Inventory, Service, and Productivity

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Reviews of Acctivate Inventory and Business Management Software, 3C Connect service management software, and PipelineDeals CRM software

4 reasons contractors need the latest field inventory tracking systems

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Mobile, cloud-based systems offer better productivity, inventory optimization, compliance and revenue generation

Purchasing & Inventory Construction Software

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Purchasing + Inventory. With Spectrum ® Purchasing & Inventory Construction Software, master your purchasing costs and simplify inventory controls. This allows you to stay on top of all purchases for jobs and available inventory—no matter where items are located. By streamlining all of your purchasing and inventory processes in Spectrum, you can ensure that your project teams have the materials they need to complete the job whenever they need to have them.

Calculations, Inventory, Service and More

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Software designed to streamline the use of Manual J calculations, a cloud-based collaborative inventory management solution, service management software for contractors with residential and commercial clients and more

Housing Inventory Continues to Dwindle As Prices Advance

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Housing Inventory Continues to Dwindle As Prices Advance. Homes on the market lag far behind last year's available inventory. cbroderick. Fri, 10/02/2020 - 09:47. In a normal world, buyer demand would have most likely eased up in October, but it does not appear to be headed that way.

Salt Inventory Management Best Practices

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Tips and tools to help manage salt and deicing inventory in a time where needs are harder to forecast and supplies are more difficult to secure

Homebuyers in Search of Space Will Face Historically Low Inventory 

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Homebuyers in Search of Space Will Face Historically Low Inventory . Even before the pandemic, the housing industry struggled with the lack of housing inventory, especially at the affordable end. Now experts predict that the low inventory will be the greatest challenge facing homebuyers as the country adapts to the pandemic and reopens its economy. acebulski. Thu, 06/11/2020 - 10:17.

Rolling stock and inventory

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Looking for a list. To belabor a much overused cliché — this ain’t rocket science! Stocking a service truck so that you can work off of it is a must. read more. Schwartz Silver

An Influx of Buyers Nearly Dries Out Palm Beach's High-End Inventory

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An Influx of Buyers Nearly Dries Out Palm Beach's High-End Inventory. Compared to last year, there are 79% fewer homes for sale, bringing Palm Beach’s housing inventory down to a five or less month supply. cbroderick. Fri, 10/16/2020 - 09:16.

A-Plant inventory under the hammer

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A-Plant clearly looks after its equipment reasonably well, judging by the success of a recent auction of surplus inventory. A-Plant clearly looks after its equipment reasonably well, judging by the success of a recent auction of surplus inventory. Read Full Article: The Construction Index

Weekly New Listings, Pending Sales Spike, While Inventory Remains Tight

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Weekly New Listings, Pending Sales Spike, While Inventory Remains Tight. Buyers and sellers are returning to market as states reopen and public health policies gain clarity, and though inventory remains sparse, the housing market is looking better than it has in months. Inventory continues to be incredibly tight — one reason list prices are growing faster than they were in April. acebulski. Fri, 05/29/2020 - 09:54.

Milwaukee Tool Continues to Enhance ONE-KEY Platform for Inventory Management and Tool Customization

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While the systems 3 core pillars (Inventory Management, Tool Tracking, and Smart Tool Technology) remain unchanged today, the company has continued to develop and enhance the capabilities of the system in many different ways. Inventory Management There are very few contractors that work on only one project at a time and managing the quantities, locations, and history of their tools and equipment can be a huge challenge. ONE-KEY™ Asset ID Tags, courtesy of Milwaukee Tool.

Simplex Equipment Rental Adds New Rental & Inventory Software

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Point of Rental Software, provider of rental and inventory management software, recently installed its Elite ERP product in Simplex Equipment Renta l’s 41 locations throughout Quebec and eastern Ontario that provide tools and equipment for individuals, businesses, and the construction industry

Inventory Aging and Turnover Data

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Inventory aging and turnover data provided by GE Capital for dealer comparison and business planning

Navistar Financial Extends Dealer Inventory Funding Facility

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has signed agreements to extend its $500 million dealer inventory funding facility an additional six months. Navistar Financial Corporation (NFC), an affiliate of Navistar Inc., The facility, which is funded through three of NFC''s major relationship banks, now extends through September of 2014

Online Exclusive: Accounting Basics for Small Contractors: How to Control Inventory

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It was my dad’s inventory system set up in our garage. BY MICHAEL BOHINC, CPA. Seventh in a series. When I was growing up, I remember my dad asking my mom to save the empty milk cartons. She’d wash them out and set them on the counter in the laundry room. I couldn’t figure out why he wanted empty milk cartons. Then, one day I went out into the garage and saw him cutting off the tops of the milk cartons and putting various plumbing fittings in each of them.

