Types of Construction Contracts and Their Comparison

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There are different types of construction contracts and their comparison is presented in this article. A construction contract is an agreement. Construction Construction Contracts Construction Management Construction Project Construction Projects

Construction Management Software – Comparisons, Features and Benefits

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Comparisons, features and. Construction management software helps to manage and execute construction project activities easily and effectively. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management

Kobelco Releases Spec Comparison App

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Kobelco now offers an app with the ability to compare the company’s excavator models with one another and with competitive models, allowing comparison of up to four models at once.

Asphalt, Bitumen and Tar – Types, Difference and Comparison

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Difference between Asphalt, bitumen and tar, their types and comparisons of properties is discussed. These are generally used for pavement. Building Materials in Construction Building Technology and Construction Guide Transportation Building Materials Buildings Transportation Engineering

Instance Parameter Comparison Revit 2012 and 2011

Revit OpEd

Comparison Tips Parameters InstanceThe manner in which Revit reacts to Instance Parameter changes to families you place has changed from version 2011 to 2012.

CostX Estimating Software - Subcontractor Comparison Training

Construction Cost Estimating

The video will show how sub-contractors comparison can be inserted. This video is the on-screen estimating software. It can be two dimension or three dimension in nature. Exactal has brought up this video in Youtube.

KarelCAD Revit Release Comparison via PDF

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Comparison New Releases Revit 2012The gang at KarelCAD have shared some pdf documents that provide an overview of what features set each release apart, for Revit 2010, 2011 & 2012. Revit Architecture 2012 Revit Structure 2012 Revit MEP 2012.

Lawn & Garden Lithium Ion Battery Comparison Chart

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A look at key specs of today's growing number of lithium ion batteries for lawn and garden equipment


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Pre-Engineered buildings are being preferred over conventional buildings for industrial construction due to its fast construction. Following is the. Pre-Engineered Building Structural Engineering Buildings Steel Structures Structural

RSMeans cost comparisons: office buildings and medical offices


RSMeans' February 2013 Cost Comparison Report breaks down the average construction costs per square foot for four types of office buildings across 25 metro markets. For additional RSMeans cost comparison reports, visit: [link].

RSMeans cost comparisons: jails, courthouses, police stations, and post offices


saw the largest year-over-year increase in construction costs for judicial facilities and post offices, according to the latest RSMeans cost comparisons report. Winston-Salem, N.C.,

RSMeans cost comparisons: parking structures, town halls, community centers


For additional RSMeans cost comparison reports, visit: [link]. Construction market analysts from RSMeans offer construction costs per square foot for four building types across 25 metro markets. Building types include: parking garages, underground parking, town halls, and community centers.

EcoHouse Canada 1 - Going green in the kitchen - Price comparison of better alternatives

SAB Magazine

In an effort to go green and improve the air quality of your home, ask your cabinetmaker to price different materials that will help achieve that goal. The results for your health will be great, and the price probably won’t be as bad as you think.

Electrical Families 2009 vs. 2010 Comparison


Recently I've been working on a project that required a ton of electrical families. Now before all the engineers out there have a fit, We're doing an interior fit out where we are showing the locations of all the power devices.

Comparison of Earthquakes in Chile and Haiti Shows Value of.

Julian Construction Blog

Comparison of Earthquakes in Chile and Haiti Shows Value of Preparation. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Comparison of Earthquakes in Chile and Haiti Shows Value of Preparation : Comments. Julian Construction Blog. Shawn Kyles. Partner, Julian Construction.

RSMeans cost comparisons: college labs, classrooms, residence halls, student unions


For additional RSMeans cost comparison reports, visit: [link]. Construction market analysts from RSMeans offer construction costs per square foot for four building types across 25 metro markets. Building types include: college labs, classrooms, residence halls, student unions. Click here to access the RSMeans chart.

Metro 40

RSMeans cost comparisons: pools, racquetball courts, bowling alleys, hockey/soccer facilities


For additional RSMeans cost comparison reports, visit: [link]. Construction market analysts from RSMeans offer construction costs per square foot for four building types across 25 metro markets. Building types include: pools, racquetball courts, bowling alleys, hockey/soccer facilities. Click here to access the RSMeans chart. Architects Building Owner Designers Facility Managers Events Facilities Sports and Recreational Facility

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Value and Outcome Based Construction

Building Information Management

Uncategorized best management practices BIM for FM comparison chart construction delivery methods integrated project delivery job order contracting JOC LEAN lean construction

Revit Systems and ABS - a Comparison of Features

CAD Shack

I have been getting a lot of feed back regarding Revit Systems and ABS, so it's safe to say I will be discussing them both at length for the foreseeable future. Today's post is simply a look at how they compare by major features.

