Assessing Feasibility

FDR Safety

The answers can be determined but only after documented due diligence using Task Based Risk Assessment (past blogs) and assessing feasibility of hazard controls. It is necessary to evaluate the application of the risk reduction measure against the following factors: Regulatory obligations Effectiveness Usability Durability and maintainability Ergonomic impact Economic feasibility Introduction of new hazards Productivity Machine performance Technological feasibility.

What to Do When LOTO is Not Feasible

FDR Safety

I’m finding clients who have excellent lockout/tagout programs but who have not taken the necessary step of identifying tasks where LOTO is not feasible. Your only recourse is to prove LOTO is not feasible. Document why power is needed and LOTO is not feasible. Determine if guarding per CFR 1910.212 is feasible to prevent exposure to the hazard. The post What to Do When LOTO is Not Feasible appeared first on FDRsafety


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Study finds maternity benefits for construction tradeswomen financially feasible

Construction Dive

“This benefit is long overdue," said a union rep who has seen a leave program be successful. "We want to equip our members with what they need to both work in the construction industry and to raise a family "

Construction wearables' futuristic features are more feasible than you think

Construction Dive

The technology can help prevent accidents, improve efficiencies and enhance quality of life for construction workers, says an insurance official working with contractors on pilot programs

The Weekly show, Jan 28, 2021: Generative design tools for feasibility studies, and landscape design trends in the built environment


How AEC teams and real estate developers can improve real estate feasibility studies with real-time generative design. This week on The Weekly show, BD+C editors speak with AEC industry leaders from Studio-MLA and TestFit about: . Landscape design trends in the built environment. •

Feasibility Study For $3.6B Energy Storage Project Gets Feds' Nod

ENR Construction

FERC permit starts clock on proposed 2.2-GW project on Lake Powell near Page, Ariz

Energy Storage Feasibility Study Gets FERC Nod

ENR Construction

The permit gives the holder priority rights to further study and develop the site for the $3.6-billion Navajo Energy Storage Station

Agreement to kick start feasibility study of Cleveland-Chicago hyperloop

Construction Dive

Hyperloops and other high-speed tube systems are gaining ground in the U.S., with several proposed routes and studies underway

Missouri coalition to study St. Louis–Kansas City hyperloop feasibility

Construction Dive

Engineering firm Black and Veatch is leading the study and donating $400,000 worth of services as part of the effort

New York City Studies Feasibility of $1B Passenger Rail Line

ENR Construction

Design firms AECOM and WSP awarded $1.3 million contract to study 16-mile Brooklyn to Queens line

Black & Veatch Study Finds K.C. to St. Louis Hyperloop Feasible

ENR Construction

based engineering firm Black & Veatch released a feasibility study Oct. Leawood, Kan.-based 17 that said building a hyperloop transportation system along the 1-70 corridor—connecting the cities of St. Louis; Columbia, Mo.; and Kansas City—would be buildable and commercially viable and could cut travel times by three hours and generate $410 million in economic development locally

Feasibility of IGCC Non-Potable Water - Green Building Law Update

Green Building Law Update

Is It Feasible to Recover Cumulative Impact Costs?

Construction Dive

By Bruce Jervis Contractor recovery for the cumulative impact of multiple delays has always been controversial. It seems logical that repeated delays affect productivity and increase costs. But it is difficult to quantify. And, of course, there are questions of causation or responsibility for the various delays.Adding to the complexity of cumulative impact claims are contract clauses requiring prompt written notice of changed or delayed work, along with quantification of increased costs.

Southeastern United States Renewable Energy Feasibility


The Southeastern region of the United States is an energy conundrum, comprising about one third of the demand in the country, yet having the lowest capacity for renewable energy (about 6%). This discrepancy is an incredible obstacle to any proposed Renewable Energy Portfolio (RPS) aimed at substantially reducing the nation’s carbon emissions. To reach a [.]. Energy Renewable Energy EBS Team

UK Report: Swansea Bay Tidal Power Plant Is Feasible

ENR Construction

The world’s first tidal lagoon power plant could move forward as a result of the United Kingdom’s planned departure from the European Union, maybe in 2019

Union 32

Report: Technologies to Remove Carbon from the Air are Feasible, but More Research is Needed

ENR Construction

The National Academies says technologies could be scaled up to help offset climate change

Southeastern United States Renewable Energy Feasibility


The Southeastern region of the United States is an energy conundrum, comprising about one quarter of the demand in the country, yet having the lowest capacity for renewable energy (about 6%). This discrepancy is an incredible obstacle to any proposed Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) aimed at substantially reducing the nation’s carbon emissions. To reach a [.]. Renewable Energy Blogmaster Hoang EBS Team

Dream Projects: Feasibility Rankings and Meet the Judges

ENR Construction

The projects we profile in this special section all stretch the limits of what is possible. Technology

Report: Technologies to Remove Carbon from the Air are Feasible, but More Research Needed

ENR Construction

The National Academies says technologies could be scaled up to help offset climate change

Conceptual Estimating is ideal for project feasibility study

Construction Cost Estimating

A well developed conceptual estimate is based on the study of historical project cost factors and result in forecasting rapid estimates & accurate cost for project feasibility studies, budgeting and financing the finished products, financial evaluation of a number of alternative projects etc.

