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Uncertain Times Call for Construction Technology Growth

John Chaney

Today’s leading construction firms operate as digital contractors that take advantage of the latest technologies to gain competitive edges.

The 10 traits successful contractors have in common

Construction Dive

In a crowded AGC convention session, a seasoned consultant listed the top traits among the industry's fastest-growing and most profitable contractors

AGC 113

10 Design Flaws to avoid in Earthquake-prone areas.

The Constructor

Buildings require great designs and sound construction practices to be able to withstand the disastrous forces of an earthquake. There are several. Earthquake Engineering Earthquake Design

Don’t Waste a Good Recession

John Chaney

Look into the Construction Crystal Ball with Leading Economist, Anirban Basu. Anirban Basu isn’t physic nor does he own a crystal ball. However, some may consider the knowledge he possesses close to having a sixth sense.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Commercial Hotspots Thrive In Cape Coral

Business Facilities

The city with the second largest land mass—and one of the fastest growing populations—in Florida offers plenty of opportunities for commercial development. Read: Commercial Hotspots Thrive In Cape Coral at

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Tenants Order Phase l to Avoid Hazardous Substance Liability

Green Building Law Update

Launching a daily newspaper in 2019

Construction Marketing Ideas

We’re about a month away from the scheduled May 1 launch of Ontario Construction News as a daily newspaper. A few years ago, I would have thought such a concept to be insane.


The Woodlands, TX: A Thriving Hub For Corporate Headquarters

Business Facilities

Located just 27 miles north of Houston, The Woodlands Area includes The Woodlands and the cities of Oak Ridge North and Shenandoah. Read: The Woodlands, TX: A Thriving Hub For Corporate Headquarters at

3D-printed precast concrete molds for redeveloped NYC landmark a first

Construction Dive

The innovative approach to the 42-story tower in Brooklyn created a variety of exterior panels reminiscent of sugar crystals, a nod to the site's historic past as the Domino Sugar Factory

AIA awards six projects with the 2019 AIA/ALA Library Building Award


The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the American Library Association will award six libraries with the 2019 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards for excellence in architectural design. You will find each project and a brief description from the AIA below.

AIA 111

Marketing and mark-up: How much should you allocate?

Construction Marketing Ideas

Michael Stone has published an eletter article that should be essential reading for every contractor. In it, he discusses one of his core concepts — contractors must price their work with enough mark-up to cover the overhead and operating costs, and allow a reasonable profit.

Indiana: Harvesting High-Tech Jobs In The Hoosier State

Business Facilities

Indiana rang in 2019 with a burst of project activity. The Hoosier state hopes to keep the momentum going in all of its diverse growth sectors. Read: Indiana: Harvesting High-Tech Jobs In The Hoosier State at

Clark rebuilds century-old DC tunnel victoriously despite pitfalls

Construction Dive

Using progressive design-build, Clark Construction demolished an urban underpass and rebuilt two in its place for CSX rail — without halting train traffic or getting tripped up by strenuous environmental reviews

DC 94

Open offices reduce collaboration among employees


Proponents of open offices claim that the design promotes employee collaboration, but a recent study found just the opposite. Wide open workspaces actually reduce the time employees spend in face-to-face interactions by 73%, according to researchers at Harvard Business School and Harvard University.

Office 102

Monthly Plumbing Quiz: Faucets and Fixtures

Contractor Magazine

Installing and servicing faucets and fixtures are what most people think of when they think "plumber." " But how well do you know the ins and outs? Take our quiz and find out


ENF Technology Chooses Texas For U.S. Headquarters

Business Facilities

The South Korean company will invest $45 million in its new Kyle, TX headquarters and advanced manufacturing facility, where it will initially employ up to 50 employees. Read: ENF Technology Chooses Texas For U.S. Headquarters at

Texas 89

Bill aims to better classify California construction workers

Construction Dive

State legislators are considering a new test for contractors to use when deciding if laborers and tradesmen qualify as independent contractors

Pole Barn Guru pushes through to win 2019 Best Construction Blog popular vote

Construction Marketing Ideas

CAD 71

BIG unveils vision for a sustainable, floating city


Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) recently unveiled its vision for Oceanix City, a man-made ecosystem designed to grow, transform, and adapt organically over time, evolving from neighborhoods to cities with the possibility of scaling indefinitely.


Sports Turns Spotlight Onto Nevada City

Business Facilities

Henderson’s Culture of Opportunity makes business expansion easy with agile and accessible government, favorable tax and incentives all paired with a surprising quality of life. Read: Sports Turns Spotlight Onto Nevada City at

$1B Cross Bayou Point in Louisiana picks design-build team

Construction Dive

GraceHebert Architects and Ozanne Construction, which have experience working together, will lead the mixed-use project

How One Documentary Is Advocating for Women in Construction

Construction Business Owner

A star of Hard Hatted Woman tells what it's like for a women in the trades and how you can promote inclusivity and diversity in your own construction business

Building Your Company’s Brand Promise

Contractor Magazine

In this brief article we will focus on one key aspect of contractor marketing that is often difficult or confusing to many, the brand promise

California Dreamin’

Business Facilities

A network of leaders came together at the California Economic Summit to help make sure that opportunity and a sustainable environment are watchwords for growth in the Golden State. Read: California Dreamin’ at

Building the wall: A construction timeline

Construction Dive

Construction of U.S.-Mexico Mexico border infrastructure is underway; here's our periodically updated guide to the players, contracts and scope of work involved

The dusty black book: Youthful memories and lessons learned four decades ago

Construction Marketing Ideas

A few weeks ago, I pulled one of my old black journals from the storage area, and leafed through pages written four decades ago. As a 25-year-old, I was embarking on a life-changing African experience.


Chicago makes major building code overhaul


Chicago recently announced a “comprehensive” overhaul to local building codes. It had been 70 years since the last wholesale revamp of the city’s codes. The city has adopted the International Building Code’s (IBC) terminology and classification systems.

Location Spotlight: Cape Coral – A Strategic Location

Business Facilities

Ranked among the best places to live and do business, and located in the tax-friendly state of Florida, Cape Coral is a top contender for corporate relocations and business expansions for companies worldwide. Read: Location Spotlight: Cape Coral – A Strategic Location at

NYC sewer system construction costs rocket 1500% to $1.2B

Construction Dive

The EPA's estimate that the Gowanus Canal sewage retention tank project in Brooklyn would be around $78 million was too conservation due to tank design, land acquisition and historic preservation costs, a local agency says

Sewer 87

Profit Draining Invoice Errors Contractors Make Without Realizing It

Contractor Bookkeeping

Creating an invoice for the entire project seems like it is the simplest way to track payments and have the current balance. The harsh reality is that if all of the work is NOT done, accounts receivable is reflecting a balance due that is NOT REAL.

Texas Rangers’ Globe Life Field progresses toward its 2020 completion date


Globe Life Field, the Texas Rangers currently-under-construction ballpark, is progressing towards its March 2020 completion date. The ballpark is designed by HKS architects with VLK Architects acting as the associate architect. The stadium is the cornerstone of Texas Live!,

Texas 94

Snapshots: 60 Seconds With Eloisa Klementich, Invest Atlanta

Business Facilities

Eloisa Klementich, CEO, Invest Atlanta, discusses the factors that are making the city a thriving high-tech hub. Read: Snapshots: 60 Seconds With Eloisa Klementich, Invest Atlanta at

Mapping high-impact construction across the US

Construction Dive

An interactive tool to keep tabs on large-scale projects spanning mixed-use, infrastructure, entertainment and many more categories