Bidding Wars: What Bidding Practices Say About Your Construction Company

John Chaney

I was recently on LinkedIn and noticed a question in one of the group forums asking readers to identify the biggest problem facing construction businesses today. The answers ranged from finding quality employees to wanting more control over project documents.

Social Media in Construction [INFOGRAPHIC]

Construction Marketing Blog

In September 2012, the Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals regarding their use of social media. The following questions were asked: 1. Do you employ social media in your marketing program?

Commercial Construction Predictions and Trends for 2013

Commercial Construction

Michigan Avenue in Chicago is seeing a mix of high-end retailers and value retailers, a trend that will continue in 2013 in markets across the country.

A Brief History of Asbestos: When Did We Learn It Was Toxic?


If you work in the construction industry, chances are you have heard of asbestos. Asbestos is a fibrous, naturally occurring mineral that was once used extensively in various construction materials like insulation, cement and roofing.

2017 Construction Forecast: A Post-Election Update

What's on tap for construction's economic fortunes in 2017?

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Why ANSI Z10 is better than I2P2

FDR Safety

I’m a long-time proud member of the Accredited Standards Committee that developed and recently updated ANSI Z10, the U.S. National Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Digital Dryshack: Pricing Policy for our Upcoming Estimating Database Tools: All for $0

Cassell Construction Estimating Blog

While driving down to the Bay Area for the ENR Future Tech conference in San Francisco, Rob & I took the opportunity to discuss several aspects of our business, and the industry in general. One thing our Business Consutant had asked me about recently was our plan for selling some of the new estimating database tools that Rob has been developing. So I asked Rob about his vision for our target market and an approximate fair value sales price.

Army Abandons LEED Certification : Green Building Law Update

Green Building Law Update

Concrete Recycling

The Constructor

Concrete Recycling While at present mostly recycled into road subbase, the amount of demolished concrete in Japan is expected to increase rapidly and. Concrete Technology Recycling

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Shipping Containers used in Multi Family Home Build

Jetson Green

Shipping Containers will be used in a luxury multifamily home build; the site of construction is located in Detroit and will start in early 2013. Recycling 93 Shipping containers, this project is thought to be the first in the US and the hope is to easily replicate the build.

Cloud Computing and the Construction Industry

John Chaney

A while ago, I read an article called 3 Reasons Your Company Still Hasn’t Moved to the Cloud. As a provider of cloud-based construction software , I’ve heard many reasons why companies don’t want to move to the cloud, most of which can be put into two categories: real and perceived problems.

Social Media in Construction – Survey Results

Construction Marketing Blog

To further understand social media use in the construction industry, the Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals. The following questions were asked: 1. Do you employ social media in your marketing program?

How to Decrease Commercial Construction Costs by Reusing the Right Items

Commercial Construction

When converting a grocery story into the new headquarters of Englewood Construction, many existing materials were reused, including this concrete floor, which received a face lift with a new stain.

Construction Health Indicator (We're keeping score.)

The Construction Health Indicator is a daily pulse of the construction industry.

Modular Building as an Emerging Construction Industry Choice


When business owners and potential home owners envision building an office or residence or expanding on an existing structure, they often limit themselves to traditional construction methods. But modular construction has become a fast-growing, cost-effective trend for many builders.

Top 30 LinkedIn Groups for Construction Business Development

Carol Hagen

LinkedIn has become the place for networking with the construction, architecture and engineering industries. With over 3,122,108.

Cultural Change. How do you do that?

Collaborative Construction

As a collaborative consultant who routinely advocates clients adopt innovative and disruptive technologies and business processes I encounter the "culture excuse" on a regular basis. Of course, the built industry as a whole uses the "culture excuse" to flee change and does so with alacrity.

Employers may have more room to appeal willful violations

FDR Safety

What’s the difference between a willful OSHA violation and a serious one? One answer: About $63,000 in penalties – the maximum for a violation classified as serious is $7,000, while the maximum for a willful violation is $70,000.