Alberta Weighs $7B Hyperloop Between Calgary and Edmonton

ENR Construction

Province signed MOU to support 186-mile superspeed carrier as project awaits investors for $380M first-phase and has feasibility questions

Quick, Smooth and Effortless Top-Dressing

Green Industry Professionals

Ecolawn’s ECO 600T top-dresser attachment makes handling heavier products feasible without sacrificing maneuverability

Port of New Orleans considering $1B expansion

Construction Dive

Port officials hired AECOM to conduct a $300,000 feasibility study to determine whether the site could accommodate the proposed facility

Calif. Utility Giant Will Bury 10,000 Miles of High Fire-Risk Power Lines

ENR Construction

PG&E multi-year commitment to mitigation comes as it admits role in Dixie Fire start; effort could cost post-bankruptcy public firm $15-$20B and one research analyst notes high feasibility and permitting risks

DebunkTheBIM: ?We looked around in the market and found nothing.


I wrote previously how I could not see ‘backyard’ or even professional-but-small-scale program writing feasible anymore and that the baseline expectation of a ‘standard’ user of any digital tool is so high that customisation of mainstream, off-the shelf products should be considered first. DebunkTheBIM. I am a manager of construction information, tools and people.

BIM 48

Emory University Student Center wins the top award in 2020 Building Team Awards


In mid-2013, a university-commissioned feasibility study determined that Emory needed a new, larger student center to replace its original student union, Alumni Memorial University Center, built in 1950, and the 70,000-sf Dobbs University Center, which was added to the AMUC in 1986.

Mass timber: From 'What the heck is that?' to 'Wow!'


After years of feasibility studies and design proposals, buildings six stories or taller constructed primarily from pre-engineered wood products are being considered in cities around the world Big timber is sprouting up in cities in North America and abroad.


The Constructor

Reconnaissance survey is done to examine the general character of the area for the purpose of determining the most feasible route or routes for. Surveying Roads Transportation

New Offshore Wind R&D Group Awards First Contract

ENR Construction

Public-private consortium wants $300K study to weigh floating wind farm platform feasibility

Canada Producer Plans Global Cement Sector's First Carbon Capture System

ENR Construction

HeidelbergCement unit launches feasibility study to install technology to capture and store almost all carbon emissions for potential resale on the market

Hawaii Talks Underwater Tunnel Construction

Construction Equipment

A bill that would require the Hawaii Department of Transportation to study the feasibility of a new route to connect Ewa, Hawaii to downtown Honolulu has cleared its first committee, the Honolulu Civil Beat reports.

Orange County, Calif., Eyes Expanded Express Lanes

ENR Construction

is studying the feasibility of converting several existing freeway carpool lanes into tolled express lanes to help alleviate increasing congestion Orange County, Calif.,

7 Ways to Minimize Schedule and Budget Risks from Environmental Requirements

ENR Construction

Most transmission projects of any significance face risks to schedules and budgets at every step—from feasibility, siting, permitting and design to construction and operation

Defining acceptable risk in LOTO or machine guarding

FDR Safety

Safety professionals concerned with safety, efficiency and compliance should have the concepts of “acceptable risk” and “feasibility” in the forefront of their thinking. In every case, the “acceptable risk” and “feasibility” of lockout/tagout or machine guarding was the central issue. we also find the definition for acceptable risk and an informative note that provides significant real-world guidance on ‘feasibility”: “3.1

Safety 166

New Buildings Institute seeks entries for Zero Buildings Database


This listing helps illustrate the feasibility of ultra low-energy buildings. The New Buildings Institute (NBI) seeks new entries for its Zero Buildings Database.

Corps Releases Final Report on $29B Texas Gulf Coast Hurricane Defense Plan

ENR Construction

Plans for a multiple lines of defense strategy to protect the Texas Gulf Coast from hurricanes and storm surge moves to Congress for approval with the release of a a final feasibility report and final environmental impact statement from the Corps of Engineers and Texas General Land Office that proposes $28.87 billion in coastal protection projects.

Texas, Corps Outline $31 B Plan to Protect State's Coast

ENR Construction

The feasibility study and environmental impact study is the first step in a process to protect Texas's 3,359-mile coast from storm surge and sea-level rise

A Wake-up Message for Employers or An Ounce of Prevention…

FDR Safety

What’s often missed and not understood is the in-between, where tasks are not minor servicing but LOTO is not feasible. In situations where LOTO is not feasible, an ALTERNATIVE METHOD is needed. Our risk assessment methods and means of determining feasible risk reduction have their foundation in the ANSI voluntary consensus standards recognized by OSHA. I continue to receive many requests for assistance on matters involving the control of hazardous energy.

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10 Types of Construction Estimates and their Definitions

Chianelli Estimating

This type of construction cost estimate is prepared during a project’s initial design phase and helps determine which construction methods are most feasible. These are similar to ROM but contain additional analysis and detail that help discern the feasibility of various project elements. Feasibility Estimate. Feasibility estimates are used to analyze the timing of a project launch and attempt to capture some of the variables that can impact cost over time.

How to Achieve Acceptable Risk with TaBRA

FDR Safety

Key to learning how risk assessment and feasible risk reduction work together is to undergo experiential learning. A typical “Train the Trainer” process is a 1½-day learning session described below: Brief Introduction and Overview of the session, including description of Task Based Risk Assessment (TaBRA) and feasible Risk Reduction.TaBRA is a methodology designed to capture all the steps of a defined task by asking the worker to share his / her experience in performing the task.

Risk 120