Mitigate Construction Risk at Project Closeout

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Best Practices Featured News Software Trends cloud based construction software construction collaboration construction document software construction project management construction risk construction softwareRisk and construction projects go hand in hand.

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Managing the Complexities of Construction Drawing Sets

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Construction drawings are unlike construction documents. Featured North America Software construction document software construction drawings construction project management document management project managementDrawings are foundational to construction project management. Sheet counts in the approved construction set are often large to begin with and grow even larger as a project progresses.


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StructionSite Unveils SmartTrack for Automated Production Tracking of Framing and Drywall

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For project management, it’s my personal belief that one of the most valuable pieces of software a company can purchase is a quality photo documentation software. StructionSite’s SmartTrack Progress Tracking, courtesy of StructionSite.

StructionSite Harnesses AI for Automated Progress Tracking on the Jobsite

Construction Junkie

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say – but, when that same picture has a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) software behind it, it also yields millions of valuable data points. courtesy of StructionSite.

IES Integration with Revit MEP

CAD Shack

working together to provide robust building performance analysis capabilities to the Revit platform through a work flow between Autodesk Revit Systems, Autodesk ’s BIM design and documentation software for mechanical/electrical/plumbing ( MEP ) engineering, and the IES software suite. Last month Autodesk and IES (Integrated Environmental Solutions) issued a press release announcing that they are ".working

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Construction Contracts Online: ConsensusDOCS and AIA Go Head-to-Head

Best Practices Construction Law

In addition to the wealth of documents already online, last week ConsensusDOCS released three new documents: The new and only available of its kind ConsensusDocs 298 Joint Venture Agreement makes it easier for construction companies to combine expertise and share risks on projects. " “Only the AIA’s Contract Documents provide the time-tested legal protection that has been the Industry Standard for over 120 years.

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constructionattorneyblog: New AIA documents and Arbitration

Construction Lawyer

His book, Legal Guide to AIA Documents, published by Aspen Publishing, is in its fifth edition. The new AIA Documents and Arbitration - What Rules Apply? New AIA documents and Arbitration. Much is being written about the 2007 AIA Documents, which were released in early November. It was with great interest that I opened the new documents using the AIAs Electronic Documents software system. And, the paper documents do not have anything pre-checked.