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Causes of Failures of Earthfill Dams

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Earthfill dams are less rigid and more susceptible to failure. Like most of engineering structures, earth dams may fail due to various reasons such. Dams Hydraulic Structures Water Resources Failures of Structures

Groundbreaking Model Code for Green Construction Released

Contractor Magazine

The IgCC is part of the Code Council’s family of comprehensive, coordinated and modern model codes

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U.S. Manufacturing Is Surging

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Bolstered by a robust economy, the United States remains in the top tier of Brookings’ global manufacturing scorecard. Read: U.S. Manufacturing Is Surging at Arizona Arkansas Business Clusters/Corridors Capital Investment Featured Florida Indiana Industry Focus Kentucky Magazine Highlights Manufacturing BF-Sept/Oct-2018 corporate expansion Economic Development florida kentucky manufacturing growth Orlando Peoria Site Selection

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Some vital points to be remembered before purchasing ready mix concrete

Construction Cost Estimating

The ready mix concrete is better as compared to the ordinary concrete mix since it needs less labour, time, efforts and cost. It facilitates to retain homogeneous quality during the work and provides the high speed of concrete construction.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Continuous Job Cost and Billing Data for Project Managers


Viewpoint Team improves project manager data self-sufficiency by providing job cost and billing actuals data without jumping to another application. Although project managers have broad responsibilities, keeping track of job financials is key.

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The beauty and benefits of tinted glass


The design applications of glass are as limitless as the imagination. Glass coatings and colors can be applied primarily for aesthetic purposes, yet the performance benefits are an added - sometimes necessary - bonus. Tinted glass is one type that satisfies both of these considerations, enhancing the appearance of a building façade while improving its solar performance.

4 Types of Cracks in Concrete Columns and their Causes

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Four types of cracks developed in reinforced concrete column are diagonal cracks, horizontal cracks, splitting cracks, corrosion cracks. The causes. Building Technology Guide Concrete Cracks Concrete Technology Tips Concrete cracks

Get the Full, Behind the Scenes Interview with 2018 Viewpoint Technology Award Winner Hatzel & Buehler


We had our best user conference yet last month! During the conference, we took some time to highlight three of our clients who are on the front lines of innovation. These clients are empowering their entire construction organization by actively using technology to help speed up processes.

3 robots mechanizing construction sites, plus 3 to watch

Construction Dive

When trying to keep up with robotic research and prototypes, it’s easy to short circuit, so here's a short list of some of the technologies already making a difference on jobsites, along with a few that promise to make their mark soon

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FMI advice for Contractors- Digital Dryshack #96

Cassell Construction Estimating Blog

The 2018 Viewpoint Collaborate conference in Portland provided the opportunity to get out of the office routine and interface with clients, vendors, and peers ,which I always find worthwhile. The conference also presented the welcome opportunity to attend a session presented by FMI, the nation's premier construction consultancy.

What is Construction Management?

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Construction management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a construction process from the start to the end. The objectives of. Building Technology Guide Construction Management

Championing Regulatory Compliance with the Right Construction Management Software


The right construction management software can help construction organisations stay on top of compliance issues. The fact of life about running a construction-related firm is that adherence to regulations, laws and specifications is a gargantuan challenge.

6 mega mixed-use projects across the country

Construction Dive

With so many high-dollar mixed-use developments popping up across the country, Construction Dive has put together a list of the top projects to watch

Buying a LEED Certified Building Is Easy But.

Green Building Law Update

Despite that a frog told us all in a song lyric, “it’s not easy bein’ green,” it is easy to buy a green building, but. And there are many good reasons for purchasing a green building that is LEED Certified. LEED gave us the technologies and methodologies revolutionizing the way we construct and occupy buildings.

10 Types of Buildings Based on IBC and UBC

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Types of buildings can be classified based on several criteria such as size, function, construction, style, design etc. However, the International. Building Building Technology Guide Buildings

PTD Before Risk Assessment: A Historical Perspective

FDR Safety

This article presents a narrow slice of history as known by Mike Taubitz, beginning with employment at General Motors (GM). It chronicles the foundations and evolution that brought those engaged in the practice of engineering and safety to the current state of PTD in one company.

