What to Do When LOTO is Not Feasible

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I’m finding clients who have excellent lockout/tagout programs but who have not taken the necessary step of identifying tasks where LOTO is not feasible. Your only recourse is to prove LOTO is not feasible. Document why power is needed and LOTO is not feasible. Determine if guarding per CFR 1910.212 is feasible to prevent exposure to the hazard. The post What to Do When LOTO is Not Feasible appeared first on FDRsafety

Missouri coalition to study St. Louis–Kansas City hyperloop feasibility

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Engineering firm Black and Veatch is leading the study and donating $400,000 worth of services as part of the effort

UK Report: Swansea Bay Tidal Power Plant Is Feasible

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The world’s first tidal lagoon power plant could move forward as a result of the United Kingdom’s planned departure from the European Union, maybe in 2019

Dream Projects: Feasibility Rankings and Meet the Judges

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The projects we profile in this special section all stretch the limits of what is possible. Technology

Defining acceptable risk in LOTO or machine guarding

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Safety professionals concerned with safety, efficiency and compliance should have the concepts of “acceptable risk” and “feasibility” in the forefront of their thinking. In every case, the “acceptable risk” and “feasibility” of lockout/tagout or machine guarding was the central issue. we also find the definition for acceptable risk and an informative note that provides significant real-world guidance on ‘feasibility”: “3.1

Arup USA Inc. Awarded $1.5M Contract to Study Boston's North-South Rail Link

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to conduct a feasibility study of Boston’s so-called North-South Rail Link, a proposed project to build a tunnel that would connect the city’s two main rail stations, North and South stations. The Massachusetts Dept. of Transportation has awarded a $1.5 million contract to Arup USA Inc.

It's Alive! First-Ever 3D-Printed Excavator Unveiled

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The excavator is a prototype what is possible in large-scale additive materials (AM) technologies and proved the feasibility of printing with metal alloys

Euro Grid Operator Eyes $1.8 Billion North Sea Wind Islands

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5 Success Factors for Construction Firms

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Although we want to document everything, it’s not feasible. Since the economy’s slow improvement, the construction industry has seen growth as well. The issue, however, is the growth is mixed.

Commercial Construction Trends: Why More Clients Are Choosing the Design-Assist Model

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In this scenario, the client’s priority was choosing a financially feasible location and getting an idea of general costs, rather than design, so we were hired before the architect.

Is It Feasible to Recover Cumulative Impact Costs?

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By Bruce Jervis Contractor recovery for the cumulative impact of multiple delays has always been controversial. It seems logical that repeated delays affect productivity and increase costs. But it is difficult to quantify. And, of course, there are questions of causation or responsibility for the various delays.Adding to the complexity of cumulative impact claims are contract clauses requiring prompt written notice of changed or delayed work, along with quantification of increased costs.

Feasibility of IGCC Non-Potable Water - Green Building Law Update

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The Constructor

Reconnaissance survey is done to examine the general character of the area for the purpose of determining the most feasible route or routes for. Surveying Roads Transportation

Workplace pilots: Test. Learn. Build


Pilot studies are routinely performed in the development of products, technology, research, and services, in order to test the feasibility of an idea on a small scale with minimal financial investment. This same testing process can also be utilized by organizations planning a strategic workplace design to drive business performance.

OSHA settlement sometimes needs a second opinion

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If OSHA’s suggestions are reasonable and feasible, obviously that’s the right way to go. OSHA continues to cite employers aggressively, and at the same time is suggesting and frequently mandating certain types of abatement. This may overstep their authority, but many employers enter into a formal or informal OSHA settlement trying to avoid expensive litigation and abate alleged violations following agency’s suggestions or mandates.


New cross-laminated timber fire tests back proponents of high-rise wood structures


The Framework Project, LLC announced that the company has successfully completed two significant fire tests on Cross-laminated Timber as a building material, “demonstrating for the first time the feasibility of tall mass timber buildings in the U.S.”.

Conceptual Estimating is ideal for project feasibility study

Construction Cost Estimating

A well developed conceptual estimate is based on the study of historical project cost factors and result in forecasting rapid estimates & accurate cost for project feasibility studies, budgeting and financing the finished products, financial evaluation of a number of alternative projects etc.

OSHA starts evaluation of construction industry noise standards


OSHA is planning to issue a request for information in November to gauge the effectiveness and feasibility of adopting more noise-hazard requirements The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has begun evaluating the potential for a new process noise in construction standard.

