How to Stop Overhead From Being A Silent Contractor-Killer

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A survey of the overhead costs construction companies cut during the downturn could help anticipate needed cuts in the future. Opinion

Raise Revenue by Understanding Overhead

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I can’t sell enough work at my old markup rates to cover my overhead,” he said. “So, Michael is the owner of a ceramic tile contracting company in Michigan who called me looking for advice. He complained about his customers continually asking for lower prices and the cheap competitors who don’t charge enough. His business was slowing down. “I So, I lowered prices another 5 percent to try to attract more sales.” His lower prices still didn’t attract enough new work. What should I do

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Family Critique - Overhead Storage Bin

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The family in my sights today belongs to the Furniture System category and is called Overhead Storage Module.rfa (see image). The Project templates that Autodesk provides have a linestyle called Overhead.

Contractors, Let Go of Unneeded Overhead

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Flexible overhead may be the answer to a contractor’s constant navigation amid the rising and falling business cycles. Opinion

What to Include in Your Overhead Markup

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The key to being profitable is understanding ?your your job costs

Rory Woolsey's Construction Estimating Blog: Mark It Up!

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“ What are the” appropriate” markups for overhead, profit and contingency when budgeting facilities construction projects?” Beyond this, the installing contractor’s overhead(s) and profit will need to be added. Note that for budgetary estimating many unit price and assemblies cost data reference books start at this same “bare” point when making reference to “including overhead and profit.”

Proposal Pricing Strategies: How Much are You Selling that Watermelon For?

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Your loaded rate is the (Actual Rate + (Actual Rate * Overhead %) + Fee. However, when providing loaded rates, it is important to have an understanding of overhead. Overhead. Often you need to have an outside accounting firm audit your overhead rate based on what the Federal Government allows under its FAR Act. Most clients will pay all or a portion of your audited overhead costs. Field Overhead. This number is usually lower than the home office overhead.

Healthcare lighting innovation: Overhead fixture uses UV to kill airborne pathogens


Designed specifically for hospitals, nursing homes, child care centers, and other healthcare facilities where infection control is a concern, the Arcalux Health Risk Management System (HRMS) is an energy-efficient lighting fixture that doubles as a germ-killing machine. read more. Architects Building Owner Contractors Designers Engineers Facility Managers Healthcare Buildings Hospitality Facilities Building Technology Hospital Design Trends Interior Architecture Lighting

To fill cement cracks on overhead tank

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How to repair cracks on overhead water tank.kindly answer. Read More at To fill cement cracks on overhead tank The Constructor

Unabsorbed Overhead: Real or Phantom Damages?

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By Bruce Jervis Unabsorbed home office overhead has long been a controversial form of delay damages. Featured …Recovery of Unabsorbed Overhead Required Proof of StandbyUtility Not Immune from Delay Damage SuitThe rationale is that if work on a contract is suspended, the contractor is unable to bill against that contract and the contract does not carry, or absorb, its proportionate share of the fixed home office expenses.

Do You Maintain the Distinction Between Overhead Items?

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By Bruce Jervis Contractors frequently speak of, and even account for, their overhead costs in a loose, generic manner. Job site or field overhead is very distinct from home office or general and administrative overhead.

What Does It Take to Work Around Power?

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Between 1992 and 2006, 102 construction workers died as a result of crane-related, overhead power line electrocutions. While these regulations have helped, there were five fatalities directly related to cranes contacting overhead power lines in 2015

Energy/Industrial Award of Merit - Passadumkeag Windpark

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Situated in the eastern stretches of the Maine wilderness, the 40-MW Passadumkeag Windpark spans rugged mountains and includes overhead collection lines traveling along logging roads

PSMJ Resources Blog: 11 Ways to Cut Overhead

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11 Ways to Cut Overhead. Here are eleven creative ideas to reduce your overhead expenses. Assign collateral duties to everybody in the office, virtually eliminating overhead positions. 11 Ways to Cut Overhead. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, July 23, 2012. Is your firm thinking of ways to cut costs? Require all project-related. printing to be done outside the firm so vendor invoices can be passed on to clients as reimbursable expenses.

A Georgia Tech white paper examines the pros and cons of different delivery systems for ICUs


How to Keep Your Profit Wheel Spinning

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I often hear company owners say that they bid using a 15-percent markup for overhead and 10 percent for profit The No. 1 challenge many contractors face is profit shrinkage or profit margin fade.

Buying Used Construction Equipment

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In the construction business, profitability largely depends on keeping overhead down. This applies particularly to construction equipment, the rising costs of which can burn you at both ends when the economy goes south. Unfortunately, there's a common misperception that pricey, new equipment is always preferable to used, because the latter will require maintenance that will only add up in the end

The Force Reveals Plans for New Home

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The building's fluid design, when viewed from an overhead Luke Skywalker perspective, brings to mind space ships from movies past and seems to hover above the ground as if waiting for travelers to board

Researchers Aim to Switch Data Center Fiber Optics to Laser Beams

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Maintaining the Distinction Between Profit and Overhead Mark-Ups

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Lost overhead billings are generally not recoverable. The overhead would have been an indirect cost of performing the contract. It is important to maintain the distinction between profit and overhead mark-ups, but this is not always done. Contractors sometimes estimate and price work by applying a melded overhead and profit percentage to direct costs. By Bruce Jervis A wrongfully terminated contractor is entitled to recover lost profit from the project owner.