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SLSCO wins $145M border wall contract

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The government contract, to build a 6-mile piece of a border-levee wall system along the U.S.-Mexico Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, is the Texas contractor's second border wall award this year

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Miller Industries Expansion Creates 175 Jobs In Tennessee

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Over a five-year period, the towing equipment manufacturer has made a significant investment to expand its operations in Ooltewah, TN. Read: Miller Industries Expansion Creates 175 Jobs In Tennessee at Automotive Daily News Featured Manufacturing Tennessee Workforce Development corporate expansion Employment Hamilton County Miller Industries Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development towing equipment

Flexible Pavement Composition and Structure

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Flexible pavements contain bitumen or asphalt layer as wearing course and supports loads through bearing. They have low flexural strength. Flexible. Pavement Design Transportation concrete pavement Flexible Pavement Flexible Pavement Design Pavement Composition Pavements

What’s Happening to Customer Service?

Construction Business Owner

It’s the best of times. The construction industry is pulsing to the beat of booming business opportunities.

Fall project roundup: What's being built where?

Construction Dive

With so many hotbeds of construction activity across the country, it can be hard to keep up. Construction Dive has rounded up some of the top projects at various stages of development this season

Standing on the edge of history

Construction Marketing Ideas

Picture yourself at the moment of a historical transformation. You may remember the experience vividly. In my (old) generation, it was the Kennedy assassination. A bit later – 9/11.


Concrete Pumps – Types and Selection

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Concrete pumps are tools used to convey liquid concrete from the source of concrete to the place of casting. The basic principle, the types, and. Concrete Technology Construction Equipments Construction Project

Everything You Need To Know About Modular Construction


PDF This Article. Modular construction, it’s one of the hot words in construction right now and rightfully so. For the last hundred years we’ve been building the same. Put up a crane, pour a foundation and stick build the remainder of the building.

Live from the US' biggest design-build event: a snapshot of the delivery method's evolution

Construction Dive

The Design-Build Institute of America reflects on 25 years of the delivery method's progression from "alternative" to one that accounts for nearly half of nonresidential projects

Virginia Tech Partners With Accuride Intl. To Reimagine Smart Living

Contractor Magazine

FutureHAUS will be the only U.S. entry in the Global Solar-Home Competition set for Dubai, Nov. 14-29

Simple responsibility: It isn’t complicated to get things right

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Yesterday morning, as I was backing my car out of our home garage, I managed to rip off a hunk of car sidewall-bumper, as well as the door’s moulding. My family members could quickly tell something wasn’t quite right as I let off a series of very loud expletives at the driveway.

Public canopy system can be reconfigured by drones on the fly


Architecture is always evolving. Be it the way buildings are designed, the processes by which they are built, or the materials used. But a new prototype from the University of Stuttgart takes this continuous evolution to a new level, with a reconfigurable canopy system for public spaces that is in a state of perpetual construction

Massachusetts contractor fined $837K for wage violations

Construction Dive

Force Corp. allegedly failed to make timely wage payments to employees and took illegal deductions from their paychecks for tools, safety equipment, discipline and advances

Autonomous Drone System Tested for Mapping Without GPS

ENR Construction

Uses envisioned include searching for missing hikers in forests or mapping construction progress autonomously within indoor locations

Blogging becoming brand journalism — is this the trend?

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In the most recent post, I discussed the decline in blogging; but suggested it hasn’t so much as died as evolved into an aspect of the current “content marketing” theme.

Price Index Up 2.9% – Past Twelve Months – October 2018

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Producer Price Index up 2.9% over past twelve (12) month period, and 0.6% for October 2018. via Four BT, LLC – LEAN Construction Delivery Solutions and Verifiable, Locally Researched Construction Cost Data.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline costs reach $7B

Construction Dive

Duke Energy says permitting delays and a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission stop-work order drove estimated project costs $500 million higher