Less than 20% of Green Building Contracts Properly Drafted

Green Building Law Update

In a recent review of contracts involving green building construction projects, less than 20% had properly drafted provisions addressing green building matters. It is beyond dispute that the best way to mitigate risk in a sustainable project is a properly drafted contract.

International Construction Measurement Standards draft released


In November, the International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) was released for public comment

AEM/AEMP Draft Telematics API Standard Now Available

Construction Equipment

Drafting Views have an Origin

Revit OpEd

When we create a new drafting view we are presented with an empty view. We are free to begin our drafting exercise anywhere we see fit. As such I can''t help but wonder if we ought to be careful to keep our details near the origin of drafting views too.

Draft Facility Smart-Grid Standard Issued for Public Comment

ENR Construction

Facility Smart Grid Information Model draft standard issued for public review. Technology

ASHRAE, others starting to draft new biomass requirements for green buildings

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Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) will draft new standards soon. After deciding to create a definition for what biomass is in the Green Building Standards, HPAC Engineering reported that ASHRAE , U.S.

The Second Best Way to Mitigate Your Risk in Green Building

Green Building Law Update

The best way to mitigate risk in your green building project are properly drafted contract documents prepared by this law firm or by another attorney with green building experience. As I posted in this blog less than a year ago, Less than 20% of Green Building Contracts are Properly Drafted.

Report: Louisiana Losing More Land

ENR Construction

Projects to protect and rebuild Louisiana’s coast would be accelerated under a draft update to the state’s coastal master plan

Architectural Drafting Services: Custom Home Design

Green Home Design Architect

At the same time, they did not require full architectural services, only limited drafting services , but wanted to work with an architect to pull their design ideas together and make them work with their land’s difficult terrain and elevation issues.

Seattle Draft Building Code Out for Review - Djc.com

Nuts and Bolts

» Seattle Draft Building Code Out for Review. The second draft of the 2012 Seattle Building Code is now available for public review and comment and can be downloaded at: Draft 2012 Seattle Building Code. To comment on the draft code contact: Maureen Traxler, Dept. -->. « Water factor flows in construction. We aren’t out of the woods yet!

Louisiana Master Plan Sparks Action To Halt Coastal Losses

ENR Construction

Nearly five years into the execution of Louisiana’s long-range plan to halt and reverse the loss of coastal land, state officials are drafting the first five-year update

Drafting Effective Cost Estimates

Construction Business Owner

Naturally, cost is one of the primary measures of a project’s success. From the outset, project and construction cost estimating is critical to ensure that the anticipated project and construction costs meet budget expectations. Cost management throughout the design phase helps to avoid cost overruns and maximize potential returns on investment. The cost estimate should provide the construction team with the information necessary to accomplish the following

Seattle Draft Solid Waste Plan Released for Review - Djc.com

Nuts and Bolts

Safety & Tech Expo Debuts June 27th » Seattle Draft Solid Waste Plan Released for Review. The Preliminary Draft of Seattle’s Solid Waste Plan is now available for download and review at www.seattle.gov/util/SolidWastePlan. For a quick overview of the changes between the Preview Draft and the Preliminary Draft, scroll down to Appendix C: Public Involvement, and click on “Summary of Changes from Preview Draft”.


FASB Changes Mind on Multiemployer Retirement Plan Disclosures

Construction Accounting Blog

Filed under: Accounting Standards Updates , Exposure Drafts Tagged: construction , FASB , Lease Accounting , Leases , Retirement Plans. Accounting Standards Updates Exposure Drafts construction FASB Lease Accounting Leases Retirement Plans


My Kingdom for a Dimension.or Two.Three

Revit OpEd

of Opinion Dimensions Drafting Drawings Habits Opinion Process Standards ThoughtsA Friday thought. I've spent the last couple years doing a lot more modelling work than I expected to do. If you asked me in years before I'd have told you 80-90% percent of my time was dedicated to training and implementation activities. Much of the modelling I do these days is from the contractor's point of view, for them. I quite enjoy it. I learn a lot and it keeps me on my toes.

Revit Beginners: Revit's Drafting Machine

Revit Beginners

Revits Drafting Machine. For those of you who remember using drafting machines mounted to a drafting table youll find a similar tool in Revit. Now any lines or walls that you draft will snap to the gridlines of your workplane. Marathon Drafting.

New Standards Coming for N.A. Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Construction Equipment

New standards that will address the design, safe use and training requirements for “mobile elevating work platforms” (MEWPs) are presently being drafted by U.S.

Now is the Time to Revise your Green Building Contracts

Green Building Law Update

It is beyond dispute that the best way to mitigate risk in a sustainable project is a properly drafted contract. And while this law firm makes a business of drafting and revising contact documents, there are very good contracts available in the marketplace.

OSHA’s misguided view on safety incentive programs

FDR Safety

As reported by InsideOSHAonline.com , the agency has drafted a policy paper titled “Protecting Whistleblowers: Recommended Practices for Employers for Preventing and Addressing Retaliation,” that will be finalized after the agency considers public input, due Jan. OSHA is again taking a misguided stand against safety incentive programs as part of an effort to protect workers from retaliation for reporting injuries or illnesses.


