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How to Assess Your Water Heater to Determine if it Needs a Repair

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You probably never put much thought into it, but a water heater is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. You use it to heat the shower, cooking water, hand washing and a lot more. These are things that are easy to ignore, until you can’t have them.

Fairmont, Minnesota: Growing Side By Side

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Agribusiness, manufacturing and distribution are thriving shoulder-to-shoulder in Fairmont, a rural gem in south central Minnesota. Read: Fairmont, Minnesota: Growing Side By Side at

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Martin-Harris/Turner recommended for final phase of $1.4B Las Vegas Convention Center project

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The team beat out AECOM Hunt, The Penta Building Group and others competing for the construction manager at risk contract

JUUL Labs Investing $125M In New South Carolina Facility

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The company's new assembly operations will help create more than 500 jobs in Lexington County, SC. Read: JUUL Labs Investing $125M In New South Carolina Facility at

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Work Procedure for Cement Concrete Works For Mixes 1:2:4, 1:1.5:3

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Detailed specifications for cement concrete provides step by step work procedure for various grades of concrete construction such as materials, mix. Concrete Technology

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Why do Modern Dams Fail?

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Dam failure is very rare and if occurs, it would bring massive destruction. There are several reasons that contribute to dam failure like. Dams Water Resources

OSHA fines Montana highway contractor $225K for burns, fall

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Nelcon received more than two dozen violations after three workers were burned by hot oil and one fell 15 feet at an asphalt mixing plant

This Marriott is poised to take over the title as the world’s tallest modular hotel


Carrying the brand of Marriott International, a new 26-story, 360-foot-tall tower will become the largest modular hotel in the world upon completion


LEAN Asset Management

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LEAN Infrastructure Asset Management. LEAN asset management is simply defined as best value life-cycle management of the built environment, inclusive of buildings, roadways, utilities, transportation systems, bridges, dams, and landscapes.

Implementing LEAN Construction Delivery

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Implementing LEAN construction delivery involves an integration of Strategy, People, and Process appropriate to the specific organization.

The 5 Best Kitchen Design Ideas

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Kitchen design ideas are about more than just beautifying a room in your home. Your kitchen is like the heart of the home. At the end of a long day, kitchens serve an integral component to the actual sense of what it means to come home, unwind or enjoy a meal with family.


Details about concrete cover in reinforcement

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Concrete cover means the minimum distance among the surface of implanted reinforcement and the exterior surface of the concrete according to ACI 130 code. The concrete cover depth is calculated with a cover meter. The purpose of the concrete cover is to safeguard the reinforcement.

The Trends that Will Influence Architecture in 2019

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Architecture and interior design trends are constantly evolving and ultimately becoming new again. Whenever we’re thinking about building a new home, interior design trends can give us an idea on what to expect for the future looking forward.

LEAN Construction Delivery Implementation

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LEAN Construction Delivery Implementation involves an integration of Strategy, People, and Process appropriate to the specific organization. . Today, all the tools and services are readily available to any real property owner that wishes to consistently procure and execute quality repair, renovation, or new construction projects on-time and on-budget.

Why Home Builders are embracing SMART home technology

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As if we’re in a real-life Jetson’s episode, today’s SMART home technology is allowing John to be able to start dinner while stuck in traffic on his way home, unlock his front door for a delivery while at the airport or check on what his dog is doing while in a work meeting.

[VIDEO] Crane Removes Truck Dangling Off Overpass

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A crane was used to remove a box truck involved in an accident on New Jersey’s I-195 eastbound in Hamilton Township. Officials say the accident happened around 2:30 p.m. A chopper showed the box truck dangling off an overpass near the roadway below. The crash also involved a GMC Envoy and a Mini

Here’s Why Millennials Should Build Their Homes Instead of Buy

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Millennial homeownership. It’s not news to anyone that Millennials aren’t buying homes in the same way that the previous generation did. You might be thinking… Fact or fiction? Turns out there might be some truth to this.

The Filling of a Decommissioned Seattle Tunnel

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Crews are trucking in concrete rubble from the Alaskan Way Viaduct demolition to fill in the city's 3,140-ft-long Battery Street Tunnel

Top Restaurant & Bar Architectural Design Ideas

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Innovating restaurant and bar design ideas make a huge impact on your experience as a food establishment. When you fuse the worlds of food and experience, you’ll get an addictive combination that people naturally gravitate to. It’s a no brainer. Everyone loves to eat out. More than enjoying a fantastic made-for-you meal, eating out gives people a reason to get together, connect and escape. And most of the time? People like to enjoy their food […].


Construction automation: What does it mean for the future of the industry?


For the past 200 years, humans have been constructing buildings in the same way – until now. Technology, which experts say is developing at an astounding pace, is bringing the possibility of an unprecedented change to how we make our cities and the places we live in.

Multimodal Panel Hopes For Best With Proposed $2-Trillion Infrastructure Bill

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Transportation experts discuss bipartisan plan at ACEC event


Anti-icing is all wet, which might be the better option

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The writing is on the wall for snow removal contractors to make the move to liquid anti-icing programs as consumers become more aware of the sustainability and more legislative regulations come down relating to use of salt

In many cities, downtown housing comes with a hefty premium


Americans who live in the downtowns of most large cities are paying a big premium for their homes

2025 in Construction: Robots Increase On Worksites

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The use of robots in construction is rapidly expanding, with technology increasing their speed, efficiency, safety, and profits according to Brinkwire. Tractica, an AI consulting firm, told the publication that the industry is “ripe for disruption” after relying on manual labor for so long

Trades Strike in Canada in Tough Bargaining Season

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Sheet metal workers and other trades walk out in Ontario, PEI over work rules; carpenters reach tentative deal on May 10

Hoyer: Trump Must Take Lead on Infrastructure Funding Solution

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President and top Democrats expected to meet by end of May to discuss infrastructure finance options

Giant Inflatable Duck

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Sometimes large balloons and wind are not a good combination