University of Missouri’s new dining experience lessens food waste and inventory


There are a lot of things people remember fondly about their college days as they grow older, but the dining experience typically isn’t one of them. The Restaurants at Southwest, a new dining facility located on the University of Missouri campus, may never find itself in the memories of former students as they long for their halcyon college days, but it will be an upgrade over traditional college fare for the university's nearly 33,000 students

Charter Software Improves Kubota Inventory Management

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Dealers can now create and upload parts locator records to Kubota directly from ASPEN business management software

Green Industry Pros reveals 2019 Editor's Choice Award winners

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Top 30 picks for your landscaping inventory

Ideal Computers Unveiled Mobile Inventory App for Dealers at GIE+EXPO 2013

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Ideal Computers mobile inventory app runs on most Apple mobile devices, allows dealers to take accurate counts and upload data

At Bauma China, Machine Producers Suffer From Excess Inventory

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Chinese companies are now feeling the effects of a slower economy that has left them with excess manufacturing capacity and large numbers of unsold machines. Equipment

Construction Firms Respond to Mask Donation Need

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Industry voluntarily sharing their inventories of protective masks and respirators

The Copper Journal: Is This a Wake Up Call?

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Inventory declines in some metals has not affected prices For week ending July 19.

April Non-Manufacturing ISM Report On Business®

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Inventories. ISM’s Non-Manufacturing Inventories Index grew in April for the third consecutive month. Of the total respondents in April, 26 percent indicated they do not have inventories or do not measure them. Comments from respondents include: “Overseas shipments ordered last year are now arriving” and “Increased inventory to support maintenance activities.” Inventories. Inventory Sentiment. Inventory Sentiment.

How Improved Asset Management Increased Profits for One Virginia Contractor

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s strategy for better storeroom efficiency & inventory control How Improved Asset Management Increased Profits for One Virginia Contractor. Elizabeth Manning. Thu, 11/05/2020 - 10:50. Breaking down Virginia-based contractor Superior Paving Corp.'s

Types of Reinforced Concrete Structure Inspections

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There are four types of inspection for reinforced concrete structure namely: inventory, routine, detailed, and special inspections. Inventory. Concrete Technology How To Guide Repair/Protection Guide Repair/Maintenance Structual Inspection Structures

Fleet Management eBook: Saving Your Assets

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How the right fleet management, location tracking, and inventory analysis tools can boost business operations for contractors

Construction Companies Responding to Request to Donate Masks

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Industry voluntarily sharing their inventories of protective masks and respirators

Water Utilities Continue Battle Against Lead In Their Systems

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Federal lead and copper rule update will require more testing and a public inventory of all tainted lines

Mask Donations Rise as Industry Combs Sites to Support Healthcare Workers

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Firms tap inventories to make PPE contributions to local hospitals and other facilities to keep COVID-19 under control

Demand Dropoff Plagues Caterpillar Sales

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The company cited “lower sales volume driven by lower end-user demand” and dealers decreasing their inventories more this year than last in its Q3 2020 financial report Caterpillar third-quarter 2020 sales dropped 23 percent compared to the same period in 2019, to $9.9 billion from $12.8

Ensure Data Integrity in Fleet Management

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Equipment management requires various equipment-specific software systems and technologies to effectively manage fuel consumption, inventory, operational costs, utilization, risk, productivity, and other essential areas.

PCA launches new program for plumbing service contractors

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The roundtable was able to pack in sessions on recruiting, training, software, technology, niche markets, inventory, sales and collective bargaining into a one-day session

Branching Out in the Triangle

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Because Rantos Maintenance continues to thrive and grow, so must its range of equipment and trailer inventory

High-End Homebuyers Should Look at These Secondary Markets

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Major markets continue to see high demand and low inventory, but buyers may find hope in secondary markets and smaller cities. Inventory shortage has been a problem for the housing market for years, but now with the pandemic mixed in, prices are shooting up and inventory is going down.

Construction Firms Continue Outpouring of Support, Donations for Healthcare Workers

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Construction companies are combing through inventories and donating PPE to local hospitals

Caterpillar Shares Drop After Third-Quarter Results

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billion movement in dealers' inventories The decline in sales and revenue was in part of a $1.2

Home Price Increases May End When This Happens

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But that’s not to say these key issues—housing inventory, building materials, worker shortages, general economic uncertainty—will not catch up to the industry eventually. America is running out of inventory. That means price increases will keep racing until more inventory comes on.

Construction Cost Estimating Blog: How iPads and Android tablets.

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The contractors can utilize iPads for gathering information form project blueprints and architect’s drawings to schedule and material inventory. iPads are connected with the other computer systems that conveys minute information from project blueprints, architect’s drawings, schedules and material inventory. Construction Cost Estimating Blog. adsense analytic. Thursday, May 24, 2012. How iPads and Android tablets are utilized to smooth the construction process.

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Dollar Saving Tips for Contractors

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Inventory Your Assets. Cut down on loss and theft by taking the time to create an inventory list of all the tools and equipment on the jobsite. With Viewpoint construction software , creating a master inventory list is simple—updates can be made in real time making it easy to stay on top of your company’s equipment and tools. Sometimes, staying in the green can be difficult with large budgets and complex projects that have many details and variables.