Review Commission Machine Guarding Decision

FDR Safety

The Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission issued an employer-friendly machine guarding decision that is important for employers. The Commission focused on how the machine functions and how employees operated it.

OSH Review Commission: Machine Guarding Decision

FDR Safety

The OSH Review Commission issued an employer-friendly machine guarding case decision that is important for employers. 16-1167, 2020) reversed a Review Commission Judge and vacated a citation under 29 CFR 1910.212(a)(1) for allegedly failing to guard the “hold-down” pistons of a power shear.


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The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

ENR Construction

“In Kahua, we saw some key differentiators, most importantly, the ability to easily build custom applications that conform to our business processes rather than us tailoring our business processes to the system

Mass. Commission Tackles How to Decarbonize Buildings

ENR Construction

What to do about natural gas will be one of the biggest challenges facing a new state-appointed commission on decarbonizing the building sector in the Bay State

Benefits of building enclosure commissioning include reduced costs


Building enclosure commissioning, a quality-assurance process intended to ensure a building meets the owner’s requirements, offers benefits including cost savings.

California Coastal Commission Rejects $1.4B Desalination Project

ENR Construction

Huntington Beach proposal was too "problematic" to move forward, state regulator said.

Commissioning study finds median energy savings of 3% to 16%


The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory released results of a study on building commissioning that found a median energy savings from 3% to 16%, depending on building type.

Testing, Testing: Commissioning During COVID-19


Building commissioning has remained a priority throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but with tiny mechanical rooms that make social distancing a challenge on site, building operators and engineers must get creative to safely stick to their projects’ commissioning schedules.

Commissioning Hydronic Systems, Part 4

Contractor Magazine

In this, the final article on commissioning, we will discuss the other parameters in need of testing and documentation

OSH Review Commission makes important machine guarding ruling

FDR Safety

In a significant ruling, the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission has tossed out a machine guarding citation issued by OSHA to an energy company. But the Review Commission said that the judge misinterpreted the phrase “reasonably predictable,” saying there was no evidence that any employees were stationed at or near either piece of machinery. The post OSH Review Commission makes important machine guarding ruling appeared first on FDRsafety.

Miyamoto Named Chair of California’s Seismic Safety Commission

ENR Construction

California’s Seismic Safety Commission names as chair seismic-resistant design expert H. Kit Miyamoto

Top 10 Commissioning (Cx) Pitfalls


This blog is part of a series, check it out: Top 6 reasons to commission your building Commissioning! absolutely everyone) What to look for in a commissioning agent Top 10 Commissioning Pitfalls The goal of building Commissioning is to uncover and address issues with the installation and performance of building […]. Commissioning Energy Green Building Renewable Energy Sustainability

Seven lessons learned on commissioning projects


Commissioning helps projects achieve greater occupant comfort and satisfaction, higher building energy efficiency, and ensures ease of maintenance for the building engineering staff. Ultimately, commissioning is where the rubber meets the road in terms of building design. Commissioning a building is how an owner is able to have full confidence that the building is operating as designed and that we aren’t wasting a single dollar on inefficient systems

Building Commissioning: A ?Return to Work? Necessity


Here, stok’s commissioning team lays out how to safely bring your building back online and efficiently adjust operations during COVID-19 based on what we know now about the pandemic. Ongoing commissioning.

Understanding retro commissioning


One of the biggest criticisms of the LEED process is its claim that using it will help save on operating costs, while in fact, many projects don’t reach that goal. Of course, until a building is completed and systems begin to operate, the owner doesn’t know how much energy the building really uses. Once a building has some history, energy models can be modified to make better projections for the building’s energy consumption.

From project planning to post-construction: Navigating the commissioning process


This is the second post in our series examining the basics, benefits and boundaries of building commissioning. Read part one of the series here.

6 Reasons to [properly] Commission your Building


Top 6 reasons to commission your building. Commissioning! absolutely everyone) What to look for in a commissioning agent (coming soon) Top 10 Commissioning Pitfalls (coming soon) Congrats! Commissioning Energy Green Building This blog is part of a series, check it out! Who is it good for? You’ve just invested in some new systems that will make your building more […].

Commissioning hydronic systems, Part 1

Contractor Magazine

When I first started in this business 40 some years ago, our equipment selections and system designs were much simpler

Why Separating Buyer Agent and Listing Agent Commissions Would Stir Up Competition

Pro Builder

Why Separating Buyer Agent and Listing Agent Commissions Would Stir Up Competition. Separate commissions would cause a steep price decline if buyers could negotiate fees directly with their agents. ldeakins. Thu, 01/13/2022 - 10:23.

AIA releases new architect commissioning document


The American Institute of Architects has released AIA Document C203 – 2017 Standard Form of Consultant’s Services: Commissioning. C203-2017 replaces B211-2007, Standard Form of Architect’s Services: Commissioning. The form is intended to be used as a supplement to AIA Document C103–2015, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Consultant without a Predefined Scope of Consultant’s Services as a guide for drawing up a contract for commissioning services

Commissioning hydronic systems, Part 3

Contractor Magazine

Today’s boilers come with turndown ratios that result in having to test the appliance at a minimum of three different points on the appliance’s modulating scale

Commissioning hydronic systems, Part 2

Contractor Magazine

Suffice to say, there are no less than a 1000 different ways to do a system, but they all contain the same basic equipment

Sales commission or salary: The conudrum

Construction Marketing Ideas

in some fields, such as real estate sales, there seems to be only one answer: pure commission. Residential contracting consultant Michael Stone has never wavered in his belief (and advocacy) that residential contractors should employ sales representatives who work on pure commission. The contractor says: Commission salespeople do not know how to treat people. I do not hire sales people in my stores based on commission only.