A UK Bridge That Is a Lesson on How to Build Big Projects

ENR Construction

Why a comparison of the Queensferry Crossing and the east span of San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is fruitful


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don't think: Do Revit: House Panels


I would love to see the model to final comparison if you had some images? skip to main | skip to sidebar. dont think: Do Revit. My journal of work in Revit as part of a 600+ member architecture firm. Wednesday, November 23, 2011. House Panels. Our Revit model is soon to be created in reality.

Country Clipper Mowers Launches New Website

Green Industry Professionals

Site features mower-comparison section, testimonials, and responsive design for easy viewing on mobile devices

Construction's June Starts Drop From May, First-Half Results Are Up

ENR Construction

Dodge Data & Analytics says month-to-month comparison is skewed by huge LNG project launched in May. Business Management

Inventory Aging and Turnover Data

Green Industry Professionals

Inventory aging and turnover data provided by GE Capital for dealer comparison and business planning

PSMJ Resources Blog: Three Keys to Increasing Cross-Selling

PSMJ Resources

Yet, capturing new clients is costly and lengthy in comparison with cross-selling, especially in today’s highly competitive market. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, November 7, 2011. Three Keys to Increasing Cross-Selling. Many firms place greater emphasis on pursuing new clients than cross-selling. Why not use a change or consolidation effort to refocus staff on the importance of cross-selling?

Tablet Wars and Cloud Computing

John Chaney

All the comparisons of functionality and available apps remind me of how my kids and their friends would compare who got the best toys at Christmas.

Kespry Adds Construction Capabilities to Drones

Construction Equipment

Kespry has added a suite of capabilities that include grade planning and analysis, site and surface comparison including cut/fill visualization, and design plan development and compliance.

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Marketing 101 mark wanczak marketing print advertising comparison Trade publication advertisingAccording to the above data from Mediaweek , pages in shelter-related publications are down an average 30% over this time last year. Less pages doesn’t only mean fewer articles, it means fewer ads. With less advertising competition, it also means your product, service or company has a bigger share of the reader’s attention.

Social Media For Construction – 2013 Survey Results

Construction Marketing Blog

A comparison with 2012 results is below. A comparison with 2012 results is below. A comparison with 2012 results is below. A comparison with 2012 results is below.

Economical, energy-efficient roof assemblies


APA's comparison of roof systems shows that under-deck cavity insulation options provide superior energy efficiency to systems using only continuous insulation. The results of the comparison showed Many conventionally built commercial roof decks have flat or low-pitched roof decks that are insulated only with continuous insulation, or rigid board insulation, placed on top of either steel or wood panel sheathing.

SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Generation Tutorial

BIM & Beam

Step by step instruction shows you how to reinforce a concrete slab and a beam, and check the existing reinforcement by comparison with the corresponding design results

Digital Dryshack #90: Sage SQL Estimating

Cassell Construction Estimating Blog

The upgrades over the past year and more enthusiastic client interest had prompted us to put together the first cut of feature comparisons between the 2 versions of Sage Estimating. We’ve been working with Sage SQL Estimating over the past few months, and are becoming bigger fans of the recent updated version, 15.2.

Sage 100

Tablets for Construction

John Chaney

With so many tablets available today, we thought we’d put together some basic comparisons of what’s out there. I remember when the iPad first came out and there was a bit of skepticism about how successful it would be – some even called it a large, more expensive iPod.

iPad 170

Top Construction Videos of 2016

Construction Dive

Other videos feature pickup truck comparisons, a dump truck pull, transport of a 518,000-pound tree (how did they weigh that anyway?),

How Smart Subcontractors Spot Revisions on Plans

Carol Hagen

Whether you have a clean vector drawing or plans scanned to PDF you can use Bluebeam Revu’s compare documents to cloud the differences and get a side-by-side comparison, or overlay the plan sheets. Document comparison is just one way to save time and reduce risk.

Plans 130

Social Media in Construction 2013 – Infographic

Construction Marketing Blog

The infographic also highlights comparisons with our 2012 survey results. In September 2013, the Construction Marketing Association conducted the second annual survey of construction professionals regarding their use of social media. The following questions were asked: 1.