Agreement to kick start feasibility study of Cleveland-Chicago hyperloop

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Hyperloops and other high-speed tube systems are gaining ground in the U.S., with several proposed routes and studies underway

Why Legal Agreements Matter

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The comment below was in response to another poster who mentioned the use of Design-Construct agreements used in Australia and New Zeland. The problem lies with traditional transactional legal agreements. Integrated and collaborative agreements are.

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5 Steps to building service agreements

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Few residential plumbers offer service agreements. read more. Marketing Michel Registered User

Risk Allocation: What AIA's New Standard Form Agreements Say

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The new AIA standard form agreements take a more expansive view of risk allocation

Competing Forms of Agreement

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At Archi-Tech Magazine Robert Paul Dean and Susan McClendon compare and contrast the competing forms of construction agreements offered by the American Institute of Architects ( AIA ), the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee ( EJCDC ), and the Associated General Contractors of America ( AGC ) in conjunction with 19 other construction associations comprising a new organization called ConsensusDOCS.

Assignments of Owner-Architect Agreements

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discusses the provisions in AIA owner-architect agreements about assignments of owner-architect agreements, including how to modify that language to help the architect. James Zahn, FAIA, FALA, Esq., See the video. contracts videos

Trump: U.S. Will Exit Paris Climate Agreement

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Calling the Paris climate treaty a burden on American businesses, President Trump on June 1 said he would renegotiate the United States' role in the non-binding climate treaty, or he would start negotiations on a new climate treaty

New Video Discusses Letter Agreements

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The first of these features James Zahn discussing whether architects should use letter agreements. Sabo & Zahn is proud to announce the creation of a new Youtube channel that will have videos of interest to anyone associated with the construction industry.

Verizon Signs Agreement to Acquire Telogis

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Contractors with telematic-equipped fleets will be interested to learn Verizon Telematics, a subsidiary of Verizon Communications, has signed an agreement to buy Telogis, Incorporated.

When Is a Teaming Agreement Binding?

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Few industries are as fluid as construction when it comes to teaming up with other companies

AGC, Unions Reach Tentative Agreements -

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Government Regs Strangle Business Growth » AGC, Unions Reach Tentative Agreements. On June 1 AGC reached a tentative agreement with the Carpenters Union. With this agreement, negotiations with all five of the basic crafts have been completed. The Laborers, Teamsters, Operating Engineers and Cement Masons agreed to tentative agreements earlier last week. For more info including wage and fringe packages in the first year of the tentative agreements, click here.

Project Labor Agreement Follow-Up

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4, Issue 3, January 23, 2015) we asked our readers if Project Labor Agreements (PLA) restrict competition. Last week (Vol. A recent Maryland appellate court upheld use of a PLA on a public project, citing the fact it was not proved that a PLA unduly suppresses competition. Of the eight very well articulated responses, the comments were overwhelming against the use of PLAs.

Donaldson Enters Binding Agreement to Acquire Partmo

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. . Donaldson has entered into a binding agreement to acquire Industrias Partmo S.A., a manufacturer of replacement air, lube and fuel filters in Colombia.

GM & Navistar Reach Commercial Vehicle Agreement

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and Navistar reached a long-term agreement to develop and assemble future medium duty, conventional cab Class 4/5 commercial vehicles. General Motors Co.

ConsensusDOCS Releases New Teaming Agreement

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ConsensusDocs released the new ConsensusDocs 498 Design-Build Teaming Agreement today, which provides a standard contract for parties desiring to form a team for the purpose of submitting a bid on a design-build project. According to the press release, this agreement has the flexibility for those team members to include design professionals, contractors and other parties. AGC AGC ConsensusDOCS ConsensusDOCS Contract Docs Kory George teaming agreement

Topcon, GOMACO Sign OEM Agreement

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Topcon Positioning Group announced an agreement with concrete paving manufacturer GOMACO Corporation to provide 3D control systems for its machines.

Caterpillar & Seeing Machines Sign Global Agreement

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an operator monitoring and intervention sensing technologies and services firm, signed a global product development, licensing and distribution agreement with Caterpillar Inc. Seeing Machines Ltd.

HeatLink signs licensing agreement with Uponor

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today announced that it has signed a technology licensing agreement with Uponor AB that allows the company to resume manufacture and sale of PEX piping. Company to resume manufacture and sale of PEX pipe. HeatLink Group Inc.

Joint Check Agreements On Construction Projects: What Suppliers Need To Know

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Joint check agreements are very popular in the construction industry. In fact, many folks mistakenly believe that joint check agreements are exclusively a construction industry instrument. Safety Is Not Guaranteed With Joint Check Agreements.

