4 ways to prepare for a negotiation


One of my negotiation training clients asked me for help in getting ready for a job interview and how to position herself to negotiate the best compensation offer.

Preparing to negotiate: Get your head in the game


Women often tell me that they are afraid of negotiation, that they either just do not know how to do it to get what they want or that they do not have confidence that they will be ready enough for any negotiation. .

GOP Negotiators Announce Deal on Water Measure

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Senate Democrats object to provisions dealing with California drought and Buy America program

LiveXchange Executive Conference Presentation: Evaluating and Negotiating Incentives

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Read LiveXchange Executive Conference Presentation: Evaluating and Negotiating Incentives on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions. Learn about best practices for calculating the value of incentives, including property tax abatements, sales tax refunds, cash grants and tax increment financing.

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How Trusting Relationships Build Better Commercial Construction Projects

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Englewood Construction is currently negotiating a contract with Mrs. Green’s to convert former Fox and Obel in Chicago. Here are the top three reasons to work with general commercial construction contractors in a negotiated bidding process.

How to start a negotiation: Begin as you mean to continue


You know you are going to engage in a negotiation at some point, whether it involves making a bid pitch, getting assigned to a new project, or negotiating the terms of your next job. .

Learn How To Evaluate And Negotiate Incentives

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This LiveXchange seminar will address key issues related to maximizing the value of incentives in the negotiating process. Read Learn How To Evaluate And Negotiate Incentives on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions.

Negotiating Construction Contracts

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Prevent costly mistakes by hammering out the details before breaking ground

Managing Risk Starts with Contract Negotiations

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Success on a project is often dependent upon risk management, and managing that risk starts with contract negotiation. Fully understanding and properly negotiating your contract terms will position you and your project management team for success.

Rory Woolsey's Construction Estimating Blog: ?Negotiating? JOC

Rory Woolsey

Negotiating” JOC. This week the blog topic is on “Negotiating” unit price line items taken from national estimating guides on competitively bid contracts that are publically funded and subject to audits. With the line item selection at times general or not tied to a local specification; and/or at times listed as a minimum or maximum, there was always much debate (also known as negotiation ) about the line items chosen and which were more appropriate.

Bargaining Room v. False Claims: 5 Tips for Negotiation of Construction Claims

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The issue raises an important question: What should a contractor do during negotiations to allow for some “bargaining room” so as to avoid any appearance of filing a false claim? Owners often begins negotiations from the opposite end of the spectrum for the same reasons.

Restaurant Construction Franchise on the Rise – Where do you start?

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Whether you’re planning on buying a franchise agreement or you’re a shopping center landlord negotiating construction concessions with a franchise operator, you should know what is ahead of you.

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Denver Airport Officials Unveil Terminal Upgrade Plan

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Officials at Denver International Airport and the city of Denver are completing negotiations on a $650-million-plus project to remake DIA’s terminal

Construction Claims Negotiations - Develop a Strategy

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Most often, a disputed change order request or claim for extra costs on a construction project will require one or more negotiation sessions between the contractor and owner to arrive at the final cost and time impact. Negotiation offers the last and best opportunity to settle a dispute without resorting to arbitration or litigations.

Council Unlikely To Delay Approval of $13B Denver Airport Terminal Upgrade, Despite Objections From Airlines

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The airport has been negotiating the terminal renovation contract with Madrid-based Ferrovial Airports, leader of the public-private partnership, for more than 10 months

Negotiating OCP Policies

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In recent years, more owners have requested that our law firm’s contractor clients purchase an owners and contractors protective liability policy (OCP policy), a type of insurance policy with which many contractors are unfamiliar

GOP Lawmakers Aim for Final Tax-Cut Bill

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As House and Senate legislators prepare to negotiate a compromise tax-cut bill, some construction groups prefer the version the Senate passed on Dec.

