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Higher Education/Research Award of Merit: Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center

ENR Construction

The Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center is a state-of-the-art medical and graduate education building designed and constructed to support Columbia University’s progressive medical education program

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K-12 Education Best Project: Irvine USD, Portola High School

ENR Construction

Education is taking flight at Portola High School in the Irvine Unified School District

Uberization of Education in the Built Environment

Collaborative Construction

The Uberization of Education occurs when a specific student seeks out a specific teacher or group of teachers to learn a specialized skill or skill set. Such individuals and entities benefit from the dispersed knowledge available through an Uberized Education model.

Painting the future of education in Utah


Education is one of the vital cornerstones of our society, providing the foundation young people all across the country need in order to flourish in their professional and personal lives.

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Small Project Best Project: Training Recreation Education Center (TREC)

ENR Construction

Seeking to provide education, recreation and training services to residents of Newark, the city’s housing authority wanted a facility where people could gather, exercise and boost skills in a rapidly transforming digital-based economy

Higher Education/Research: Allen Institute

ENR Construction

While the research that takes place within the 270,000-sq-ft Allen Institute is impressive, engineering and structural accomplishments achieved while building the structure impressed ENR’s “Best of the Best” judges

Space utilization in higher education: more than sf per student


Improving space utilization is increasingly a top priority at higher education institutions. Colleges and universities looking to reduce carbon footprints want to avoid new construction yet still provide top educational experiences.

Flipping Education

Collaborative Construction

Hey, somebody should do that with adult education in the built industry with something called the (SMART)X Game Changer Series. I wonder if innovators around the world would be interested in something like that? Flipping the Classroom Very cool story at the link.

CFMA Conference Highlights Diversity in Education

Construction Business Owner

Every year, the conference provides attendees with varied educational sessions, technology solutions, networking opportunities and awareness about current trends in construction accounting and finance.

Higher Education/Research - Allen Institute

ENR Construction

Allen Institute Combines Modern Research With History

Educational design taking lessons from tech firms


That got me thinking, and after a little research, I discovered the online technology industry was on the forefront of workplace design, and in a way, on education design as well Several years ago, my brother worked for a high-profile tech firm in the Bay Area.

K-12 Education Award of Merit: Wonderful College Prep Academy

ENR Construction

The design of Wonderful Academy’s campus reflects both its agricultural setting and the school’s focus on science and technology

Educational Enhancement the Wolgast Way

Wolgast Corporation Blog

As we hear more and more about STEM education and how important it is to expose your students to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math as fields of study, Wolgast offers programs to introduce construction practices to your students during our construction projects at your school.

Building for the future: Five trends in higher education projects


million Health Education Building; and the 65,000-sf, $25 million McKinnon Center for Management. The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque is engaged in construction and renovation projects that represent the second-highest capital outlay—$180 million—in its 128-year history.

Content or Delivery: What Needs to Change in AEC Education?


During the panel after presentations from Greg Howell, Martin McGrath, Lorraine Brady, Rich dePalma, and me, an educator in the audience made a comment about incorporating BIM into university education. education sociology

Diversity in Education

Construction Business Owner

Every year, the conference provides attendees with varied educational sessions, technology solutions, networking opportunities and awareness about current trends in construction accounting and finance.

House Passes Career and Technical Education Act

Construction Equipment

House of Representatives passed HR55897, known as the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act , by an overwhelming vote of 405 to 5. Congress took a positive step towards resolving the skilled trade labor shortage this week. The U.S.

Bridging the skill gap with autodidactic open education

Constructor Magazine

Ken Sinclair, Publisher, We are presently preparing for our session for Realcomm/IBcon San Diego next week "The Skills Gap – How do we Find, Train and Retain Our Future Smart Building Professionals.". read more. IoT Training Opportunities

Viewpoint: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education

ENR Construction

Two engineering educators outline a vision for a transformation in engineering education to meet the needs of a changing society and a more demanding student body.