Digital Dryshack #53: p6 Earned Value Report

Cassell Construction Estimating Blog

As scheduling consultants and trainers, we often hear the question, “How do I display Previous Period Billings in a P6 column, for the NAVFAC or USACE Earned Value report?” ” Capturing and displaying the value of prior work in place in P6 isn’t as simple as I expected. The reason is that the value for prior periods is not a native field in P6. The value of the TOTAL work in place IS a native field.

Army Abandons LEED Certification

Green Building Law Update

Correction: It is now clear to me that I misinterpreted the testimony of Dr. Dorothy Robyn, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense. Instead, the Department of Defense is going to simultaneously require compliance with its green building code and with LEED certification.

The Simulation for AEC Industry Playlist is now live on SIM TV

BIM & Beam

There’s a new playlist available on SIM TV. The Simulation for AEC Industry Playlist consists of simulation know-how videos for structural engineers, MEP engineers, and architects.

Revit 83

Modern Moop Coop for Hipster Chickens

Jetson Green

If you want something more in a chicken coop , we know of a few stylish options. Like Moop , for example, the Modern Coop for Design-Minded Chickens.

4 Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Hosting Service

John Chaney

In the construction business, there are rarely ever any easy decisions. As companies adopt web-based construction software , they find themselves faced with a number of not-always-easy decisions surrounding where and how to host their applications and data.

Why Construction Brands Should Consider Pinterest

Construction Marketing Blog

Who says B2B companies can’t use Pinterest ? Why on earth would an architecture, engineering or construction firm consider it? Believe it or not, more B2B companies are finding pinterest to be very effective in their digital marketing strategies.

How to Create a Successful Restaurant Construction Schedule

Commercial Construction

To ensure your restaurant opens on time and within budget, make sure you have your delivery dates nailed down and align yourself with an experienced restaurant construction firm. We recently gave a restaurant trade magazine some tips on budgeting for a restaurant construction timeline.

Hospital Design And Its Tie To The Healing Process


When it comes to measuring the success of a hospital building design , it’s to little surprise that strides are typically attributed to the doctors and nurses and the equipment and medicines available. And they certainly should be. But what about the building itself?

Design 151

The Construction Office Imperative: Digitize, Go Paperless and Mobile

Carol Hagen

Construction companies are bombarded by documents daily and making those documents electronic will reduce paper right? Not so fast. According to this Digital Landfill article “77% of invoices that arrive as PDF attachments get printed. 31% of faxed invoices get printed and scanned back in.”

Makers v Takers - Corporate & Private Welfare Bankrupting the US

Collaborative Construction

Something that cannot go on forever won't. Promises that cannot be kept won't be kept. Debts that cannot be repaid won't be repaid. And you eventually run out of other people's money. Corporations are making the conscious decision NOT to invest in new facilities and infrastructure in this country.

US 141

8 Members of Congress protest OSHA handling of PPE

FDR Safety

OSHA has drawn the ire of eight members of Congress who are objecting to what they say was “improper rulemaking” in requiring flame-resistant clothing to be worn in almost all servicing of oil and gas wells.

OSHA 130

Digital Dryshack #52: OmniClass for Job Cost

Cassell Construction Estimating Blog

A colleague and friend of many years, Dominick Rose of CDM Engineering, introduced me to several months ago to the Omni-Class standard of construction classification. Omni-Class is a well-organized, multi-faceted methodology whose goal is, by its own definition to, “describe the Built Environment.” ” A lot of smart people spent a lot of time designing this elegant schema, and it works.

CSI 100

A Green Building Game of Thrones

Green Building Law Update

"Winter is coming." " This is the common refrain in the popular book, Game of Thrones, in which kings vie to take over lands. As I thought about the green building policy mess of 2012, I couldn't help but draw comparisons to Game of Thrones.

Green 130


The Constructor

Hard core soling can be done either by bricks or by rubble stones laid under floors / foundations, hand packed or as per specifications or requirement at s