CNH, Sumitomo Enter New Licensing Agreement

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has entered into a new licensing agreement with Sumitomo (S.H.I.) This agreement also extends the existing Global Product Supply (OEM) agreement between CNH Industrial and Sumitomo (S.H.I.) CNH Industrial N.V. Construction Machinery Co.

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Taco announces agreement to acquire Askoll Sei

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Taco Comfort Solutions announced today that it has signed an agreement with Askoll Holding srl to acquire 100% of Askoll Sei, a manufacturer of high efficiency pumps located in Sandrigo, Italy.

The Korte Company enters Strategic Partnership Agreement with OSHA

The Korte Company

The Korte Company has entered into a Strategic Partnership Agreement with OSHA region 10 Bellevue Area Office and DOSH, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries On-site Consultation Program.

U.S., Canada, and Mexico finalize agreement to recognize architect credentials


Representatives from the architectural regulatory authorities of United States, Canada, and Mexico have announced a major agreement to mutually recognize architect credentials in the three countries, making it possible for architects to work across North American borders.

ConsensusDocs Unveils Standard Federal Design-Build Agreement

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A new standard agreement from the ConsensusDocs coalition is expected to make it easier for design professionals and design-builders to contract on federal design-build projects. The comprehensive agreement provides the business and contractual terms and conditions for a design-builder to hire an architect or engineer on a design-build project in a manner consistent with federal contracting laws and practices.

New video: Essentials of an Owner-Contractor Agreement

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discusses owner-contractor agreements and what essential terms every such agreement should contain. He talks about various types of agreements, from contractor-generated proposals, to large documents prepared by organizations such as the American Institute of Architects, and when it is appropriate to use each type. Jim Zahn, FAIA, FALA, Esq.,

Do Project Labor Agreements Restrict Competition?

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By Bruce Jervis Project Labor Agreements are controversial. These are pre-hire agreements between a general contractor or a construction manager and a designated collective bargaining representative for all labor on the project. Is it not disingenuous to say that project labor agreements have no negative effect on non-union contractors? Or, is the impact minor and offset by the benefits a Project Labor Agreement can bring to a large public project?

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Do Joint Check Agreements Cause Unexpected Problems?

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By Bruce Jervis Joint check agreements are used when a party down the contracting chain has payment concerns regarding the party with whom it has contracted.

Caterpillar Enters Marketing Agreement with Lefort for Hyrdaulic Shears & Balers

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and Lefort North America LLC entered into an exclusive marketing agreement for supply of Lefort hydraulic shears and balers commonly used in scrap metal recycling. Caterpillar Inc.

Wright, John Deere Won't Extend Manufacturing Agreement

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Wright Manufacturing, Inc. has announced it will not extend its current commercial mower design and manufacturing arrangement with Deere & Company beyond May 2016

Volvo CE, K-Tec Earthmovers Sign Agreement

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have signed an agreement to promote efficient methods of earthmoving worldwide. Volvo CE and K-Tec Earthmovers Inc. A Volvo articulated dump truck (ADT) pulling a K-Tec ADT Scraper is recognized as an approved advancement in the construction and mining industries.

Terex Enters Supply Agreement with Vermeer

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Terex Construction, a business segment of Terex Corporation, entered into a private label agreement with Vermeer Corporation on Sept. 25, 2013. Terex will provide Vermeer with a forestry compact track loader specifically designed to work in Vermeer''s applications

Project labor agreement mandates inflate cost of construction 13%


A study released today by

CIC, ISHM Enter Endorsement Agreement

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Crane Institute Certification (CIC) and Institute for Safety and Health Management (ISHM) have entered into a joint marketing agreement. CIC offers NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) accredited certifications for mobile crane operators, riggers and signalpersons. ISHM offers certifications for safety management professionals. The Certified Safety and Health Manager is CESB (Council on Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards) accredited.

Major agreement reached on commercial AC/furnace regulations

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The new standards will save almost 15 quadrillion BTU (quads) of energy from more efficient equipment shipped over the next 30 years. read more. Business Development

Viewpoint: Arbitration Agreements Can Create Uncertainty in Construction Contracts

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We have all heard many times that arbitration is a contractual or consensual process

Agreement Reached on Hydrofluorocarbon Phase-Out

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Nearly 200 countries have agreed to cut the production and use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)—used in refrigerants and cooling and ventilation systems—by more than 80% over the next 80 years

New Video Uploaded about Fee Structures in Owner-Architect Agreements

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Werner Sabo discusses various fee structures used in owner-architect agreements in this Youtube video. contracts