The growing demand for early childhood education


As the body of research on the effectiveness of early learning centers continues to grow, the value in designing more of these institutions has become increasingly apparent.

The future of education facilities: Creating spaces where learning happens everywhere


They are the facilitators to their students’ education, the curators of learning, and they play a crucial role in the next generation’s growth. The future of learning environments starts with the teacher.

Education Facility Design Award winners: The AIA Committee on Architecture for Education honors 12 projects


The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) has selected 12 projects for this year’s CAE Education Facility Design Awards. The program honors educational facilities that the jury believes should serve as an example of a superb place in which to learn, furthering the client's mission, goals, and educational program while demonstrating excellence in architectural design.

London fire shines spotlight on fire prevention, protection and education


It has been a month since news of the tragic Grenfell Tower Fire in London shook the entire world.

As construction rebounds, education sector spending flattens


Construction investment in the education sector is still in a post-recession slump, even as spending on all construction continues to rise from its low point in early 2011. The latest “Construction Put in Place” estimates from the Census Bureau show total construction spending in August at $1.142 trillion. That’s a 97% recovery from the most recent spending peak in the first quarter of 2006, and 51.4% higher than the Census estimate for January 2011, $754.7

National movement needed to attract, educate skilled tradespeople

Constructor Magazine

Michael Copp, Executive Vice President, PHCC—National Association. Whether we are trying to make America "Stronger Together" or "Make America Great Again," there exists a national catastrophe that requires nothing short of a national cultural pivot. read more. Training Opportunities

How corporate design keeps educational design relevant


There are many different terms used to describe learning and what method is best for today’s student and how school design supports each modality. However, when we break down each description— personalized, flipped, 21st century, project based, problem based—these teaching methods are simply designed to engage students and maintain an interest in learning. . Learning is a lot like working; it varies daily, ranges from individual to collaborative, formal to informal and from hands on to digital

Career Fair Educates Youth about Construction

PC Construction Blog

On May 17, 2016, the joint venture team of PC Construction and H.J. Russell participated in a career day event at the DeKalb Preparatory Academy in Decatur, Georgia. We enjoyed meeting the students ranging from. All Community Our Industry

Engineering Careers IMAX Film, Education Program Are Dream Come True

ENR Construction

How does an engineering association come to partner with a prominent IMAX movie producer to create a film to inspire kids to pursue industry careers

Higher Education/Research Best Project: Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute

ENR Construction

At first glance, the future site of the planned Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute appeared less than optimal

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More than 200 professionals trained at Viega’s annual Nashua Educational Facility Open House

Constructor Magazine

Viega LLC hosted and trained more than 200 industry professionals at its 2016 Nashua Educational Facility Open House event at its educational facility in Nashua, N.H.

Find the Educational Tools Your Team Needs

Construction Business Owner

CIS staff demonstrates how to turn a load, presenting concepts of load center of gravity and proper rigging techniques

Five projects receive 2013 Educational Facility Design Excellence Award


Architects Building Owner Contractors Designers Engineers Education Facility Facility Managers Higher Education K-12 Schools Washington, D.C. Body Image: read more.

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A new survey finds education construction activity going strong this year


More than half of the school districts and colleges responding to a recent survey expect to initiate construction projects in 2017, the majority of which will be major renovations or modernizations.

Prince William County, VA Opens Workforce Education And Training Center

Buisness Facilities Contributed Content

The Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), the largest education institution in Virginia and second largest community college in the country, recently celebrated the Grand Opening of its Regional Center for Workforce Education and Training (RCWET) in Woodbridge, VA.

K-12 Education Award of Merit - North Reading Middle/High School

ENR Construction

Contractors completed renovating and expanding North Reading’s 275,521-sq-ft integrated middle and high school in four phases during a 42-month span

K-12 Education Best Project - Wayne County - Grantham Middle School & Spring Creek Middle School

ENR Construction

The Wayne County Board of Education selected the joint venture of Metcon/T.A. Loving as the construction manager at-risk for the simultaneous delivery of two positive energy middle schools

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