OSHA citing maintenance equipment violations despite low risk

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Many of you may be wondering why, all of a sudden, OSHA is spending an inordinate amount of time inspecting the machines and equipment in plant maintenance areas. Typically, these machines are used for low-risk tasks performed by skilled workers. However, if you recently experienced OSHA’s increased focus in this area, you may wish you had read this sooner.


3D Printer on the Moon?

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The article linked below describes efforts underway at NASA to address the feasibility of landing a 3D printer on the surface of the moon and using native materials to "print" structures on the moon.

Southeastern United States Renewable Energy Feasibility

Optimizing the value of sustainability

The Southeastern region of the United States is an energy conundrum, comprising about one quarter of the demand in the country, yet having the lowest capacity for renewable energy (about 6%). This discrepancy is an incredible obstacle to any proposed Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) aimed at substantially reducing the nation’s carbon emissions. To reach a [.]. Renewable Energy Blogmaster Hoang EBS Team

Passive House is “In” in 2017

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As you consider what’s “in” and what’s “out” in 2017, within the realm of green building, Passive House is in.

The Drone Age

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” It’s bad enough that the FAA thinks it’s feasible to soon start allowing thousands of commercial drones to fly in the U.S. On Dec.

Eco-Tourism Meets Sustainable Architecture

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This has the multi-faceted purpose of creating a small footprint, involving the community in the building efforts, simplifying the construction and ensuring that maintenance of the buildings is easy and feasible in the long run.

? Updated ANSI standards a significant tool for U.S. industry

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A new series of ANSI standards is now available to assist employers in assessing how to comply with OSHA standards, determine feasible safeguards or harmonize with ISO and U.S. Risk assessment provides the foundation to select feasible safeguarding. is seen from the language defining acceptable risk and feasibility: A cceptable risk: A risk level achieved after risk reduction measures have been applied.

Commercial Construction Tips on Dividing a Retail Box into a Multi-Tenant Space

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What was once an Ethan Allen store in Wheaton…. As a shopping center landlord or retail developer, you might find yourself with a big empty retail space you need fill – especially if you had Borders or Circuit City as a tenant.

OSHA’s Use of General Duty Clause in a Way Never Intended

FDR Safety

Throughout its 46-year history, OSHA has had the authority to utilize Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, commonly known as the General Duty Clause, to address “recognized hazards which are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees,” and where there are measures that are “feasible, available and likely to correct the hazard.”


Solar panels could be required on most new construction in San Francisco


The rule would apply to commercial and residential buildings alike, wherever feasible. A San Francisco city councilor will propose a new regulation that could soon mandate solar panels on most new construction in the city and on many existing apartment buildings.

Top 5 Construction Strategies to Consider Before Purchasing an Underperforming Shopping Mall

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Perhaps the most important aspect in this process will be engaging a national retail commercial contractor for advice and feasibility studies. Englewood Construction is currently engaged in several mall redevelopments across the country.

Demountable structural steel could up the ante on sustainability


Large-scale demountable buildings are a feasible proposition, UY says.

Brighouse Elementary School

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Construction of the new school followed a seismic analysis of the existing structure, which determined that upgrading to current code standards was not economically feasible and that deconstruction of all but the gymnasium was the most practical approach to renewal.

Shipping Containers used in Multi Family Home Build

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The actual construction time per unit and cost efficiencies make this project attractive, though the total costs will be a test as to the feasibility of future multifamily container home projects.

Small firms act big: A different (and powerful) route to success

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Utile, Inc.'s 's home page.

DebunkTheBIM: ?We looked around in the market and found nothing.


DebunkTheBIM. I am a manager of construction information, tools and people. I believe that hands-on manipulating of project information by all project participants is the key to achieving any meaningful improvement of the AEC industry operating within the post-gambling-era.


Urban Farm Made of Shipping Containers

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million, which would be used to fund a feasibility study and the construction of a prototype. The Hive-Inn City Farm is a concept developed by OVA studios, which aims to bring vertical farming to New York City.

Solar Panels Mandated for Muscle Beach and.

Green Building Law Update

These requirements can be waived or reduced, by the minimum extent necessary, where production of energy from solar panels is technically infeasible due to lack of available and feasible unshaded areas. This coming Wednesday the City of Santa Monica will begin mandating the installation of a solar electric photovoltaic system on all new building.

The global AEC industry has become a large swamp


You’ll recognise them everywhere that any type of building creation is done – from the early days of ideas where feasibility is explored – well into operation and maintenance of the finished product they’ll diligently do their plodding.