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Vinci buys overhead power line specialist

Construction Enquirer

VINCI Energies has acquired high voltage overhead line specialist NorPower. Scotland based NorPower specialises in wood pole and steel overhead lines construction, installation, reconfiguration and refurbishment across the UK and employs 30 staff.

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Raise Revenue by Understanding Overhead

Construction Business Owner

I can’t sell enough work at my old markup rates to cover my overhead,” he said. “So, He complained about his customers continually asking for lower prices and the cheap competitors who don’t charge enough. His business was slowing down. “I So, I lowered prices another 5 percent to try to attract more sales.” What should I do?”.'

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Hilti Unveils Semi-Autonomous Overhead Drilling Robot, Called Jaibot

Construction Junkie

Hilti , known for its wide selection of power tools and fastening applications for the commercial construction industry, recently took a step outside the box when they announced the release of an exoskeleton to help relieve the bodily toll overhead work takes on workers. courtesy of Hilti.

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To fill cement cracks on overhead tank

The Constructor

How to repair cracks on overhead water tank.kindly answer. Read More at To fill cement cracks on overhead tank The Constructor

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Reality Check: Using AI in Construction

Construction Business Owner

In this first of a three-part series on AI in construction, we take a closer look at the areas where AI can make a difference in streamlining project management, bridging the gaps between field and the office, and boosting productivity by reducing unnecessary overhead.

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Hilti's Overhead Drilling Robot Brings Further Automation to the Jobsite

ENR Construction

Tool manufacturer Hilti is launching a semi-autonomous overhead drilling robot to aid overhead drilling, which is one of the most strenuous tasks in the building trades.

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How to Make Changes & Still Make Money

Construction Business Owner

It’s nearly impossible to make any money when contracts allow just 10% and your subcontract only allows for 15% total overhead and profit markup on change orders, or time and material costs plus work. The typical commercial contractor’s annual overhead and profit markup look much like those in Figure 1.

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