OSHA to Propose Separate Safety Guidelines for Construction Sector

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Construction safety can't be defined by the same guidelines as other industries. In 2014, about 9.8


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Specifications for Design of footings as per IS 456: 2000 The important guidelines given in IS 456: 2000 for the design of isolated footings are as. Design Guide Foundation Design How To Guide Structural Design Structural Engineering Design Design cosiderations Foundation

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New manual of IT connectivity guidelines for commercial developments, redevelopments released


“The Wired Certification Guidelines for Commercial Developments and Redevelopments,” reportedly the only manual of its kind, was released this month

OSHA way out of line with new Severe Violator guidelines

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OSHA has issued long-awaited additional guidelines for the Severe Violators Enforcement Program and as you might expect from the “New” OSHA, they are way out of line and don’t address a major problem with the program. Under the new guidelines, a company placed on the list of Severe Violators stays on it for three years after final disposition of the citation and OSHA continues to monitor the company’s safety performance over that period.


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Structural design basis starts with the type of structure to be designed. For any structural design to commence, we require certain data. These data. Structural Design Structural Engineering Beam Design Column Design cosiderations Earthquake Design Loads on Structures Slab design Structural Structures

Comments to OSHA Guidelines Spotlights Small Construction Business

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Comments to OSHA guidelines on safety and health programs suggest small construction businesses isn't up to the task of setting up and managing them. The post Comments to OSHA Guidelines Spotlights Small Construction Business appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary. Google+.

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Roof Repairs – Guidelines for Repairs of Roof for Damages and Leakages

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Guidelines for roof repairs for leakages and damages along with methods and types of roof repairs and factors affecting cost of repairs is discussed. How To Guide Repair/Protection Guide Repair of Concrete Repair/Maintenance Repairing

Alliance to Prevent Legionnaires' Disease applauds CDC's new guidelines

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Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new guidelines in the fight to prevent Legionnaires' disease. read more. Codes

Basic Worksharing Guidelines

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I wrote this document five years ago (I should revisit some of it). I posted it primarily because I wanted to play around with the Box feature to embed hosted documents after seeing it used on Jay's blog yesterday, he posted a 13 page document on organizing the project browser. I remember reading when Box added it a year or so ago and thought it was cool. I promptly forgot about it afterward. Naturally seeing it on his blog was a strong reminder!


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Guidelines for design of RCC Wall: 1. The limiting slenderness () if any for unbraced wall is 30 and for braced wall is 45. For short braced RC. Structural Design Structural Engineering RCC design RCC Wall Design

The Flaw in ASCE's New Project Delay Guidelines

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The American Society of Civil Engineer’s new schedule-delay analysis standard attempts to increase significantly an owner’s obligations to grant time extensions for “non-critical path” delays

ASHRAE publishes guideline on specifying Building Automation Systems


ASHRAE recently released Guideline 13-2014, Specifying Building Automation Systems.

Top 5 Guidelines For A Successful Construction Project


In the construction world, the key to a successful project or a business plan lies in a structural process that is adaptable to real-time changes and unexpected situations and skilled professionals.

OSHA steps into the fray on Ebola

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Nurses and doctors are understandably concerned about the risks of dealing with patients potentially infected with Ebola, as are hospital administrators, yet fully complying with CDC guidelines can be extremely expensive in an environment in which many hospitals operate on very thin margins. Although it may be a laudable goal to adhere strictly to the CDC guidelines, not all hospitals will have sufficient resources to do so,” Snare writes.


Guidelines for reinforced cement concrete design

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This construction video provides detailed guidelines for designing reinforced cement concrete with adherence to the Indian National Building Code (IS 456 – 2000).

ASSE International publishes fourth scald awareness White Paper

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ASSE International has published its fourth scald awareness white paper, Guidelines for Temperature Control Devices in Domestic Hot Water Systems, which is available for free.

Concrete Footings – Some useful guidelines

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Usually, it should be examined when the footings are arranged for concreting i.e. reinforcement is completely engrossed but it is recommended to examine it in two phase i.e. 01. Initially verify formwork prior to arrange reinforcement.

The Future of Housing Construction


They also have a set of guidelines informing them of where they can and cannot go as they construct the building.

Green Globes to be Approved in Maryland

Green Building Law Update

iii) complies with a nationally recognized and accepted green building code, guideline, or standard reviewed and recommended by the Maryland Green Building Council and approved by the Secretaries of Budget and Management and General Services.