Construction Claims Mitigation During Dispute Phase

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You'll learn about how negotiation teams, decision ladders and dispute resolution boards can help keep you out of court. Despite all the best efforts, claims and disputes are likely to arise on your projects. This article provides keys to help you avoid claims during the dispute phase which starts during and overlaps with the construction phase. Read more

Construction Industry Worries About Fiscal Cliff

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If negotiators fail to strike a deal, construction spending would be cut and many firms’ taxes on income and estates would climb. Policy

Amazon Patents Autonomous Vehicle Lane-Changing Technology

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Amazon was issued a patent yesterday for technology that will wirelessly help autonomous vehicles negotiate changing lanes and maneuver in traffic

Negotiating Favorable Contracts

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It’s imperative that general contractors negotiate for sole and explicit contractual authority to adjust the building schedule Hammering out the details before breaking ground on commercial construction jobs can prevent headaches for general contractors. Here are some tips for doing so: Own the schedule In any complex job, someone’s going to be late with something, and profits erode every hour that workers, equipment and materials sit idle.

Trump: U.S. Will Exit Paris Climate Agreement

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Calling the Paris climate treaty a burden on American businesses, President Trump on June 1 said he would renegotiate the United States' role in the non-binding climate treaty, or he would start negotiations on a new climate treaty

Working to Reduce Risk in Your Company

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According to industry experts at risk management and commercial insurance brokerage firm Cavignac & Associates, in 2017, most business owners will be able to negotiate flat rates and some businesses may even see rate reductions

Working to Reduce the Risk

Construction Business Owner

According to industry experts at risk management and commercial insurance brokerage firm Cavignac & Associates, in 2017, most business owners will be able to negotiate flat rates and some businesses may even see rate reductions

The Art of the Deal

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President-elect Trump blocks some layoffs in Indy with a lay-up of a negotiation. Read The Art of the Deal on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions.

LiveXchange 2014 Presentation: Negotiating Incentives, Land Costs, and Energy Costs for Major Projects

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This year, returning speaker Mark Williams of Strategic Development Group shared his thoughts on “Negotiating Incentives, Land Costs, and Energy Costs for Major Projects.”

Client Relationships: 3 Reasons You Should Listen If Your Commercial Contractor Tells You No

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Working with a commercial contractor on a negotiated-bid basis, as Englewood Construction does with long-term client American Girl, can minimize the likelihood you’ll hear “no” from your GC during the bidding process.

Averting Shutdown, Congress Approves New Stopgap

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Two-week extension gives lawmakers more time to negotiate overall fiscal 2018 spending levels

Commercial Construction Best-Practices: How to Avoid Scandals

Commercial Construction

Workers remove wall panels from a high rise to accommodate new windows for one of the many projects Englewood Construction negotiates with its clients. Be sure to check references of general contractors before entering into a negotiated or competitive bid situation.

LaGuardia Airport’s massive redevelopment begins construction


The public-private partnership LaGuardia Gateway Partners has signed a 35-year lease agreement and has negotiated the financing to begin the redevelopment of LaGuardia Airport’s Central Terminal B in New York City. The members of LaGuardia Gateway Partners—Vantage Airport Group, Skanska Infrastructure Development, and Meridian—signed the lease with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Survey Reveals Top Barriers To Hiring Tech Talent

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Have internal discussions with human resources to know your limitations in case of salary negotiations. A new survey from Robert Half Technology provides insights into the challenges faced by CIOs when it comes to hiring tech talent.

Finding the Right Location for Your Headquarters


It means that potential customers have to negotiate a dirty and sometimes muddy site to reach your office. If you are involved in the construction industry, image is important, especially if you are chasing large contracts.

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New Video Discusses Negotiating Basic and Additional Services for Owner/Architect Agreements

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James Zahn discusses the negotiati0n of basic and additional services for architects in their agreements with owners: contracts general videos

Denver Airport Selects Team For Terminal Improvements

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Madrid, which also operates airports in Europe and the United Kingdom—to begin negotiating a public-private partnership to improve the airport’s Jeppesen Terminal Denver International Airport has selected a consortium—led by Ferrovial Airports International Ltd.,


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There are three types of tendering methods used in construction – by open tendering, selective tendering, or by negotiation. Under open tendering the. Construction Management Constrution Construction Contracts Construction Tendering Tender

ShapeDo: change management in the cloud

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Enterprise deals can also be negotiated. Israeli startup ShapeDo has a powerful 2D drawing change identification capability to which it has added strong workflow management, making it an attractive contract change application.

Proposed Underwater Electricity Cable for NYC

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