Commercial Construction Delivery Methods: 3 Times To Go With A Negotiated Bid

Commercial Construction

Any long-time readers of Hard Hat Chat have probably picked up on the fact that I’m a big fan of the negotiated bid. Our firm takes pride in being a true partner to our clients, and we believe a great way to elevate that client relationship is to work on a negotiated basis – a process where the client hires a general contractor early-on in the project after agreeing on general conditions and a contractor fee.

Tampa airport begins negotiations for $2B renovation

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The aviation authority, which is negotiating contracts for a curbside expansion and an energy plant, is following a national trend to add new revenue streams

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Price cap negotiations on Las Vegas Convention Center under way

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A guaranteed maximum price for the Las Vegas Convention Center expansion is being negotiated between the visitors authority and the general contractor, a JV between Turner and Martin-Harris

Quotes Vs. Estimates And Insights To Contract Negotiations

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The nature of some types of businesses makes it challenging to come up with a standard price list. For tradespeople and construction company owners like you, what's required in terms of time, skill, labor, and materials frequently vary from job to job.

6 Principles of Successful Workplace Negotiation

Construction Business Owner

No matter your job title, chances are you engage in workplace negotiations every day.

3 Steps to Successful Contract Negotiations

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While contractors are fearless when it comes to the physical challenges associated with the job, one area they are often reluctant to tackle is negotiating contract terms and conditions. They worry that by challenging some terms, they will lose work to a competitor, or they feel inexperienced in the art of negotiation and ill-equipped to successfully broker a deal. However, becoming an effective negotiator is a key to success and profitability.

Ohio negotiating for $10B ethane cracker plant

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If the plan goes forward, the Belmont County plant could create as many as 6,000 construction jobs and 500 permanent positions once complete

Managing Risk Starts with Contract Negotiations

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Success on a project is often dependent upon risk management, and managing that risk starts with contract negotiation. Fully understanding and properly negotiating your contract terms will position you and your project management team for success.

Learn How To Evaluate And Negotiate Incentives

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This LiveXchange seminar will address key issues related to maximizing the value of incentives in the negotiating process. Read Learn How To Evaluate And Negotiate Incentives on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions.

Negotiate Your Way Out of the Resentment Zone

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Women must recognize and detach from caveats that keep them from earning what they deserve, says this gender-equity specialist and negotiating coach

4 ways to prepare for a negotiation


One of my negotiation training clients asked me for help in getting ready for a job interview and how to position herself to negotiate the best compensation offer.

Construction Claims Negotiations - Develop a Strategy

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Most often, a disputed change order request or claim for extra costs on a construction project will require one or more negotiation sessions between the contractor and owner to arrive at the final cost and time impact. Negotiation offers the last and best opportunity to settle a dispute without resorting to arbitration or litigations.

Preparing to negotiate: Get your head in the game


Women often tell me that they are afraid of negotiation, that they either just do not know how to do it to get what they want or that they do not have confidence that they will be ready enough for any negotiation. .

Price cap negotiations delay Las Vegas Convention Center

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The $860 million Las Vegas Convention Center expansion has been delayed until the visitors authority and the Turner | Martin-Harris JV reach a guaranteed maximum price for the project

Global Implications Of Brexit, NAFTA Negotiations Analyzed At LiveXchange

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Read Global Implications Of Brexit, NAFTA Negotiations Analyzed At LiveXchange on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions. Industry experts, economic developers and site selectors debated the uncertain future of free trade agreements at Business Facilities' 13th Annual LiveXchange event.

Negotiating OCP Policies

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In recent years, more owners have requested that our law firm’s contractor clients purchase an owners and contractors protective liability policy (OCP policy), a type of insurance policy with which many contractors are unfamiliar

LiveXchange Executive Conference Presentation: Evaluating and Negotiating Incentives

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Read LiveXchange Executive Conference Presentation: Evaluating and Negotiating Incentives on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions. Learn about best practices for calculating the value of incentives, including property tax abatements, sales tax refunds, cash grants and tax increment financing.

How to start a negotiation: Begin as you mean to continue


You know you are going to engage in a negotiation at some point, whether it involves making a bid pitch, getting assigned to a new project, or negotiating the terms of your next job. .

Negotiating Favorable Contracts

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It’s imperative that general contractors negotiate for sole and explicit contractual authority to adjust the building schedule Hammering out the details before breaking ground on commercial construction jobs can prevent headaches for general contractors. Here are some tips for doing so: Own the schedule In any complex job, someone’s going to be late with something, and profits erode every hour that workers, equipment and materials sit idle.