Hudson River construction program commission would open door for federal funds

Construction Dive

Officials from New Jersey, New York and Amtrak on the proposed Gateway Development Commission would handle the $13 billion Hudson River tunnel and $1.6 billion Portal North Bridge projects

Texas Facilities Commission Adopts BIM

Collaborative Construction

Austin - The Texas Facilities Commission (TFC), the agency within the State of Texas that oversees the state’s real estate development as owners and operators of state facilities, today announces its adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for state design and construction projects." Texas has pulled the trigger, officially adopting BIM for use on on TFC projects. This will have a HUGE impact on the AEC Industry in Texas and around the country.

What to look for in a Commissioning Agent


This blog is part of a series, check it out: Top 6 reasons to commission your building Commissioning! absolutely everyone) What to look for in a commissioning agent Top 10 Commissioning Pitfalls (coming soon) Commissioning (Cx) is the process of verifying that building systems are installed, balanced and functioning as […]. Commissioning Who is it good for?

Calif. commission approves ‘emergency’ balcony code changes


The California Building Standards Commission recently approved emergency regulations enhancing the California Building Code (CBC) balcony and walking surface construction requirements

OK Commission Says Workers' Comp Alternative Unconstitutional

Construction Equipment

. On Friday, the Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Commission called the alternative workplace-benefit plans that some employers adopted under the law "a water mirage on the highway that disappears upon closer inspection," and ruled unanimously the law that allows employers to opt-out of state-regulated workers' comp plans.

Snøhetta’s 550 Madison Garden gains approval from NYC Planning Commission


The public garden and revitalization of The Olayan Group’s 550 Madison, a postmodern building originally designed by Philip Johnson and John Burgee, has recently received final and unanimous approval from the City Planning Commission

Revit 52

Increase the value of your commissioning process

Contractor Magazine

The market for building commissioning services has always been dynamic – it is not uncommon to receive project bids that differ by a factor of two or three. Matt Schwartz, PE, Sr. Associate & Greg Shank, Principal, Altura Associates. Business shapes the tools, then the tools reshape the business. read more.

FERC Decision Puts State Renewable Portfolio Standards At Risk

Green Building Law Update

In a decision that critics have called “unprecedented” the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on December 19, 2019 issued an Order Establishing Just And Reasonable Rate “to protect the competitive capacity market administered by PJM Interconnection, L.L.C.”

Risk 156

145-MW Floating Power Station Commissioned for Santo Domingo

ENR Construction

Barge-mounted 145-MW plant commissioned for Santo Domingo

Arkana Laboratories Investing $30M In Little Rock Expansion

Business Facilities

Diagnostic pathological services company Arkana Laboratories will create 74 jobs within the next five years as it transforms its existing operations into a cutting-edge education, research, and healthcare facility.

US International Trade Commission Rejects Duties on Fabricated Steel, Despite Commerce Findings

ENR Construction

International Trade Commission threw out anti-dumping and countervailing duties on fabricated steel from China, Mexico and Canada The U.S.

Sounding The Alarm For Proper Fire System Commissioning

ENR Construction

In the engineering community, one small miscalculation or overlooked detail could prove to be disastrous

Guidelines for Building Commissioning in the Works

Construction Dive

There are several new developments to report in the effort to develop guidance for optimizing building performance through commissioning. In one such development, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recently began taking comments on proposed Guideline 0.2P, The Commissioning Process for Existing Systems and Assemblies.

Michigan Becomes 1st State to Form Infrastructure Commission

Construction Equipment

Michigan is first in the nation to implement a coordinated effort to better manage the state’s drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, transportation, and private utilities under legislation signed July 2 by Gov. Rick Snyder. Having sound and modern infrastructure is vital to the health and well-being of the people of Michigan,” Snyder said. This legislation helps us take the necessary steps to ensure Michigan has a modern and reliable infrastructure system

Texas Facilities Commission Named ENR Texas & Louisiana's 2020 Owner of the Year

ENR Construction

Under the guidance of the Texas Facilities Commission, construction is progressing on the Capitol Complex Project—a nearly $900 million effort that will create a destination that celebrates the capitol and centralize all state agencies

WSP acquires engineering and commissioning firm ccrd


WSP is expanding its national presence by acquiring ccrd, a national MEP engineering and commissioning firm. WSP, headquartered in New York City, now has 1,050 employees in 16 offices across the U.S. This merger will enhance the firm''s capabilities in healthcare and science/technology, something that Houston-based ccrd has extensive expertise in. read more. Engineers

California Energy Commission launches code upgrade process


The California Energy Commission launched the upgrade process to Title 24, the state energy code, last month. The commission is proposing to make Title 24 equivalent to ASHRAE 90.1-2013, a national model code. This change would impact efficiency requirements for commercial projects on lighting, building envelopes, and HVAC. The new standards for new construction and major renovations are expected to take effect in 2017. read more. Codes Codes and Standards