Investing In Opportunity Zones

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As part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Qualified Opportunity Zones across the U.S. provide a vehicle to reinvest capital gains for near- and long-term tax benefits.

Opportunity Zones: Revitalizing Communities

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Qualified Opportunity Zone Program shows promise to revitalize both large and small communities. Still in its infancy, the U.S.


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Opportunity Zones: Boom Or Bust?

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Opportunity zones allow investors with unrealized capital gains to sell those assets and reinvest the gain in a QOZ with a bigger after-tax return. The post Opportunity Zones: Boom Or Bust?

Why zoning is fundamental to construction planning

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What is zoning. Zoning relates to government regulations that guide what can and cannot be built on any property. For any construction project, you can refer to the local, municipal or city zoning map to determine what zoning classification your construction site belongs to.

Zoning 115

Opportunity Zones: Window Of Opportunity

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The new federal qualified opportunity zone (QOZ) tax credits are expected to unleash up to $6 trillion in capital investment in more than 8,700 economically distressed areas in the U.S. Read: Opportunity Zones: Window Of Opportunity at

LiveXchange Webinar: Panel Discussion – Opportunity Zones 2.0

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Learn how Opportunity Zones are becoming prime investment opportunities for capital gains and how new IRS guidelines will impact on your plans for a QOZ near you. Read: LiveXchange Webinar: Panel Discussion – Opportunity Zones 2.0

Seismic Zones in India

The Constructor

Seismic zones in Indian subcontinent is divided into four seismic zones (II, III, IV, and V) based on scientific inputs relating to seismicity, Earthquake Engineering earthquakes Seismic

Zoning Laws Stop Wind

Green Building Law Update

The application of zoning laws, many of which date to the 1920s are bringing alternative energy projects to a halt in 2014. Most zoning laws, including those in New York, do not provide for or otherwise recognize an equitable doctrine that would allow for the tolling of the time period of zoning approvals. Such is a bar to large and expensive projects that require special zoning approvals, as many alternative energy projects do.

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There’s Still Time To Invest In Qualified Opportunity Zones

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The IRS has extended a critical deadline for investments in Qualified Opportunity Zones until the end of the year, hoping to entice investors who have largely sat on their money during the global pandemic.

$1.97B Allegiant Stadium reaches end zone

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The Las Vegas Raiders’ future home is complete, although the team’s inaugural season will be played in front of 65,000 empty seats

Construction Zone Safety

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Police in Greendale, Wisconsin posted this photo to remind drivers to be alert and drive carefully through construction zones. The incident happened Monday afternoon when the car somehow managed to get entangled with road work. How it happened is still unclear

How to Prevent Covid-19 in Work Zones

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The American Road and Transportation Builders Association has produced a video that shows contractors how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as Covid-19 in work zones.

Seismic Zones in India

Construction Cost Estimating

In the field of seismology, seismic zones are, areas divided based on the frequency and intensity of expected earthquake. Indian subcontinent comprises of four seismic zones those are- II, III, IV and V. Zone II covers those areas which are not covered by the other zones listed below.

Hyperlocal zoning could spur more affordable housing construction


Restrictive zoning that holds back the construction of affordable housing could be counteracted by a straightforward reform. Hyperlocal zoning allowing streets and blocks to approve their own zoning rules could result in the construction of denser housing.

No More Overlooking Work Zone Accidents

FDR Safety

In a study recently published by the Associated General Contractors, work zones and those occupying them see an astounding amount of accidents. Not all of us have teenagers to worry about behind the wheel, but every single person who gets behind a wheel of a car this summer is almost guaranteed to drive through a work zone while traveling from point A to B. The post No More Overlooking Work Zone Accidents appeared first on FDRsafety

Zoning Clearance Thoughts

Revit OpEd

A long time fellow Revit traveler reached out to me via Revit Lifeline last night asking about zoning clearance ideas. They also want them to prove it doesn't extend into a zone that leans back into the site.

AZ to Relocate Plants in Const. Zone

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As an 11-mile reconstruction project along Interstate 10 between Interstate 17 and the Loop 202 gets ready to start, biologists with the Arizona Department of Transportation are preparing to relocate native plants out of the way. According to AASHTO Journal, crews are identifying state-protected

Tips for Winter-Proofing a Work Zone

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To make construction sites safer this winter, here is a list of safety tips that will lower risks and threats: Planning and hazard assessment Before the winter season arrives, an article in OHSCanada suggests doing a hazard assessment involving management, clients, contractors, and workers.

Cars vs Work Zones

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Thirty-nine percent of highway contractors reported that motor vehicles had crashed into their construction work zones during the past year, according to the results of a new highway work zone study conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America.

Court Rules Onsite Renewable Energy Permitted In All Zoning Districts

Green Building Law Update

In a hugely important judicial decision advancing onsite renewable energy, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania has found ground mounted solar photovoltaics to be an “accessory use” permitted as of right in all zoning districts. While the benefits, environmental and otherwise, of onsite renewable energy abound, installations of solar panels and small wind turbines are increasingly meeting challenges from zoning regulations.