Why You Should Read Indemnity Provisions in Contract Negotiations

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Indemnity provisions are a powerful risk-shifting tool that often go overlooked during contract negotiations.

Do’s and Don’ts to negotiating with insurance construction projects

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As a construction lawyer, I deal with payment issues for my clients on a day-to-day basis. There are many tools, tips, and best practices that I wish my clients would use before the problem hits my desk. These negative situations would go a lot smoother or possibly not happen at

Rory Woolsey's Construction Estimating Blog: ?Negotiating? JOC

Rory Woolsey

Negotiating” JOC. This week the blog topic is on “Negotiating” unit price line items taken from national estimating guides on competitively bid contracts that are publically funded and subject to audits. With the line item selection at times general or not tied to a local specification; and/or at times listed as a minimum or maximum, there was always much debate (also known as negotiation ) about the line items chosen and which were more appropriate.

Negotiated GMP has Raiders' Las Vegas stadium price tag at $1.8B

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The new stadium, which will tally nearly $1.4 billion in construction costs, is expected to receive final approval from NFL owners next week

GOP Negotiators Announce Deal on Water Measure

ENR Construction

Senate Democrats object to provisions dealing with California drought and Buy America program

How Trusting Relationships Build Better Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial Construction

Englewood Construction is currently negotiating a contract with Mrs. Green’s to convert former Fox and Obel in Chicago. Here are the top three reasons to work with general commercial construction contractors in a negotiated bidding process.

Bargaining Room v. False Claims: 5 Tips for Negotiation of Construction Claims

Best Practices Construction Law

The issue raises an important question: What should a contractor do during negotiations to allow for some “bargaining room” so as to avoid any appearance of filing a false claim? Owners often begins negotiations from the opposite end of the spectrum for the same reasons.

Denver Airport Negotiates Final Payment with P3 Team It Fired Last Year

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Denver will pay the public-private partnership team an additional $55 million to end work on the airport's Great Hall renovation

LiveXchange 2014 Presentation: Negotiating Incentives, Land Costs, and Energy Costs for Major Projects

Buisness Facilities Contributed Content

This year, returning speaker Mark Williams of Strategic Development Group shared his thoughts on “Negotiating Incentives, Land Costs, and Energy Costs for Major Projects.”

LA Metro Signs Letter of Intent to Begin Construction Negotiations on Dodger Stadium Gondola Project

ENR Construction

LVCVA, The Boring Co., Begin Negotiations for Convention Center People-Mover

ENR Construction

Underground pollution-free people mover added to the already massive plan to re-imagine the Las Vegas Convention Center

New Video Discusses Negotiating Basic and Additional Services for Owner/Architect Agreements

Construction Lawyer

James Zahn discusses the negotiati0n of basic and additional services for architects in their agreements with owners: contracts general videos

LiveXchange: Noted Economist Predicts Three More Years Of Growth

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Smith Economic Development Foreign Trade Zones LiveXchange negotiating incentives Parsec Financial Management relocation Site Selection STEM TechnologyIn his Keynote Address at Business Facilities’ 14th Annual LiveXchange event, Dr. James F.

Restaurant Construction Franchise on the Rise – Where do you start?

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Whether you’re planning on buying a franchise agreement or you’re a shopping center landlord negotiating construction concessions with a franchise operator, you should know what is ahead of you.

Boost for Paycheck Protection Loans Stalls in Senate

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Pelosi leaves door open to negotiating a solution

House Passes $3T Relief Bill With $15B for Highways, Fixes for PPP, Multiemployer Pensions

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GOP blasts bill, but measure may be Democrats' opening proposal for negotiations toward a compromise measure

Boost for COVID-19 Paycheck Protection Loans Stalls in Senate

ENR Construction

Pelosi leaves door open to negotiating a solution

The Dotted Line: How to make sure a contract protects your money

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Contractors shouldn't hesitate to try to strike a better deal for things like change orders and retainage during contract negotiations

AECOM and WSP Halt Talks to Create Megafirm, Sources Say

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Two giants won't confirm negotiations, but deal was close before COVID-19 projections, with talks that could pick up by summer, source says

Musk Says ‘Chicago Express’ Tunnel Project Could Start Work in Months

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Technology guru Elon Musk beat three other companies for the right to negotiate with Chicago

$77B bullet train officials approve central California stretch

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The California High-Speed Rail Authority approved a revised route between Fresno and Bakersfield that will reportedly save $200 million, but land negotiations and final environmental reviews are still needed