes with a pressure sensitive digital pen for taking notes, drawing or marking up presentations, PDFs and documents in a similar way as on paper. read more. Feldmans

Taking cues from nature: How biomimicry can drive ROI for Hoteliers


Today’s travelers expect a different standard of luxury that caters not only to their modern needs, but also to their ethical beliefs. At the same time, the idea of ‘travel’ is continually evolving, and there are more travelers now than ever before. To cater to next-generation travelers, hotels are increasingly incorporating sustainable practices into their spaces, including an innovative concept: biomimicry

ThyssenKrupp Developing Cable-Free, Maglev Elevator System

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ThyssenKrupp''s new elevator system will be able to travel horizontally as well as vertically. Buildings

In Halifax: Travelling on the cheap

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This year, I could travel on a subsidy of 50 per cent of the average cost of the current chair and director. So there was a choice: Fork over some of my own money, or figure out how to travel on the cheap.

To Build Business: A story of travel economics

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Tomorrow, I’ll be travelling to Philadelphia to attend the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) annual Build Business convention. The more challenging question (from a budget perspective): Do they provide a suitable return on investment for the time and travel […].

10 tips for trucks and drivers

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It’s a mobile billboard, generating advertising exposures everywhere it travels Nothing builds a contractor brand better than a well wrapped truck.

Photographer Downsizes to a Teardrop Trailer to Travel the Country

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US-based freelance photographer Mandy Lea has been travelling the country in a teardrop trailer for the past two years, capturing amazing shots of nature along the way.

Travel Fellowship for student architects now open to applications


Stern Foundation has released applications for its annual Travel Fellowship, now in its third year. The Robert A.M. The recipient must be a student attending one of 18 different schools in the U.S. and Canada, and you can find the full list of institutions here. read more. Architects

BYOD and the Construction Industry

John Chaney

Not too long ago, our marketing director lost his iPad after leaving it in a rental car while traveling. For many, this would be a near catastrophic event, given the amount of personal (and often business) data that is often kept on any mobile device.

iPad 116

Rooms that travel incognito

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If you''ve ever worked on a split level home or other structure you''ve probably noticed that Revit won''t let you freely change the grayed out level instance parameter of placed rooms the way you can with most other placed families. My workaround to this problem always involved cutting the room from one view and pasting it into a view with the desired associated level.

Travel and construction marketing

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Best laid plans to maintain this blog while on vacation have failed in part because of the necessary security measures to prevent the blog from hacking and damage.

Explore the world through architectural adventures


It is said that travel broadens the mind, and beginning in 2017 the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is offering a new global travel program specifically focused on broadening the architectural mind

Water Utility Groups Offer Travel Money to Spur Technology Adoption

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A trio of water utility associations is jointly offering utility personnel professional scholarships that will cover their expenses to travel and study innovations implemented by their peers around the country

JulianConstruction.com: Preventing Indoor Mold Problems - Julian.

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By Shawn Kyles Mold is a type of fungus that travels through the air. Julian Construction Blog. Shawn Kyles. Partner, Julian Construction. Contact Info. Our Services. Foundation Repair. Foundation Replacement. House Leveling. Earthquake Retrofitting or House Bolting. Social Media Links.

The roads more travelled (new explorations of old places)

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Travelling of course takes you to the world of brand security — franchises with established standards provide consistent reassurance; and my “adventures” into new experiences were generally into proven and established businesses. Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA.

Crafting a Crane Safety Training Program

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According to the 2016 Travelers Business Risk Index, construction professionals believe they are more at risk of something bad happening to their businesses than their counterparts in other industries.

Travelers Companies, Inc. Announces Data Center In Sarpy County, NE

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The Travelers Companies, Inc., Travelers is a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Travelers qualifies for Nebraska’s newest Tier 2 Large Data Center incentive where it must minimally invest $200 million and create at least 30 new full-time jobs. Posted by Heidi Schwartz

Engineering Firm Develops Interactive Transit Tool

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cities have used isochrones—lines that connect geographic points on a map to compare transit travel times—to redesign their transit systems Several U.S.

Georgia Builds Northwest Corridor for Faster Travel

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The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) broke ground Sept. 17 on an $834 million project that will create 30 miles of dedicated managed toll lanes on I-75 and I-575 in Cobb and Cherokee counties. Construction will commence at four separate locations next month

Sites We Like – Travelling Greener

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TravelingGreener is a blog about green travel news, trends and information. Read More: [link

Energy/Industrial Award of Merit - Passadumkeag Windpark

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Situated in the eastern stretches of the Maine wilderness, the 40-MW Passadumkeag Windpark spans rugged mountains and includes overhead collection lines traveling along logging roads

Industry Focus: Aerospace Moving Onward And Upward

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A positive outlook is on the horizon for the aerospace sector as the demand for fuel-efficient aircraft and the growth of travel ramp up the production cycle. Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

Video: Marriott Goes Modular

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The next time you step into a Marriott hotel room, both you and the room itself probably traveled some distance to get there.

Time travel: Communication and marketing then, now, and in the future

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Memory-lane contents from the cedar chest — when communication was only by snail mail. Yesterday afternoon, in a bout of nostalgia, I opened the rarely visited cedar chest under my work desk.

Uber For Trucking: A New Era Of Freight Movement And Logistics

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Mobile-based freight brokering for trucking can reduce empty miles travelled, lower operating costs, and improve asset utilization and productivity, finds Frost & Sullivan. Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

Kiewit's Quick-Fix Scheme Swaps Out Nashville Spans

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Kiewit Infrastructure Group beat the clock for a second time, as it demolished and replaced an Interstate 40 bridge in Nashville in less than 58 hours, using accelerated bridge construction to minimize traffic impact in a heavily traveled area. Infrastructure

Because, he can!

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Computational Design Revit Vasari perpetual motion machines time travel WormholesWhat is impossible? Go ahead and name something. Now prove it. Ah, It is much easier to prove something is possible.

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