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Miami-Dade approves zoning change to encourage TODs

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The county's new zoning allows for higher density residential construction along six transit corridors

Experts Say Relaxed Zoning Rules Will Boost Housing Supply

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Experts Say Relaxed Zoning Rules Will Boost Housing Supply. The most effective way to increase the supply of housing would be to relax zoning rules, according to results from Zillow’s Home Price Expectations Survey. Zoning. Zoning

Goodyear, AZ: Foreign Trade Zones Benefit International Businesses

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Read: Goodyear, AZ: Foreign Trade Zones Benefit International Businesses at Arizona Automotive Featured Logistics & Distribution Manufacturing Ports & Free Trade Zones Taxes & Incentives Business Incentives corporate expansion Foreign Trade Zones free-trade zone Goodyear Economic Development Site Selection Sponsored Content

Can Single-Family Zoning Be Meaningfully Reversed?

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Can Single-Family Zoning Be Meaningfully Reversed? In Oregon, zoning reform allows municipalities to require large lot sizes. Zoning. Zoning mbeirne. Wed, 10/06/2021 - 10:19.

Highway Work-Zone Safety Survey Shows Worrisome Trends

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More than 60% of respondents say accidents occurred at their firms' highway jobsites

TexAmericas Center Designated A Federal Opportunity Zone

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Read: TexAmericas Center Designated A Federal Opportunity Zone at Business Clusters/Corridors Corporate Real Estate Daily News Featured Public-Private Partnerships Taxes & Incentives Texas Bowie County Business Incentives Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Economic Development federal opportunity zone Hooks Site Selection Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 TexAmericas Center Texarkana

In the capillary saturated zone pore pressure is

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Zero Very low Positive Negative

Zoning Regulations Pose Challenges for Regional Builders, but Three Female-Led Projects May Help

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Zoning Regulations Pose Challenges for Regional Builders, but Three Female-Led Projects May Help. These trailblazing women are digitizing zoning codes and regulations to help builders create more affordable housing.

Sacramento on Brink of Reversing Residential Zoning

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Sacramento on Brink of Reversing Residential Zoning. Sacramento is close to approving one of the country’s first plans to end single-family residential zoning, which permits only one home on a property. city to eliminate single-family home only zoning. Zoning. Zoning

Construction Industry News From The Lien Zone



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How Winter Weather Can Hamper Productivity In Hazardous Working Zones


Just as that little water pipe on the outside wall of a home can easily freeze when the temperature drops below zero, then it’s no surprise that the same can be said for similar pipework in construction zones – the only difference being that they’re larger pipes, more vital and the consequences can be more serious. This can be particularly true in hazardous zones, such as Zones 1 and 2 (relating to gas) and 21 and 22 (relating to dust).

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The Most Green Building Friendly Zoning Code in the Nation - Baltimore?

Green Building Law Update

Baltimore City is poised to adopt a new zoning code that is among the most ''green building friendly'' land use ordinances in the country. A green building friendly zoning ordinance is significant when so many local codes including land use ordinances across the country stand in the way of sustainability efforts. The Baltimore City Zoning Code was last comprehensively updated in 1971. · Green roofs are encouraged in Commercial and Industrial zoning districts.

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Oregon rescinds tsunami-zone construction ban


The Oregon legislature has repealed a ban on construction of new critical facilities in tsunami inundation zones. An Oregon State University professor and an earthquake geologist argued that building in a tsunami zone is a foolhardy strategy with the potential for waves to reach seven stories in height The action now allows fire stations, police stations, and schools to be built where tidal waves caused by offshore earthquakes could strike the coast. .

Fineness Modulus of Fine Aggregate | Fineness Modulus of Coarse Aggregate | Sieve Analysis of Fine Aggregate | Sand Zone Classification


Sand Zone Classification: IS Sieve. Zone 1. Zone 2. Zone 3. Zone 4. Sand Zone Classification-. It divides the sand in four zones i.e. from Zone I to Zone IV. Zone I– Sand being very coarse and Zone 4 sand is very fine.

Opportunity Zones: Opportunities for Sustainable Development


Introduced in 2018 with an expiring benefit already in 2019, Opportunity Zones (OZs) will continue to commandeer more and more cocktail hour discussions in the real estate world through the end of this year and beyond. With myriad takes (from Bisnow to the IRS ) tackling the particulars of the program, you may be wondering: where does sustainability fit into Opportunity Zones? Opportunity Zones for Developers. Opportunity Zones for City Officials & Municipalities.

Can Looser Zoning Rules Help the Housing Shortage? Biden Thinks So

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Can Looser Zoning Rules Help the Housing Shortage? President Biden’s infrastructure plan will set aside $5 billion for a grant program aimed at tackling “exclusionary” zoning laws that inflate housing costs. Zoning. Biden Thinks So. cbroderick. Thu, 04/08/2021 - 10:28.

Portland’s zoning reform looks to boost the ‘missing middle’ of housing


recently approved the “Residential Infill Project” (RIP) , a package of amendments to the city’s zoning code that legalizes up to four homes on nearly any residential lot and sharply limits building sizes The city council in Portland, Ore.,

Best Project, Green Project: Ras Bufontas Free Zone

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This 4-sq-mile trade hub in Doha, Qatar for local and international business was built to meet strict sustainability guidelines geared for the Middle East climate but faced a 43-month blockade by nearby countries on material imports

USDOT launches interactive map to encourage opportunity zone investment

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The map highlights infrastructure and transportation improvements that can create greater access to the distressed areas, making them more attractive to investors

U.S. road work-zone fatalities up 7%

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Officials says more traffic and road work and distracted driving are to blame for the increase in fatalities