July, 2017

Appetite For Growth: New Store Construction and Renovation Tips For Expanding Grocery Brands

Commercial Construction

It’s been a busy year in the grocery business, with major brands announcing store expansion and renovation plans, new concepts entering the market, and big deals such as Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods spurring speculation about the future of the industry.


The Labor Shortage Rebound

John Chaney

How smart companies regain & retain skilled talent in the construction industry. The skilled labor shortage spans several major industries in the United States (and overseas)—a trend that has hit construction particularly hard in recent years.


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If blockchains ran the world.

Collaborative Construction

As Collaborative Construction works to bring Smart Built Cultures to the world we keep a close eye on all things technological. And one of the technologies making waves these days is the blockchain. An article written by James L.


South Miami Poised to Mandate Solar Panels

Green Building Law Update

The City of South Miami, Florida City Commission is scheduled to take a final vote on July 18 on an ordinance that will require rooftop photovoltaic panels on new construction and major renovations.


2017 Construction Forecast: A Post-Election Update

What's on tap for construction's economic fortunes in 2017?

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Powerfab excavator kits, 2017 style

Digger Blog

I am sure many readers will remember David John and his Powerfab micro excavators, made in Wales. Well, I am happy to report that his son Nathan John has been in touch with news of an updated modification of his father’s old designs.


Quiz – Interesting Construction Facts


How much random stuff do you know about famous structures? Test the part of your brain that holds all the obscure facts that don’t get used nearly often enough! See how your friends and coworkers compare. But wait there’s more!


Business Facilities’ 13th Annual Rankings Report

Business Facilities Blog

The 13th annual edition of our rankings report tracks growth sectors that seem to be emerging overnight from thin air in uncharted waters, telling you who’s out front in cybersecurity, offshore wind energy and the other frontiers of the 21st century. Read: Business Facilities’ 13th Annual Rankings Report.


FTC Settles Charges Over Deceptive Zero VOC Claims

Green Building Law Update

Four paint companies have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceptively promoted products as containing zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or as emission free, including during and immediately after application. Some promotions also made explicit safety claims.


You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Off-Grid Cliff House For Sale

Jetson Green

The so-called Cliff Haven is a home that was built into a cliff in Utah, back in the mid 1980s. Located in the picturesque Montezuma Canyon, it is entirely self-sufficient and can function completely off-the-grid.


Damp proofing of Slabs on Ground

The Constructor

The slabs-on-ground does not require high protection against water penetration and moisture in arid regions that does not have soils or have any sort. Building Technology and Construction Guide Construction Engineering & Management


Doosan fleet digs in on Trans Adriatic Pipeline

Digger Blog

Fifty-two Doosan excavators are a year into the project of burying 360km of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline in Greece. Fifty-two Doosan excavators are a year into the project of burying 360km of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline in Greece. Read Full Article: The Construction Index


The 40 Best Construction Podcasts


What are podcasts? If you are reading this article, you probably know the answer to that question. But for those of you who don’t, here is a quick reminder: Podcasts are radio shows you can subscribe to, download to your phone or computer, and listen to anywhere you like.


Construction Health Indicator (We're keeping score.)

The Construction Health Indicator is a daily pulse of the construction industry.

Reset Shared Coordinates Update

Revit OpEd

During April 2012 I wrote about using a separate file as a diversionary tactic to allow us to reacquire coordinates from a model we used Acquire Coordinates on before; now that it has changed and no longer lines up with our own work.


Eat, Pray, Greenbuild?

Green Building Law Update

I am often asked, “how can I expand my green building business?” My answer is simple and the same response I have offered for years, attend the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. This year Greenbuild is in Boston from November 8 – 10.


Downsizing From a Tiny Home

Jetson Green

Richard Ward of Dallas, Texas has decided to sell his tiny house and downsize to an even smaller home.


Deep Well Systems For Dewatering of Excavations

The Constructor

Deep well systems are dewatering methods used to remove the water from pervious sand or rocks formations beneath the excavations. Read More at Deep. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Equipments Construction Construction equipments Excavation


Molson persuades Galldris to go with Hyundai

Digger Blog

Here is Galldris Construction, working on a massive development project in Silvertown on the north bank of the River Thames in East London. Here is Galldris Construction, working on a massive development project in Silvertown on the north bank of the River Thames in East London.


Coolest offices around the world


We all know the boring offices that are plain, simple and doesn’t try to lift the spirits of the workers at all. At GenieBelt, we have done some research on interesting and cool offices around the world that you can take a look at, and maybe get inspired for your own office.


Weekly Product Gallery: Low-flow faucets

Constructor Magazine


Mold can be Arrested in the Marketplace

Green Building Law Update

Concern about exposure to indoor mold has been increasing as the public becomes sensitive to issues of building occupant health and wellbeing. Mold problems in buildings have in large measure been exacerbated by changes in building codes and construction practices that began in the 1970s.


All in One Kitchen Unit

Jetson Green

Looking for the perfect kitchen for your tiny home? Well look no further, because the Swiss firm Kitchoo has the perfect all-in-one solution. The kitchen units they offer are compact and small enough to fit into most any tiny house or apartment without sacrificing functionality.


Construction of Slabs on Ground -Design Considerations Based on ACI and ASTM

The Constructor

Construction of Slab on Ground- Design Elements The construction of slab on ground requires certain basic design elements. These design elements must. Slab Design Structural Engineering Slab design Slabs


Texas Has Best Business Climate; Colorado Tops In Growth Potential

Business Facilities Blog

Texas is Business Facilities' top-ranked state for Best Business Climate and Colorado was named no. 1 in Economic Growth Potential in the magazine's 13th Annual Rankings Report. Read: Texas Has Best Business Climate; Colorado Tops In Growth Potential.


The 55 Best Construction DIY Youtube Channels


Are you an artist, DIY’er, creator, builder or just interested to becoming one? If the answer is yes, this article is for you. Finding the best or most well known influencers on youtube in the world of DIY (Do it yourself) puts you on the fast track to making your own stuff.


Mr. Ethics - July 2017

Mr Ethics

Dear Mr. Ethics, We recently submitted a bid for the construction of a new bridge. In accord with the bid documents all bids were to be evaluated on a point system. The public owner was to evaluate each bid according to its conformance with plans and specifications. Another team was going to assess the aesthetic aspects of the proposed bid design. At the bid opening we were advised that was decided to combine the evaluation teams.


Superfund can Save Our Current Way of Life

Green Building Law Update

Superfund is broken. “[W]e W]e all know it doesn’t work — the Superfund has been a disaster,” said President Clinton. President Bush described the need for a program overhaul. President Obama acknowledged the 37 year old federal program’s flaws while seeking more funding.


Modern Rammed Earth Home

Jetson Green

Using earth to build a home has many sustainable advantages, while also keeping costs down. And a rammed earth home can also be very modern. The latter has been proven before, and now again by the Chinese design firm Hypersity.


Constructability in Construction and Issues at Design and Execution

The Constructor

Constructability in construction consists of design and execution at site. Issues faced during design and execution is discussed. Read More at. Construction Engineering & Management Construction


Komatsu and Trimble Partner on New API

Construction Equipment

Trimble and Komatsu have announced they are working together to develop an Application Program Interface (API) to enable compatibility between their software platforms to improve users ability to exchange 3D construction site data.


How Brexit Will Affect The Construction Industry – Infographics


The UK remains uncertain of the full impact the EU referendum will have and how Brexit will actually affect the construction industry.