New guidelines for quality control on application of membrane roof systems released


The National Roofing Contractors Association has released Quality Control and Quality-assurance Guidelines for the Application of Membrane Roof Systems. The document provides NRCA's on-site evaluation guidelines during the application of membrane roof systems.

Guidelines to follow for acceptance criteria for concrete

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As per IS 456 : 2000 (C1 15.1), it is known that 28 days compressive strength shall individually be the standard for approval and disapproval of concrete. But as per IS 456 : 2000 (C1 16), there exist two criterion for acceptance of concrete that range from compressive strength and flexural strength.

New AIA contract document designates responsibilities for sustainable projects


American Institute of Architects’ 2017 updates of contract documents provide detailed guidelines on how to devise and assign responsibility for sustainable elements of a construction project.

Montreal borough leader urges city to issue green roof guidelines


The mayor of Montreal''s Saint-Laurent borough wants Quebec''s housing authority to speed up its plan to publish construction guidelines for green roofs.


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Carpet cork CSA Standard S478-95 Guideline on Durability in Buildin Dying FloorScor Green Label and Green Label Plus Programs Jim Taggart Linoleum Product Focus recycled content Resilient Flooring rubber Shelley Penner Synthetic Carpet Undercushion Wool CarpetInterior materials and finishes are a component of buildings where life-cycle impacts may be significantly greater than the impact associated with the initial manufacture and installation of the material.

Construction Worker Safety Issues: Weighing in on Silica Standards

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He thanked me for sharing my views on the new guidelines, and we discussed additional ways Englewood could weigh in on why the silica rule is important and how we are already seeing silica protections being implemented across our industry.

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Step-by-step guidelines to develop a concrete block wall

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A concrete block wall is formed with standard size concrete blocks. The standard size belongs to 8 inches. The sizes of the blocks may differentiate based on the design parameters and standards fixed by an engineer for the concrete structure.

Guidelines for Air Testing PVC Pipe and Fittings

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Manufacturers, standard and code authorities expressly prohibit air testing of PVC pipe and fittings. Not only is air testing dangerous, it is also a bad test


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Environmental Impact Assessment involves a systematic process for identifying, predicting and evaluating potential impacts associated with a. Environmental Engg Environmental Engineering Environmental Impact

Some useful guidelines on Vastu for a Living Room

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The Vastu for Living Room provides a series of fundamental rules and if these rules are pursued properly, you along with your family can live problem free life in the Living Room. It is very crucial to keep the face of the living room to the East or the North direction.

Lincoln Electric Shares How to Avoid Welding Hazards

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Lincoln Electric compiled a list of potential welding hazards and how to avoid them, based on OSHA safety guidelines. . Electric shock. Electric shock is one of the most serious and immediate risks facing a welder.

ASHRAE certifications recognized by DOE as meeting Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines


Department of Energy (DOE) as meeting the Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines Two ASHRAE certification programs, the Building Commissioning Professional (BCxP) and Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP), have been recognized by the U.S.

Codes, Standards Developers Align Guidelines to Create Sustainable, High-Performance Buildings

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Several leading associations that develop codes and standards to create green buildings are collaborating to align the International Green Construction Code (or IgCC), ANSI/ASHRAE/IES/USGBC Standard 189.1 and the LEED green building program. The initiative is being welcomed by code officials, architects, engineers and contractors. frontpage

Detailed guidelines on Bar Bending Schedule of Beam

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This construction video is based on Beam Reinforcement Details. By watching this video, one will be familiar with Bar Bending Schedule of Beam with some easy to follow processes.

Step-by-step guidelines to estimate bricks of a wall

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This construction video will introduce you to step-by-step by procedures for estimating the bricks of a wall. The video will provide useful information to select a brick size, lay out modular dimensions with the preferred size as well as generate a materials estimate for brick and mortar.

White House Issues Final Part of Water-Resources Policy Rewrite

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But Congress bars Corps from using the new project-evaluation guidelines through fiscal 2015. Policy

The New Rules for the Sky

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With the recently released FAA regulations, construction business owners now have a set of detailed guidelines to follow for proper drone use Drones have been a hot topic in the industry for a while now.

ASHRAE releases best practice guide for liquid cooling systems in data centers


ASHRAE recently released “Liquid Cooling Guidelines for Datacom Equipment Centers,” second edition, a guide for implementing liquid cooling systems in data centers.