IES Integration with Revit MEP

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working together to provide robust building performance analysis capabilities to the Revit platform through a work flow between Autodesk Revit Systems, Autodesk ’s BIM design and documentation software for mechanical/electrical/plumbing ( MEP ) engineering, and the IES software suite. Last month Autodesk and IES (Integrated Environmental Solutions) issued a press release announcing that they are ".working

Construction Contracts Online: ConsensusDOCS and AIA Go Head-to-Head

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In addition to the wealth of documents already online, last week ConsensusDOCS released three new documents: The new and only available of its kind ConsensusDocs 298 Joint Venture Agreement makes it easier for construction companies to combine expertise and share risks on projects. " “Only the AIA’s Contract Documents provide the time-tested legal protection that has been the Industry Standard for over 120 years.

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AIA Releases new Documents

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The American Institute of Architects has announced a series of new documents available with the latest version of the AIA Contract Documents software. These include new BIM and Digital Documents; a new document family, Program Management ; and three free guides. These documents anticipate the involvement of additional consultants such as a program manager and a design manager, in addition to the traditional architect(s).

constructionattorneyblog: New AIA documents and Arbitration

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His book, Legal Guide to AIA Documents, published by Aspen Publishing, is in its fifth edition. The new AIA Documents and Arbitration - What Rules Apply? New AIA documents and Arbitration. Much is being written about the 2007 AIA Documents, which were released in early November. It was with great interest that I opened the new documents using the AIAs Electronic Documents software system. And, the paper documents do not have anything pre-checked.