Construction Industry Revenue Recognition

Construction Accounting Blog

The Financial Accounting Standards Board’s ( FASB ) proposed Revised Revenue Recognition Exposure Draft (Topic 605): Revenue from Contracts with Customers more closely matches the means and methods used by contractors today. To view the exposure draft or posted comment letters on this topic, click here.

New Sustainable Projects Exhibit in 2017 AIA Contract Documents

Green Building Law Update

The new Sustainable Projects Exhibit is expressly drafted for use with third party certification on LEED, Green Globes and Energy Star projects, but it can also be easily adapted for use in other green building rating systems from the ICC 700 to ASHRAE 189.1,

GSA planning net-zero energy building guidance policy


The General Services Administration’s Net-Zero Energy Task Group is working on a draft letter with clear goals and guidance for net-zero energy buildings by this September. The draft definition distinguishes between two different types of net-zero buildings: read more.

Revised Contracts Lay the Foundation for Successful Projects

ENR Construction

While no contract can guarantee a successful project, a contract that is well drafted is the first step to building a better project Contracts are the foundation of every project.

What Revit Wants: Harvesting Hatch Patterns from Revit to PAT files

What Revit Wants

You want to turn them into PAT files for re-use in AutoCAD or some other drafting program. Heres how: Make a Drafting View in Revit with a couple of Filled Regions in it. Export the Drafting View to a 2000 version DWG file.

Now is the Time to Revise your Green Building Contracts

Green Building Law Update

It is beyond dispute that the best way to mitigate risk in a sustainable project is a properly drafted contract. And while this law firm makes a business of drafting and revising contact documents, there are very good contracts available in the marketplace. The single best resource for drafting contracts on green building projects is the AIA Document D503 Guide for Sustainable Projects available for free from this link.

Survival Guide for Architects and Engineers


Typically, a client commissions an architectural team to draft up the blueprints for a new building. Architects and engineers are typically the first parties to take action when a client decides to begin construction on a new property development.

Forum Selection Clauses in Construction Subcontracts Require Careful Drafting

Construction Lawyer Blog

17, 2013), demonstrates the difficulty faced by parties in drafting appropriate forum selection provisions in construction agreements. That party was Ryan Associates, since it was Ryan Associates — not Welch — that drafted Paragraph 24.3.3. An unpublished California opinion, Paul Ryan Associates v. Welch Marble & Tile, Inc. 1st App. Dist, Sept. Weisel, a California resident hired Ryan, a California corporation, to be the general contractor for a residence in Hawaii.

Proposed plumbing industry standards open for comments from public

Constructor Magazine

Chicago, Illinois — The American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) has released two new draft standards for public review. read more. Plumbing


EPA releases WaterSense draft specification for flushometer-valve toilets


Environmental Protection Agency''s WaterSense program has released a draft specification for water-efficient flushometer-valve toilets. The U.S. After the specification is finalized, EPA anticipates that each WaterSense labeled flushometer-valve toilet model will have the potential to save more than 5,400 gallons of water per year. That translates into more than $1,000 savings over the lifetime of the toilet. read more. Standards Codes and Standards

How to Create a Good Work Culture for Your Construction Team

Construction Informer

By Darin Martin When drafting the perfect blueprint for your work culture it’s always wise to survey other successful corporations.

An Overview of the FASB Exposure Draft on Leases

Construction Accounting Blog

In my first official blog post, I will provide an overview on the current Exposure Draft on Lease Accounting. The Exposure Draft: Leases (Topic 840) (“Lease ED”) was issued in August 2010 and comments were due to FASB/IASB on December 15, 2010. Filed under: Accounting Standards Updates , Exposure Drafts Tagged: construction , FASB , Lease Accounting , Leases. Accounting Standards Updates Exposure Drafts construction FASB Lease Accounting Leases

Is My Rental Contract a “Lease”? Update on the FASB/IASB Exposure Draft on Leases

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However, the proposed Exposure Draft on lease accounting has very specific language defining a “lease” for accounting standard purposes, which could help many firms avoid the requirement to record the right-to-use asset and liability in their financial statements. Filed under: Accounting Standards Updates , Exposure Drafts Tagged: A/E/C , construction , Exposure Draft , FASB , IASB , Lease Accounting , Leases , Specified asset.

Viewpoint: No Damage for Delay Clause in Construction Contracts

ENR Construction

The March 29 decision is a “must read” for everyone drafting construction contracts to ensure the language used comports with the intended result

WaterSense releases draft spec for pre-rinse spray valves

Constructor Magazine

Environmental protection Agency’s WaterSense program in early February released a draft specification for commercial pre-rinse spray valves. WASHINGTON — Commercial kitchens will have an opportunity to save water. The U.S. The faucets are used to wash food residue off of plates and flatware before they are put in a dishwasher. read more. Plumbing Contractor

Why You Should Rethink Your Organizational Chart

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Others look more like a complicated offensive play, drafted on a chalkboard by some diabolical coach. Some have a beautiful, linear fluidity, as if prepared by a genealogist. Organizational charts are one of the most mismanaged items in construction firms.

Proposed Budget Cuts $2.4 Billion from DOT

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The White House has released the first draft of President Trump's America First - A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again and in it is a 13-percent cut to the Department of Transportation's funding.

Post-Sandy Draft Report Flooded With Flood Protection Ideas

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Recommendations post-Sandy abound, but no cost estimates yet. Infrastructure