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The design depends on the location of tanks, i.e. overhead, on ground. Reinforced Concrete Water tank design is based on IS 3370: 2009 (Parts I – IV). Structural Design Structural Engineering Water Tank Design RCC Water Tank Water Tanks

Construction Accounting Secrets For New Contractors

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Construction Accounting is Income Minus Cost of Goods Minus Overhead Equals Net Profit. Construction Accounting Basics For Construction Contractors. Construction Accounting is not a natural mindset for Construction Contractors. Construction Accounting has own language. Regular Accounting the language is Income Minus Expenses Equals Net Profit. That simple little thing called Cost of Goods Sold is the primary difference between Regular Accounting and Construction Accounting.

8 Steps to Avoid Being Busy & Broke

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On paper, they figured they would make more money, as their overhead remained constant while their revenues grew Almost every contractor’s goal is to win more work than he or she currently has scheduled. When the economy was slow, contractors worked hard to keep crews busy and break even. And as the economy heated up, contractors began to take on more work than they could handle with their current staff.

Contractors Are Confused About Bookkeeping

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Keeping track of your hard costs, soft costs, general expenses and overhead is the difference between making a profit or having a loss. Many of you may begin with the thought; I am just a contractor. I don’t want to be the business owner; I just want to do the work. That is what is important. Yes, doing the work is important. Ignoring the costs do not make them go away; it just avoids putting them on the tax return.

Estimate Outsourcing; Year End Analysis = Overhead Savings

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Why sustain a staff with top heavy overhead when using an outsource estimating company can cut annual expenses? So another year is just about in the books. . Construction estimating requires constant adjustment to stay competitive; to land your share of projects. How accurate were your project conclusions? It’s time to review your approach and measure those results; to see what’s working, what’s not and how to adjust. Are you losing your market place?

Construction Industry Goes Robotic

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. . Instead of workers in neon orange vests and hard hats, you may see drones buzzing overhead, robotic bulldozers and 3D printers churning out new structures.

A point/counterpoint look at cutting overhead

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Dave had some advice for firms looking to cut overhead. CUTTING OVERHEAD? Over the years, we’ve seen many firms go on overhead cutting campaigns. Done right, overhead reduction can be a valuable tactic in the firm’s long-term growth strategy. When it comes to cutting overhead, they look at ways to increase this chargeability. The result is usually to cut several low-paid administrative staff who charge most or all of their time to overhead.

Understand the No Damage for Delay Clause, Part 1

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Contractors are faced with increased office overhead and extended general conditions costs, wage and material escalation and potential inefficiencies The potential for delay in completion poses a substantial risk to every project budget and schedule.

Construction Schedule Delays - The Leading Cause of Disputes

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If the owner is responsible, the contractor may be entitled to a mix of direct, overhead and impact costs. While the root cause of delays may vary, disputes invariably arise as to the excusability, compensability and duration of the resulting time impact. If a delay is due to contractor-caused problems, it may result in costly liquidated damages. On larger projects, thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars per day may be at stake.

Should Your Project Manager Have a Master's Degree?

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With profit margins slimming, a logical way to reduce overhead expenses would be to reduce or eliminate education benefits As an employer, why would you want to pay for continuing education for your project managers? What value does that bring to your company? These are common question for construction business owners who are assessing the value of paying for an employee's graduate education.

Unit Price Books & Other Things JOC

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Most job order contracts, at least in the public sector, require the use of “bare cost” line items, i.e. costs that do not include contractor overhead and profit. Unit Price Books – UPBs & Other Things JOC.

2017 Construction Marketing STAR Awards – Winners Announced

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Overhead Door Corporation. Overhead Door Corporation. Overhead Door Corporation. Winners of the 2017 CMA STAR Awards and CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR Awards are announced by the program sponsor, the Construction Marketing Association (CMA). The STAR awards recognize excellence in 16 marketing categories and 80 sub-categories. SUPERSTAR and STAR (first place/second place respectively) are awarded for each category or sub-category.

Commercial Construction Best-Practices: How to Avoid Scandals

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A properly-sized commercial general contractor is going to maintain a certain amount of overhead. Commercial construction companies need fees to cover their overhead.

Volvo Teams Up With Carnegie Mellon to Unveil SiteAware

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The system, developed by students at the institute, presents operators with a central display in the cab giving them a real-time, overhead view of their surroundings.

Put Your Business to the Test

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They get more customers, win more jobs, hire more employees and increase their overhead. When business owners start construction companies, they''re excited to be on their own, land some work and start making money. They do a good job because they stay intimately involved in every aspect of their projects, people and business. Then they get busier. Next, they get stressed out, overworked and out of control because they''re constantly putting out multiple fires

Why Successful Contractors Use Professional Bookkeeping Services

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Overhead. What You Should Expect From Your Bookkeeping System. First Important Principle In Construction Accounting: Everything starts with Cash because Cash Is Fact; Profit Is An Opinion.

Job Order Contract Coefficient – Training 101

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Examples of costs that may be included in the coefficient include: General and administrative and other overhead costs. subcontractor’s overhead and profit. Job Order Contract Coefficient – Training 101. UNDERSTANDING a Job Order Contract COEFFICIENT.